Honey buzzard excavating wasps’ nest, video

This video is about a honey buzzard excavating a wasps‘ nest near Emmen, Drenthe province in the Netherlands.

Arjen de Haan made this video.

New grasshopper species discovery on Texel island

This is a video from Switzerland about the Phaneroptera falcata grasshopper.

Warden Jitske Esselaar reports from Texel island in the Netherlands about the discovery of a grasshopper species, new for Texel.

In the sand dunes near the North Sea, a Phaneroptera falcata grasshopper was seen.

This is a species of the southern part of the Netherlands. However, it is expanding to the north.

Red wood ants at work, video

This video shows two worker red wood ants.

One of them licks fluid from between the moss and transfers it to the other ant.

Danielle Hagenbeek from the Netherlands made this video.

Rare water insects in Dutch river

Aphelocheirus aestivalis, photo: Marianne Müller

Translated from Dutch conservationist ARK:

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

In the Geul river at Wijlre Aphelocheirus aestivalis river bugs have been found. The rare aquatic insects live on the gravel bottom of the Geul. In Wijlre, municipality Gulpen-Wittem, ARK Nature works with various parties together to improve the natural environment in and along the river.

Rare bug back in the Netherlands after half a century

This video is about a Gonocerus juniperi bug,

The rare bug Gonocerus juniperi was seen this year in nature reserve De Borkeld in Overijssel province.

This was the first time for this species in the Netherlands in 51 years.

Mining bee digs tunnel, video

In this video, a mining bee of the species Dasypoda altercator digs a tunnel for its nest. Such tunnels may get 50 centimeter long.

Marijke Scheffer in the Netherlands made this video.

Stag beetle and hornet, video

This video shows an oak tree in the Netherlands. It is bleeding, attracting many small flies and three wasps to drink the juice; while a stag beetle watches.

Then, a European hornet arrives, driving away the wasps.

Hornets and stag beetles are among the biggest European insects.

Gerrit Jan Spek made this video.