Emperor penguin chicks video

This video says about itself:

[Emperor] Penguin Chicks Struggle To Survive – Planet Earth – BBC Earth

22 May 2017

The urge for Penguins to parent their chicks is incredibly strong, and in this footage we are given a wonderful insight into the role both parents play in raising their young. Braving the severe conditions of Antarctica poses a huge obstacle, so if the chicks are to survive until summer it will be thanks to the extraordinary hardships endured by their parents.

Purple heron catches prey, video

On this 26 May 2017 video, a purple heron stands very still before catching its rodent prey.

Kommer Schenkel made this video at the Zouweboezem nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Little bittern’s mating season

This 25 May 2017 video shows a male little bittern during his mating season.

Luuk Punt made this video in South Holland province in the Netherlands.

Blackbird tries to drive feeding sparrowhawk away

In this 26 May 2017 video, a blackbird tries to drive away a sparrowhawk, feeding on its prey, a collared dove.

Huub Swinkels made this video in his garden in the Netherlands.

Great tit nest under bicycle track

This 23 May 2017 video is about a great tit nest in a hole under a bicycle track in the Leusveld nature reserve in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Hannie Wijers made this video.

Yellow wagtails bathing, video

This 23 May 2017 video shows a flock of yellow wagtails bathing in a stream near Zutphen in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Richard Polderman made this video.

Grey partridge calls, video

This 23 May 2017 is about a grey partridge calling (with a chiffchaff in the background).

Robert-Jan Asselbergs in the Netherlands made this video.