Eagles, egrets in Spain

This video says about itself:

Booted Eagle over Tarifa (slow motion flight)

Booted Eagles (Aquila pennata) over Tarifa, Spain, 18th September 29016.

I was lucky to see this beautiful species in Spain; like I saw the birds in this other blog post there. And these birds as well:

This video says about itself:

Western Cattle Egrets (Bulbulcus ibis) coming into roost in Tarifa, Spain. 21st September 2016.

Crested lark, Thekla lark in Spain

This video says about itself:

Crested Lark (Galerida cristata) in song

Bolonia, Cadiz, Spain, 20th September 2016.

And now another lark species, related to, and difficult to tell apart from the crested lark.

This video says about itself:

Thekla Lark (Galerida theklae)

Embalse de Zahara, Sierra de Grazalema, Malaga, Spain, 14th September 2016.

Starlings’ murmuration around church tower

This 18 October 2016 video shows a starlings’ murmuration around a church tower in Ede town in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Vincent Kok made this video.

Kingfishers fighting, video

In this 11 October 2016 video, an adult male kingfisher tries to drive a young male out of his territory.

Michael de Vries in the Netherlands made this video.

Alaska bald eagles, video

This video from Alaska says about itself:

24 October 2016

Dr. Oakley explains the amazing characteristics of the Bald Eagle.

Eurasian cranes wake up, photos

Sunrise, 4 October 2016

As this blog reported, on 3 October 2016 our ship had arrived in Kamp village in Germany. In the evening, we had seen many Eurasian cranes and geese on autumn migration arrive to sleep in the wetlands. Next morning, we went there again, around sunrise.

Cranes waking up on 4 October 2016

Gradually, the cranes woke up.

Cranes waking up 4 October 2016

Some of them started to fly in the morning light.

More cranes flying

More and more cranes started flying from their sleeping quarters to places where they might find food …

Yet more cranes

… and yet more cranes …

And yet more cranes

… and yet more cranes.

Cranes flying and standing

Though many cranes flew away, for the moment many stayed as well.

Cranes flying

As the sun rose further, more cranes started flying …

Cranes flying away

… encouraging others to fly as well.

Cranes flying away, 4 October 2016

Stay tuned, as there will be more on this blog about 4 October 2016 near Kamp village!

Cranes in Germany: here.

Young kestrel cleanses its feathers, video

This 11 October 2016 video shows a young kestrel cleansing its feathers in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

Jos van den Elshout made this video.