Toucan eating banana in Panama

This 12 March video says about itself:

Toucan With A Rainbow-colored Bill Comes To The Panama Fruit Feeder For Some Banana – March, 11 2021

A Keel-billed Toucan came in and managed to liberate some banana from under its peel and took some surprisingly dainty bites. These toucans seem mainly to visit the feeder when there is a banana bunch suspended above it.

Female barred owl visits nest box, video

This video from Indiana in the USA says about itself:

Female Barred Owl‘s Vocal Preseason Nest Box Visit, 24 Feb 2021 | Cornell Lab | Wild Birds Unlimited

Stay tuned for another amazing year watching the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owls. Watch live at​ for information, highlights, and a link to the outside view.

Beautiful birds in nature reserve

This is a short-toed treecreeper video from Croatia.

This morning, in Gooilust nature reserve, a song thrush. And a great egret, a white stork couple clapping their bills, nuthatches and a short-toed treecreeper. Green woodpecker sound.

This afternoon in Gooilust, four white wagtails.

Attracting Northern Cardinals in North America

This 19 February 2021 video from the USA says about itself:

Northern Cardinals are perhaps the most conspicuous and familiar songbirds across their range in the eastern United States and Mexico. Let’s focus on what types of seeds and feeders are best to attract these year-round residents to the bounty of your backyard bird feeders.