Don’t let windows kill birds

This 24 January 2020 video says about itself:

We witnessed wildlife vets trying to save a Peregrine Falcon that collided with a window. Sadly, almost a billion birds die in window collisions in the U.S. and Canada each year. #BringBirdsBack Break up the reflections on your windows at home and at work and you’ll be taking one of our Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds.

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Rehabilitated kestrels released on Comino, Malta

This 24 January 2020 video says about itself:

Another two Common Kestrels (Spanjulett) were recently released back into the wild following a period of rehabilitation.

Both kestrels were recovered in November and December 2019 during the ongoing autumn hunting season, and confirmed by the Government veterinarian to have been illegally shot. One suffered injuries to the left foot and wing, whilst the other suffered damage to the head.

These birds were released on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 on Comino, a protected bird sanctuary where no hunting is permitted, and where they are able to acclimatise before carrying on their migration journey.

Footage by Steph Leow. Editing by Jose Luque Montero.

Flamingos wintering in the Netherlands

This 23 January 2020 Dutch video, about birds attracting birdwatchers and photographers, says about itself (translated):

The seven flamingos were spotted on Tuesday at Benthuizen, a day later they were noticed by walkers in Pijnacker. According to nature conservation manager Cor Noorman, this concerns six Chilean and one European flamingo.

The birds are probably from a nesting colony near Winterswijk, just east of the Dutch-German border.

Wren, sanderlings, purple sandpiper

This 2014 Dutch video is about the Schoorlse Duinen nature reserve.

After 22 January 2020 in the Schoorlse Duinen came 23 January.

During the night, we had heard a tawny owl call.

As we were on our way, a jay called.

We arrived at De Kerf sand dune valley.

A wren called from a bush.

This video shows a wren singing in March 2014.

On the beach, near the floodline, sanderlings.

On a sandbank, a lesser black-backed gull, herring gulls and black-headed gulls.

A great cormorant flies.

Scores of oystercatchers, on the beach.

On a pier near beach pole #30, a purple sandpiper.

Two carrion crows.

We walk back. This was our last full day in the Schoorlse Duinen.

Tufted ducks, blackbird and woodpecker

This June 2018 4K Cinematic Drone Video is about the Schoorlse Duinen nature reserve.

After 21 January 2020 there, we were also in the Schoorlse Duinen on 22 January.

This time, not to the North Sea, but to small lakes in the interior.

A great tit calling.

As we walked, a great spotted woodpecker. And a nuthatch on a mossy tree.

A jay calls.

A blackbird. A blue tit.

This 2011 video is about a lake in the Schoorlse Duinen.

We reach a lake where 11 tufted ducks sometimes sleep, sometimes dive. Coots in this lake dived more often.

On the footpath, a robin.

A kestrel flies past.

In the next lake, two tufted ducks, a coot and a moorhen.