Female black grouse in a tree

This video shows female black grouse in a tree. In the Salland hills in Overijssel province, the only place in the Netherlands where this bird species lives.

Henk Reimink made this video.


Little grebe eats fish, video

This 4 March 2019 video shows a little grebe eating a fish in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Rebecca Melkert made this video.

Natterjack toad calls, video

This April 2018 video shows a natterjack toad calling in the Wieden nature reserve in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Johann Prescher made this video.

New life-saving tunnels for Dutch amphibians

Vriezenveen amphibian tunnels poster

This Dutch poster depicts a frog, saying We will can already pass safely under the road.

THe Vriezenveen (Overijssel province) branch of the KNNV natural history society, helped in reconstructing a local road, adding two tunnels for passing amphibians, 1000 meter of walls to guide the amphibians towards the tunnels and five access possibilities for agricultural traffic.