Great spotted woodpecker drumming

This video shows a great spotted woodpecker drumming. In the background, we hear another great spotted woodpecker, and a blackbird singing.

Michiel Mos in the Netherlands made this video.

Young night heron video

This 28 April 2016 video by Luuk Punt in the Netherlands shows a young black-crowned night heron, looking for food in the water.

Stonechat, lark and beetle in Extremadura, Spain

This video from Spain says about itself:

More than 128,000 Common Cranes counted in winter 2013-2014 in Extremadura! Even more than last year. Large concentrations on rice and corn stubble. Amazing spectacle! Easy to watch from the car or with a short walk.

Sierra de Gredos snowy mountains, 18 April 2016

After 17 April in Extremadura came 18 April for us. Not winter any more; unusually cold spring weather. That meant still snow on the over 2,000 m high Sierra de Gredos mountains.

Sierra de Gredos snowy mountains, on 18 April 2016

Corn buntings singing.

Tongue-orchid, 18 April 2016


Quail sounds. Three bee-eaters flying.

Crested lark, 18 April 2016

A crested lark takes a dust bath on the dirt road.

A chaffinch sings.

Red-striped oil beetle, 18 April 2016

An unusual insect crosses the road. It is a female red-striped oil beetle. One of the largest European insects, this species is unable to fly.

Stonechat male singing, 18 April 2015

Next, a male stonechat.

A goldfinch on the road.

At a bridge across the river, the public road stops. We hear Cetti’s warbler, great tit and Iberian green frog sounds.

Flowers, threatened birds on murals

This 2014 video is from Lisse town in the Netherlands. Artist Judith van der Meer made a mural there, depicting flowers. Lisse is a center for bulb flower growing.

And this 2015 video shows Ms van der Meer making a mural depicting flowers and sports people in a tunnel in Teylingen local authority.

And this 2013 video shows Ms van der Meer making a mural depicting flowers, boats and other items at Sassenheim railway station.

Godwit mural

In April 2016, Ms van der Meer finished her mural at the Ridderspoortunnel in Leiden. The part on the photo depicts a black-tailed godwit. The red around the bird on the picture symbolizes that black-tailed godwits are a threatened species. The Ridderspoortunnel mural the biodiversity in the area. It also depicts a garganey, buttercup, green hawker dragonfly, smooth newt and a ruff.

The Hague Ockenburgh nature reserve, video

This 29 April 2016 video from the Netherlands is about Ockenburgh nature reserve in The Hague.

It shows ants, a blue tit, a great spotted woodpecker and common bluebell flowers.

in Ockenburgh estate, ring-necked parakeets nested for the first time in the Netherlands. From there, they spread to elsewhere.

Rollers and Montagu’s harriers, Extremadura, Spain

This June 2013 video was made during an excursion from Finca Las Abubillas to the steppe areas of Extremadura in Spain. It shows a roller and a little owl.

On 17 April 2016, after we saw great bustards earlier, we were still in the steppe area of Extremadura.

Three tawny pipits walking on the dirt road.

White storks, 17 April 2016

Two white storks fly past.

We arrive at the Magasca river. According to a sign, Iberochondrostoma lemmingii and Iberian barbel fish swim there.

We don’t see them. But we do see Spanish pond turtles resting on rocks along the bank.

A nightingale sings.

A booted eagle flies past.

A chaffinch sings.

A grey wagtail on the river bank.

A crag martin flying.

We continue.

Stonechat male and female on a bush.

We arrive at an area where Spanish bird lovers have put nest boxes for rollers on electricity poles. Other bird species, like spotless starlings, lesser kestrels, common kestrels and jackdaws also use these nest boxes.

Roller, 17 April 2016

A roller sitting near a nestbox.

A red kite flying.

Great bustards on the other side of the road.

Rollers, 17 April 2016

Also rollers on that side, sitting on rocks.

Roller, Extremadura, 17 April 2016

Another roller next to its nestbox.

A lesser kestrel couple at another nestbox.

Montagu's harrier male, 17 April 2016

As we continue, a male Montagu’s harrier flying.

Montagu's harrier male, on 17 April 2016

Montagu's harrier female, 17 April 2016

And a female as well.

A zitting cisticola flies while singing.

Stone-curlew sound.

A black kite flies.

Montagu's harrier males, 17 April 2016

A male and a female Montagu’s harrier flying together. Another male shows up. So does a female marsh harrier.

A southern grey shrike on a bush.

This video is about Extremadura in April 2012; showing great bustard and other birds.

Baby puffin in England, video

This video from England says about itself:

First Time Cute Baby Puffin Sees World – World Beneath Your Feet – BBC

27 April 2016

Underneath the Farne Islands hides an animal more often expected in the water.