Big Israeli Druze anti-discrimination demonstration

This 4 August 2018 video says about itself:

Around 90,000 people, mainly from the Druze minority, gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday, to demonstrate against the new Jewish nation-state law.

This law states that Israel is the national home of the Jewish people and that [only the] Jewish people have a right to exercise national self-determination in Israel. The bill prompted particular outrage from the Druze community, who serve in the Israeli military.

“We feel we’ve been betrayed by the government led by Benjamin Netanyahu“, one protester said. “We will not be second-class citizen in the Jewish republic. We will make sure that democracy will remain in this country”, he added.

Druze speak Arabic, which in the new law loses its national language status.

‘We Need Equality’: Tens of Thousands Attend Druze Rally Against Nation-state Law. ‘Despite our unreserved loyalty, Israel doesn’t see us as equals’, Druze leader tells mass Tel Aviv protest. Right-wing activists spread fake correspondence on deal between Druze leaders and Labor party: here.

The demonstration was reported to be around 150,000 strong, making it the largest-ever Druze rally. Dozens of protesters also demonstrated outside Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s house in the northern city of Haifa: here.

2 Major Funders Of Israel Join Growing Criticism Of New Nation-State Law. August 5, 2018 By JTA.

Jared Kushner, [USA] President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, has reportedly pressured Jordan to strip the refugee status of more than two million registered Palestinians living in the country: here.

MORE than 100,000 Arabs and Jews demonstrated in a show of unity against the recently passed “racist” nation state law in Tel Aviv on Saturday, the second large protest in eight days. Protesters waved Israeli and Palestinian flags demanding the resignation of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu as the crowds called for the “fascist laws” to be scrapped saying: “We are all brothers. Jews and Arabs refuse to be divided”: here.


Religious fanatics’ homophobia

This 23 July 2018 video from Israel says about itself:

Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv for LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ protestors blocked off the streets of Tel Aviv to protest what they say was a stab in the back by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A massive political demonstration snowballed from a fringe issue: surrogacy. It quickly became a rallying cry for equal rights. Our Ariel Levin-Waldman has the story.

Homophobia by religious right Protestants and religious right Roman Catholics is well-known.

At least in the 1960s, it also existed among secular ‘liberals’. It still exists in Middle East absolute monarchies claiming to base themselves on Islam. It still exists among the Hindu religious right in India. It still exists among the Japanese Shinto religious right. Etc.

It also exists in ultra-religious Judaism. A chief rabbi in Israel recently called for the death penalty for LGBTQ people. And now, Jewish daily The Forward in the USA reports about Israel:

30 July 2018

More than 200 leading rabbis published a letter condemning the idea of surrogacy and adoption for gays, describing homosexuals as “perverts”, The Jerusalem Post reported.

These rabbis, the Jerusalem Post writes, are ‘from the national-religious sector‘.

‘Israeli government, stop anti-Palestinian Israeli incitement’

This 21 May 2017 video from Israel says about itself:

[Leftist leader of the mainly Israeli Palestinian Joint List opposition coalition] Ayman Odeh has a few tips ahead of Trump‘s visit.

This email, forwarded today by United States Jewish daily Forward, says:


Shin Bet Detains Israeli Author At Airport Over Leftist Ties: here.

Israeli cartoonist sacked for ‘Orwellian’ Netanyahu cartoon

Avi Katz' Orwell-Netanyahu cartoon

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Cartoonist fired for pig image of Netanyahu

The Israeli cartoonist Avi Katz has been fired because of a drawing in which he depicts Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the Likud Party as pigs. At the top of the cartoon is George Orwell‘s famous phrase from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

The cartoon appeared in the weekly journal Jerusalem Report and is a reference to the decision of the Israeli parliament last week to legally establish that Israel is a Jewish nation state.

Among other things, it stipulates that Hebrew exclusively becomes the official language. From now on Arabic is a language with a special status. The Arab minority and other critics in Israel call the law discriminatory and racist. Arab Israelis thus feel relegated to second-class citizenship.

Katz made the drawing modeling it on a selfie by the Likud deputy Oren Chasan, who after the adoption of the law took pictures with Netanyahu and other Likud politicians.

Selfie by Likud politician Oren Chasan

Animal Farm was written during the Second World War and published in 1945. It describes a revolution on a farm, where people are chased away. The pigs seize power whereby life gradually becomes harder for the other animals.

Jerusalem Report Cartoonist, Fired Over Nation-State Caricature, Tells Us What Happened: here.

Israeli airline gives in to sexism

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 25 June 2018:

ISRAEL: State airline El Al faces new discrimination allegations after moving two female passengers from their seats after ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit next to them.

El Al said yesterday that discrimination against passengers was “forbidden” and it did its utmost to serve a “wide array of populations and travellers.”

The Israel Religious Action Centre, which led a similar lawsuit in 2016, accused the airline of breaking its commitments.

From Tel Aviv to El Al, Israel Is Backsliding on Gender Segregation. Thousands attended a segregated Chabad event on Rabin Square after a judge ordered the mayor to allow the partition. ‘What they’re saying is that we need to be tolerant of intolerance’, a legal expert tells Haaretz.

Israeli peace demonstration against Gaza bloodshed today

This video says about itself:

1 April 2018

Hundreds of Israeli protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in Tel Aviv on Sunday, to protest Israeli violence against Palestinian protesters after 16 protesters were killed and over 1,400 injured.

Since then, more Palestinians have died.

From עומדים ביחד نقف معًا, today, 15 May 2018:


Tuesday, 15.5 at 7:00 pm, opposite Likud Party Headquarters (Metzudat Ze`ev) at 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv.

When Netanyahu and Trump play with fire, the fire flares up – and kills. This is what is happening now in the Gaza Strip. The same might happen also in Jerusalem and throughout the country, if this dangerous lighting of matches near the powder keg does not stop.

Instead of striving for Israeli-Palestinian peace, which is the only way to achieve a life of dignity and security for Israelis and Palestinians alike, the right-wing government prefers to drag us all into another round of violence and blood.

Instead of allowing them to continue with this reckless game, we must stand up and demand: Stop the fire, stop playing with the lives of the residents of this country, and make a complete change of direction. No more occupation, no more annexation and blockade! We demand Israeli-Palestinian peace!

PROTESTS AGAINST ISRAEL Hundreds of people marched through Tel Aviv Tuesday to protest Israeli troops firing on Palestinian protesters in Gaza, killing 60 people. Similar demonstrations were held in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada and South Africa. [HuffPost]