Spotted-wing vinegar flies, video

This 24 September 2016 video by Silvia Hellingman in the Netherlands is about spotted-wing vinegar flies.

They are originally from Asia, but were brought to North America and Europe. They are a threat both to commercially grown fruit and wild fruit.

Hornets drinking and eating, video

This 13 September 2016 video from the Netherlands shows hornets drinking sap at a ‘bleeding’ tree, and catching a honeybee.

New insect discoveries on dead animals

This video from the USA says about itself:

Black Scavenger Fly (Sepsidae) Wing-waving

Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (31 May 2010).

Translated from Dutch Vroege Vogels radio:

New insects discovered on dead animals

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Deliberately leaving dead animals in the wild in the Kuinderbos forest (Flevoland province) has resulted in three insect species new for the Netherlands. In the framework of the project “Death gives life” the Forestry Commission gathered in a special place corpses of deer, beech martens and a heron. That attracted various scavengers, including many insect species. Entomologist Elias de Bree of EIS Insects Research Netherlands therefore placed an insect trap there.

After analyzing the trapped animals he was able to identify three new species for the Netherlands: two species of ensign flies (Sepsidae) and a species of the family Piophilidae … . Small flies from 4 to 5 mm. They live as larvae in manure and carcasses of vertebrates. The Forestry Commission is pleased with the new discoveries: it says something about the biodiversity in the Kuinderbos.

Dragonflies, butterflies, great cormorant video

This 3 August 2016 video shows dragonflies, butterflies, a great cormorant and other wildlife on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Praying mantis in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

30 August 2016

Making friends with a Praying Mantis hunting insects on the porch! These fascinating insects have personalities and unlike most insects seem to relate to humans and humans seem to instinctively sense their awareness and do not harm them! They of course, are extremely beneficial to have around.

Flowers and insects of Voorne island

This 28 August 2016 video is about flowers, hoverflies, dragonflies and other insects at the Beerenplaat nature reserve on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Bald-faced hornet nest in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

25 August 2016

Large Bald Faced Hornet nest in a tree with some nice bird calls in the background. These are dangerous hornets and they typically build their nests in trees in the wild and near houses so if one accidentally disturbs them while mowing or trimming trees you won’t outrun them. The worker hornets here are diligently making the nest even bigger. When found away from any human habitation like this nest it’s best just to leave them alone as they are in fact quite beneficial by preying on other harmful insects – all in the balance of Nature. Interestingly, if you are quiet you can film them quite closely as here with a cell phone – they have guard hornets posted who are always on the lookout for anything threatening so best to give these nests a wide berth.

Dolichovespula maculata is a eusocial wasp of the cosmopolitan family Vespidae. Its colloquial names include the bald-faced hornet, bald hornet, white-faced hornet, white-tailed hornet, blackjacket, and bull wasp.