Neo-nazi Soldiers of Odin paramilitarists in the Netherlands

This February 2016 video is called The Racist Vigilante Group called Soldiers of Odin in Norway.

In Syria, there are ISIS paramilitarists who behead people. In Syria, there are also ‘moderate’ paramilitarists, financed by taxpayers from the USA and other NATO countries, who behead small children.

In Ukraine, there are extreme right paramilitarists, financed by the oligarchical government and United States and other NATO countries’ taxpayers, who behead people.

In West European countries, there are paramilitarists with the same neo-nazi ideology as their Ukrainian counterparts. So far, as far as I know, they have not beheaded people yet. However, their violence has already started.

EXCLUSIVE – Nazi daggers, SS hats and a hangman’s noose: On night patrol with the ‘Soldiers of Odin’, neo-Nazi led vigilantes vowing to ‘keep Europe’s women safe from migrant sex attacks‘: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

PvdA [Dutch sister party of British Labour] MP Marcouch: methods of Soldiers of Odin are disgusting

Today, 08:30

PvdA MP Marcouch has asked parliamentary questions about the action by Soldiers of Odin this weekend in Winschoten [in Groningen province]. He thinks that such behavior does not fit in the Netherlands and calls the methods of the group disgusting. “It can not be that these people play frontier justice.”

Last weekend the group put a message on Facebook about a “manhunt” of a refugee who was “arrested”. The man was said to supposedly have harassed women. Police found an asylum seeker who was beaten up at the site of the Soldiers of Odin report. …

“I have submitted these questions to show that neo-Nazi-like groups should not have a free hand to hunt for migrants and refugees,” said Marcouch to the NOS Radio 1 News. He says that organizations like Pegida and Soldiers of Odin get on the streets in military uniforms to deliberately hunt refugees. “That is disgusting and we should not ignore that or play it down.”


The police said in response that such groups can act as extra eyes and ears. “But we always disapprove of lynch justice.”

Marcouch is disappointed by that reaction. “I think it’s unacceptable that the police would work with these people or would welcome their acts. We must reject this.”

He says there is a difference between citizens who may catch someone red-handed and organized groups. “They have an idea: to hunt migrants and refugees.” …

Soldiers of Odin (SOO) was founded in Finland in 2015 as a vigilante. The goal, according to the gang, is to protect people, especially women, against criminal immigrants. Members of the group are patrolling the streets. SOO says they are the extra eyes and ears of the police.

The reason for the establishment was the influx of thousands of asylum seekers to Finland. …

The founder is Mika Ranta, who has ties to far-right groups. He was convicted in 2005 for assault.

According to Finnish broadcasting corporation YLE, racism and neo-Nazism are rampant in the SOO.

Soldiers of Odin are called after the supreme god in ancient Norse mythology, Odin. In that mythology, Odin’s soldiers were called berserkers:

Berserkers (or berserks) were champion Norse warriors who are primarily reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. These Viking champions would often go into battle without mail-coats; the word “berserk” meant going into battle wearing only wolf or animal skins.

This abuse of ancient Scandinavian paganism for modern extreme right politics is an inheritance from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Where, eg, an SS division was called Wiking. Where Odin was depicted during nazi Christmas celebrations. German neonazi band Landser has several songs in praise of Odin/Wotan.

Mika Ranta by the way is a strange sort of Finnish nationalist, calling his neo-fascist gang Soldiers of Odin. Though Finland is usually seen as part of Scandinavia, ancient Finnish pagans did not worship Odin or other Norse gods. The Finnish language is not related at all to Scandinavian or other Germanic languages; rather to Hungarian and North Asian languages.

Nineteenth century French racist ideologist Count de Gobineau, an inspiration for twentieth century nazism, even considered Finns to be not white, but as belonging to the supposedly inferior Asian ‘yellow race’.

Gobineau saw Finns as one of two threats to the ‘Aryan master race’ in Europe: Finns from the north, Africans from the south. Nineteenth century Swedish anti-Finnish xenophobe August Sohlman based himself on Gobineau for his propaganda against equality for ‘racially inferior’ Finnish people to ‘Aryan’ Swedes. So did elitists among the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

Hungarian regime’s crackdown on war refugees

This video says about itself:

Hungarian Prisoners Making Barbed Wire To Stop Refugees

28 February 2016

Hungarian inmates are ramping up their production of barbed wire to try to stop refugees at the border. The country hasn’t taken in a single one yet.

By Martin Kreickenbaum:

Hungarian government cracks down on refugees

12 July 2016

This week, the Hungarian parliament in Budapest approved a further tightening of asylum laws and authorized the country’s security forces to deport refugees to Serbia and Croatia without due process.

Refugees caught within an eight-kilometer-wide strip along the border will now be summarily deported. In addition, border security is being massively strengthened. The number of soldiers and border guards will be increased from 4,000 to 10,000, and they will be equipped with additional vehicles, thermal imaging cameras and other devices.

The number of refugees registered on the Balkan route [has] plunged. Barely more than 250 refugees a day are able to traverse the closed borders along the Balkan route with the help of people smugglers.

The EU in Brussels has largely looked on approvingly at Hungary’s brutal actions, despite the fact that expulsions without an asylum hearing, expedited asylum proceedings and the detention of refugees and deprivation of their rights represent massive violations of international refugee protections and violate EU law.

The victims of this brutal policy of deterrence are refugees who have already endured weeks in overcrowded makeshift camps outside the transit zones. After fleeing from wars in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, they are now camped out in small tents or in the open air, in the dust and dirt in front of towering barbed-wire fences. Three mobile toilets were only recently installed, but there are no showers, no medical care, and only one water tap. Many people are ill, especially children. Once a day, Hungarian police officers bring tiny food parcels containing bread and canned fish.

There is virtually no escape from these miserable camps. The Hungarian security forces allow only 15 to 20 people into the transit zone daily to apply for asylum there. Refugees have to place their names on a list and then wait for weeks before they are allowed to pass through the gate in the border fence.

Aid organizations fear that the new regulations will catastrophically worsen the situation in the camps. Since the beginning of the year, the Hungarian security authorities have captured some 17,500 refugees who are accused of illegal entry. Previously, they had been taken to reception centers in Hungary. Now they will be brought back to the border fence, leading to a rapid increase in the size of the camp there, which will assume the proportions of the Idomeni camp in Greece. Already in the first days since the new rules have been in force, almost 150 refugees have been deported each day from Hungary.

“Refugees on Hungarian territory are escorted back to the border, without the possibility of lodging an asylum claim and without being provided any documentation, where they have to endure for an arbitrarily long time under inhumane conditions in order to apply for asylum,” Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki committee, told Spiegel online .

The Hungarian government claims that this does not constitute deportation. Although the transit zones and about a two-foot-wide strip in front of the border fence are not part of Hungarian territory, they also do not belong to any other state.

Since August 2015 the Hungarian government has defined neighboring Serbia, from which nearly all the refugees have entered, as a “safe third country.” As a result, of the 199,000 asylum applications made in Hungary last year, just 264 have been approved.

Hungary has steadily increased the repressive measures against refugees over the last twelve months. Following the classification of Serbia as a “safe third country”, and the complete closure of its borders with Serbia and Croatia, border fences and fortifications were built, soldiers have employed tear gas and batons against protesting refugees. In September last year, “illegal entry” was declared a crime and thousands of refugees dragged before the courts.

According to György Bakondi, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s security advisor, 4,942 refugees have been prosecuted for damage to the border fence. In general, the punishment has been immediate deportation and a re-entry ban. According to Bakondis, 300 refugees sit in Hungarian prisons.

However, the deportations are often not carried out, as Serbia and Croatia will not take back the refugees. Since there are no accommodation facilities for refugees in Hungary, apart from the detention centers—even for recognized asylum seekers—many refugees end up homeless on the street, where they are again exposed to state repression, since being homeless is also a crime.

Single male refugees who have been deported to Hungary from other EU member states following the Dublin procedures are imprisoned there on the spurious grounds that they might otherwise try to emigrate again.

In addition to this massive criminalization of refugees, a show trial has been launched in the Hungarian town of Szeged against eleven refugees for their alleged involvement in mass protests at the border fence in September 2015. One of them was even indicted for terrorism because he supposedly used a megaphone to incite the crowd that tried to storm the border fence.

The accused, who were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to three years, included a blind old woman and a wheelchair-bound man. To date, however, there has been no investigation of the brutal police action, in which refugees were shot at with tear gas and driven back using water cannons and truncheons.

The incident was used by the Hungarian government to construe a direct link between refugees, illegal immigration, violence and terrorism. This is also the purpose of a referendum scheduled for October on the question of whether Hungary should participate in the distribution of refugees as agreed by the EU. The date was announced by President Janos Ader this week in Budapest.

This process has already failed for all practical purposes, since, of the 160,000 eligible refugees who are to be taken from Italy and Greece to other EU countries, only 2,800 asylum seekers have so far been redistributed. Moreover, the Hungarian government, which under the EU Commission’s plan would only have to accommodate 1,300 refugees, is seeking to cement its anti-refugee position by means of the referendum.

Iraqi boy lost family, arms to Pentagon, now facing racism in Britain

This video says about itself:

Exclusive: Ali Abbas blames Britain and the US for troubles in Iraq

23 June 2014

12 year old Ali Abbas lost both of his arms and was severely burnt in a US missile strike on Baghdad. His mother and father and other members of his family were killed.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

‘Why don’t you go back to your country?’ UK border official allegedly asks man orphaned in the UK-US invasion of Iraq

Ali Abbas, who as a 12-year-old lost both arms and 16 family members in a US airstrike, says he was brought close to tears by a UK official

Adam Lusher

The orphan whose family was killed and who was himself maimed by a missile fired by Western forces in the Iraq War has said he was brought close to tears by a British border official who told him to “Go back to your country”.

On the eve of the Chilcot report into Britain’s role in Iraq, Ali Abbas who as a 12-year-old became a symbol of the war’s victims, said a border force security guard at London St Pancras station questioned his right to live in the UK after he returned on the Eurostar from a trip to Belgium.

Mr Abbas, now 25 and a British citizen, lost his mother, father, younger brother and 13 other family members when an American missile struck his home on the southern edge of Baghdad on 30 March 2013.

Both his arms had to be amputated and he suffered burns to 60 per cent of his body. Photographed in an Iraqi hospital, he became the face of victims of the UK and US-led invasion.

Thanks to money donated by the British public, he was able to come to England for treatment. With no sign of the death and destruction in his home country abating, he took British citizenship in 2010.

He has a younger half-brother who is now in the Iraqi army fighting on the front line against Isis.

But he told The Independent that when he returned on the Eurostar at about 6.30pm on 18 April, the only people stopped by security were him and his Iraqi-born friend Ahmed Hamza, who like him had grown up in England after losing limbs – a lower leg and a hand – in a coalition attack.

He said: “I was telling my friend I was so happy to come back home. Because Britain is my home now.  And then the security man stopped only us – because we were the ones who looked not British.

“This person brought tears into my eyes. He didn’t give me any chance to say anything. He took our British passports and said ‘Why don’t you go back to your country?  Why are you living here?”

“I told him this is what happened to us and Britain brought us here.”

“He could clearly see I had no arms,” Mr Abbas added. “This is what happened to me because of the war. It is only because of the war that I am in Britain.

“But he was shaking his head as he looked at my passport. He said: ‘It’s a British Government decision, but I’m not happy with it.’

“I was so upset, so shocked.”

Mr Abbas insisted that the vast majority of British people had been kind to him.

He said: “Of course, you will find bad people everywhere, but the British are really good people.”

Mr Abbas added, however: “Britain has changed in the last couple of years, because of what they hear about Isis. They are always thinking Muslims when they speak about Isis. But 99 per cent of Isis’ victims are Muslim. People here need to know that Isis are not Muslims. They have nothing to do with my religion.”

As he awaited Sir John Chilcot’s report into the Iraq war, Mr Abbas also told The Independent that he would like to ask Tony Blair “whether he regrets what he has done”.

He said: “Of course I am angry. I have to blame them [Bush and Blair]. They should not have gone to war. They should have done a better job with the reconstruction. I have lost my arms, my parents, my brother.  And you can see what is happening to my country.”

He added: “They took away one Saddam Hussein and gave us many, many Saddam Husseins: killers, and also the corruption, because Iraq is so corrupt now.

“I didn’t like Saddam. He was a dictator. But now the situation is probably worse. Lots and lots of people are still being killed. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t lost a member of their family. My country is gone, destroyed.”

The Independent has asked the Home Office for comment on the incident at the Eurostar terminal.

Chilcot report: How Tony Blair and George W Bush’s ‘liberation’ of Iraq backfired

Chilcot report: Tony Blair planned to go to war before UN resolution, says former naval chief. ‘They’d bloody decided. That’s the reality,’ says Admiral Lord West: here.

‘Anti-refugee barbed wire, new anti-wildlife Iron Curtain’

Dead red deer, photo by Dejan Kaps

This photo shows a red deer, which died a horrible death by one of the bloody barbed wire fences, erected by stupid racist anti-refugee politicians like Orban in Hungary.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Border barriers are the new Iron Curtain for wildlife

Today, 19:09

The border fences in Europe for stopping refugees are disastrous for wildlife. A group of international scientists are worried about the impact on the migratory routes of, eg, wolves, bears, lynx, bison and red deer.

“The fences cut populations of already vulnerable species in pieces,” says Arie Trouwborst of Tilburg University. “And at least as bad is that animals that get caught in the fences die in a nasty way. Especially barbed wire which was rolled out recently in haste causes animal suffering.” …

The group estimates that there are border barriers with a length of 25,000 to 30,000 kilometers, where animals literally collide with. Where that leads to becomes apparent on the Slovenia-Croatia border, where lynx are fitted with transmitters. “The population there was already very fragile and border barriers have decimated it further,” says Trouwborst.

See also here.

The scientists’ report is here.