British Blairite Owen Smith’s ISIS gaffe

Owen Smith and ISIS

There is ISIS terrorism now; to a very large extent because of the Iraq war started by George W Bush and Britain’s Tony Blair. Then, ISIS became worse because of the NATO governments’ covert regime change war in Syria; which in 2013 almost escalated into open war with the US, British and other NATO governments as allies of ISIS; until pressure by the peace movement made the British parliament stop these plans.

When Jeremy Corbyn was a candidate for the British Labour party leadership in 2015, the Blairite right wing of the party smeared Corbyn, associating him with ISIS terror.

So did then Conservative prime Minister David Cameron, after Corbyn had won the Labour leadership election.

Now, today, from daily The Morning Star in Britain, on Blairite Labour leadership Owen Smith:

Gaffe-prone Smith ridiculed over ‘Isis talks’

Thursday 18th August 2016

Labour leadership contender forced to backtrack on negotiating-with-terrorists comments

by Luke James, Parliamentary Reporter

OWEN SMITH was mired in controversy yesterday after suggesting that Isis should be invited to peace talks aimed at ending the Syrian civil war.

The Labour leadership contender said that “all the actors” must be brought round the table to end the brutal conflict, including the notorious terror group.

Mr Smith rapidly rowed back on the comments, which he made during a televised hustings with Jeremy Corbyn, after being condemned by figures from the left and right of politics.

Asked by host Victoria Derbyshire whether Isis should be involved in negotiations, Mr Smith referred to his time as a special adviser to former Northern Ireland secretary Paul Murphy.

He said: “Ultimately all solutions to these sorts of international crises do come about through dialogue so eventually, if we are to try to solve this, all of the actors do need to be involved.

“But at the moment Isil are clearly not interested in negotiating.” Asked the same question, Mr Corbyn said: “They are not going to be round the table. No.”

A spokesman for the Jeremy For Labour campaign said later that Mr Smith’s comments were “hasty and ill-considered.”

“Jeremy has always argued that there must be a negotiated political solution to the war in Syria and the wider Middle East, and that maintaining lines of communication during conflicts is essential,” said the spokesperson.

“But Isis cannot be part of those negotiations. Instead, its sources of funding and supplies must be cut off.”

Tory MP Johnny Mercer MP, a member of the defence select committee, said the comment “demonstrates his unfitness for leadership.

“His desperate attempts to out-Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn have led him to the view that barbaric murderers who behead journalists and lynch homosexuals are now the sort of people that we should negotiate with,” he added.

A spokesman for Mr Smith later sought to clarify his comments, saying he believed there could be no negotiation with Isis unless they “renounce violence, cease all acts of terror and commit themselves to a peaceful settlement.”

One Labour source told the International Business Times that Mr Smith makes “more gaffes than Frank Spencer.”

Owen Smith, Jeremy Corbyn and ISIS

Also from daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Smith’s parody of the left

Thursday 18th August 2016

ONCE again, Owen Smith’s campaign team has had to intervene to save its candidate from an ill-thought-out political position — his call to involve Islamic State (Isis) in peace negotiations.

Team Smith explained that he meant an Isis that agrees to “renounce violence, cease all acts of terror and commit themselves to a peaceful settlement,” which is really likely.

The problem is not, as Smith claimed, that the death cult is not interested in negotiating “at the moment.” It is that there is no basis to justify negotiations with this murderous bunch of cut-throats who set their face against the modern world and want to impose a present-day caricature of a caliphate that ended over 800 years ago.

Jeremy Corbyn was right to declare that there is no place for this terror group at the negotiating table. What aspects of Isis rule would Smith be prepared to debate with its apologists — public beheadings, sadistic ritual murder, child rape, slave markets for captured women, mutilation as punishment?

The only responses to Isis are to defeat it comprehensively and to prevail upon Western states not to act in a way that exacerbates resentment among Muslims and encourages a tiny minority to seek vengeance through this cult of violence and pseudo-religious obscurantism.

The only forces with a track record of inflicting military defeats on Isis have been the national armies of Iraq and Syria and the independent Kurdish forces in both countries. …

This is not the same as sending foreign air forces over Syria to bomb targets of their own choice without agreement from Damascus in an exercise that is illegal, provocative and, at the same time, militarily ineffective.

Corbyn voted against this Tory proposal, which owes more to imperial nostalgia for British military involvement in this region-wide conflict. Smith did likewise last December, as a shadow cabinet member who hadn’t yet joined his colleagues’ rolling campaign to undermine the party leader. However, Corbyn’s challenger contradicted this peace stance by declaring that he would order the use of nuclear weapons — condemning millions of people to death — because, “If you don’t, then you don’t have a nuclear deterrent.”

While Smith may believe that having nuclear weapons and threatening to use them adds up to a deterrent, it isn’t really. No British PM could unleash a nuclear holocaust without Washington’s permission and, even if that were possible, other countries doubt that nuclear-armed powers will deploy them.

The Argentinian junta didn’t let Britain’s nuclear deterrent stop it from trying to regain the Falklands/Malvinas by force any more than US nukes deterred Saddam Hussein from invading Kuwait or Israel’s nuclear weaponry prevented Lebanese resistance forces from liberating much of their country from military occupation. …

Smith’s underlying problem, as ever, is to reformulate himself as a man of the left because a challenge from the right would, in present circumstances, be crushed. …

It was all very unconvincing, which explains perhaps why the vast majority of audience members identified as undecided at the start of yesterday’s debate lined up behind Corbyn supporters at the end.

Corbyn, Smith and Trident

Racism and corporate media in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

The Sun Newspaper Is Racist With Rupert Murdoch At The Helm

12 August 2016

A break down of everything Murdoch owns and the front page of the worst rag in Britain.

From lies and cover ups about the Hillsborough disaster to forcing racist articles down your throat on a daily basis with no substance and very little thought.

Boycott the Sun.

Music ‘A piece for two fingers’ by Kevin Mcleod.

Additional narrative content James O Brien LBC Radio.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Corbyn: press fuel hate crime boom

Wednesday 17th August 2016

JEREMY CORBYN has let rip at the right-wing press for fuelling a rise in racism and hate crime.

The Labour leader said there had been an “orgy of xenophobia, racist remarks and attacks against minorities” since the EU referendum.

And he blamed some news outlets for “sowing division” that manifested itself in a spike in hate-crime reports.

Mr Corbyn made the comments as he addressed hundreds of black and ethnic minority supporters at a rally in Highbury Fields, north London, on Monday evening.

He said: “In Britain, hate crime is rising. More than half of all young black people are unemployed. Black people are a shocking 37 times more likely to be stop and searched.

“Labour must be a party that fights for black, Asian and ethnic minority communities — and a diverse and united Britain.

“Words matter. We must never pander to elements of the right-wing press, which sow division in our society and demonise Muslim communities.

“We must stand against anti-semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism, wherever they exist.

“But it also means going further and addressing the systematic disadvantage that so many people face.”

Unison assistant general secretary Roger McKenzie, shadow health secretary Diane Abbott and newly elected national executive member Claudia Webbe were among leading party figures who spoke in support of Mr Corbyn.

Ms Webbe said: “It is right that we seek a new political, social and economic world order that serves the many and not the few.

“I believe that with a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn we can begin to see that change.”

BLACK people are three times more likely to be Tasered by police, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign said yesterday, expressing its solidarity with the family of ex-football ace Dalian Atkinson, who died early on Monday after a stun gun was used against him: here.

Chilean ex-political prisoner writes to British Jeremy Corbyn

This video says about itself:

Uncovering Pinochet’s Secret Death Camps

7 April 2014

Facing the Past: Revealing the truth about Chile’s dirty war.

In Chile, the murderous past under dictator general Augusto Pinochet is slowly coming under scrutiny. With new evidence of extermination camps, the families of the disappeared are yearning for justice.

“I started to testify and began to get rid of those pangs of guilt”, confesses Jorgelino Vergara. Aged only 15, Jorgelino worked as waiter at the secret Simon Bolivar extermination centre witnessing horrific torture and murder. More than 3000 people were kidnapped and killed after the army general seized power in 1973. After a long investigation, charges are being laid against more than seventy people accused of involvement in the brutality at Simon Bolivar.

One of them is a member of the much feared Lautaro Brigade, Adriana Rivas. From the safety of her Australian exile, she denies charges but her views on torture remain chilling: “Everyone knew they had to do that in order to break them because Communists would not talk. It was necessary”. The secrets and brutality of the Pinochet regime are laid bare at Santiago’s memory museum. The daughter of one of Rivas’ victims, who was beaten to a pulp and then injected with a lethal poison, is now a curator there. As she fights for remembrance and justice, she wonders: “How can a human being be part of this machinery of exterminating people?”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Jeremy: The people of Chile will never forget your camaraderie

Thursday 11th August 2016

Former prisoner of the Pinochet regime, RICARDO FIGUEROA writes this open letter to the Labour leader


I am one of the many thousands of my compatriots who support you. even if you have no idea of our existence. But you may have read the lines in which our Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda celebrated the Communist Party of Chile in his poem To My Party. The verse — which I have never forgotten — is this: “You have given me fraternity toward the unknown man.”

When reading those words in Spanish I could only feel an echo of their deep meaning, for I was not to experience this human solidarity until many years later; and then it was in reverse — fraternity from those we do not know.

This solidarity came from all over the world after the 1973 military coup — or Chilean September 11 — the day that tanks and aeroplanes attacked La Moneda Palace. Salvador Allende, then president of Chile, lost his life defending his right to be true to the mandate he had received from his people. In response, he and we Chileans received the support of people from all over the world.

In your country, British people came out on to the streets of their cities to express their solidarity with my people, the victims of a fascist coup.

Exiled in Britain, I saw with my own eyes the giant London demonstrations in 1974 when thousands filled Trafalgar Square, while thousands more marched in Hyde Park.

I knew then my people were not alone.

We Chileans came to know of innumerable names from all corners of British society who decried the state terrorism of General Pinochet.

It is not possible to recollect all the names, but we still remember some emblematic ones. It was then that your name began to recur until it became familiar not only to those who met you in Britain, but also to those who met you in Chile, and those who heard your name over the radio while listening to “Escucha Chile!” (Chile, Listen!), which was broadcast daily by exiles denouncing the imprisonments, torture, murders, kidnaps and terrorism unleashed on the population.

So, now, I am writing to thank the British people once more for their solidarity and to remind you that there are still legions of Chileans who remember this and remember your name, Jeremy Corbyn, as one of the staunchest defenders of our cause for freedom, democracy, human rights and internationalism.

We are proud that many years later, your name has again hit the headlines, bringing hope to so many, not only in your own country, but also to many abroad. We Chileans think that you are a true hero of internationalism in our time.

This is because your solidarity never ceased during the 17 years of Pinochet dictatorship. Not only that, you were one of those British people who went to Chile under fascism in order to show camaraderie to our people.

It is not difficult to understand why at present so many Chileans support you. This is not only a token of our gratitude, it is also a token of human hope for the days to come on a planet that seeks not only material welfare for the population of the world but also, and fundamentally, nuclear disarmament in a bid to achieve universal peace and live lives of friendship, love and solidarity.

Those who remember president Allende with love know that Jeremy Corbyn shares his ideals, his stamina and his vision as a leader. We know that you have always been in support not only with us Chileans, but with all the peoples of Latin America and elsewhere who struggle for a better way of life and for a better world. In their name I salute you, and wish you all the very best in your political and personal life. I embrace you with a very warm hug, the Chilean way.

Your friend,


BBC propagandises in favour of pro-European Union, anti-Corbyn putsch: here.