Winterswijk paleontology, eagle owl, willow warbler

This 2007 video is about amateur geologists collecting rocks in the quarry of Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

The ‘Muschelkalk‘ rocks there are from the Triassic, the time just before and during the rise of the dinosaurs and other groups of animals.

What is now Winterswijk was then a coastal area.

In 1932, a local businessman started the quarry. Regularly, there were excursions by geologists and paleontologists, to find ancient rocks and ancient fossils.

Now, Belgian multinational corporation Sibelco owns the quarry. The local geological society is no longer admitted for excursions.

A few geologists and paleontologists can still come. They have found Triassic marine reptiles; and, very recently, a Triassic beetle.

After 26 April 2017 in Winterswijk, we went to the quarry on 27 April 2017.

Before we arrived, an orange tip butterfly.

There is a short footpath to a part of the quarry where there is no commercial quarrying; and where an eagle owl couple, rare birds in the Netherlands, nests.

This video says about itself:

Eagle owl Winterswijk 01/06/2016

9 September 2016

These young, almost fully grown eagle owls showed well at the old quarry in Winterswijk, The Netherlands. They were quite active in broad daylight. At the end of the movie one of the chicks takes on a beautiful “defending my territory” pose to scare off a common buzzard.

We did not see the eagle owls. We did hear a song thrush sing. And we saw a willow warbler sing on as bush.

A bit further: a chiffchaff singing. A buzzard flies.

Eurasian oystercatcher in Sweden

This video shows an Eurasian oystercatcher in Sweden.

Hawaiian moorhen visits young albatross

This video says about itself:

28 April 2017

Watch this Hawaiian Moorhen nearly cross paths with a sleepy Kalama on the Laysan Albatross cam.

Also known as ‘alae ‘ula, these endangered water birds are endemic to Hawaii. They are a subspecies of the Common Gallinule, which inhabits marshes and ponds all the way from Canada to Chile!

The Kauai Laysan Albatross cam is a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Kauai Albatross Network.

Watch live with news, updates, and FAQs at

Bird of paradise courtship video

This video says about itself:

Bird Of Paradise Courtship Spectacle – Planet Earth – BBC Earth

27 March 2017

Deep in the forests of New Guinea there is a rich variety of life, each more bizarre than the last. One such spectacle is the male Bird of Paradise which appears to go to extraordinary lengths to attract a mate.

Pigeon flies along with car, video

This 26 April 2017 video is about a domestic pigeon, flying along for some miles with a car.

Simone Zwart in the Netherlands made this video.

Bullock’s oriole at Texas hummingbird webcam

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 April 2017

Another first-timer arrived on the West Texas Hummingbird cam this week when this Bullock’s Oriole displaced a Black-chinned Hummingbird for a short drink at the feeder. These flame-orange songbirds can be found in most of the western U.S. during the breeding season. Bullock’s Orioles eat insects and other arthropods, as well as fruit and nectar, and it’s not unusual for them to raid hummingbird feeders for their sugar-water.

Watch live at for more information about hummingbirds and highlights from the feeders.

Birds, butterfly and plants of peatland

Korenburgerveen, 26 April 2017

This photo from 26 April 2017, the day after 25 April, is from the Korenburgerveen, a peatland nature reserve near Winterswijk.

As we traveled to the Korenburgerveen, near the Borkense baan flew a male bullfinch.

Near the old Berenschot water mill and its fish corridor, a grey wagtail near the bank.

A hare crossing the bicycle track.

At the Korenburgerveen, a green woodpecker calls.

Near the Rommelpot restaurant, a buzzard calls.

We follow the trail in the Meddose Veen, the northern part of the Korenburgerveen.

A willow warbler, and a blackbird, singing.

Meddose Veen, 26 April 2017

We arrive at a lake. This photo shows common cottongrass on its bank.

A relative, tussock cottongrass, grows in the Meddose Veen as well.

Meddose Veen trail, 26 April 2017

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

The trail was sometimes dry …

Cottongrass, 26 April 2017

… sometimes muddy, eg, if water-loving cottongrass grew near it.

Cottongrass, on 26 April 2017

Cottongrass, Meddose Veen, on 26 April 2017

A male orange tip butterfly sits down near the trail.

Orange tip butterfly, 26 April 2017

As we walk back, a great egret and a grey heron at a wetland. And greenshanks.