British Blairite Labour leader candidate Smith defeated, satiric song

This 24 September 2016 parody music video from Britain is called The Owen Smiths – “I Know It’s Over“.

It is about Blairite candidate for Labour leader Owen Smith‘s defeat by Jeremy Corbyn.

The song is a parody of the song by The Smiths: “I Know It’s Over“.

The lyrics are:

Oh boyo, I can feel the soil falling over my head
And now my leadership hopes are dead
Oh well, ‘nuff said

I know it’s over, still I sing
I don’t know where else I can go, boyo

Oh boyo, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Jeremy said he would let me back into the shadow cabinet
But I must ride off into the sunset
Don’t cry for me, please be happy
My tears will drench the back benches
Loud, loutish members of Momentum
They love Jeremy more than they love me

I know it’s over, still I sing
I don’t know where else I can go
It’s over, it’s over, it’s over
I know it’s over and it never really begun
But in my heart it was so real
And if I could speak to myself I’d say:

If you’re so radical, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re such a socialist, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re so very electable, then why are you on your own tonight?
And if you’re so very fit for purpose, then why are you on your own tonight?

JEREMY CORBYN’S emphatic victory yesterday will fill his many supporters with joy. With 61.8 per cent of the vote, Corbyn has received an even larger mandate to lead the biggest party in British politics than he did this time last year. This is remarkable. Because since the Islington North MP, veteran campaigner for peace, social justice and equality and long-term Morning Star weekly columnist was first elected to lead the Labour Party a year ago, he has been under constant attack: here.

Corbyn’s victory was achieved in the teeth of a coup attempt led by the party’s Blairite wing, supported by the vast majority of the party’s MPs and backed by every one of Britain’s TV channels and major newspapers, including Britain’s state broadcaster the BBC, and the nominally liberal Guardian: here.

Banning Labourites calling Smith ‘Blairite’, OK’ing Blairite anti-Corbyn death threats

This video from Britain says about itself:

In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn | documented by Ken Loach

21 September 2016

Ken Loach is one of the greatest directors of our time. I was thrilled that he asked to follow our campaign for two days this summer.

He documented people sharing their personal stories and discussing their reasons for supporting our agenda. These stories show why Labour must transform and rebuild Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.

By Luke James:


Friday 23rd September 2016

EXPOSED: Inside the rotten world of Labour’s purge

ABUSE and threats aimed at Jeremy Corbyn have been deliberately “ignored” by Labour officials, a party whistleblower has told the Morning Star on the eve of the leadership election result.

Officials overseeing the party’s “purge” have been presented with evidence of members who barracked the Labour leader online with terms banned by the party.

But they have been accused of prioritising a witch-hunt against Mr Corbyn’s supporters amid a red scare over far-left infiltration.

“People who would refer to Owen Smith as a Blairite were purged,” the source said.

Rather ambiguous. On the one hand, one might see that as an admission by party bureaucrats appointed by Tony Blair that the right-wing policies they used to support are now toxic and unpopular, and, in that sense, a term of abuse.

On the other hand, what next? Corbyn supporters being expelled for calling David Cameron David Cameron, or Theresa May Theresa May?

“Anyone who said they had previously supported or voted for the Green Party was purged.

Under Tony Blair, the Blairite Parliamentary Labour Party used to welcome as brand new Labour MPs people who had not just supported the Conservative party or voted for them, but who were Conservative MPs; like Robert Jackson and Quentin Davies.

“But anyone who calls Jeremy Corbyn a c**t or any other foul word — they are fine.”

Labour says that all evidence of abuse passed to it has been reviewed by the national executive committee and action has been taken where culprits can be identified.

And the claims come ahead of a debate at Labour conference next week over a tough new code of conduct for members.

The source works at one of two offices where a small team of staff trawl through social media posts of Labour members and supporters.

They revealed that a 250-page file containing screenshots of online abuse aimed at Mr Corbyn, compiled by members of the public, was received by the office this week but promptly shelved.

The document seen by the Star includes repeated calls for the Labour leader to be shot and hanged.

Mr Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell are compared with cancer and aids, while countless racist remarks are aimed at shadow health secretary Diane Abbott.

Over half of the comments were made by people identified as Labour members, according to the source.

One Twitter user even posts a photo of his Labour membership card with a message saying: “id rather slit my throat than vote for Scum like Corbyn (sic).”

One user called John Ferrett, who identifies himself as a Labour councillor, labels Mr Corbyn a “traitor.”

Other abusive posts were made by users with an Owen Smith leadership campaign banner on their photo.

High-profile opponents of Mr Corbyn’s leadership are also named in the document.

It shows John McTernan, former political director to Tony Blair, calling Mr Corbyn a “traitor” on Twitter last month.

Former Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell asks one Labour supporter: “Have you always been a twat or just since Corbyn?”

Serving Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop brands journalist Owen Jones an “idiot” and Momentum organiser James Schneider an “entryist.”

The Star revealed in July how anyone found using terms such as “traitor,” “scum” or “scab” would be banned from voting in the leadership election.

The source said the document was flagged up to managers, but added: “It was put to one side and ignored … 250 of pages of abuse has just been ignored.

“They say they will try to do the Jeremy Corbyn abuse after the Owen Smith abuse.”

Blairite coup to continue despite UK Labour leadership vote outcome: here.