Fascist murder plot in Italy

This video says about itself:

Neo-fascists train to fight Ukraine’s rebels

9 June 2014

One special forces group, fighting separatists in Eastern Ukraine, is bringing together many self-declared neo-fascists.

The volunteers joining the so-called Azov battalion, raised by Ukraine’s interior ministry, includes men from Russia, Sweden and Italy who believe in national socialism.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Mariupol.

From AFP news agency:

Italy foils neo-fascist plot, arrests 14

Rome, December 22, 2014

Last Updated at 19:05 IST

Italian police arrested 14 neo-fascists and placed 44 others under investigation on today after uncovering a plot to assassinate politicians and attack police stations over the Christmas period.

Police swooped after wiretaps revealed the gang, an offshoot of the banned far right organisation Ordine Nuovo [New Order], had begun stockpiling arms and planned to carry out attacks over the holiday period.

Italy’s Repubblica daily said the suspects had discussed killing politicians, “10, 11 at a time…”, as well as blowing up the Equitalia tax collection agency and launching attacks on police stations.

Head investigator Mario Parente told journalists that the group, which for the past two years had been infiltrated by an undercover policeman, had also discussed attacking the state railway.

Members of the gang had been on the hunt for arms and had planned to raid the home of a weapons collector, Repubblica said.

The Ordine Nuovo organisation, founded in 1956 in a bid to reform the Fascist party, was accused of being behind several bombings in the early 1970s. It was officially dissolved by the Italian government in 1973.

According to Dutch NOS TV, the Ordine Nuovo plot included murdering immigrants as well.

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‘Ukrainian government should have excluded flight MH17 from airspace’

Flight MH17 map

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Airspace of Eastern Ukraine should have been closed”

Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 20:16

The Ukrainian authorities, according to military experts, should have closed the airspace over the east of the country in the days before flight MH17 flew there. This turns out from research by [German] WDR, NDR, Süddeutsche Zeitung and the [Dutch] VPRO radio program Argos.

The study found that the airspace should have been closed after an Antonov military plane was shot down in the area. That happened a few days before the disaster with MH17. Experts pointed out that that [Antonov] plane had not flown exceptionally low and it should have been concluded from this that other aircraft were in danger.

According to the German-Dutch research this fact has been reported to the Research Council for Safety (OVV), but a sentence about that has been deleted “shortly before publication” from the Dutch OVV report.


The German ARD program Tagesthemen spends tonight at 22.15 attention to this. The issue is not entirely new; previously, experts reacted with surprise that the airspace over eastern Ukraine was still used.

The Dutch government released dozens of documents yesterday about the downing in Ukraine of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but much of the information was redacted. Broadcaster RTL News, which was one of a number of outlets that had requested the information be made public, said that it would protest against the number of redactions and take the government to court if necessary to compel it to reveal more details: here.

UN report accuses Ukrainian government of human rights abuses: here.