Azure damselflies’ love tandems, video

This 8 January 2016 video shows male and female azure damselflies in love tandems at the Bourgoyen nature reserve in Ghent, Belgium.

The males are blueish and blackish. The greenish and blackish females are partly under water, to affix their eggs on water plants.

Boy Martin made this video.


Belgian Brabant Killers and far-right, new information

Brabant killers, Belgian police poster

Translated from Dutch RTL TV:

May 12, 2018 06:20

New trail in investigation of the notorious Brabant Killers gang

The police team that is investigating the infamous Brabant Killers gang may have found a new trail.

Investigators have this week heard a witness who is said to have recognized the prominent gang member ‘the giant’ on a composition photo, report the Belgian newspapers Het Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws.

According to the [ex-soldier] witness, De Reus is the 63-year-old former army officer Michel Libert. Libert [then the witness’ commanding officer; working at NATO headquarters in Evere] is said to have recruited him in 1979 [when the new witness was 17 years old] for the extreme right-wing organization Westland New Post (WNP). He took part in training camps and, at the request of the organization, burglarized an army barracks to steal material, the newspapers write. In 1981 he broke with WNP [because it used swastika signs, according to the Nieuwsblad report]. When shortly afterwards newspapers wrote about the crimes of the Brabant Killers, he recognized what he had learned in WNP.

Libert was in 1983 and in 2014 also a suspect in the investigation of the gang. …

28 dead, culprits were never caught

In the early eighties, the Brabant killers committed a series of thefts and robberies at supermarkets, killing 28 people. The perpetrators have never been caught.

Last year someone else reported that he claimed that his (now deceased) brother was the ‘giant’.

‘Center left’ Belgian politician’s far-right scandal

SP.A alderman Engin Özdemir (red circle, on the left) leads the way in extreme right Grey Wolves demonstration. Photo: Heusden Zolder Ülkü Ocağı Facebook

The SP.A is a ‘center left’ political party in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. They are a sister party of, eg, the British Labour party and the German social democratic party. Like quite some other European social democratic parties, they became infected with Blairism. This led to losing many votes, like happened to similar parties.

And now it turns out that Tony Blair’s helping the billionaires against poor people, Tony Blair’s warmongering, Tony Blair’s professed preference for dictatorship over democracy, Tony Blair’s xenophobia, etc. inspires some politicians of ‘moderate’ ‘centrist‘ ‘center left’ parties to cuddle up to the extreme right.

Translated from Belgian daily De Standaard today:

The parade of the ‘Turkish [Grey] wolves‘ last Sunday caused commotion in Heusden-Zolder. A video is circulating on the internet in which SP.A alderman Engin Özdemir is leading the way. …

In the parade, flags with wolves were shown, and also the flag of MHP, the far-right political wing of the Grey Wolves [paramilitary gang]. Children were walking around in military uniforms ….

The Turkish right-wing extremist nationalists are rabidly anti-Kurdish, do not shun violence, have their own flag and are known for their salute.

Grey Wolves in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

On this photo the Grey Wolves child soldiers are on the right. The woman to the left of them and others do the Grey Wolves salute gesture.

See also here.

Belgian action against militarism

This 9 April 2018 satiric video from Belgium is about the 69th birthday of NATO. It says about itself (translated):

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, NATO blew out 69 candles. NATO is responsible for an annual military budget of 919 billion dollars, of which 70 percent is from the United States.

This enormous amount benefits US American arms corporations and increases the threat of new major conflicts. More and more spending on ‘defense’. That is what NATO requests from its member states, and therefore also from Belgium.

The (manipulated) choice of the replacement for the Belgian F-16 must therefore be seen in that context. With 10 illegal missions as its record and many dead people, we think it is high time for NATO to retire! If you ask us:

Nuclear weapons away from Kleine Brogel

– Belgium must sign the UN treaty against nuclear weapons

No new fighter planes

– Belgium out of NATO and NATO out of Belgium

We are preparing for a NATO summit [probably including Donald Trump] in Brussels in July. Want to join us? Contact

Anti-warplanes demonstration, 22 April

Translated from Belgian peace movement intal today:

Together with the other organizations of the platform “No fighter planes” we call again to immediately stop the procedure of replacing the F-16s, and to enter into a broad public debate about whether or not the F-16 fighter planes have to be replaced. Join us in action on Sunday 22 April! #f16gate #geengevechtsvliegtuigen

Can our F-16s fly longer or not? Was Minister of Defense Vandeput aware of the information of the army top brass or not? Does our government want to procure at any price aircraft that can drop nuclear bombs?

A dangerous game is played with our tax money, while:

16% of the population in Belgium live below the poverty threshold
Belgium does not achieve its objectives in the fight against climate disruption
The ‘defense’ budget is double that of Justice
Our government practices austerity for billions on public transport, despite the gigantic traffic jams and air pollution
Our government has not yet made a balance sheet of 40 years of use of the F-16s

The platform “No fighter planes”, of which intal is a part, calls again to IMMEDIATELY stop the procedure of replacing the F-16s, and to enter into a broad public debate about whether or not the F-16 fighter planes have to be replaced.

Do you also want to see your tax money invested rather in the needs of the population and the planet instead of expensive and superfluous war gear? Then join us in action on Sunday 22 April!

Appointment: Sunday, April 22, 14h Cinquantenaire, Brussels (metro Merode). Dress code: black.

Dutch wildlife video highlights

This 10 April 2018 Dutch video shows recent highlights of wildlife in the Netherlands and Belgium: red squirrel, brook lampreys, brown long-eared bat, wigeon and Eurasian cranes.

Lesser spotted woodpecker in Belgium

This video shows a lesser spotted woodpecker in the Zevenbergenbos woodland near Ranst in Belgium.

Marc Gorrens made this video.