Red squirrel eating peanuts, video

This 23 October 2018 video shows a red squirrel eating peanuts.

MarkvdToorn made this video in Belgium.


Nazi candidates at Belgian elections

Nazi supporting Vlaams Belang candodates of Belgian elections

Translated from Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, 2 October 2018:

We discovered fifteen [candidates of the far-right Vlaams Belang party for the 14 October 2018 local elections with nazi sympathies] – only by looking at what appears publicly on Facebook. That goes from likes for Adolf Hitler to statements of support to a terrorist who planned murders to keep Flanders white.

More nazi supporting Vlaams Belang candidates

On Saturday 13 October, literally on the eve of the elections, a concert is planned in Lierde in East Flanders. Not in the cultural center, but in a shabby hangar in a private area. …

On Facebook, 72 people have already indicated that they will be there. One of them is Alexandra Remory, number one candidate for Vlaams Belang in neighboring municipality Geraardsbergen. She is in the company of guys who are fond of organizations like Blood & Honour and lavish with swastikas, and also with the organizers these feelings are not far away. “Fifty years ago [the 1940s, when Belgium was occupied by nazi Germany] such an Untermensch would have been crushed to death”, one of them writes about asylum seekers. “Now all European governments are handing out subsidies to let such lowly animal species do their thing!”

Even if the Vlaams Belang national executive would like to remove Ms Remory and her fellow Adolf Hitler lovers as candidates because of bad public relations, then that would be impossible: the ballots have already been printed.

Belgian far-right prepares civil war

This Belgian TV tweet says (translated):

Our TV program shows the two faces of the conservative “Schild & Vrienden“: a right-wing movement with a secret division full of racism, sexism and weapons.

‘Scilt ende Vrient’ (medieval spelling) is a slogan, a battle cry, from medieval Flanders. A watchword: people who did not know it, or, being French people or other foreigners, could not pronounce it properly, were considered to be enemies and were killed.

Dutch daily De Volkskrant writes about Schild & Vrienden today (translated):

In those closed [Schild & Vrienden Facebook] groups no message is rude enough. There is open emulation of Nazism, and extremely sexist and racist jokes are made. There is a picture of a black boy, with the text: ‘This is Mumba, an eight-year-old negro boy. It takes him three hours every day to come to school. With your support of 5 euros we will buy a whip and we will make sure that this lazy nigger pest will be at school within fifteen minutes.’…

And there is a picture of a man chasing a black child on his bike with an automatic weapon in his hand. ‘When you are barbecuing and your charcoal is running away’, says the caption.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In Belgium, from left to right, people reacted shockedly to a TV report about the ultra-right youth movement Schild & Vrienden. The public prosecutor’s office of East Flanders is conducting an investigation to see whether criminal offenses have been committed.

In the Pano program of the Flemish public broadcaster a picture was sketched of the movement around 25-year-old Dries Van Langenhove. Schild & Vrienden is a paramilitary movement of about 190 core members, which preaches physical and armed preparation for a coming civil war. The leadership encourages the members to get strategic and socially important positions.

The movement has a total of about 900 members, who exchange information in a closed Facebook group. The Facebook page has 14,000 followers. In the closed chat sessions radical, racist and violent statements are exchanged, according to the report.

Schild&Vrienden fuehrer Dries Van Langenhove with gun

“Worrying, disgusting”

Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) says that he is deeply shocked by the racist and anti-Semitic statements, which he calls disgusting and contrary to the foundations of society.

The right-wing N-VA party is in the Belgian coalition government. They are at least somewhat xenophobic. According to the Volkskrant report, the controversial anti-refugee N-VA immigration minister Theo Francken had Schild&Vrienden members as bodyguards. For the coming local elections in Belgium, at least three Schild&Vrienden members were N-VA candidates. After the bad publicity, they have been sacked or have resigned.

Schild&Vrienden fuehrer Van Langenhove recently was a speaker at a meeting of the Dutch far-right FvD party. Van Langenhove recently spoke to right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban; after Schild&Vrienden firearms practice in Romania.

Party leader Chris Beke of the Christian Democrats warns that this should not be underestimated and that it should not be laughed about. “This is really worrying, not my Flanders”, he says. Minister of Justice Koen Geens says that these people are entitled to free speech, but that it threatens to turn into xenophobia and racism.

Van Langenhove himself is a student representative at the University of Ghent, and four members of his movement have been elected to the Flemish Youth Council. Liberal party chairwoman Gwendolyne Rutten says “that fascism threatens to penetrate into the heart of the university and the Youth Council”.

UPDATE January 2019: Van Langenhove Vlaams Belang election candidate.

Racist violence in Belgium

This August 2018 video says about itself:

Black Teen Pushed Onto Rail Tracks by Racist Belgians

Police have arrested a 35-year-old White man for pushing a Black 15-year-old onto the tracks at Aarschot station. The teen was racially harassed, spit on and pushed by the Belgian trio. The Black teen is seen thrown on railway tracks by racist Belgians who say they were “drunk and on drugs”, and defending himself.

Luckily the railway staff noticed the incident with people on the tracks and stopped rail traffic. The male suspect, a 35-year-old from Aarschot, was arrested while hiding in the bathroom of the station.

Black tourists to Europe often bring home an unwanted souvenir: racist abuse. The rise of xenophobia in many European countries is due to the wave of African immigrants fleeing the countries that have been destroyed by European colonialism. Now there are many reports of racist violent attacks on Black tourists who are seen as immigrants taking over.

Another, 26 August 2018, video, censored by YouTube, used to say about itself:

Black teen thrown on [railroad] track by drunk racists – defends himself

This 15-year-old boy was racially harrassed, spit on and pushed by a drunk Belgian trio. He defended himself after he was pushed onto the train tracks.

This happened at a train station in Aarschot, Belgium.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In Belgium, there are shocked reactions to a video showing that a black 15-year-old boy is being attacked by a man and two women. After an altercation, the boy was pushed onto the railway track. …

The 35-year-old man and two women (35 and 43) make racist remarks to the boy who was waiting for the train. …

The video was put online by a woman friend of the victim’s mother. …

The victim remains calm at first, but after the discussion has flared up, there are blows. The boy tries to defend himself, but he is pushed onto the trail by the man. He tries to get back to the platform as quickly as possible, but is then pushed back by the man. In the fall he pulls the man along onto the track. …

The man who attacked the boy has been arrested and is a suspect of “intentional violence and injuries with a racist motive”. The two women in the video were released shortly after their arrest.