Manon Kamminga wins first outdoor speed skating marathon

This 2013 Frisian and Dutch language video is about Dutch inline skater Manon Kamminga becoming European champion in Almere.

She is also good at skating on ice.

Manon Kamminga today won the first outdoor speed skating marathon for women at the ice rink in Haaksbergen in Overijssel province.

Later, the men’s race will start.

This 27 February 2018 Dutch video is about people skating on the pond of Ockenburgh estate in The Hague.


First Dutch outdoor speed skating marathon, Haaksbergen tomorrow

This video is about the speed skating women, during the first outdoor marathon race of 2016, in Haaksbergen in the Netherlands.

23-year old Irene Schouten, the Dutch champion on indoor ice, won the race, as it snowed.

Irene Schouten wins in Haaksbergen, ANP photo

Later, the men’s race started.

This year, the first Dutch speed skating marathon will again be on the Haaksbergen rink in Overijssel province. Tomorrow, 28 February 2018.

A few days ago, Ms Schouten won a bronze medal at the speed skating mass start in the Winter Olympics in Korea.

See this 24 February 2018 video.

And this December 2017 one.

Meadow pipit on thin ice

This December 2017 video shows a meadow pipit on thin ice in Buurserzand nature reserve in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Marijke Scheffer made this video.

Leucistic blackbird video

This 28 December 2017 video is about a male leucistic blackbird in Enschede city in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Iris van Duren made this video.

Kingfisher eating fish on video

This 21 December 2017 video shows a kingfisher eating a fish.

Ronald van Dijk made this video in the Twente region in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.