Rhinoceros beetle in the Netherlands

This video is called Rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes nasicornis.

Dutch conservationists Natuurmonumenten report today that a male European rhinoceros beetle has been found in Buurserzand nature reserve in Overijssel province.

This is one of the biggest European beetle species. It is rare in the Netherlands.

Rare flowers back on Dutch fields


Translated from the Dutch Natuurmonumenten conservation organisation:

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

An extraordinary discovery in Salland [region in Overijssel province]. On cornfields the rare corn-cockle and corn marigold have been found. “Confirmation that the management by Natuurmonumenten is paying off,” says the Salland forester Marion Plagge.

Field management

Natural fields have almost disappeared. To turn the tide, Natuurmonumenten manages cornfields in nature reserve Eerde and National Park The Salland Ridge. The nature organization is working here together successfully with organic farmers. On these cornfields no poison or fertilizer is used, but only solid manure of organic origin.

Corn marigold

First young crane ever in Dutch nature reserve

This video is about cranes dancing.

Today, Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands reports that some weeks ago, a young crane hatched in Engbertsdijksvenen in Overijssel province.

This is the first young crane in that province since centuries ago.

Rare northern emerald dragonfly discovery in the Netherlands

Male northern emerald

Today, Dutch conservation Landschap Overijssel reports that a rare species, the northern emerald dragonfly, has been found reproducing in Wierdense Veld nature reserve.

Probably, these insects have benefited from a higher water level in the reserve.

Rare burbot, weatherfish reproduce in the Netherlands

This video shows a young burbot, found by Dutch RAVON ichthyologists near the banks of the Zwarte Water river in May 2015.

RAVON reports today that this spring two rare fish species: burbot and weatherfish, which both need shallow water for their reproduction, have reproduced successfully in the Zwarte Water.

Mating adders, video

This video shows mating adders, in Engbertsdijksvenen nature reserve in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

G. Tjeerds made the video.

Adder skin: here.

Saving otters from cars

Crossing otters sign

This traffic sign, in nature reserve De Weerribben in the Netherlands, warns motorists: ‘Otter crossing‘.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Otters will get safer crossings

Today, 20:17

The government will improve the protection of otters soon. These rare animals are often killed. The government promises to address immediately the seven crossings where this happens most often, along with the provincial authorities of Friesland and Overijssel. At fourteen other places the animals should be able to cross a lot safer in mid-2017.