Sand martin colony in Belgium, video

This 23 May 2017 video is about a sand martin colony in a quarry in Belgium.

About 50 couples nest there.

Karel Verbruggen made the video.

Belgian textbook depicts refugees as terrorists

Belgian French language textbook about bombs

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Belgians indignant about language course: ‘Daddy throws a bomb

Today, 09:09

In Belgium there is a fuss about texts in a French textbook for immigrants. In the book, already used for three years by an institution in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht, are sentences like “Dad throws a bomb and goes to prison” and “He shows me the bomb“.

A woman helping an Iraqi refugee to integrate discovered the sentences last week and published a page from the book online. She calls the example sentences unacceptable. “Are they aware that this is about educational material that supposedly promotes the integration of these people?”

Social media is outraged. Many Belgians are ashamed that these sentences are used to teach refugees and other immigrants French. Some people think the book is fake, but the director of the educational institution where it is used has confirmed its authenticity.

The director of the Center Erasme in Anderlecht calls the texts “wrong”. In his defense, he claims that it is impossible to check all the lesson material with their small number of teachers.

The father of any Iraqi refugee has not thrown even 1% of the bombs which the father of the sons of Donald Trump has thrown on Iraq and on other countries.

Attacker of Belgian left MP has violent crime history

Raoul Hedebouw enters an ambulance to go to hospital after the knife attack

According to Belgian daily De Gazet van Antwerpen, the man who today attacked left MP Raul Hedebouw at a May Day rally in Liège, is 63 years old, and had been convicted in 2010 for violent crime in Antwerp.

Belgian rightist knife attack on leftist MP

Raoul Hedebouw's May Day speech after the right-wing knife attack, photo by Belga

According to Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad, today the leftist Workers Party of Belgium (PTB) had a May Day rally in Liège city. Their MP Raoul Hedebouw would speak.

Then, suddenly a man, estimated to be in his fifties, appeared. He screamed: ‘The PTB are all idiots! So, I attack them!‘ The, presumably extreme right, man then attacked Hedebouw with a knife.

Though Hedebouw was injured, he still did his speech; and went to the hospital after the rally. He promised to come back to the May Day participants after the hospital, for the May Day march. ‘They can’t silence us’.

The attacker was arrested. Besides the knife, he had pepper spray as well on him. As he, presumably, was not a Muslim, corporate media probably won’t call him a ‘terrorist’. Like the nazi murderer of British MP Jo Cox was also often not called ‘terrorist’.

Raoul Hedebouw is a 39-year-old biologist.

Dutch NOS TV compares Hedebouw’s PTB-PVDA party to the left movement of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France.

According to Belgian VRT TV, polls say that the PTB-PVDA in Wallonia would get over 20% of the vote; more than the social democratic PS, traditionally the biggest party in Wallonia.

Mute swans in love, video

This 13 April 2017 video shows two mute swans in love.

Tonny Vermeulen made this video in Genk, Belgium.