Great knot video

This video is about the Siberian bird species great knot.

Bird paintings by Aert Schouman exhibited

This 17 February 2017 Dutch video is about an exhibition in Dordrecht of bird paintings by Aert Schouman (1710-1792).

Among his works are big oil paintings for the walls of Prince William V‘s palace in The Hague.

Now, these paintings are usually in Huis ten Bosch royal palace in The Hague. However, that palace is being reconstructed (which costs lots of taxpayers’ money). So, from now till September 2017, there is an exhibition of Schouman’s work in the Dordrechts Museum in Dordrecht.

Biologists have helped with this exhibition as the birds depicted are from many countries and Schouman often did not know which exact species he depicted.

Goosander, little grebe quarrel, video

In this 31 January 2017 video from Voorne island in the Netherlands a female goosander and a little grebe quarrel about a fish.

Also, two great crested grebes in love. And a grey heron.

Voorne island swans, grebe and more

This is a January 2017 video about wildlife on Voorne island in the Netherlands in winter. Including mute swans, wigeon, great crested grebe and more.

White-crowned wheatear on video

This is a white-crowned wheatear video.

This bird of North Africa and the Arab peninsula comes rarely to Western Europe.

I was privileged to see this species in Morocco.

White-breasted nuthatches in the USA

This video from New York state in the USA says about itself:

White-breasted Nuthatch Pair – Cornell Feeders – Feb. 17, 2017

Watch LIVE at for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings.

This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Sea eagle and carrion crow video

This 17 February 2017 video shows a sea eagle and a carrion crow feeding in Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands. The crow pulls at the eagle’s tail.

Angeline Rijkeboer made this video.