Remembering Harvey Milk in California, USA

This video about the USA says about itself:

Remembering Harvey Milk

22 May 2016

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay individual elected to public office in California. On May 22, he is remembered for his work, especially in California’s public schools.

1,000 dolphins flee killer whales, video

This video from California in the USA says about itself:

Killer Whales Ambush A Pod of 1,000 Dolphins

14 April 2016

This was an incredible encounter. I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. It’s very rare that everything comes together and we’re able to document these types of encounters. We know it happens regularly with the common dolphins. But there’s rarely someone there with their video camera focused and waiting for it to happen. Incredible morning on The Monterey Bay for me.

Black oystercatcher in California, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 January 2016

A Black Oystercatcher carries its prey along a rocky beach in California. These birds are found along the west coast of North America on rocky seacoasts and islands, sometimes on sandy beaches. They eat molluscs, especially mussels and limpets.

Many dolphins off California coast

This video from the USA says about itself:

10 March 2016

Whale watchers aboard a catamaran with Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point experienced a once in a lifetime thrill when hundreds of common dolphins, without warning or provocation, began porpoising at high speed out of the water. Often referred to as a dolphin stampede, this breathtaking behavior can happen at any time and without any apparent cause. Porpoising is the fastest mode of travel for dolphins because there is less resistance in air than water.

Southern California has the greatest density of dolphins per square mile, [more] than anywhere else on earth. This includes nearly 450,000 common dolphins, the species in this video. Dana Point is one of the best places in the world to see large mega-pods that can number … up to 10,000.

New planetarium show at California Academy of Sciences

This video from the USA says about itself:

California Academy of Sciences

9 March 2016

Incoming! opens Friday, March 11. Narrated by George Takei, this all-new planetarium show invites you to discover how asteroids and comets have shaped our cosmic origins. Learn more here.

Baby sea otter born, videos

This video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California in the USA says about itself:

Watch a baby sea otter being born! (Spoiler alert: the miracle of life is graphic!)

6 March 2016

A wild otter mom, seeking shelter from stormy seas, gave birth to her pup in our Great Tide Pool with guests and staff looking on.

It was an amazing moment. Not that long ago, southern sea otters were hunted to near extinction but now, thanks to legislative protection and a change of heart toward these furriest of sea creatures, the otter population in Monterey Bay has rebounded.

Our sea otter researchers have been watching wild otters for years and have never seen a birth close up like this. We’re amazed and awed to have had a chance to witness this Monterey Bay conservation success story first hand in our own backyard. Welcome to the world, little otter!

This video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California in the USA says about itself:

Sea otter gives birth outside the Aquarium!

6 March 2016

It’s not every day you get to watch a sea otter pup come into the world! But when a pregnant wild otter took shelter in our Great Tide Pool Saturday, we had a unique opportunity to see it happen. (Spoiler alert: the miracle of life is graphic!) Sea otters can give birth in water or on land. You’ll notice that mom starts grooming her pup right away to help it stay warm and buoyant—a well-groomed sea otter pup is so buoyant it’s practically unsinkable!

Grooming also helps get the blood flowing and other internal systems revved up for a career of chomping on invertebrates and keeping nearshore ecosystems, like the kelp forests in Monterey Bay, and the eel grass at Elkhorn Slough, healthy.