Birds feeding in winter in Sweden

This video is about spotted nutcracker, grey-headed woodpecker and other birds feeding in Sweden in December 2010.

Common cranes, autumn migration in Sweden

This September 2009 video is about a flock of common cranes, on autumn migration in Sweden.

Black woodpecker in Sweden

This video shows a black woodpecker in Sweden.

Moorhens in Sweden, videos

This video is about a moorhen in Sweden.

So is this video, featuring a nest at an unusual place.

Rare white moose filmed in Sweden

This 13 August 2017 Swedish TV video is about Hans Nilsson, who managed to film a rare white moose (so called in North America; ‘elk‘ in Europe) near Eda in Värmland province.

The big deer is not an albino; it is leucistic.

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