Waders and big moth of Terschelling island

Whimbrel, 22 September 2019

Still 22 September 2019 along the Wadden Sea coast of Terschelling island. A whimbrel standing on a small stone dike.

Curlew, Terschelling, 22 September 2019

A bit further, a bigger relative of whimbrels, this curlew.

Greenshanks, 22 September 2019

Then, a flock of hundreds of dunlin and redshanks. And greenshanks.

Meadow pipit, 22 September 2019

Two meadow pipits on a pole and a fence.

Meadow pipit, 22 September 2019

There was also one closer to the shore.

Convolvulus hawk moth, 22 September 2019, Terschelling

As we walk back, we see a big moth on a fence: a convolvulus hawk moth.

Convolvulus hawk moth, 22 September 2019

Convolvulus hawk moth, on 22 September 2019, Terschelling

On a roof, not just lichen, but also this white wagtail.

White wagtail, 22 September 2019

Near Oosterend, a buzzard on a pole.

Stay tuned, as there will be more about Terschelling on 22 September 2019!

Gypsy moth lays eggs, video

In this 20 August 2019 video, a gypsy moth lays eggs. Usually, the females of that species lay their eggs on trees. But in this video, she lays her eggs on a wall in the Netherlands; in the backyard of Dorry van Gelderen, who made the video. The female will cover the eggs with hair from the rear end of her body.

Rare caterpillars on video

This 18 July 2019 video is by Luuk Punt. On the Maasvlakte in the Netherlands, he made this footage about a spurge hawk-moth caterpillar.

This is a rare species in the Netherlands. But now there seems to be an invasion. Luuk Punt saw at least forty caterpillars. They may be 8 centimetres long.

Great tits and oak processionary caterpillars, cartoon

Great tits cartoon

This cartoon, from today’s Dutch Metro daily, is by René Lensink.

The caption says, translated: number of oak processionary caterpillars tripled.

In the cartoon, a young great tit says to its mother: Mum, I don’t want these foul caterpillars! I prefer a fat fast food snack!

Great tits are one of few bird species eating caterpillars of oak processionary moths; which can be a nuisance in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Today in the Netherlands, primary schools have been closed and hockey matches postponed because of oak processionary caterpillar trouble.

To be 100% biologically corect, the young great tit‘s belly in the cartoon should have been a paler yellow than the adult’s.

Great tits, blue tits, bats, parasitic wasps, other predators help against oak processionary caterpillars: here.

Hummingbird hawk-moth, early this spring

This 18 March 2019 video is about a hummingbird hawk-moth in a garden in Gouda town, the Netherlands. It is early for that species this spring.

Even in February, a few hummingbird hawk-moths were already present in the Netherlands. Usually, they winter in southern Europe and come to the Netherlands later. But lately, some of them winter in the Netherlands.

S. Reilingh made this slow motion video.