British media anti-left Labour witchhunt

This video from Birmingham in England says about itself:

Stand Up To Racism | Jeremy Corbyn

12 October 2015

Jeremy Corbyn stands up against racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and fascism.

Filmed and edited by Adam Yosef

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Pro-Corbyn Labour roots protest at Blairite brochure

Thursday 6th April 2017

GRASSROOTS Labour activists will rally outside the offices of the New Statesman today in protest at the magazine’s “bias” in running a 30-page attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

A series of editorials, articles and contributions in the liberal weekly’s edition last week urged opposition to the Labour leader, including a call for Mr Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell to quit the party.

One article headline reads: “The stench of decay and failure coming from the Labour Party is now overwhelming,” and betrays its prejudices when editor Jason Cowley admits: “From the beginning we were opposed to the Corbyn leadership.”

Elsewhere, the editor of

Rupert Murdoch owned

The Times is given a guest spot to state: “It will probably require a resounding general election defeat to make Labour come to its senses, root out Momentum and retake the territory that Tony Blair so successfully occupied.”

It looks like the ‘New’ Statesman has become an old ‘New’ Labour=old Tory statesman.

A Momentum Camden member, who did not wish to be named, told the Star: “Thousands of members voted for Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party — yet the media and the Establishment are trying to sabotage democracy.

The group will protest outside the magazine’s offices at 71-73 Carter Lane in central London from 5 to 6pm.

The one-eyed attacks on Mr Corbyn have continued in the broadcasting media. On Tuesday, Jeremy Corbyn was asked by an ITV News presenter: “If you’re so concerned about what the Conservative government is doing, wouldn’t it be an idea to step aside?”

Mr Corbyn answered: “We have a strong opposition in Britain — if you bothered to report what we are doing; if you bothered to report what Jon Ashworth is doing on the health service; what Angela Rayner is doing and saying on schools; if you bothered to report what the Labour Party is actually saying.

“It’s your responsibility to make sure the opposition voice is heard as well as the government’s.

Mr Corbyn commented later: “The media must stop treating politics like a game and do its job of informing people about what the government is doing and what we’ll do differently.”

British Blairite-Murdoch anti-Labour coup plot

This video from Britain says about itself:

Leveson Inquiry: Rupert Murdoch endorsed Tony Blair after getting all he could from him

25 April 2012

The News International proprietor admits that he only sanctioned Sun approval of Tony Blair after he had gotten all the concessions he could get from him.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Blairites‘ Soft Coup Plot Uncovered

Tuesday 28th February 2017

McDonnell: Murdoch-backed opposition moves into shadows

PLOTTERS seeking to oust Jeremy Corbyn are involved in a sneaky “dark arts” operation to get rid of him without sparking another Labour Party rebellion, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has charged.

Mr McDonnell said some Labour MPs in alliance with the Murdoch-owned media are hell-bent on “destroying” Mr Corbyn’s leadership to reclaim the party for capitalists.

He accused the “covert coup plotters” of wanting to undermine Mr Corbyn through “an exceptionally well-resourced ‘dark arts’ operation of the old spin school” in an article posted on the Labour Briefing website on Sunday.

He said the unnamed plotters were so determined to get rid of him that they were prepared to jeopardise their own seats and endanger the very existence of the party.

The warning comes after former Labour spin doctor Peter “the Prince of Darkness” Mandelson claimed last week that he was working “every single day” to drag Mr Corbyn down.

After last year’s failed coup attempt fronted by stool pigeon Owen Smith, the plotters realised a direct attack on Mr Corbyn would provoke an angry backlash from grassroots supporters, Mr McDonnell said.

They are destabilising the elected leader with “constant behind-the-scenes non-attributable briefings” to “chip away at Jeremy’s standing” every time anyone in the shadow cabinet made media statements or appeared in Parliament.

The “constant barrage of negative briefings also crowds out any positive initiatives or narrative from Jeremy and his team,” Mr McDonnell said, ramming home their narrative that the Labour Party is split.

He said these tactics led to “fake news” stories in the Times and the Sun claiming Mr Corbyn was about to stand down as leader — which were then perpetuated by copycat media outlets.

And civil servants’ leader Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the non-Labour affiliated PCS union, threw his weight yesterday behind Mr Corbyn.

“Many of those criticising the current Labour leadership were either complicit or silent when public-sector pay and jobs were being slashed,” he pointed out.

“We have long argued for a genuine alternative to the Tories’ obsession with cuts, for the kind of policies Labour is developing under Jeremy Corbyn, and we continue to believe this is in the best interests of those we represent and the communities they live in.”

A spokesman for Mr McDonnell said the article had been written and published in print last week in response to Tony Blair’s attack on Labour over Brexit, but that it only appeared online on Sunday night.

Asked about Mr McDonnell’s claims of a soft coup, Mr Corbyn has insisted he is “very happy” and that Labour is moving forward with policies and campaigns.

He said Labour would “learn the lessons” of last week’s by-election defeat in Copeland.

Labour lost the seat to the Tories but fended off a challenge from Ukip leader and serial fantasist Paul Nuttall in Stoke.

Labour is expected to face three more by-election challenges in relatively safe seats in the coming months.

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram are planning to leave Parliament to take on the Manchester and Liverpool mayoralties, while Gerald Kaufman’s death on Sunday will trigger a by-election for Manchester Gorton.