American Bonaparte’s gull, first ever nest in Iceland

This video from Washington state in the USA says about itself:

Bonaparte’s Gull feeding

One of about 400 Bonaparte’s in outer Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island. Most were roosting on the water while a few were feeding. This bird has completed the transition from winter to breeding plumage, but many were still in transition. Taken on 1 May 2011.

From Club300 in Denmark, 26 June 2017:

Breaking breeding news: Bonaparte’s gull is breeding in Iceland, new breeding bird for the western Palearctic!

Read more, in Danish, here.

Pomarine skua video

This is a pomarine skua video.

These birds nest in the Arctic.

LGBTQ Pride in Puerto Rico, Latin America

THis video says about itself:

Puerto Rico Rounds Off Gay Pride Month in Latin America

25 June 2017

Latin America has some of the biggest and most radical LGBTI movements in the world. Some countries have progressive equality legislation. But levels of prejudice and violence also remain very high.

Canadian bald eagle adopts young red-tailed hawk

This video from British Columbia in Canada says about itself:

Bald eagle defies nature by adopting, not eating, baby [red-tailed] hawk

7 June 2017

A baby hawk is being raised by an eagle. There are already 3 eaglets in the nest, appearing huge when compared to their little sibling, probably brought into the nest as a food source and then adopted and raised – comments by eagle biologist David Hancock at the nest.

Tree frog on video

This June 26 video is about a tree frog basking in the sun in Meijendel nature reserve in the Netherlands.

British fire dangers, not just Grenfell Tower

This video from England says about itself:

British Grimer Stormzy Demands Justice For Grenfell Tower Fire Victims During Glastonbury Festival 2017 Set.

Residents of tower blocks throughout the UK are living in potential death traps just like the Grenfell Tower block in west London where scores if not hundreds perished on June 14. Initial testing of external cladding on 60 apartment blocks located in 25 local authorities resulted in them all being found to be combustible and failing fire safety tests: here.

Thousands of the poorest residents in north London’s Camden borough were evacuated from their homes this weekend, after fire experts told the local council they could not guarantee the tower blocks they lived in were safe. Cladding on the blocks was carried out by the companies involved in refurbishing Grenfell Tower, west London, which turned into an inferno when a fire in one apartment spread rapidly, resulting in the deaths of at least 79 people: here.