Zander protects its eggs, video

This 11 August 2016 video shows two zanders on a wrecked sunken ship. On the deck, the male protecting the eggs and providing them with oxygen.

Harry Brummelhuis made this video in the Grasbroek lake near Bornerbroek village in Overijssel province the Netherlands.

Roe deer mother and fawn, video

This video shows a roe deer mother and her fawn in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

M. van Rinsum made this video.

Otter mother with three youngsters, video

This video shows an otter mother with her three youngsters in the north-west of Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Johann Prescher made this video while he was there for research about bats.

Dutch racists injure teenager

James, injured by racists, photo by Jean Paul Fred Makaza

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Racist insults and beating for 17-year-old boy

Today, 13:22

A 17-years-old boy from Almelo this Friday said he was abused at a fair in Geesteren after someone had made racist remarks against him. …

[Remarks like:] ‘Cancer nigger, dirty coon, go back to your own country’.

According to RTV Oost the 17-year-old James asked a fair visitor to stop making the insults. In response, the boy got slaps in the face. He now lacks a front tooth.

The boy’s brother is now calling on Facebook on witnesses to come forward. “My little brother has lost a tooth and another one is half demolished. He will have to live now for the rest of his life with a dental prosthesis foot in his mouth and he also has a lot of injuries to his face and jaw.”

Adders wake up from hibernation, video

This 18 April 2016 video shows male adders waking up from hibernation. They had kept close together to stay warm.

Joke Stomps made this video in Haaksbergerveen nature reserve in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Swedish black grouse to the Netherlands

This is a black grouse video. 06.04.2014. Belarus, Grodno region.

The Salland hills in Overijssel province are the only place in the Netherlands where black grouse still live.

They are just a few birds, in danger of becoming locally extinct.

In 2012 and 2013, black grouse were imported from Sweden to increase the Salland numbers. However, that did not work: according to research because there was not enough food. The soil contained too much nitrogen, leading to fewer insects on which black grouse chicks feed.

Now, measures have been taken, like removing topsoil, to decrease the nitrogen.

Regional broadcaster RTV Oost reports today that there are plans to bring black grouse from Sweden again.

Dutch neighbours of mosque against racist violence

Allah's House mosque in Enschede

From Dutch daily Tubantia in Overijssel province:

Neighbors of Enschede mosque: “Madness. You do not do such things”

Last updated March 1, 9:11

ENSCHEDE – “Madness. You do not do such things.” Neighbors of Allah’s House in Enschede have nothing good to say about the men who on Saturday tried to set fire to the mosque.

Most people who live across the street have seen little of the attempted arson at the mosque. “The police came to the door to ask if we had seen it. So, nothing,” say Kim (32) and Gerrit (36).


“Who would do such a thing. Incomprehensible,” Kim says indignantly. “We have absolutely no problems with the mosque and its visitors. If something is planned in the mosque they always inform us. And we are also always welcome. Our children sometimes play there. We suffer more from the reformed church next to the mosque. The visitors of the church are much cheekier and park their cars all over our doorsteps.”


Gerrit nods. He works as an international driver and has nothing to do with religion, he says. “I think you should value everyone. But during my work I notice that the aversion rises against Islam. Whether I drive in the Netherlands, Germany, or Scandinavia, everywhere I hear that people are afraid that too many Muslims might come. I also feel that precisely because of this Turks and Moroccans retreat more into their own communities.”


Mohammed Draoui, board member of the mosque, stresses that the Muslim community is very open. “We try to involve all people around. Everyone is welcome. Tours are crowded.” He added action to his words and spontaneously showed us the mosque. In the hallway are some thirty shoes in a rack. The owners pray.


“What happened affects us tremendously,” says Draoui. “A few years ago there was arson as well. It is so unfortunate that people who have questions about Islam do not bother to come to our mosque and have a conversation with us. What makes us feel good is that we have had many reactions from local residents who find it horrible what happened.”