Bee and mites, video

This video shows a male red mason bee. He has many mites on his back. During mating, the mites will transfer to the female bee; in order to land in the nest, where they will eat waste.

Jelle Talsma in the Netherlands made this video.

Large carpenter bee video

This video from the USA says about itself:

14 May 2016

A Large loud female Carpenter Bee is looking for a place to start a nest in wood. They generally avoid treated deck lumber as in this case, but they spend considerable amount of time looking. She does a nice little dance in the process. Only the female can sting, but generally they are very “friendly” bees and tolerate me taking video just a few inches away and often hover near people with no ill will intended, just curious. The problem is they make nests by tunneling into wood, however I have never had them do any damage to houses etc. as their numbers appear small. Often people trap and kill them, but another option is to make or buy houses for them and see if they will adopt them, they are after all native bees and are by nature excellent pollinators.

In America north of Mexico, the subfamily Xylocopinae is composed of two genera, Ceratina (small carpenter bees) and Xylocopa (large carpenter bees). These bees get their common name from their nesting habits: small carpenter bees excavate tunnels in pithy stems of various bushes; large carpenter bees chew nesting galleries in solid wood or in stumps, logs, or dead branches of trees (Hurd and Moure 1963).

Bees in insect hotel, video

This video from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

May 2, 2016

Ton Esmeijer made an insect hotel where builder bees lay their eggs. They close the stem openings with a mixture of sand and saliva.

Mining bee video

This Dutch video is about Andrena vaga mining bees.

Andrena vaga are solitary bees. However, they make their nests close to each other.

This video is from North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Bee pulls nail out of wall, video

This 27 April 2016 video is called A solitary mason bee pulling a nail out of a hole in the wall! Incredible.

Andrena clarkella bees, video

This Dutch video says about itself (translated):

April 11th 2016

The Andrena clarkella mining bee nests in the ground. The female makes in the sand a long corridor with a few brood cells for the eggs. A male Andrena clarkella mining bee can be seen top left of the screen. Filmed by Everdien van der Bijl.

Bumblebee in crocus flower, video

This video shows a large earth bumblebee in a crocus flower.

Tineke Niesten in the Netherlands made this video.