British Theresa May visits beheading Saudi Arabia

This 28 June 2017 video is about the horrible beheading of Ms Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, loudly proclaiming her innocence until the end, and other atrocities in Saudi Arabia. Not fit to watch for children and sensitive people.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Theresa May visits despots despite beheadings

Wednesday 5th April 2017

PM urged to call for release of men facing death for ‘protesting’

THERESA MAY kow-towed to Saudi Arabian leaders yesterday on an official visit to the brutal Gulf state — despite its plans to behead three youths for the crime of “protesting”.

Human rights group Reprieve called on the Prime Minister to intervene on behalf of Abdullah al-Zaher, Dawood al-Marhoon and Ali al-Nimr, who were teenagers at the time of their arrest in 2012.

All three were tortured into forced “confessions” relating to protests and convicted in secret trials. They remain imprisoned, and could be executed at any time without notice being given to their families.

A prominent group of UN experts has called on the Saudi authorities to “release all three minors immediately.”

But the only response so far has been an expression of “concern” from the Foreign Office which appears not to have sent a request for the release of the three young men, Reprieve said.

Ms May unsurprisingly received a warm welcome from Saudi’s leaders, who have received millions of pounds worth of arms as well as security training from the British government.

Reprieve deputy director Harriet McCulloch said: “The Prime Minister is seeking closer ties with the Saudi authorities, including on security co-operation, even while the kingdom’s security sector carries out appalling abuses — from torture and forced ‘confessions’ to the death penalty for juveniles.

“The Prime Minister’s desire to promote Gulf relations must not see Britain compromise our commitment to human rights.

“Theresa May must make clear on this trip that the UK condemns the kingdom’s use of torture and executions — and she must call for the immediate release of Ali, Dawood and Abdullah.”

Ms May is in Saudi Arabia for talks on increasing trade and military relations, insisting that it’s in Britain’s “national interest” to prop up the Saudi royal family.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded the PM raise the issue of Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen with which Britain is deeply involved.

At the weekend Scotland Yard confirmed that it is investigating allegations of war crimes against the kingdom over its indiscriminate air raids which are believed to have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians.

British military advisers are stationed in the command centres that direct these strikes.

He said: “The Prime Minister should put human rights and international law at the centre of her talks with Saudi Arabia’s government this week.

The Saudi-led coalition bombing in Yemen, backed by the British government, has left thousands dead, 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and three million uprooted from their homes.

British-made weapons are being used in a war which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.”

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