COVID-19 news today

This 28 August 2020 video says about itself:

Is India’s government putting students’ lives at risk? | Inside Story

In just under a week, millions of students in India will be expected to sit university entrance exams.

That’s depsite the country reaching new heights in the spread of the coronavirus.

Many students say that is not good enough and they are fighting back.

So-called ‘black protests’ are being held online and across the country, demanding the government postpone the tests.

But leaders say any delay will waste the academic year and they’re not backing down.

So, what’s next?

And how damaging is the virus to education?

Trump’s mask-free White House speech is a potential super-spreader event.

University of Arizona prevented campus outbreak by testing wastewater from dorms.

Why some people hide that they have COVID-19.

COVID gag rules at U.S. companies put everyone at risk.

Britain: THIS week, the Tories’ criminal liability for the deaths of thousands of health care workers, the elderly and the disabled was revealed in two reports. The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) found that, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals had a blanket ‘no admissions’ policy for care home residents who were regularly refused any hospital treatment in April and May. Along with refusing treatment, the policy of the Tories was to kick the elderly out of hospitals without testing if they had coronavirus: here.


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