Corbyn ‘insane’ for not invading Iraq, Tony Blair says

Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn, and the Iraq war

From the British satirical site The Daily Mash:

Corbyn insane not to invade Iraq, says Blair


JEREMY Corbyn’s lack of a plan to invade Iraq would spell disaster for Labour, Tony Blair has claimed.

The former prime minister attacked Corbyn’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ politics, saying Labour would be unable to win future elections without a huge war instigated by right-wing Americans.

Blair said: “He clearly has no plans for an invasion of Iraq, which is an insult to British voters who so wisely put their faith in me, George W. Bush and Jesus.

“He needs to ditch this drivel about taxing the rich and set out his bombing plans. Right now, I don’t know who he wants to bomb, or if he even wants to bomb at all.”

He added: “In politics you’ve got to be realistic. That’s why the next Labour leader needs to re-invade Iraq using these special robot soldiers I’ve drawn and coloured in myself.

“They’re nuclear and have lasers.”

British singer Jermain Jackman supports Jeremy Corbyn

This music video from Britain is called Jermain Jackman – The Voice 2014 – Ultimate Compilation.

By Luke James in Britain:

Jackman lends his voice to Jeremy

Wednesday 2nd August 2015

Singing sensation backs Corbyn campaign for the BBC

POLITICAL pop star Jermain Jackman sang the praises of Jeremy Corbyn last night as the Labour leadership frontrunner vowed to fight BBC privatisation.

The talented 20-year-old became a household name last year as he stormed to victory in the BBC’s flagship TV talent contest The Voice.

A Labour member since he was 16, he was dubbed the “singing politician” by judge Tom Jones after telling Tory PM David Cameron to “watch his job” on air.

The Hackney resident was inspired to join the party after hearing Diane Abbott — his local MP and a Corbyn supporter — speak at his secondary school.

He went on to become youth co-ordinator for Hackney North CLP and is now backing Mr Corbyn for the Labour leadership.

Mr Jackman was among stars who joined the left candidate at the Arcola Theatre in east London last night at the launch of his arts and culture policies.

Former Coronation Street favourite Julie Hesmondhalgh, who described Mr Corbyn’s campaign this week as a “a movement of people who give a toss about stuff,” also spoke.

Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, penned the introduction to Mr Corbyn’s policy paper.

The launch comes two months after Tory Culture Secretary John Whittingdale launched a white paper that included plans to scrap programmes or privatisate production. The Voice was named among popular programmes that could be axed.

But Mr Corbyn vowed that Labour under his leadership would lead the campaign to protect the licence fee as the best means of supporting diverse programmes.

The pledge was part of his “comprehensive national plan for the publicly funded arts, culture and heritage sector.”

Its launch came 50 years after left Labour MP Jennie Lee produced the first and only government policy white paper on the arts as minister of arts in Harold Wilson’s government between 1964 and 1970.

Mr Corbyn has included plans to increase support for the arts as the economy recovers and introducing industry pay standards to stop performers and arts professionals being ripped off.

And the establishment of a living wage national creative apprenticeship service is among proposals to end the elite’s dominance of the arts.

Mr Corbyn said: “A successful economy and a healthy, creative, open and vibrant democratic society depend on a flourishing creative sector.

“If elected Labour leader, I pledge to work alongside the creative industries to support, develop, and collectively achieve a culturally rich, more prosperous future for our country.”