Greece, let refugees drown, Brussels dictates

This video from Britain says about itself:

27 January 2016

Greece’s migration minister Yiannis Mouzalas claims Belgium told his country to “push” migrants “back in the sea“. He was speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight‘s Evan Davis, discussing what will happen next to the Schengen Agreement.

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From the BBC:

Belgium said ‘push migrants back to sea‘ – Greek minister

27 January 2016, Last updated at 15:41 GMT

Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas claims Belgium told his country to “push” migrants “back in the sea”.

He was speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Evan Davis, discussing what will happen next to the Schengen Agreement – and what the European Union can do to help resolve the migrant crisis.


January 28, 2016

Asked on the issue, Mr. Mouzalas said that Belgium told Greece: “Go against the law! We are afraid! We don’t care if they are drowned” adding that “hopefully no other minister accepted it”.

Regarding the refugee camps, he said that “the only time in history where there were camps for 400,000 prisoners was the Nazi period. And refugees are not prisoners, they have rights”.

Asked on whether he was angry, he said “I am not angry, I am a minister and I must have all doors open. But we are tired. Imagine that during the summer period 10,000 per day were passing through the islands of 3,000 population. They are drowning in our seas and we are collecting bodies every day. We want to find a solution more than anyone else”.


“An unbelievable minister proposed setting up a camp for 300,000 refugees in Athens and referred to the possibility of leaving the Schengen zone and pushing back into the sea, which is illegal and constitutes a criminal act,” Mouzalas said in an interview with SKAI TV on Tuesday referring to the Belgian minister.

Meaning Theo Francken. Mr Francken, of the nationalist party N-VA, is controversial because he participated in a commemoration ceremony for a Flemish World War II nazi collaborator.

Humpback whales off Belgian coast

This 28 January 2016 video shows a humpback whale, swimming in the North Sea of the Belgian coast near Raversijde.

Two humpback whales were seen there yesterday evening.

This species is better at swimming in shallow water than sperm whales, so there is less chance that they will strand.

‘Iraq war refugee falsely accused of sexual abuse in Belgium’

This video says about itself:

Fleeing ISIS In Iraq: Refugees Tell Of Loss And Tragedy

16 June 2014

Refugees from Mosul have told Sky News of the terror they experienced at the hands of ISIS militants.

Middle East correspondent Sherine Tadros reports from a newly-built refugee camp in the northern area of Dohuk.

Translated from daily De Morgen in Belgium:

Swimming incident in Koksijde: “An error of judgment”

No swimming ban for asylum seekers in Koksijde

25-01-2016, 15.38u

The asylum seeker who was suspected of sexually assaulting a girl in the swimming pool of Koksijde is probably innocent. According to the public prosecutor of Furnes, the Iraqi man in this twenties this Saturday afternoon already was released after questioning. The aldermen in Koksijde have decided that there will be no swimming ban for asylum seekers.

That the young man was not brought before the investigating judge shows hat the prosecutor does not think this is a case of serious crime, such as an assault.

According to sources close to the dossier everything points to “an error in judgment.” The 22-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker, according to witnesses was trying to save a girl who panicked in the whitewater of the pool complex. The supervisor then called the police, after which the refugee was taken in for questioning. The 10-year-old girl (and her parents) have not complained. …

After the incident the mayor of Koksijde, Marc Vanden Bussche (Open VLD) [right wing pro Big Business party], decided to introduce a ban for asylum seekers in the pool. That was immediately criticized strongly.

If one Roman Catholic clergyman abuses a child sexually, then, correctly, no one talks about banning swimming for all clergy, or for all male Roman Catholics. For refugees from the bloody Iraq war, the same should apply.

See also here about the Koksijde swimming pol.