Dutch farmers against Bayer-Monsanto merger

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23 May 2016

From Tokyo and Mexico to Paris: more than 400 cities in 50 countries rally against biotech seed giant Monsanto. Monsanto received an unsolicited multibillion-dollar takeover bid from German chemicals company Bayer. A merger could put almost 30% of the world’s seed and pesticide market into Bayer-Monsanto’s hands.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Dutch farmers fear Monsanto merger

Today, 18:08

Horticulturists and farmers are unhappy about the tender offer that the German chemical giant Bayer released this morning to the US seed improvement company Monsanto. Bayer offers 62 billion dollars to merge with Monsanto and thereby strengthen its position in the market for seeds and crop dusting. …

The Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation (LTO) is afraid that the merger will create such a big player that there will hardly be any competition left. The supply of seeds, for example, of tomatoes and cucumbers, but also supplying the controversial pesticide Roundup will then be almost exclusively controlled by Bayer. …

LTO spokesman Joris Baecke, who is himself a farmer, says “This merger would mean that we would have less and less choice in the seeds and crops that we grow. We fear that there will eventually be less food variety for consumers.”

Sustainable agriculture

Also the farmers think that innovations in the field of sustainable agriculture, with minimal use of pesticides, will come to a halt. Baecke: “We have in the future a demand for varieties and crops that are more resistant to diseases, pests and new climatic influences. If you see that companies that are active in both the development of varieties and in producing chemical pesticides are merging, then we do not expect that we will get crops that require fewer pesticides.”

LTO hopes that the German and US competition authorities will stop the Monsanto merger.