Football, Korea-Germany 2-0, Hitler reacts

This satiric video says about itself:

Hitler reacts to Germany’s defeat to South Korea and elimination from the 2018 World Cup

27 June 2018

(Note the film Downfall goes to the respectful owners)

After hearing the news that Germany failed to advance to the knock out stages after a 2-0 defeat to South Korea, Dolfy goes to rant town.

Meanwhile, Hitler’s political heirs in Germany, the AfD party, blame the defeat on players of African and Turkish ancestry in the team.


Mexico, Sweden to next World Cup round, Korean victory, celebration with birds

This video is about black grouse in Sweden.

That video is to celebrate the progress of the Swedish national football team to the next round of the World Cup in Russia.

As Sweden won their last group match 3-0 against Mexico, here are two more Swedish bird videos, making it one for each goal.

This video is about a golden eagle eating a dead deer in winter in Sweden.

And this video is about a black woodpecker in Sweden.

As Mexico lost, but nevertheless proceeded to the next round, they deserve a Mexican bird video.

This video, recorded in Mexico, is called 2013 Birding Yucatan Peninsula.

In the other match in this group, the South Korean team beat Germany 2-0. This means that Germany, the 2014 world champions, have to go home.

Mexico benefits.

This 27 June 2018 video is called South Korea vs Germany 2-0 – All Goals & Highlights – 27/06/2018 HD World Cup – From stands.

Here are two South Korean bird videos to celebrate the two goals.

This 2017 video is called Birding in Korea with Birding Korea.

This 2007 video is called Korean Traditional Song – Bird Ballad(새타령).

German sexist couch potatoes attack female football reporter

This German TV video is about the 2016 European football championship. Austria scores a goal against Iceland.

Special in this report is the reporter. She is Claudia Neumann. She is a woman. Most football reporters in Germany and elsewhere are male.

However, German sexist couch potato ‘football fans’, probably voters of the 90% nazi AfD party or the 100% nazi NPD party hate listening to a female football reporter. They have started an anti-Claudia Neumann witch-hunt on the Internet.

As the extreme right AfD is not only anti-Semitic. As not only their party leader Alexander Gauland is racist against African German national team footballer Boateng: the far right hates women as well.

An example is this tweet by a German far right couch potato calling himself Emperor Wilhelm II. It says that the only work Ms Neumann should be allowed to do at German ZDF TV is cleaning the floors; but never reporting.

This sexist has chosen a rather fitting pseudonym. Emperor Wilhelm II was a warmonger (AfD fuehrer Alexander Gauland is an admirer of Philipp Friedrich Alexander, Prince of Eulenburg and Hertefeld, Count von Sandels, 1847-1921, far-right anti-Semitic important adviser of Emperor Wilhelm II in his militarist policies). Emperor Wilhelm II was an anti-Semite. And Emperor Wilhelm II hated outspoken women: so he banned the work of anti-establishment and anti-war visual artist Käthe Kollwitz.

According to Dutch NOS TV today (translated):

Two years ago during the European Championships in France, Neumann also had a hard time. “If someone does not want to hear any woman’s voice at a football commentary, then a neutral assessment is hardly possible”, she said at the time. “I do not see it as criticism, I only see it as insults.”

The first female German football commentator gets a lot of support on Twitter. Many people take her side and say it refreshing to hear that a woman comments on the competition.

Racist AfD wants Turkish German players Özil and Gündogan sacked from national team, blaming them for the whole team failing at the 2018 World Cup: here.

From Britain today:

Vicki Sparks made history today as she became the first woman to commentate on a World Cup game on British TV

It was a historic moment for sports broadcasting and for Vicki Sparks. She was joined by Martin Keown on co-commentary for the Morocco vs Portugal match earlier today in which Portugal emerged the victors courtesy of a Cristiano Ronaldo header.

It apparently wasn’t to everybody’s tastes though, notably John Terry. The former Chelsea captain came under fire after uploading a photo to his Instagram story with the caption “having to watch this game with no volume”.

World Cup Reporter Sexually Harassed During Live Broadcast: here.

Argentina-Iceland 1-1, celebration with birds

This 2015 video is about birds in Iceland.

This 2015 video is called 1000 reasons to visit Argentina. Birding in Argentina.

To celebrate today’s World Cup football match Argentina-Iceland, these videos. One bird video for each country, as they both made one goal.

This video is called Argentina vs Iceland 1-1 All Goals & Highlights 16/06/2018.

This is a surprisingly good result for small country Iceland against Argentina, one of the favourites. The Icelandic goalie stopped a penalty by Argentine star player Lionel Messi.

The coach of Iceland is part-time coach, part dentist on the Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Vestmannaeyjar means ‘islands of the Irish people’. As the original inhabitants of the archipelago were ‘maroon‘ Irish runaway slaves.

Iceland-Argentina, World Cup football today

This 15 June 2018 video says about itself:

Iceland: Can World Cup Debutants Stun Lionel Messi And Argentina?

In the distance, a plume of smoke rose from the eastern side of the island. Lava began to spew forth toward the town of Vestmannaeyjar, on Heimaey, the largest of the rocky Icelandic Westman Islands.

The Argentina-Iceland World Cup match in Russia is today.