Wasp buries caterpillar, video

This July 2018 shows how an Ammophila campestris wasp buries its prey, a caterpillar, in a hole in a cycling track in the Netherlands.


Great green bush-cricket feeding, video

This 15 November 2018 video shows a great green bush-cricket feeding on a caterpillar, sitting on a leaf cabbage plant.

Lida van Wijngaarden made this video in her garden in the Netherlands.

Crickets that are exposed to human drugs that alter serotonin levels in the brain are less active and less aggressive than crickets that have had no drug exposure, according to a new study led by researchers from Linköping University. The findings have been published in Scientific Reports: here.

Fungus gnat lays eggs on mushroom

This 9 November 2011 video shows a fungus gnat laying eggs on a mushroom.

The larvae of these relatives of mosquitoes will feed on the fungus when they will hatch.

Bertie Sijbrands made this video in the Oisterwijkse vennen nature reserve in the Netherlands.