Paul McCartney 1964 recording rediscovered

This music video from England says about itself:

The BeatlesIt’s For You [Paul McCartney piano demo]

21 July 2016

Yesterday, a previously unknown acetate demo of Paul McCartney singing “It’s For You” was discovered in the late Cilla Black’s archives. The demo was recorded on June 3, 1964 and was given to Cilla, who recorded her version a week later and re-recorded it on June 29th. The re-recorded version hit #7 on the UK charts that summer. This demo version has thus far only leaked as a short excerpt in rough sound quality, which I’ve cleaned up and given an appropriate photo montage. Enjoy!

Paul McCartney had written that song jointly with John Lennon.

This music video says about itself:

Cilla Black – It’s For You (1964). Cameo from Paul McCartney & John Lennon.

Women’s rock festival in London

This music video from Britain says about itself:

Viva Zapata! – Running Through a Dream

24 May 2016

Fearless punk from Bristol inspired by the greats – Bessie, Nina, Kathleen and Mia. A new live song taken from an upcoming E.P. to be released Summer/Autumn 2016.

By Sally Jones in Britain:

Doing it for ourselves

Thursday 25th August 2016

With 25 acts representing the cream of punk, rock, indie and contemporary pop, Loud Women is set to be Britain’s biggest ever one-day women-led music festival, says SALLY JONES

LOUD Women is the brainchild of Cassie Fox of The Wimmins’ Institute and Thee Faction who, in October last year, put on a gig as part of the We Shall Overcome weekend of anti-austerity events taking place across the country.

“I looked at the list of gigs — hundreds of them — all starring men with guitars, male DJs and male organisers and I thought I’d try putting on a women-led live music night,” she says.

“It went so well it seemed natural to just carry on doing it as a regular night and, since then, we’ve put on 18 events, with 46 acts – and I have so many more on my ‘to do’ list.”

The timing for Loud Women, which takes place in Tottenham on September 3, is just right. There have been at least 10 new live music nights specialising in female artists set up in London alone in the past last year and, as ex-Melody Maker journalist Ngaire Ruth explains: “New women-led bands are being set up in reaction to the austerity cuts, which disproportionally affect working-class women.

“It’s nothing new. There are those issues — which is why we need to be loud – and a politically motivated scene, led by women.

“But it’s definitely a fresh approach. It started with Riot Grrrl — a movement, not a musical genre — and events such as LaDIYfest.

“Last time a movement like Loud Women came along, it was largely a peer group of the same age range and gender and everyone was at the stage of: ‘What do I think? Why do I think that?’

“Now husbands and boyfriends don’t call staying at home with the family ‘babysitting.’

“Today we embrace multiple feminisms for the same one cause.”

The anger in the air is being expressed through music, says Jenn Hart, from new punk band Viva La Zapata. “High-profile DIY bands like Pussy Riot have also inspired a new wave of women to learn instruments and play together.”

Encouraging access to the traditionally male domain of the punk rock show is key to this new wave of female-led music. Once a woman has had the inspiration to pick up an instrument and form a band, how’s she going to build a following if she can’t get a gig?

Fox is instrumental in helping answer that question. “I particularly love being able to offer a first gig to a new band who might otherwise have struggled to get a promoter to give them a chance. Awesome new bands like Dream Nails, Foxcunt and Mooncubs have formed this way.”

Female musicians are constantly faced with sexism, she asserts, from the male promoters who automatically put you bottom of the bill as a warm-up act for the male bands who play “proper music” to sound guys who mansplain how to operate your own equipment.

“I know one all-girl band who use a fictitious male manager for email correspondence with venues because ‘he’ tends to get a better response for bookings.

“It’s this sort of sexism that Loud Women seeks to wipe out, so we can just get on with the rocking.”

The Loud Women festival will take place at T Chances Arts and Music Centre, 399 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 on September 3, from 12 noon to 2am, admission £10. Children are welcome, entrance for under 16s is free and the venue is wheelchair accessible. Tickets:

British nazi fuehrer arrested for fraud

This 2012 music video from Britain is called Angelic UpstartsNazi B.N.P. [The Dirty Dozen].

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

BNP leader arrested for ‘electoral fraud

Monday 15th August 2016

BRITISH National Party leader Adam Walker has been arrested over allegations of electoral fraud, it emerged yesterday.

It is understood that he has been questioned over the fascist party’s expenses in the local elections in Pendle in May.

Candidate John Rowe narrowly lost out on winning a second seat for the BNP in the Lancashire borough, receiving 437 votes to his Conservative opponent’s 473.

Hope Not Hate spokesman Matthew Collins said: “They’ve arrested the leader of a party that’s now expert at losing elections.

“We look forward with great humility to see exactly what authorities come up with in relation to this election.”

Mr Walker is a former teacher who was banned from the profession for life after he chased three schoolboys aged between 10 and 12 in his car, slashing their bike tyres with a Stanley knife.

Dutch singer’s anti-Donald Trump song

This music video says about itself:

18 March 2008

Musician, composer & singer Fay Lovsky at Haagse Bibliotheek (The Hague, Netherlands) on 16 March 2008. Bass & vibes Jet Stevens; guitars, banjo & vocals Laurens Joensen.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Protest Song Fay Lovsky: Trump, you irresponsible clown

Today, 09:55

“How dare you! Bring your nation down. How very very dare you. You irresponsible clown!” With these lyrics Fay Lovsky addresses the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. She sang her protest song The Candidate last week for the first time at the Festival Parade in Utrecht.

Fay Lovsky (real name Fay Luyendijk, born in Leiden in 1955) is known as a musical multi-talent. …

“So it is with Trump. It can not be avoided. Honestly, I felt like Bruce Springsteen or Lady Gaga would oppose him with a fiery song, but so far there is nothing. My song is a cri de coeur (ed: cry of my heart)”….

Internationally numerous rock artists have spoken out strongly against Trump, including stars like Cher, Adele, Shakira, Neil Young and Michael Stipe of REM. They call him alternately stupid or racist.

Fay Lovsky signals that Trump does use the Queen hit We Are the Champions during his campaign. “Freddy Mercury can not defend himself against that anymore. To hear such a song in the context of Trump is terrible. It’s scary how abuse is made of that music.” …

“I, being Dutch, cannot vote in the US. But I do have my feelings about this: disappointment about the loss of respect in the great democratic example of the United States of America.”

The lack of respect, according to the musician, is disturbing. “It’s exactly what I feel with [Dutch xenophobic politician and Trump supporter] Geert Wilders – the lack of political decency.”

She can explain the popularity of the Republican presidential candidate. “He touches a chord with his supporters, of course. People feel removed from power. But Trump is a liar. He is a businessman and can take away people’s jobs if he thinks it is necessary to cut back in one of his companies.” …

No Clinton fan

Although she dislikes Trump, Lovsky is not a supporter of Hillary Clinton. “Absolutely not. Clinton and Trump are both incarnate advocates of large US companies. These are responsible for pollution, death and destruction. They have no face to speak directly to about responsibility.”

These companies, according to the artist, are active globally, so Europeans have an interest in the US elections. “That gives me a reason to open my mouth and to speak to Trump about his lack of manners.”

The effort to plant the seeds of white nationalism in the political mainstream, where they might blossom into pro-white political coalitions that appeal to a broader swath of white voters, will not be easy, according to the chairman of the American Nazi Party. But Rocky Suhayda thinks there is one political figure who presents a “real opportunity” to lessen the load. Who is it? Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president: here.