Stop Israel-Palestinian war, protest report

This video from Israel is called 27.7.2014 Tel Aviv: 5000 protest assault on Gaza.

By Adam Keller of the peace movement in Israel:

The storm which Netanyahu unleashed

May 12, 2021 – 10.00 PM

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) we woke up with the news of twenty-one Palestinians killed in Gaza, nine of them minors, and two Israeli women killed in Ashkelon (one of them; it later turned out, was a migrant worker from India, and since then, the death toll on both sides more than doubled). Then came the email which I was expecting. Noa Levy of Hadash sent out an urgent call for emergency protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, A second message, from the Forum of Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Families and Combatants for Peace, endorsed the Hadash call and added a Haifa protest venue initiated by the Haifa Women for Women Center. “The government is playing with fire – all of us get burned! In a desperate attempt to cling to power, Netanyahu is dragging us into war, into killing and suffering and pain for both peoples. Stop the escalation! Cease the fire! Stop the expulsion of families from Sheikh Jarrah, stop the police rampage in East Jerusalem. There can be no peace and no quiet as long as the West Bank lives under occupation and Gaza suffers a suffocating siege. The solution: an end to the occupation, an end to the siege of Gaza, and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with East Jerusalem as its capital. We all deserve to live in freedom and security. The time to act is now!”

And so, there were several hours of frantic work at the computer and phone, spreading the message by Facebook and Whatsapp to all who waited for such a call on such a day. And then taking the bus to Tel Aviv. The Kugel Boulevard, main Holon thoroughfare on which all buses to Tel Aviv travel, had its completely normal daily bustle. On King George Street in Tel Aviv, there were already several hundred people gathered outside the Likud Party headquarters. Among them, familiar faces, the determined minority of Israelis who always show up on such days, as in 2014 and 2009.. “Stop the fire, stop the bloodshed!” chanted several hundred throats. And “On both sides of the border / Children want to live!” and “Sheikh Jarrah, don’t despair / We will end the occupation yet!” and also “Gaza, Gaza, don’t despair / We will end the siege yet!” and “Netanyahu, Netanyahu / The Dock at the Hague waits for you!”.

Dispersal, and a vague feeling of frustration. But what more could we have done? Perhaps we would have felt more satisfied to be violently dispersed and spend the night in detention – but here, unlike other locations, the police did not interfere with the demonstration. There were only two bored police officers watching from the side. Our favorite vegan eatery was nearby, so we went in. Everything was just like any other evening out in downtown Tel Aviv, it felt a bit strange to have life as usual while terrible things happen elsewhere.

The air raid alarms wailed just after we paid our bill and started walking. We went into a nearby big pharmacy. The pharmacy staff were quietly efficient – “Over here, turn left, the basement stairs are there”. About a hundred people – staff and clients and everyone who happened to be on the street – crowded in. Even in the basement, we could clearly hear the explosions in the sky. “Are these the missiles themselves, or the interceptors?” wondered an old woman. Another old woman said “Don’t worry, dear, if this goes on we will all learn to know which is which”.

After a quarter of an hour we thought it was over and everybody emerged and started again down the street – and then the air raid siren sounded again. This time we went into the basement of a private house with very friendly young people who offered to let us stay the night. “You can stay here, no need to risk going out again, we have spare beds”.

I must say that up to that point it still felt like a bit of a game. I realize now that we shared the arrogant illusion of most Israelis that the Iron Dome missiles were giving us virtually complete protection. But as we were huddling in the second basement of the evening, the phone rang: “Are you OK? Good to hear your voice, I heard of the burned bus in Holon, I was so worried!” “I am in Tel Aviv, what bus is that?” A quick look at the news websites showed the Kugel Boulevard where we had passed just three hours before. It was a war zone, flames and scattered debris everywhere, and the skeleton of a completely burned bus in the middle. It was reported that the driver heard the alarm, stopped the bus and told everybody to run just a minute before the bus was hit.

Perhaps we should have taken the young people’s offer and stayed the night with them. Getting back home was a long and weary experience. The main roads were blocked by the police, and we saw ambulances and fire trucks rushing forward. The bus from Tel Aviv let us off a long way from home and there were no taxis to be had in the whole of Holon, so there was a very long and weary trudging through dark empty streets. At home I had a whatsapp exchange with an old friend. “Stay alert, this night is not yet over” she wrote. “The government is sure to order a strong retaliation for this attack on Tel Aviv, and the Palestinians will want to retaliate for the retaliation”. She was completely right. After 3.00 PM there was a very long series of alarms, one after the other. The explosions were more vague and seemed a long distance off. This time they were aiming at the Ben Gurion Airport.

One of the missiles had fallen on a hut in Lod (Lydda), and killed a fifty year old man and his teen daughter. It later turned out that they were Arabs, that they had lived in an “unrecognized” neighborhood where no building permits are issued, and that this prevented them from building a more solid structure which could have saved their lives.

And so here we are, with the conflict escalating and the death toll rising ever more steeply. And I should recapitulate, at least briefly, how we got to this.

Last Friday – just five days ago, though it seems like an eternity – public attention in Israel was totally riveted to the complicated dance of party politics. Prime Minister Netanyahu, facing three serious corruption charges at the Jerusalem District Court, had just failed in his efforts to form a new cabinet. The mandate passed to the oppositional “Block of Change”, whose leaders embarked on delicate negotiations aimed at forming a very heterogeneous government coalition comprising right-wing. left-wing and center parties, which have virtually nothing in common except the wish to see the last of Netanyahu. We had very mixed feelings about it, especially since the intended new Prime Minister Naftali Bennet is, if anything, more right-wing than Netanyahu. Still, the new government would have very strong mechanisms of “mutual veto” in place that would prevent Bennet from doing too much harm – though the same would also prevent the new government from doing much good, either. And this government would be the very first in Israeli history to rely on an Arab party for its parliamentary majority (other than the Rabin Government in 1995, whose tenure was cut short by the PM being assassinated).

Anyway, there were very concrete plans to have the new cabinet ready for parliamentary approval by Tuesday, May 11 (yesterday). The anti-corruption demonstrators who have been demonstrating every week outside the Prime Minister’s residence were joking about when the movers will arrive to take away the Netanyahu family furniture. But Netanyahu had other irons in the fire.

First, there was the planned expulsion of hundreds of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarach neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Dozens of them were due to be expelled within days and extreme right settlers were going to enter into their vacated homes. Protests in Sheikh Jarach and elsewhere in East Jerusalem met brutal police repression. Then, protests spread to the Haram A Sharif (Temple Mount) compound, and so did the police repression. Police started to shoot “rubber” bullets directly into demonstrators’ faces, causing them to lose eyes – at least two of them losing both eyes and becoming blind for the rest of their lives. Footage of the police breaking into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site and a place considered even by secular Palestinians as a major part of their national heritage, spread widely through the social networks, escalating the protests. And then there was the plan to have thousands of radical young settlers hold the provocative “Dance of the Flags” right through the Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, chanting their habitual racist slogans. The police and government reiterated hour after hour that the “Dance of the Flags” would take place as scheduled. And it was then that Hamas in Gaza threatened to retaliate for the attack on the Palestinians of Jerusalem, and the government declared that it would not bend to “the ultimatums of terrorists”. And at the very last moment the “Dance” was cancelled – but it was too late. At 6.00 PM the salvo of seven Hamas rockets at the outskirts of Jerusalem – which in fact caused no casualties or damage, but which precipitated the Israeli deadly retaliation on Gaza. .

And now, a bit more than 48 hours later, here we are, in the midst of an escalating war, the Israeli Air Force destroying high rise buildings in Gaza and proudly announcing the “elimination” of senior Hamas activists – but unable to hinder the Palestinians’ ability to go on shooting rockets. And relations between Jews and Arabs, fellow citizens of Israel, have descended to unprecedented depths of inter-communal violence. In Lod, the police declared a night curfew “to stop the rampaging Arabs” but Arab inhabitants refuse to abide and are involved in violent confrontations with police around a local mosque. And in Bat Yam and Tiberias, mobs of extreme right Jews are assaulting random Arabs and smashing up Arab-owned shops. And repeated again and again in the media is the government’s total refusal to make a ceasefire. “No, no, no ceasefire – we must teach Hamas a lesson!”

Of course no ceasefire. Why should Netanyahu want a ceasefire? Every day in which the shooting continues is one more day of keeping that dreaded movers’ truck away from the Prime Minister’s Residence, one more day of keeping power in his own hands. If there was concrete proof that Netanyahu did it all consciously and deliberately, it would make up criminal charges far more serious than those he is facing at the District Court of Jerusalem. But any such evidence is probably classified Top Secret and would only be published fifty years from now. So, we can’t prove that he did it deliberately, though there can be little doubt about it. We can only end the war and immediately afterwards get rid of him.

Perhaps what is happening now will shake President Biden out of the attitude of keeping a low profile on |Israel and the Palestinians? After all, all this mess had fallen on his desk with quite a loud clatter.

Free imprisoned Israeli anti-militarist woman, protest today

This 22 October 2020 video from Israel says about itself:

Hallel Rabin – I Refuse

Hallel Rabin, a conscientious objector, spent two terms in Prison 6

That military prison is near Atlit, on Oren Junction.

for refusing to serve in the army. A few days before returning to the ICRC to refuse for a third time, she was interviewed by Social TV and justified her decision to refuse in public, after the IDF Conscience Committee was not persuaded to dismiss her.

For more interviews with other Israelis who refuse military service in Israel: here.

From Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom today:

Stand with Conscientious objector Hallel Rabin – demonstration at the Israeli Army’s Military Prison 6

Conscientious objector Hallel Rabin was sent to the military prison because of her refusal to join an army of occupation which oppresses the Palestinians.

She has asked – and fully deserves – for public support for her struggle.

The army’s method of dealing with refusers and conscientious objectors (male or female alike) is incremental sentences of a month at a time,

After each term the objector is again ordered to enlist, refuses again and is sent again to prison.

Hallel Rabin is now undergoing the third such one-month term, and many more can follow.

Using this method enables the army to avoid a court-martial which would be held in public and where the defendant can be represented by a lawyer and call witnesses.

Instead, the cumulative one-month terms are issued at “instant trials” held in camera at an officer’s bureau and lasting about five minutes.

‘Mesarvot’ and ‘Yesh Gvul’ invite the public to attend a protest vigil in support of Hallel and decrying her incarceration,

Today, Saturday October 31st, 2020 at 12:30

On the mountainside facing Military Prison 6, from where protesters are visible – and audible – to prisoners (and to their guards).

For those coming from the Tel-Aviv/Gush-Dan or Jerusalem areas, transportation is available; register here.

Contact: Yishai Menuchin +972-(0)54-3355373 +972-(0) 54-4860050.

COVID-19 second wave in Israel, Palestine

This 24 March 2020 video is called Israel’s COVID-19 patient #65 speaks to i2NEWS from hospital: “It is not a joke“.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Israel recorded the highest number of new infections yesterday since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. 1107 new cases were added, the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem reports. The day before, there were 967. The previous record was April 3, when 819 new cases were counted.

This is why stricter rules have been in force since 08:00 this morning. Eg, up to fifty people may gather at event locations, in restaurants and in places of worship. For other indoor occasions, including at home, a maximum number of twenty people applies. …

In the West Bank, a five-day lockdown begins today. The Palestinian Authority announced this on Wednesday, also in view of the increasing number of infections. All shops are closed for the time being, except supermarkets and pharmacies.

Netanyahu admits Israel reopened ‘too soon’ after surge of COVID diagnoses.

Coronavirus second wave in Israel

This 14 June 2020 South Korean TV video says about itself:

In the Middle East, neighbors Egypt and Israel are both seeing a spike in coronavirus cases.

In Egypt, the number of new cases reported Saturday rose to 1-thousand-6-hundred-77, its highest daily total so far.

That puts the total number of cases there at just under 43-thousand… with almost 15-hundred deaths.

In Israel, there were 177 new cases.

One of them is an employee at the residence of President Reuven Rivlin.

For now, officials say, President Rivlin won’t be required to enter quarantine, but they are tracing people who were in contact with the employee.

Meanwhile, the country with the second-highest number of infections is Brazil.

It’s overtaken the U.K., with more than 850-thousand cases.

On Saturday, it reported almost 22-thousand new cases… and almost 900 more deaths, putting the death toll at 42-thousand-720.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Israel reopens coronavirus wards

Due to the significant increase in the number of coronavirus patients, the Israeli Ministry of Health has called on hospitals in the country to reopen coronavirus wards. In the past 24 hours, 53 infections were added.

A report by the Israeli intelligence agency that came out yesterday warned of a second wave of infections. Without prompt action, the country would be affected by 1,000 infections a day within a month.

Israel reacted quickly with rigorous measures at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the pandemic initially went relatively smoothly. Measures were gradually relaxed in May.

In Israel, 20,686 people have been infected with the virus so far, 205 people have died.

Netanyahu reopening, COVID-19 danger for Israeli schools

This video says about itself:

Emotions high as schools reopen, 2 teachers positive for virus

It’s back to school this week for most Israeli children after two months of homeschooling in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Then, it was only two infected sick teachers. But now …

Translated from Dutch NOS radio, 5 June 2020:

Israel closes 90 schools again for fear of new corona outbreak

The Israeli government has closed over 90 schools this week following an increase in coronavirus infections. The primary and secondary schools were open again last month, after about two months of closure.

According to the Ministry of Health, the reopening of schools is the main cause of the number of new infections increasing again. Yesterday, Israel had 118 new confirmed infections. That is the highest number in more than a month and much more than a few weeks ago.

Children can spread it”

This is largely due to contact at schools, says department head Asher Salmon at the ministry: “Without a doubt. Children may be less susceptible to the virus, but they can actually spread it. And as long as there are infections, contact leads to new infections. That’s how it works in an epidemic. ”

The option to close all schools is still on the table, Salmon says, “The next few days will be crucial.” For the time being, only schools will be closed where a student or staff member has tested positive for coronavirus. Until now, this has happened at 92 educational institutions.

A gymnasium in Jerusalem was the hardest hit. There, more than 150 students and teachers became infected with the virus.

Teacher: I can understand them

Marion Golany works as an English teacher at a primary school a little further in the city. No infections have yet been detected at her school, so classes will continue for the time being. “Yet many parents keep their children at home,” says Golany. “The day before yesterday there were only three children in class, in a class of seventeen. And I can understand them.”

In March, Israel decided to largely shut down public life to stem the spread of the virus. The schools also closed. When the number of new cases fell, the government decided to open schools step by step last month. Not all volumes at the same time, and a maximum of fifteen students per class. In mid-May, those restrictions were released and all students were allowed back to school.

Maximum half classes

But that decision was premature, says epidemiology professor and former senior official Gabi Barbash: “We should have held on to half classes of up to 15 students. Children not only infect each other, but also their relatives at home. As a result, we see the number of active infections grow again now.”

The full classes make a big difference, says teacher Golany: “Everything seems normal again, and it is difficult to keep a distance. You can no longer prevent them from hugging and jumping on each other. After all, they are children in a primary school.” …

Since the outbreak began, Israel has a total of more than 17,000 confirmed covid-19 infections. At least 290 patients were killed by the virus.

Israel pays the price for Netanyahu’s pandemic politics: here.

Israeli, Dutch reopened schools, COVID-19 epicentres

This 31 May 2020 video from Israel says about itself:

COVID-19 Outbreak in Jerusalem-based High School

i24NEWS DESK | The trend of coronavirus contamination in Israeli schools continued as three schools in Holon, Kiryat Ye’arim and Jerusalem reported overnight Saturday new cases of COVID-19.

After a major drop in the number of infections, prompting the Jewish state to gradually reopen its economy and restart the education system, a surge of new cases was recorded over the past weekend.

More than 100 pupils and staff members of Gymnasia Rehavia School in Jerusalem were tested positive for COVID-19. …

On Saturday, a seventh-grade pupil from Katzir School in Holon was found carrying the disease after he was feeling ill in the last few days. Four pupils and six teachers were sent into quarantine for 14 days following the incident, Hebrew-language outlet N12 reported.

In Kiryat Ye’arim, eight students were identified with coronavirus as more infections in the high school yeshiva in the ultra-Orthodox town are suspected.

Despite the spike in Jerusalem cases, the municipality had decided not to shutter schools in the capital — except for the Gymnasia school, having recorded 121 COVID-19 cases, which will not open this week.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

There is an outbreak of the coronavirus in schools in Israel. A total of 42 primary and secondary schools have been closed in several cities. At least 244 teachers and students are infected and almost 7000 teachers and students are in quarantine.

According to the Ministry of Health, schools are now the main source of covid infections …

Yesterday Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he would keep most schools open for the time being, but that may change later this week.

Yesterday, Israel had 116 new infections, the highest number in a month.

Also translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

A primary school in The Hague is closing because of two teachers who are infected with the coronavirus, a spokesperson for the umbrella organization The Hague Schools confirms after a report by Omroep West broadcasting organisation. It concerns primary school De Springbok, with two locations in the city.

The teachers were tested yesterday, today they received the results. The teachers have not taught since they felt complaints last weekend, says the school.

There are about 500 children at the school, seven of whom have symptoms of the coronavirus. …

The pupils are now getting online home education again.

Israeli peace movement reacts to election results

This 16 September 2019 video says about itself:

‘What we need is unity’: Israeli Arab coalition appeals to Jewish vote

Scattered and divided only six months ago, Israeli Arab parties are standing united in Tuesday’s election re-run, hoping to energise their support base and woo Jewish voters too. FRANCE 24’s reporters followed them on the campaign trail.

From the Gush Shalom peace movement in Israel today:

Together Saving the Future Of Us All

Half of Israel’s citizens

Have today decided

That a nationalist and racist demagogue

Facing three serious criminal charges

Is the right person

To lead this country.

But – the other half

Do not want Netanyahu

This half should be

Organized and mobilized

For struggle

Struggle in the street

Struggle in the Knesset

Struggle in the courts.

Struggle everywhere, Jewish and Arab citizens

United in the struggle

To save the future

Opinion The Morning After Israel’s Election, the Country Is Still Stuck on a Traffic Island: here.

Israeli demonstration against Trump’s ‘peace’ plan

This 30 January 2020 video from the USA is called Trump’s Middle East “peace plan” is a plan for apartheid.

From the Gush Shalom peace movement in Israel today:

This is the time for action, the time to stand up and be counted. Tomorrow night, February 1, we will meet at 19:00 at the Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. From there we will embark on an emergency march through the streets of Tel Aviv, to demand the one thing that will ensure a life of security for us, our families, our children: negotiations to end the occupation and a peace between two free and sovereign states, Israel and Palestine.

The Trump-Netanyahu Plan is dangerous for all of us, Israelis and Palestinians – to the future of both peoples. A peace agreement is something which both sides share and agree on, which will bring justice and resolution to the conflict.

The Trump-Netanyahu Plan is nothing of the kind. It is a one-sided annexation deal that is forced upon us from afar. It gives the Government of Israel licence to acts of infamy – annexations on the West Bank, fulfilling the dictates of the most extreme settlers, and depriving Israeli citizenship from hundreds of thousands of Arab citizens who live in the Wadi Ara and Triangle regions.

This is a moment of trial, a red alert. Trump and Netanyahu have placed all of us on the path to a future of endless violence, bloodshed and grief. In the future that they are trying to force upon us, Palestinians and Israelis will continue to suffer and no one will live in security. They called it “a peace plan” but it is a scam – it is the same harsh occupation we have known for decades, reinforced by annexation. Our actions over the next few days will determine whether they will succeed in their scheme. We will not sit aside – and we need each and every one of you with us!

See you tomorrow night on the Dizengoff Square – this is the time to stand up and be counted!

See also here.

Trump bans Congresswomen from Palestine

This 15 August 2019 Bloomberg news agency video from the USA says about itself:

Israel Bans Entry to Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar After Trump’s Tweet …

Shortly before the decision [by the Israeli government] was announced, Trump had tweeted that “it would show great weakness” if Israel allowed them to visit.

Last month, however, Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer had said Israel would not deny entry to any member of Congress. …

Tlaib and Omar have also been the target of repeated attacks by President Donald Trump in recent months, including a series of racist tweets on July 14 in which he said they should “go back” to the “broken” countries they came from. Both are U.S. citizens and Tlaib was born in the United States. The two are members of the so-called “Squad” of newly-elected left-wing Democrats, along with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. …

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro wrote on Twitter that the decision to bar their entry “harms Israel’s standing in the U.S., boosts BDS.”

Israeli lawmaker Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint List of Arab parties, criticized the move, writing that “Israel has always banned Palestinians from their land and separated us from other Palestinians, but this time the Palestinian is a U.S. Congresswoman.”

Arthur Lenk, formerly Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, said barring Omar and Tlaib “would be sinking us deeper into U.S. domestic political quagmire.”

It is the job of members of the United States Congress to monitor the foreign policy of the president.

Two congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib of the left wing of the Democratic party, wanted to do just that by going to Israel and the Palestine territories.

The right-wing Israeli government of Netanyahu gave them permission for that.

However, then President Donald Trump of the USA pressured them to annul that permission. And Netanyahu’s government showed that they are slavish puppets …, sorry, I forgot that I have to use euphemisms … reliable allies of Donald Trump.

Jewish daily The Forward in the USA writes about it today:

Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were supposed to travel to the West Bank this weekend. Now Israel won’t let them in. Why?

After all, even American Jewish groups and politicians like AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – none of them fans of Omar and Tlaib – said Thursday that Israel had made the wrong decision. Forward Opinion writer Emma Goldberg said it doesn’t bode well for Israeli democracy.

Some background: Omar and Tlaib are the only two representatives to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
Israel has a law on the books that it uses to turn away BDS supporters, even Jewish ones. Yet last month, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer said the Jewish state would allow the duo in.

Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, has been trying for months to organize a congressional delegation to the area. Only Omar signed up. More than 40 other Democrats went on AIPAC’s annual Israel trip, where they met with Israeli and Palestinian government officials.

Omar and Tlaib were planning to meet with activists, and with American diplomats. They were planning on staying in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank, which Israel controls and Palestinians claim as their state. They called the trip a visit to “Palestine”; neither Israel nor the U.S. recognizes such a place.

Still, the trip was moving forward until Thursday. That was when President [no; Prime Minister] Netanyahu stopped the trip, because “the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it.” What changed?

Well, President Trump tweeted that letting Omar and Tlaib into Israel would “show great weakness”.

Netanyahu is a few weeks away from elections, and he’s staked his reputation on two things: toughness, and close ties with the White House.

Omar responded saying:

“The irony of the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East making such a decision is that it is both an insult to democratic values and a chilling response to a visit by government officials from an allied nation.”

The Forward will continue to monitor the situation.

Thank you for reading

Aiden Pink
Deputy news editor

The Israeli government’s decision Thursday to bar a visit to Israel and the West Bank by US congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar is an authoritarian attack on democratic rights, carried out by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the direction of US President Donald Trump against two critics in the legislative branch, in violation of US constitutional norms. … The Israeli media has already noted the brazen hypocrisy of Netanyahu denying entry to Omar and Tlaib when he has effusively welcomed right-wing anti-Semites like Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban and Italian Deputy Prime Minister—and would-be Mussolini—Matteo Salvini. The chain of events has ominous implications. The president of the United States has no authority over members of Congress, which under the Constitution is a co-equal branch of government. No US president has ever before sought to bar travel by senators or representatives.: here.

UPDATE: after this letter, Ms Tlaib admitted after all.

FLORIDA GOP CANDIDATE CALLS FOR OMAR AND OTHERS TO BE HANGED A Republican congressional candidate in Florida sent a fundraising letter last week that called for the hanging of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and other Democrats, reported The Tampa Bay Times. [HuffPost]

Israelis against governmental xenophobic deportation

This 30 July 2019 video says about itself:

Filipino mothers and children fight Israel deportation

Tel Aviv, July 30 (EFE).- The will to protect their children overcame the fear felt by Ivy and Romela, two Filipino women who have lived in Israel for almost 15 years and who told EFE that they are living through a new round of deportations.

From the World Socialist Web Site, 9 August 2019:

Israeli rally to oppose deportation of Israeli-born children of foreign workers

Around 2,000 Israeli protesters rallied outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Tuesday. They were protesting the Interior Ministry’s plans to deport around 50 children born to foreign workers while they were in the country.

Currently, around 60,000 mainly female foreign workers are employed as caregivers. Around half of them are from the Philippines. Under Israeli regulations, foreign mothers must send their newborn babies home, or their visas will not be renewed.