Rare fly discovered on Ameland island

Delia quadripila, photo Joke van Erkelens

Translated from the Leeuwarder Courant in the Netherlands:

25 April 2016

On the salt marsh on the east side of Ameland an insect has been found that had not previously been found in the Netherlands. It’s Delia quadripila, a fly from the Anthomyiidea family which had not yet been identified in the Benelux countries before. The larvae feed on the chlorophyll of sea sandwort, a rare marsh plant. The specimen was found by Theo Kiewiet on March 13 as a pupa and then hatched in Meppel by amateur entomologist Joke van Erkelens. At the Vennootkwelder salt marsh sandwiched between the Oerd and Kooikersduinen areas approximately 120 insect species have been observed.

Rare damselflies back in the Netherlands

This Dutch video says about itself (translated):

April 15, 2016

In the east of the Netherlands last year was discovered a small population of pygmy damselflies (Nehalennia speciosa), an extremely rare damselfly species, reports Nature Today. The last times the pygmy damselfly has been found in our country were 1912 and 1955. The species has greatly deteriorated in all of Western Europe by damage to nature and the environment.

The damselfly genus Nehallenia is called after a Celtic, or Germanic goddess, worshiped when the present Netherlands was part of the Roman empire.

This is the smallest damselfly species of Europe. The video shows them mating.

Earwigs are good mothers, video

This video from the Netherlands shows a female earwig caring for her eggs and young.

Female earwigs lay about 50 eggs in their nests. When the nymphs (young earwigs) hatch, their mothers will care for them longer than any other insects do.

Queen honeybee’s mating flight, video

This video is about a queen honeybee‘s wedding flight and mating; in slow motion.

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Flies and processionary caterpillars, video

This video is about tachnid flies, parasites on pine processionary caterpillars.

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Zika disease linked to deforestation

This video from the USA says about itself:

12 February 2016

Evolutionary biologist Robert G. Wallace says Zika is linked to deforestation. We are seeing the reemergence of mosquito-borne viruses such as dengue, yellow fever and malaria.

These two videos are the sequels.

Dutch city wildlife, video

This 12 August 2014 video is about wildlife in and around the Zuidsingel canal in Leiden city in the Netherlands. Including views from a transparent boat, and divers diving.