Owls in Sweden

This is a February 2009 great grey owl video from Sweden.

This is a February 2010 long-eared owl video from Sweden


This is a March 2013 Eurasian pygmy owl video from Sweden.

Barn swallows, house martins, sand martins

This is a video about barn swallows, house martins, and sand martins in May 2007 in Sweden.

Common crossbills in Sweden

This November 2011 video is about common crossbills in Sweden.

Great tits, other birds in Sweden

This January 2009 video from Sweden shows great tits; and other birds, like blue tits and a nuthatch.

Common moorhen in Sweden, video

This video is about a common moorhen, and mallards, in Sweden.

Owls in Sweden video

This June 2012 video is about three owl species in Sweden: great grey owl, Ural owl and long-eared owl. Including young birds.