Northern pike, underwater video

This video shows a northern pike.

Diver Harry Brummelhuis made it in a lake in Almelo in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Good Dutch bats news

This video says about itself:

Bats’ warm hibernation alters scientific thinking

10 May 2015

Israeli researchers discover that mouse-tailed bats can hibernate at constant warm temperatures, the first time that a mammal has been shown to do so. Sharon Reich reports.

Translated from the Dutch Natuurmonumenten conservationists:

Record number of bats in the High Country of Vollenhove

Feb 2, 2016 – At least 65 bats were spotted by forester Ronald Messemaker on Wednesday, January 27th in the Vitens bat bunker just outside St. Jansklooster. It thus appears that the High Country of Vollenhove and De Wieden is an ideal combination for bats.

The number of bats in the High Country of Vollenhove has been increasing for years. “Last year I wrote 57 animals on my notepad. Newcomer is the whiskered bat,” says an enthusiastic Messemaker. Furthermore two brown long-eared bats and 21 Daubenton’s bats stay there. The latter have increased enormously. Last year there were 6. Natterer’s bats unfortunately fell from 48 to 41.

First beaver discovery along Dutch river

This is a European beaver video.

Translated from Jeroen Bredenbeek in the Netherlands, 4 January 2016:

First beaver along the Zwarte Water [Black Water] in Hasselt

This Saturday Forestry Commission volunteers wanted to pollard willows along the Zwarte Water in Overijssel when one of them discovered that some willows had been gnawed. That turned out to be beaver traces. A first along the Zwarte Water! …

The Forestry Commission is pleased with the return of the beaver, it provides additional dynamics in floodplains and along with the otters also living here they are the ambassadors of a healthy natural river.

Stop killing geese in nature reserves, court says

This video from Sweden shows barnacle geese; with Canada geese in the background.

Translated from daily Tubantia in the Dutch province Overijssel:

Shooting geese in Overijssel banned immediately

December 2, 2015

THE HAGUE – The shooting of geese in and around the Overijssel Natura 2000 sites is prohibited from today. According to a statement from the State Council in the case of BirdLife in the Netherlands against the provincial executive of Overijssel.

By killing geese throughout the year the province says they prevent damage to agricultural land. The wildlife management units and game license holders were allowed by the province to use an exemption from the Flora and Fauna Act to shoot at greylag geese, barnacle geese and white-fronted geese in and around protected areas.

Other birds

The Council of State finds that the goose hunting can have significant negative effects on other protected birds like whooper swans, snipes and cranes. In such a case there can be hunting only with a license for conservation purposes. There is no such license, making the geese hunting illegal.


The province has always maintained to date that a conservation license is not required as long as hunters stay away a bit from other vulnerable birds. Meanwhile, thousands of geese have been culled. BirdLife demanded at the Council of State that the province would take enforcement action against the wildlife management units and game license holders because they violate the Nature Conservancy Act. The Council of State has now decided that BirdLife is right.

Dutch refugee haters suspected of knife attack

This 2 November Dutch Enschede local TV video shows an interview with police spokeswoman Ms Chantal Westerhoff, describing the two suspects in a knife attack on a local government employee, close to an area where refugees may be housed.

After Dutch racists attacked a building housing refugees from the war in Syria with bombs … after Dutch racists burned cars owned by a pro-refugee politician … after Pegida racists did the nazi salute and violently attacked opponents in Utrecht … after racists did the nazi salute and inflicted bodily harm in Enschede

now, also from Enschede, translated from RTV Oost in the Netherlands today:

Dijkhoff, State Secretary for Security and Justice, is shocked by reports that in Enschede a local government employee was stabbed. It is suspected that he was attacked because of local authority plans for a refugee center. This reports De Telegraaf.

De Telegraaf is a right-wing daily paper.

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf reports that police says there are two suspects in this stabbing of a city employee, responsible for housing refugees. One is a fat white man of about 35 years old. The other suspect is a thin white male with reddish hair. They used a new Volkswagen Golf car; and stabbed the official several times in the face with a Stanley knife, injuring him severely. Police have not managed to catch these two men yet.

Rare bug back in the Netherlands after half a century

This video is about a Gonocerus juniperi bug,

The rare bug Gonocerus juniperi was seen this year in nature reserve De Borkeld in Overijssel province.

This was the first time for this species in the Netherlands in 51 years.

Extinct bee species back in the Netherlands

Stelis signata, photo by Johann-Christoph Kornmilch

Translated from the Dutch entomologists of EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten:

Monday, September 21st, 2015

After an apparent absence of nearly 40 years, the Stelis signata bee has been seen again in the Netherlands. In the Salland hills this presumably extinct species has been recorded. Spectacular, certainly because the species has never been found before in Overijssel and has previously been seen mainly in North Brabant and Limburg.