Turkish journalists jailed for reporting government-ISIS links

This video from the USA says about itself:

Turkish Government Caught Helping ISIS

29 July 2015

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses a recent report of Turkish officials helping ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Cenk breaks down the evidence that Turkey turned a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks and may have even cooperated.

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If, as this blog said, Tony Blair is figuratively the godfather of ISIS, then these terrorists have various ‘godbrothers’ as well. Including President Erdogan of Turkey.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Turkey: Journalists face jail for revealing Isis backing

Friday 27th November 2015

TWO TURKISH journalists could face jail for exposing government arms smuggling to Islamic State (Isis).

Turkish media reported yesterday that state prosecutor Irfan Fidan requested arrest warrants for Cumhuriyet editor Can Dundar and the newspaper’s Ankara correspondent Erdem Gul following questioning.

Mr Fidan sought to charge the pair with membership of a terror organisation and espionage, which carry sentences of up to 20 years.

Cumhuriyet published images in May of Turkish lorries carrying ammunition to Isis militants.

The images were from January 2014, when local authorities searched Syria-bound vehicles leading to a standoff with Turkish intelligence officials.

Donald Trump, Murdoch and anti-#BlackLivesMatter violence in Minnesota, USA

Jamine Robinson points to the name of his brother, Jamar Clark, on an upside-down flag bearing names of people killed at the hands of police. A shooting erupted last night at that Black Lives Matter encampment.(Photo credit: AP)

From Salon.com in the USA:

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015 08:11 PM +0100

This is on Donald Trump and Fox News’ hands: Now their war on #blacklivesmatter draws real blood

Minneapolis shooting is no surprise. Trump, O’Reilly and others have ratcheted rhetoric toward violence for months

Chauncey DeVega

The Associated Press is reporting that five people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis were shot by a group of white supremacists on Monday evening.

This is not a surprise.

The appeal and power of old-fashioned, overt and transparent white racism is growing in the United States. The prime example of this phenomenon is the rise of Donald Trump, but the GOP front-runner is but one data point in a longer trend. Since the election of Barack Obama, white supremacists have increased their enrollment of new members. To that end, they have infiltrated Tea Party organizations to recruit racially resentful and angry white people who are beginning to think about politics in terms of “white group interests.”

While anxiety about ISIS dominates the American news, the FBI has in fact identified domestic terrorism from white, right-wing Christians as the greatest domestic terrorism threat to the United States since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The right-wing news-entertainment media complex routinely uses eliminationist and violent rhetoric to describe liberals and progressives. There, the implicit (and often explicit) narrative is that those people who are not members of the American right-wing are “traitors,” “un-American” and deserving of whatever violence comes to them. This is not empty talk, hyperbole or “playful” rhetoric designed to cheer on Republicans and build up morale before a presidential election. The right-wing media has actually weaponized its followers. The results are those black folks killed by Dylann Roof in Charleston, the women’s reproductive health doctor George Tiller, and the other victims of right-wing domestic terrorists shot dead at Sikh Temples, Jewish Community Centers, and elsewhere in the United States.

And as I wrote in an earlier essay here at Salon, Republican 2016 presidential primary candidates, as well as Fox News personalities such as Bill O’Reilly, have referred to members of the human rights advocacy group Black Lives Matter as “terrorists” or the new “Ku Klux Klan.”

On Monday, I wrote a piece about how a Black Lives Matter protester was beaten upon by Donald Trump supporters at a Birmingham, Alabama, rally over the weekend. Trump endorsed that thuggery and was proud that his supporters were so spirited. Adding to the grotesqueness of Donald Trump’s embrace of political violence, Robert Kiger, a fundraiser aligned with a group backing Trump, made the bizarre suggestion that he, as a white man, would be beaten up if he went into a black church. Therefore, the violent attack on a Black Lives Matter protester at Trump’s rally was expected, understood and reasonable in Kiger’s twisted, demented and profoundly racist imagination.

Ultimately, when Black Lives Matter’s basic claim for equal human rights and dignity is met by racist slogans such as “All Lives Matter” — what is just a new and more polite version of “White Power!” — the question is no longer “if” white on black and brown racially motivated violence will take place, but rather when, and to what extent?

The 2016 presidential primary season has seen Republican candidates endorse internment camps for Syrian refugees, an enemies list for Muslims, making Christianity the official state religion of the United States, establishing a Gestapo-like force to eject “illegal immigrants” from the United States, and other actions that are unworthy of what is supposed to be the world’s greatest democracy.

Those men and women who seek the office of the president of the United States should be responsible, reflective, and intelligent individuals. While they are members of a political party, these individuals should also be ambassadors of the Common Good who first and foremost want to advance and protect the General Welfare of the United States and its citizens. To this point in the campaign, the Republican 2016 primary presidential candidates, as a group, have not shown that they are capable of honoring that obligation.

The presidential primary season is not over. There is still time for the Republican Party to rise to the occasion.

To that end, will the 2016 Republican primary presidential candidates denounce Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the violence of his supporters or condemn last evening’s shootings of the Black Lives Matter protesters by white supremacists?

Will this crop of potential GOP presidential nominees demand that their peers, as well as the right-wing Fox News propaganda machine, tone down their collective racist, nativist, xenophobic and violence-inducing rhetoric?

The answer is likely to be “no.” Instead, the Republican 2016 presidential candidates will ignore the violence and bigotry they have encouraged or instead play the “victim” of the “liberal media.” The right-wing Fox News echo chamber will also likely spin fictions of “liberal infiltrators” or “agent provocateurs” that are actually committing violence at Donald Trump rallies or shooting Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis.

As they have repeatedly done in recent American history, movement conservatives and their media will continue to strike a match in a room full of gasoline vapor and act surprised when it explodes.

This is their version of the American Way. It is an agenda that retreats from normal politics, consensus-building, and an embrace of conservatism not as a reasonable respect for traditions and standing norms, but, rather as an embrace of a radical, destructive, and reactionary behavior that leaves the United States less safe, less secure, less prosperous and weaker than it was before.

City Releases ‘Chilling’ Video Of Cop Shooting Chicago Teen 16 Times. The Cook County state’s attorney said the officer “was on the scene less than 30 seconds before shooting”: here.

David Attenborough’s new TV program on Great Barrier Reef

This video from Australia is called GoPro HD: Scuba diving, Great Barrier Reef.

From the Sunday Express in Britain:

Sir David Attenborough, 89, plunges 1000ft below sea level for new documentary

HE MAY be turning 90-years-old next year, but age is nothing but a number to Sir David Attenborough.

By Kirsty McCormack

PUBLISHED: 10:49, Sun, Nov 22, 2015 | UPDATED: 11:03, Sun, Nov 22, 2015

The much-loved broadcaster and naturalist has set a new deep-sea diving record after plunging 1,000ft below sea level for a new documentary.

Almost 60 years after his first scuba dive at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Attenborough returned and managed to see parts of its flora and fauna which have never before been seen.

The father-of-two was armed with a cameraman and Triton submersible pilot as he filmed one of three documentaries, which are set to be shown on BBC One over Christmas.

Speaking of his latest experience, Attenborough told The Sunday Times: “There is no other one like [Triton], and it took me to a part of the reef which no human being has ever looked at before.”

After coming face-to-face with a 6ft grouper fish – which is not known to exist at such depths – Attenborough said he felt “fantastically privileged”.

“David was, as it were, conversing with the fish, which itself must have been surprised to see a sub for the first time,” said Attenborough‘s producer, Anthony Geffen.

“If he did have any worries or fears about going down to 300 metres, he did not show them. Anyway, curiosity always gets the better of him,” he added.

Attenborough made his first trip to the reef back in 1957 for a Zoo Quest programme. The footage was shot in black-and-white and Attenborough described it as “the most exciting natural history experience of my life”.

British Daily Mail compares Muslim refugees to rats, like nazis did with Jews

This video says about itself:

14 January 2014

This is a clip from The Eternal Jew which was released in 1941 by the Nazi government of Germany. All German citizens were required to watch this film which was an apology by Nazis served up to the German people to excuse/make acceptable the wanton murder of over 6 million Jews (about 90% of the total Jewish population of Western Europe.) The voice in the background is the original narrator. …

Thus, the Jews were vilified in so many ways by the Nazis [to make] the people of Western Europe … object [less] to the Holocaust. Clearly, this is a very simplistic analysis of the Holocaust, but it is real. Think about how the white Christians of the American south believed in slavery, Jim Crow, and the idea that black people were inferior in almost every way to white people. You might want to find and watch some of the news footage of Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement.

In this clip from this nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film, at 3:30 the nazi comparison of Jews to rats starts.

Unfortunately, similar vile hate propaganda still exists today.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

MP calls for Mail apology over refugee rats cartoon

Friday 20th November 2015

LABOUR’S Richard Burgon called on the Daily Mail to apologise yesterday for publishing a cartoon likening Muslim immigrants to rats.

In a letter to editor Paul Dacre, the shadow Treasury minister said the cartoon fuelled Islamophobia at a time when British Muslims “feel under particular threat of demonisation” in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

In addition to a public apology, he called on Mr Dacre to make a “substantial” donation to anti-Islamophobia or anti-racism charity and reassess policy.

He added: “More widely, myself and hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of others would respectfully ask that the Daily Mail considers its general approach to the portrayal of immigrants and ethnic minorities and considers the consequences for our society of its portrayal.

“It is my belief that, all too often, the Daily Mail lets down its readers and the general public.”

Paris bloodshed abused for warmongering, attacking civil liberties

This video from the USA says about itself:

Don’t use Paris as an excuse for racism and war!’ – anti-CNN protesters

16 November 2015

Protesters gathered in front of the CNN headquarters in New York City to speak out against what they see as a biased use of the media when reporting on recent Paris and Beirut attacks, as well as the Russian plane that was downed in Sinai.

Last Friday’s terror attacks in Paris have triggered an international media campaign aimed at inspiring panic and justifying an escalation of the wars in the Middle East and the assault on democratic rights within the US and Europe: here.

After Paris attacks, NATO powers press for military escalation in Syria: here.

US officials are moving rapidly to exploit the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday to push forward with already existing plans to undermine encrypted communications and vastly expand the powers of the state: here.

UK government outlines plans for expanding militarism and repression after Paris attacks: here.

The alleged Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacks in Paris last Friday have been seized upon by the Australian political and media establishment to justify the country’s involvement in the US-led wars in Iraq and Syria and the abrogation of democratic rights at home that has taken place on the pretext of combatting terrorism: here.

In the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, Germany’s media has shifted sharply to the right. On Sunday, conservative newspapers such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt pushed for war and the strengthening of the state. Traditionally liberal media outlets such as Die Zeit and Süddeutsche Zeitung have now followed suit: here.

Paris attacks: Terrorists’ hometown Molenbeek holds peace vigil to change negative images of their neighbourhood. Thousands crowded the main square in Molenbeek to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks: here.

German government preparing military intervention in Syria: here.

Australian workers and youth denounce war drive after Paris attacks: here.

German media abuse Paris murders for militarist propaganda

This video is called German Militarism 1871-1914.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

German media brays for war and dictatorship after Paris attacks

17 November 2015

Anyone reading the editorials in Germany’s two major Sunday newspapers would find it difficult to avoid the conclusion that the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris were welcomed by the German elites as an opportunity to push their right-wing agenda.

In articles bearing headlines such as “Into World War,” “This is no longer terrorism, it is war” and “We cannot be subjugated, we have to fight,” Berthold Kohler in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and Stefan Aust and Mathias Döpfner in Die Welt am Sonntag called for war and dictatorship with an aggressiveness previously seen only from extreme right-wing circles.

Kohler, Aust and Döpfner are not fringe figures. They belong to the so-called “Alpha journalists” who have the deepest connections in government and security circles, and who used the Ukraine crisis to promulgate war propaganda against Russia and [to advocate the] the return of German militarism.

Since 1999, Kohler has been one of the four editors of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and is a regular participant in the Munich Security Conference. Döpfner, the chairman of the board of Axel Springer SE, one of Germany’s largest media companies, is a member of the Global Board of Advisors of the US Council on Foreign Relations and a participant in the notorious Bilderberg meetings. Aust was, from 1994 to 2008, chief editor of Der Spiegel and has been the editor of the right-wing Springer paper Die Welt since 2014.

In their articles, all three draw a direct parallel to 9/11. This comparison alone speaks volumes about the writers’ reactionary political agenda. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the exact circumstances of which have never been clarified, were used by the Bush and then Obama administrations as a pretext to wage illegal wars, push through massive military rearmament abroad and increase state powers at home.

In the name of the “war on terror,” the US invaded Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). The NATO war against Libya (2011) and its stoking of a civil war in Syria devastated an entire region, killing millions and creating even more refugees. Worldwide, the US kidnaps, tortures and murders real or perceived opponents of its war policy, spies on more or less the whole of humanity and is building a police state in America.

Now, right-wing circles in German politics and the media are exploiting the shock over the terrible attacks in Paris for similar ends, which they have so far only been able to impose to a limited degree. They have two major aims: First, they want to push for the return to an aggressive foreign and war policy announced by President Gauck and the federal government. Second, they argue openly for the establishment of an authoritarian regime to break down the widespread popular resistance to militarism and arm the state apparatus in preparation for upcoming class struggles.

To advance their reactionary political agenda and make the public “ready” to accept war and dictatorship, the authors define the Paris terrorist attacks as an act of war, where the “shockwaves go even beyond those in the past,” referring to September 11. They conclude that the supposedly “global war” (Aust) or “world war” (Kohler) requires extreme countermeasures.

Kohler writes that the events in Paris could “have serious consequences—for France, for NATO and thus also for the most important ally, Germany.” The editor of the FAZ yearns for a more aggressive military intervention by Germany in the Middle East. “Merkel’s dictum, that one must fight the causes of the wave of refugees in Syria, could suddenly experience an unwanted change of meaning for her,” he declares.

Kohler combines his call for war directly with a plea for an authoritarian regime. “More than ever it is now a matter of the unity of the West. And consequently, that it demonstrates its will and ability to protect its values,” he wrote, adding, “Given the scale of the threat and the asymmetry of the conflict this will not be entirely possible without restrictions of the freedoms that are to be defended, if necessary, with our own troops in Syria. It will not be possible to win this epochal battle without sacrifice.”

He concludes his apocalyptic editorial with a barely concealed attack on German chancellor Angela Merkel, who despite her ongoing crackdown on refugees has long been regarded in right-wing circles as too “soft.” Prior to the Paris attacks, the Germans had “nothing against a friendly face at the head of their government,” Kohler declares, but in times like these “they want and need to see another: A hard one.”

Aust also attacks Merkel sharply and condemns “the humanity expressed in [Germany’s] welcoming culture” as “dangerous naivete.” He longs not only for a “hard” government, but places the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Germany from the consequences of Western war policy under general suspicion. “The security apparatus, kept on the back burner for years,” was “completely overwhelmed,” and open borders allowed “war to be exported.” No one could judge, “who, in the crowd of young men, are needy refugees or who are…violent Islamists.”

Döpfner goes even further in his rant against refugees. He speaks of “the refugee crisis” and “the wave of terror in Paris” in one breath, calling both “accelerants in a culture war that has long been smouldering.” His longing for an authoritarian regime to lead the “culture war” could not be more apparent. “The non-democratic regimes in the world are often virile and led more decisively, democratic societies are often weak, indecisive and hesitant,” he laments.

While “Russians, Chinese and most Islamic countries” know “what they want,” and also implement their aims, “most democracies…[seek] dialogue, compromise and above all the applause of their own people.” The consequence of this policy is “inaction in Syria. Hesitation in Iran. Looking away in the radicalised parts of Africa.”

Döpfner’s message is clear: to conduct war in further parts of the Middle East and to act brutally against refugees requires deportations and immediate expulsions—which in turn requires an authoritarian regime. Specifically, the Springer chief demands a “policy of strength” that is to be enforced by “a radicalisation of the social centre.”

In Germany, the political content and the historical consequences of such expressions are well known. The last time the German elite embarked on a policy of the “radicalisation of the social centre” to pursue a “policy of strength,” it was followed by Nazi terror, the Second World War and the worst crimes in the history of mankind.

Döpfner, Kohler, Aust and the right-wing circles for which they speak have no significant support in the population, but their comments are a clear warning. In response to the deepest crisis of European and world capitalism since the 1930s, sections of the German elite are again willing to look to war, dictatorship and racism in order to defend the interests of German capitalism and imperialism.

USA: In their drive for an expanded war, no serious questions are raised about what lies behind the attacks, or about the impact of more than 14 years of unending war in the Middle East as part of the efforts of the US and its allies to assert hegemonic control over the region and its strategic resources. Among the chief warmongers are the New York Times’ Roger Cohen and the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen, two journalists who represent what passes for liberal democratic opinion in the United States: here.

Canada: Broad sections of the ruling elite have seized on the Paris attacks to demand the Liberals renege on their election pledge to end the Canadian military’s bombing of Iraq and Syria: here.

ISRAEL used the Paris ­massacre as a pretext for banning an Arab political party yesterday: here.

Francois Hollande’s ‘war’ with Isis won’t stand in the way of France’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia. Despite the President’s huffing and puffing about war the spiritual mentors of the militants will be left untouched: here.

British automobile journalist Clarkson sued for anti-Irish racism

Anti-Irish discrimination sign

From Sundayworld.com in Ireland:

Jeremy Clarkson sued by Irish Top Gear producer for ‘racial discrimination

Friday 13th November 2015

Top Gear’s former host Jeremy Clarkson is being sued by producer Oisin Tymon for racial discrimination.

Lawyers for the 55-year-old presenter and the BBC had a closed-door hearing with Tymon’s representatives at a London employment tribunal today, according to sources.

Clarkson, who was later fired by the BBC, reportedly called Tymon a “lazy, Irish c***” during a confrontation at a hotel in north Yorkshire. …

Clarkson was suspended after the “fracas” over catering on March 10, and was sacked by the BBC on March 25, following an internal inquiry.

The inquiry, led by the director of BBC Scotland Ken MacQuarrie, said Tymon “was struck, resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip” during the “unprovoked physical and verbal attack”.

MacQuarrie added: “The verbal abuse was sustained over a longer period, both at the time of the physical attack and subsequently.”

See also here.