Sea grass genome, new research

This 27 January 2016 video is called Gareth Pearson – Zostera marina genome published by Nature.

From the University of Gothenburg in Sweden:

Land plant became key marine species

February 1, 2016


The genome of eelgrass (Zostera marina) has now been unveiled. It turns out that the plant, once land-living but now only found in the marine environment, has lost the genes required to survive out of the water.

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg participated in the research study, the results of which are published in the scientific journal Nature.

Eelgrass belongs to a group of flowering plants that have adapted to a life in water. As such, it is a suitable candidate for studies of adaptation and evolution.

‘Since flowering plants have emerged and developed on land, eelgrass can be expected to share many genetic features with many land plants. Studying differences between them can tell us how eelgrass has adapted to a marine environment,’ says Mats Töpel, researcher at the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, who participated in the sequencing of the eelgrass genome.

Töpel is part of an international research collaboration involving 35 research teams. As a result of their efforts, the eelgrass genome has now been published in Nature.

A life on land no longer possible

One interesting discovery made by the scientists is that eelgrass has lost not only the special cells that flowering plants need to be able to ‘breathe’ (meaning to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen) but also the genes required to form these cells.

‘This is a good example of how evolution extends beyond mere accumulation of useful traits; organisms can also benefit from losing certain genes and characteristics,’ says Töpel.

Eelgrass — a key species in trouble

Eelgrass belongs to a group of plants generally referred to as seagrass and forms gigantic submarine meadows along European, North American and Asian shores. The plant has adapted to many different environments, from the bitter Arctic cold to the warm waters further south.

In all of these environments, eelgrass serves an important function in the ecosystem by binding sediments and acting as a nursery for young fish and other animals. It also influences our own environment by binding large amounts of nutrients and carbon dioxide.

‘Lately, the eelgrass meadows have disappeared in many places, and a lot of research is underway to figure out how these ecosystems work and what we can do to protect them,’ says Töpel.

Further studies remain

The genome of an organism contains huge amounts of information.

‘So far we have only scratched the surface. A vast number of bioinformatic analyses of eelgrass remain to be done. And the increasing availability of genomes of other organisms enables us to make new comparisons,’ says Töpel.

Swedish women against racist pseudo-feminism

This video says about itself:

Anti racist demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden

3 September 2014

Swedish women taking to the streets to protest against racism in Sweden.

From The Local in Sweden:

Swedes tell racists: ‘We are not your women’

Published: 01 Feb 2016 07:46 GMT+01:00
Updated: 01 Feb 2016 14:46 GMT+01:00

Swedes are hitting back following a series of far-right violent marches over the weekend which targeted asylum seekers and migrants.

Swedes took to social media to hit back after violent far-right groups attacking refugee youths in Stockholm over the weekend handed out flyers and posted online messages claiming they acted to protect “Swedish women”.

The hashtag #inteerkvinna (#notyourwoman) was trending in Sweden on Sunday, with women posting pictures of themselves on Twitter alongside messages saying “not in my name”.

“I’m not your woman. I don’t want your protection. You’re the ones making me scared, worried, angry and sad,” tweeted one.

“No racist will use me as an alibi to commit their acts of violence,” wrote another.

The campaign came in response to a series of violent weekend incidents in the Swedish capital which began on Friday evening when gangs of up to a hundred masked men marched through the city, beating up non-Swedes and handing out leaflets threatening further attacks. …

According to Aftonbladet newspaper, men were distributing leaflets on Friday evening with the slogan “It’s enough now!” which threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve.”

On Saturday there were also reports of violence linked to an anti-immigration protest in Stockholm, where at least three people were arrested for assaulting counter-demonstrators after members of neo-Nazi groups and hooligans gathered in the capital’s central Norrmalmstorg square.

Meanwhile, refugee teenagers living in the city’s 16 homes for teens and underage asylum seekers arriving in Sweden alone without their parents were told to stay inside following the violence.

“It’s of course sad that we have to do this. But it’s still important that we put the young people’s safety first,” Alexandra Göransson, social services manager in Stockholm, told the Expressen newspaper.

The Friday evening attack on refugee children was organised by the Swedish Resistance Movement, a neo-nazi group.

A group of some 100 neo-Nazi thugs marched through the centre of the Swedish capital Stockholm Friday evening, carrying out a series of brutal attacks on refugees and foreign-looking bystanders. The action was claimed soon afterwards by the fascist Swedish Resistance Movement in a statement advocating vigilante “justice” against what it termed the “criminal” actions of refugees: here.

Swedish nazis’ violence against children

This video from Sweden says about itself:

Mobs of masked men in Stockholm station beat up refugee children

30 January 2016

Swedish media reported that the thugs, allegedly linked to Sweden’s football hooligan scene, were targeting unaccompanied minors with a ‘foreign’ background.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

‘Hundreds’ of masked men beat refugee children in Stockholm

They handed out leaflets threatening to give ‘the North African street children who are roaming around’ the ‘punishment they deserve’

Samuel Osborne

Hundreds of masked men marched through Stockholm’s main train station on Friday evening, reportedly beating up refugees and anyone who didn’t appear to be ethnically Swedish.

Wearing all-black balaclavas and armbands, the men “gathered with the purpose of attacking refugee children,” Stockholm police spokesperson Towe Hagg said.

“I saw maybe three people who were beaten. That was no football brawl or something similar. They targeted migrants. I was quite scared and ran away,” an eyewitness told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Before the attacks, the mob handed out leaflets with the slogan “It is enough now!” which threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve”.

The leaflet refers to the death of social worker Alexandra Mezher, who died after being stabbed at a refugee shelter for unaccompanied children.

Four people have been arrested in connection with the attacks – one for assaulting a police officer, while the others were charged with being masked in public, which is illegal in Sweden. All risk fines.

After the attack, the Swedish Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi group, released a statement claiming the attack had “cleaned up criminal immigrants from North Africa that are housed in the area around the Central Station”.

“Police have clearly shown that they lack the means to stave off their rampage, and we now see no other alternative than to ourselves hand out the punishments they deserve.”

Sweden received a record 160,000 refugees last year.

The country has seen a sharp decline in newcomers since photo ID checks were introduced this month.

When fascists claim to care about rape culture, bear in mind their leaders include convicted sex offenders: here.

Nazis' bloody swastika on bus in England

Near Dover in England, today neonazis violently attacked pro-refugee people, and daubed with blood a nazi swastika on their bus.

Nazi attack in Kent, England

This photo shows the neo-nazi paramilitary attack.

See also here.

Refugee crisis: Toddlers and children wash up dead on Turkish beaches after at least 39 drown in latest boat disaster. Officials expected the death toll to rise as divers continued searching for victims’ bodies: here.

12 bats of Christmas, sing along

This music video from Sweden is called 12 bats of Christmas.

It says about itself (translated):

Good bat Christmas and a happy new bat year!

YOU could call it a batty idea, but bats seem to be more closely related to horses than cows are: here.

Swedish nazis, after murdering schoolchildren, attack socialists

This 15 August 2015 Swedish video shows a speech by socialist Kristofer Lundberg in Gothenburg, at a demonstration for solidarity with the Kurds and against terrorist bomb attacks in Turkey.

By James Tweedie:

Sweden: Socialists hit by night of office and home arsons

Tuesday 27th october 2015

ARSONISTS set alight the Gothenburg offices of Sweden’s Socialist Justice Party (RS) and members’ homes on Sunday.

The unidentified attackers pushed burning paper through the letterboxes at three members’ flats, including the home of RS western Sweden president Kristofer Lundberg, who is also chair of his local tenants’ association.

Children were present at two of the flats.

The stairwells, cellars and bin sheds of six other members’ homes were burned in addition to the local office.

The blazes were so serious it took firefighters two and a half hours to extinguish the flames.

Luckily, no-one was injured in the arson attacks in the Sandeslatt and Hammarkullen districts of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city.

The RS said it suspected fascists of carrying out the attacks.

The incident follows a recent spate of suspected arson attacks on refugee camps in Sweden and the murder of a teacher and pupil at a school near Gothenburg last week.

Police believe the school attacker, who was shot dead by officers, had racist motives.

The latest arson attacks occurred late on Friday night at a centre for 60 refugees in Eskilstuna, 70 miles west of Stockholm, and another at Munkedal in the south-west of the country — which had already been damaged by a previous attack and had been cordoned off.

Those attacks brought the number of arsons against refugee centres to seven according to Russia Today, although the RS numbers them at more than ten.

Sweden has already taken in 100,000 refugees this year, with 90,000 more expected in the next two months.

The RS has already held a meeting of residents — which resolved to set up night-time neighbourhood watch patrols — and has called a demonstration against the attacks.

Mr Lundberg said that he returned from his stint as part of six-person patrol to find police at his home after a security guard stopped two men trying to enter his flat.

“We are still on red alert here,” he said.

Refugees in Austria, report

This video from Sweden says about itself:

9 September 2015

Tens of thousands of pro-refugee protesters rallied in Gothenburg’s Gotaplatsen Square, Wednesday, calling for the Swedish government to welcome refugees in the southern Swedish city. Gathering at the city’s famed Gotaplatsen square, the demonstrators bore banners calling for asylum seekers and economic refugees to be given sanctuary.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Refugees’ horror in Austria: ‘It’s not human. We are treating them like sheep in pens

Thousands of refugees are attempting to pass into the country from the Balkans

Jamie Merrill Spielfeld, Austria

3 hours ago

Less than two hundred metres from the chaos of the no man’s land between Austria and Slovenia, the Austrian army is trying to impose order.

Here at Spielfeld more than 150 Austrian police and 400 soldiers are shepherding up to 4,000 refugees a day onto a fleet of 60 buses. The buses head north to Graz, Vienna and Graz, another step on the journey to Germany, the final destination for most of the refugees travelling across Europe.

Austria has been criticised by authorities in Slovenia for the pace at which it is accepting refugees and earlier this week it briefly threatened to build a fence along its border, but police have been drafted in from across the country to deal with the numbers of arrivals.

Despite this, minor scuffles and pushing break out as Austrian soldiers struggle to keep family groups together as they load the refugees onto the buses.

Watching is Anna Brettchuh, a teacher who has travelled from Hamburg to hand out bread, milk and cookies with her seven-year-old son Leopold.

She said: “It’s horrible. I can’t believe what I’m seeing here and no locals are helping them. To think that the Austrians have talked about building a fence. It’s not human. We are treating them like sheep in pens. It’s hard to see but my son had a project on refugees at school and I think it is important he see’s this. It is important we all see it.“

Waiting by the line, grasping his Austrian identity card is Iraqi refugee Bashar Al Sadoun, 28. He arrived in Austria from Basra in May and somewhere in the mass of thousands of refugees on the border are his wife, two sons and sister-in-law. He has had on-off contact with his family on WhatsApp but now his wife’s smartphone battery has gone flat. She is somewhere in the mass of queuing refugees. “I will be so happy when they get here. I can take them to Salzburg. I will see my babies, I don’t care about anything else.”

As Mr Al Sadoun is talking, an Austrian police approache and tried to move him into the line of refugees, only stopping when he realised that he already has Austrian citizenship.

The policeman is Wolfgang Braunsar, the police spokesman for the border crossing. “Sorry”, he said. “I did not know. We have received 3,000 refugees today and we expect many more thousands this evening. We are doing the best we can to move them [to] other camps nearer [to] Germany where they can be cared for.”

Mr Al Sadoun will have to wait to see his wife. If and when he spots her in the ground he won’t be allowed to go to her, instead he will have to follow her bus and be reunited with her at the next camp. ”I will catch the train and follow her,“ he said. ”I will see her soon.“

Swedish nazis’ anti-refugee arson

Relative of schoolboy, murdered by nazi sword killer, mourns in Trollhättan, Sweden, photo: EPA

This photo shows a relative of a schoolboy, murdered by nazi sword killer Anton Lundin Pettersson, mourning in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Sweden will no longer say where the sites of new camps for refugees will be. According to Swedish media there was already thirteen times arson in (future) camps, making locations temporarily or permanently unusable.

The Swedish Migration Board says the new locations therefore will not be disclosed.

Sweden expects 160,000 applicants by refugees this year. In the past few weeks there have been scattered arson attacks, after which a municipality proposed not to disclose the locations. The Immigration Department called that idea last week unrealistic, but after two more fires changed its mind.


Also the murder by a man who killed two people at a school in Trollhättan with a sword plays a role in this. Most children in this school are of foreign origin.