Buzzard and thorny skates’ eggs

This 2016 video shows buzzards feeding in Belarus.

On 10 January 2020, a buzzard on a branch in the forest.

Great spotted woodpecker.

Two Egyptian geese land at a meadow where four others are present already. They are welcomed, or are they shown they are unwelcome?

On the beach, sanderlings.

Also at least five egg cases of thorny skates.

Texel goldcrests, sanderlings and geese

This video says about itself:

Hyperactive SANDERLINGS on the beach at the Cap-Pele wharf in southeastern New Brunswick, Canada on November 5, 2011.

On 9 January 2021, a walk through the forest and sand dunes of Texel island to the North Sea.

On a meadow, gray lag geese, white-fronted geese and Egyptian geese.

In the forest, goldcrests. And a blue tit hanging upside down on a branch.

On the beach, herring gulls and sanderlings.

Goldcrests on Texel island

This is a goldcrest video from Sweden.

Today, at Den Helder ferry harbour, two jackdaws sitting on top of a sign, a bit distant from each other. The sign warned people to distance spatially.

In the forest west of Den Burg village on Texel island, a great spotted woodpecker calls.

A flock of goldcrests.

Mottled owl at Panama fruit feeder

This 21 December 2020 video says about itself:

Panama Fruit Feeder New Cam Species: Mottled Owl

A Mottled Owl landed on the feeder for a look about. Perhaps it was drawn in by the Orange Nectar Bats that are common nighttime visitors to the nectar feeder? This owl thrives in tropical lowland forests, plantations, gardens, and towns. They roost during the day in the dense cover of tall trees, though at night they often hunt from low perches such as fence posts and road signs. Note the rounded head and the eyes framed with whitish crescents and the overall brown plumage that is streaked below.

Gray-headed chachalaca preening in Panama

This video says about itself:

Gray-headed Chachalaca Fans Tail For Preening Session In Panama – Dec. 17, 2020

A Gray-headed Chachalaca spends some time primping and preening its tail on the Panama Fruit Feeder. It takes daily maintenance to make sure those feathers stay aligned and in good condition!