Young blue jay in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Blue Jay Baby Meditation

27 May 2016

A Blue Jay fledgling’s first days outside the nest are full of wonder at the world around it! Spend some relaxing quality time with this young Blue Jay as it waits patiently for its parents to feed it and contemplates me filming it, the bugs around it and what is that strange furry thing coming at me!

Lackey moth caterpillars video

This video from Britain says about itself:

Amazing Lackey Moth Hairy Caterpillar Web

Filmed on the coats path near Godrevy in Cornwall

Filmed on May 29th 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Also, a singing skylark in this video.

German anti-African football player racism

This football video is called Jérôme Boateng – Defensive Skills – 2015/16.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

German politician in race row over Jérôme Boateng comments

Alternative für Deutschland’s Alexander Gauland reportedly said Germans like the footballer but would not want him living next door

Peter Yeung

29 May 2016

Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has apologied after its deputy leader was quoted as saying people would not want the international footballer Jerome Boateng as a neighbour.

Alexander Gauland, the deputy leader of the anti-immigration party, told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “People find him good as a footballer. But they don’t want to have a Boateng as their neighbour.”

Boateng, born in Berlin to a German mother and Ghanaian father, has played 57 games for Germany and was a key player in its 2014 World Cup-winning team.

Michael Müller, Berlin’s mayor, said the comments were “nonsense” and that they “dragged football into the dirt”.

He said in a statement: “At least now it’s clear that the goals of Gauland and AfD are all about division and exclusion in society and not its cohesion.

“Any team sport by nature has something that connects and the members of a team do their best to work together to achieve a goal so wish I myself also a functioning society.

Frank Henkel, interior and sports senator, added: “In football, there is only one response to this failure by Gauland – namely the red card.”

Frauke Petry, AfD’s party leader, suggested Mr Gauland wasn’t sure if he made the comments.

Wild boar family in the Netherlands

This 28 May 2016 video by Michael de Vries from Ede in the Netherlands shows a wild boar family, which the video maker met for the third time.

Again, compared to last time, the piglets had grown a bit.

French workers not giving up fighting for their rights

This video says about itself:

28 May 2016

Thousands of dock workers supported the nationwide protests against France’s labor reforms by taking part in a protest in Le Havre, Thursday.

Cephalopods profiting from climate change

This video says about itself:

King of camouflage – Cuttlefish (Documentary)

19 July 2015

Cuttlefish are marine animals of the order Sepiida. They belong to the class Cephalopoda, which also includes squid, octopodes, and nautiluses. Cuttlefish have a unique internal shell, the cuttlebone. Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish but molluscs.

From Current Biology:

Global proliferation of cephalopods

23 May 2016


Human activities have substantially changed the world’s oceans in recent decades, altering marine food webs, habitats and biogeochemical processes. Cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) have a unique set of biological traits, including rapid growth, short lifespans and strong life-history plasticity, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions.

There has been growing speculation that cephalopod populations are proliferating in response to a changing environment, a perception fuelled by increasing trends in cephalopod fisheries catch. To investigate long-term trends in cephalopod abundance, we assembled global time-series of cephalopod catch rates (catch per unit of fishing or sampling effort). We show that cephalopod populations have increased over the last six decades, a result that was remarkably consistent across a highly diverse set of cephalopod taxa.

Positive trends were also evident for both fisheries-dependent and fisheries-independent time-series, suggesting that trends are not solely due to factors associated with developing fisheries. Our results suggest that large-scale, directional processes, common to a range of coastal and oceanic environments, are responsible. This study presents the first evidence that cephalopod populations have increased globally, indicating that these ecologically and commercially important invertebrates may have benefited from a changing ocean environment.

Ukrainian neonazis threaten homophobic violence again

This video says about itself:

25 July 2015

A gay couple was attacked by a group of 15-20 young men during a social experiment in Kiev. The experiment set out to record how fellow Ukrainians respond to public displays of affection by gay couples. Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuck replicated the experiment from a video released by a LGBT group in Russia. Kis and Levchuck found that beyond the actions of a small aggressive far-right minority the majority of Ukrainians were tolerant to their display. Nic Zecevic and Margaret J. Howell take a look at the social experiments further on The Lip News.

Translated by Ollie Richardson, 29th May, 2016:

“Right Sector” Vows to Disrupt LGBT Pride Parade in Kiev

Ukrainian nationalists want to prevent the holding of a LGBT pride parade in Kiev. This was reported by the Ukrainian website “Корреспондент.net” with reference to the head of press service of the banned in Russia group “Right Sector” Artem Skoropadsky.

“Today we are forced to agree with LGBT marches and festivals, and thus, to be among sinners and those who cover them. No, we will not calmly watch as the country for which we sacrificed our blood for on many fronts

a reference to the central role of the Right Sector and other extreme right paramilitary gangs in the government’s war in eastern Ukraine

is destroyed from the rear by sneaky methods of hybrid war in the peaceful capital,” he said.

Ukrainian nationalists believe that their duty is to prevent the substitution of notions, “when human baseness and perversion is called the struggle for freedom”. All radicals were urged to come out on the streets on June 12th and prevent the LGBT march by activists in Kiev.

The fuehrer of the Right Sector neonazis, Yarosh, has a cushy job as special adviser to the minister of war ‘defence’.

Last year, Right Sector and other extreme rightists attacked the Pride parade as well. They threw teargas grenades at demonstrators. In most countries these are illegal to possess if you are not police. Under the new government in Ukraine, they seem to be legal for fascist paramilitaries as well.