Oil spill kills birds, mammals in California, USA

Santa Barbara oil spill victims

These are figures of wildlife affected by the Santa Barbara oil spill in the USA.

United States religious fundamentalist blames gay people for drought

This video from the USA is called Crippling Drought in the Golden State: California Soul.

Not so long ago, in January 2014, there was flooding in Britain. Then, a politician of the far right Ukip party blamed LGBTQ people for those floods.

Now, there is an extreme right religious fundamentalist in USA, also blaming LGBTQ people for natural forces. This time, not for too much, but for too little water.

From EcoWatch in the USA:

Gay Marriage to Blame for California’s Epic Drought, Bill Koenig Claims

Anastasia Pantsios | May 8, 2015 10:56 am

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges. The decision in that case, expected in June, could legalize marriage equality across the country in the dozen states that have not done so on their own.

But as that possibility inches closer, opponents have become more desperate and outlandish. Blaming gay marriage for everything wrong in the country seems to be their go-to explanation, even when things are wildly disconnected—such as climate change. When they’re not busy denying climate change exists, they just say it’s happening because God is angry that gay people aren’t being persecuted enough.

The latest to step forward with this explanation is commentator and White House correspondent Bill Koenig of the conservative World Watch Daily, which lists its beats as “wars and rumors of wars, economic news, military buildups, terrorism, political situations, difficult relations between countries, famines, natural disasters and drastic or record-breaking weather.”

It’s the last that Koenig recently connected to the move to assure equality rights for LGBT people. Talking to hosts Jan Markell and Eric Barger on the evangelical radio show Understanding the Times, which pushes the idea that all the conflicts and controversies in the world are part of God’s plan for what they see as the Biblical “end times,” Koenig claimed that gay rights in the U.S. are angering God so much he created the drought in California.

Breaking: rain in southern California: here. Also because of LGBTQ people!? [sarcasm off]

Lyrid meteor shower tomorrow

This video from the USA says about itself:

How to View a Meteor Shower | California Academy of Sciences

30 December 2014

Here are some fun tips for observing the upcoming meteor shower, brought to you by the California Academy of Sciences.

The California Academy of Sciences writes about this today:

On any given night, meteors can be seen as tiny particles of space dust burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. Don’t miss the next major meteor shower, the Lyrids, peaking tomorrow, April 22. Watch this helpful video to brush up on your meteor-spotting skills!

Astronomy Day, 25 April

This video from the USA is called 365 Days of Astronomy.

From the California Academy of Sciences in the USA:

We’re teaming up with NASA to celebrate Astronomy Day this Saturday, April 25! Touch a meteorite, learn about telescopes, observe the 3D nature of constellations, and more.

Explore Your Universe at the Academy

April 25 is Astronomy Day—an international celebration of space. This year, the Academy will explore the past, present, and future of space observation. Discover the wonders of the cosmos with special programing all day long.

Event highlights:

• Join us for PLUTO-PALOOZA, an epic celebration of space exploration with partners from NASA and SETI.

• Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope with Hubble-themed Hohfeld Hall shows.

• Test your space smarts with a Cosmic Quiz Show.

• Catch our newest award-winning show, Habitat Earth, in Morrison Planetarium, our 75-foot digital immersive dome and gain new perspective about our own planet.

Click for More Astronomy Day Events here.