Hummingbirds at Panama feeder

This video says about itself:

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird And Violet-crowned Woodnymph Visit The Panama Fruit Feeder – May 27, 2021

The nectar feeder is popular this morning. A Snowy-bellied Hummingbird came in for some nectar and then an hour later a female or juvenile Violet-crowned Woodnymph came in for a lengthy drink.

Basilisk and motmot in Panama

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Male Common Basilisk And Rufous Motmot Visit The Panama Fruit Feeder – May 20, 2021

A male Common Basilisk and a Rufous Motmot were both drawn to the buffet and the motmot does not seem interested in sharing the platform. Both of these visitors have a habit of being statue-still for portions of their time at the feeder. Note that this basilisk lost his tail at some point and it is slowly growing back in.

Birds and squirrel in Panama

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Rufous Motmot, Red-tailed Squirrel And Blue-grey Tanager On The Panama Fruit Feeder – April 28, 2021

These three species are daily visitors to the Panama Fruit Feeder, here they are all in one clip each seeking some fresh banana. The Red-tailed Squirrels have developed tactics that allow them to liberate and make off with entire bananas.

Morpho butterfly at Panama bird feeder

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Extended Visit By A Common Morpho Butterfly On The Panama Fruit Feeder – April 16, 2021

This Common Morpho was attracted to the feeder by fruit from which it can sip nectar and sip it does, and nearly nothing else during its 115 day lifespan. This stunning blue on their dorsal side is not caused by pigment, but rather light refracting scales. Other morphos we have seen on the cam include, Cypris, Stub-tailed and Menelaus.

Toucan eating banana in Panama

This 12 March video says about itself:

Toucan With A Rainbow-colored Bill Comes To The Panama Fruit Feeder For Some Banana – March, 11 2021

A Keel-billed Toucan came in and managed to liberate some banana from under its peel and took some surprisingly dainty bites. These toucans seem mainly to visit the feeder when there is a banana bunch suspended above it.

Collared aracaris feeding in Panama, video

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Soggy Aracari Feeding Frenzy On The Panama Fruit Feeder – Jan. 27, 2021

The rain failed to dampen appetites as the Collared Aracaris poured onto the banana buffet. This was a cooperative and well-mannered frenzy as these aracaris are highly social and used to sharing food and space in their efforts to thrive.

Mottled owl at Panama fruit feeder

This 21 December 2020 video says about itself:

Panama Fruit Feeder New Cam Species: Mottled Owl

A Mottled Owl landed on the feeder for a look about. Perhaps it was drawn in by the Orange Nectar Bats that are common nighttime visitors to the nectar feeder? This owl thrives in tropical lowland forests, plantations, gardens, and towns. They roost during the day in the dense cover of tall trees, though at night they often hunt from low perches such as fence posts and road signs. Note the rounded head and the eyes framed with whitish crescents and the overall brown plumage that is streaked below.

Gray-headed chachalaca preening in Panama

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Gray-headed Chachalaca Fans Tail For Preening Session In Panama – Dec. 17, 2020

A Gray-headed Chachalaca spends some time primping and preening its tail on the Panama Fruit Feeder. It takes daily maintenance to make sure those feathers stay aligned and in good condition!

Euphonia birds in Panama, video

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Fulvous-vented Euphonia And Thick-billed Euphonia Males Share Panama Fruit Feeder – Nov. 18, 2020

It was quite a busy afternoon with both Thick-billed and Fulvous-vented male Euphonias, as well as Clay-colored Thrushes and Bananaquits all seeking snacks at the feeder. A morpho butterfly flits in and out of the scene as well, adding to the tropical wonder of this diverse scene. Note the dark throat and bib on the Fulvous-vented Euphonia setting him apart from the Thick-billed who is rich yellow in these areas.

Blue-grey tanagers in Panama

This video says about itself:

Blue-grey Tanager Pair Share The Panama Fruit Feeder – Sept. 24, 2020

A lovely pair of Blue-gray Tanagers visit the feeder and share some banana. These sky-blue tanagers with dark eyes are quite common in towns and gardens and mainly feed at mid and upper levels in trees. Note the cameo by a Snowy-bellied Hummingbird at the end of this highlight on the right nectar feeder.