Trump-lite Hillary Clinton, British Labour disagrees

This 27 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn Responds To Hillary’s Xenophobia

Hillary Clinton recently made some immigration statements to the Guardian. Here’s how Jeremy Corbyn approaches the issue.

We will stop aggressive wars, British Labour says

Tony Blair and George W Bush

This photo shows Tony Blair and George W Bush, who lied Britain and the USA into bloody wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No more ‘wars of intervention’ under Labour, Corbyn promises

THERE will be “no more reckless wars of intervention” under a Labour government, Jeremy Corbyn promised today.

Saying that Britain’s foreign policy was unsustainable, he cited the criminal invasion of Iraq and dismembering of Libya as among catastrophes inflicted by previous British governments on the Middle East.

He promised to “put negotiations before confrontation, diplomacy before tub-thumping threats” and condemned Tory collusion with the Saudi war on Yemen.

A foreign policy “driven by international solidarity” would champion “human rights and democracy everywhere and not just where it is commercially convenient”, he declared, while working to “resolve the world’s injustices, not standing idly by or worse fuelling them in the first place.” …

Mr Corbyn also condemned the attacks on press freedom by the Turkish government and the “grave atrocities” visited on the Rohingya people by the Myanmar government.

TURKISH unions have slammed the country’s authoritarian government following the arrest of a journalist for reporting the news of a man driven to suicide because he could not afford to buy a school uniform for his son: here.

British Labour party smeared

This video from the USA about the British Labour party says about itself:

Saddest Smear Attempt Yet On Jeremy Corbyn?

18 September 2018

This video is about an ad by the Labour party. In it, party leader Corbyn criticizes the Conservative British government, and bankers and other capitalists for causing the 2008 economic crisis, and then using it as a pretext for austerity which hurts people.

Allies of the Conservative party, of United States President Donald Trump and of the Rupert Murdoch and other corporate media attacked that Labour party ad as supposedly ‘anti-Semitic’. While, as US commenter Kyle Kulinski correctly remarks in the video, the Labour ad was not about Jews at all. Not by naming them, not by any dog whistle suggestion.

A commenter on Kyle Kulinski’s video says:

The ironic part is that the people using that argument are showing themselves to be the stereotypical ones. They show that they think every single banker is Jewish. 😂

While, of course, in fact the overwhelming majority of Jews are not bankers, and the overwhelming majority of bankers are not Jewish.

This 19 September 2018 video from Kulinski’s fellow United States progressive Jimmy Dore on the same subject says:

Jeremy Corbyn Smeared As Anti Semite For Attacking Bankers

Jeremy Corbyn released a video criticizing the banks for their corruption. Eager to smear him, some have done the mental gymnastics to label this anti-Semitic.

The corporate media, Conservative politicians and Blairite right-wingers within Labour started with smearing Corbyn and the grassroots leftist movement supporting him as supposedly ‘ISIS terrorists’. That smear did not work.

Then, they smeared Corbyn as supposedly a Soviet Union spy. That smear fell flat as well.

And now, they resort to depicting Corbyn and the Labour party as ‘anti-Semites’. After Corbyn won the Labour leader election, twice, party membership increased strongly to over 600,000. It would be mathematically very improbable if there would not be any anti-Semitic individuals among that big number. So, the Labour party, for the first time ever for any British party, investigated possible anti-Semitism within its ranks, resulting in the Chakrabarti report, and measures to stop anti-Semitism based on it. Rightly so: that vile ideology should be stamped out in all political parties, and in public life in general.

Which British political parties neglected stopping anti-Semitism in their ranks, contrary to Labour now?

Labour then, under right-winger Tony Blair. Though under Blair many voters were driven away and many party members resigned in disgust, membership was still over 100,000. It would have been mathematically very improbable if there would not have been any anti-Semitic individuals among that number. As the Blair government practiced Islamophobia and other bigotry, and anti-Semitism thrives if other forms of bigotry get establishment support, there may have been quite some Judeophobia. Maybe as leftovers of the influence of 1945-1951 Labour right-wing Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, accused of anti-Semitism and responsible for violently stopping Holocaust survivors from emigrating to then British Palestine; killing, eg, people on the well-known ship Exodus 1947.

In fact, the Times of Israel accused Blair’s right-wing Iraq war sidekick Jack Straw of anti-Semitism. But when Blair was Prime Minister, there was never any campaign by corporate media and Conservative politicians calling Labour anti-Semitic. The Blairite party leadership then never investigated anti-Semitism within party ranks.

Is there anti-Semitism in other British political parties? In the Conservative party? You bet in 2018. You bet in 2011. Along with recent and present Islamophobia, with racism against Roma, against Irish people, etc. A Conservative MP participated in a party at which Hitler and other German nazis were praised. Weekly The Spectator, roughly the voice of the Conservatives, recently praised Hitler’s Wehrmacht armed forces.

Is there anti-Semitism in the British Liberal Democrat party? You bet.

Is there anti-Semitism in the British Ukip party? You bet.

Is there anti-Semitism in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), on which Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May is dependent to keep her minority administration in power? As there is much anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Roman Catholic and other bigotry in that party with its links to paramilitary terrorists, I would not be surprised.

About the DUP founder, the ‘Reverend’ Ian Paisley, according to this source:

In 1998, filmmaker Jon Ronson met up with Paisley to make a documentary … . Allegedly, Paisley made a variety of antisemitic remarks towards the filmmaker: “He had three nicknames for me — one was ‘the Jew’, another one was ‘my Jewish friend’ and the third one was ‘my circumcised friend'”, claimed Ronson.

I don’t know about the DUP situation now. Their party leadership does not investigate anti-Semitism in their ranks. They do accuse Labour of anti-Semitism.

However, as there was no campaign against Labour while it was in Tony Blair‘s hands, there is now no corporate media campaign accusing any of these parties of anti-Semitism.

And how about the corporate media themselves? Rupert Murdoch himself is an anti-Semite. Murdoch’s media practice anti-Semitism, and other forms of racism. The Daily Mail, now joining in accusing Corbyn and Labour of anti-Semitism, has a record of supporting Sir Oswald Mosley’s anti-Semitic British nazis, of supporting apartheid in South Africa and of still spouting racism now.

And I am not even talking of anti-Semitism and other racism of the United States Donald Trump administration, and ex-members of it like Steve Bannon, allies of many of the people attacking Labour now.