English priest charged with making 3,100 child porn images

This video series says about itself:

Abuse of Trust

31 July 2009

Documentary about Catholic Clerical Child Abuse in Ireland. This documentary focuses on the Dublin Diocese and has interviews from survivors who describe their horrendous experiences of sexual abuse as children, Andrew Madden and Marie Collins. This also interviews the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Catholic priest Paul Clarke charged with making 3,100 indecent images of children

Police said there was no evidence of local children being involved

Lizzie Dearden

Thursday 8 October 2015 13:15 BST

A 71-year-old Roman Catholic priest has been charged with making 3,100 indecent images of children.

Father Paul Clarke, of Redclyffe Road in Urmston, but formerly of Rye in East Sussex, is due to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court today.

He has been charged with possessing an indecent image of a child, possessing prohibited images, and making a total of 3,100 indecent images of children.

Police searched his former residence at the presbytery of St Anthony of Padua church in Rye on 13 November last year, seizing computers and other alleged evidence.

The Rye News reported that Father Clarke resigned “suddenly” in February, having been at the church since 2009.

British bishop convicted for child abuse

This video from Britain says about itself:

Church Inquiry Into Bishop Peter Ball Abuse Cover Up

The Church of England has announced an independent inquiry into allegations of a cover up of sexual abuse in the church, looking at whether the behaviour of a former Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball, was overlooked because of his connections within the church and the establishment.

Originally broadcast on the BBC on October 5th, 2015.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Years in prison for Anglican bishop because of abuse

Today, 16:53

A former bishop of the Anglican Church in Britain has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for abuse of boys and young men. The 83-year-old Peter Ball has admitted that he abused eighteen victims in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The judge said the bishop abused his position. His victims have stated that he was sadistic and mentally abused them as well. One of the victims committed suicide.


In 1993 already a 16-year-old victim went to the police. During the investigation that followed, Ball was supported by parliamentarians, ministers and a member of the royal family, reports The Guardian. Ball eventually got only a warning and he resigned.

In 2012 the police started a new investigation. Ball first tried to evade persecution by saying that his health was too ill to stand trial. The judge did not agree with that. Last month the former bishop admitted the abuse.

Prince Charles denies using influence to protect bishop from sex crimes prosecution. Unnamed member of the Royal Family sent a letter of support for Peter Ball as prosecutors considered putting him on trial: here.

The inertia plaguing historic child sexual abuse investigations of Establishment figures does not bode well for any final resolution, writes Steven Walker: here.

Injured bats recovered and freed

This video says about itself:

1 December 2012

The Natterer’s bat in the BBC’s Life of Mammals series. In this clip, Natterer’s bats remove spiders from their webs to eat.

From the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Bat Group in England, on Twitter, 4 October 2015:

Great evening in the flight cage, all 6 flew well enough for release. Lady (Natterer’s) went straight off home.

New bird habitat in England

This video from the Netherlands is called Black-winged Stilts, Himantopus himantopus, 1 July 2015, Landje van Geijsel. Guus van Duin made the video. This was probably the first time ever that young black-winged stilts hatched in the Amsterdam area.

From BirdLife, about England:

The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project will safeguard local wildlife and communities from rising sea levels, including providing a habitat for the arrival of species from further south in Europe, such as Black-winged Stilt, expected to colonise southern England as the climate continues to change. Additionally, the Kentish Plover, a wading bird which became extinct as a nesting bird in the UK, could possibly return with the conditions being created at Wallasea. The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is a long-term project and will require a further seven million tonnes of soil to complete.

The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project, north of Southend, is helping to tackle several climate change impacts, including creating conditions for colonising species, replacing habitat lost to rising sea levels and reducing flood risk to local communities. The project is also moving forward the science of landscape engineering by creating inter-tidal habitats on the largest scale seen so far in Europe.

Violent neo-nazis’ flop in England

This video from England says about itself:

Rochester residents face off against Britain First

2 November 2014

More than 100 people, including Labour supporters, teenage Tory activists and anti-fascist groups, line the streets to prevent members of Britain First, the BNP splinter group, marching in uniform to the town’s war memorial.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Abused turn out to see off Britain First

Monday 7th September 2015

500 anti-racists take on 127 ultranationalists

SEXUAL abuse survivors joined an anti-fascist rally in Rotherham on Saturday as a ragbag of racist thugs took to the streets to sow division.

Supporters of extreme nationalist party Britain First chucked glass bottles at children of Asian descent, prompting their opponents to lay siege to the pub where they had set up shop. Three suspected Britain First members faced arrest.

The Yorkshire town has been regularly targeted by groups such as the English Defence League and Britain First following revelations last year that men largely of Asian origin had been grooming girls for sex.

But the demos have backfired, bringing many different sections of the community out in unity against racism.

Over 500 anti-racists turned out on Saturday against less than 130 Britain First fans.

Members of the Asian community, trade unionists, LGBT residents and disabled people joined anti-racist groups including Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in the show of defiance.

“The community came out. It wasn’t just the demonstration,” said Rotherham UAF.

“People had posters in their windows saying: ‘Racists not welcome here’.”

The counter-protest also sought to pay tribute to Mushim Ahmed, an 81-year-old Asian man who was beaten to death by racists near his home in Rotherham two weeks ago while on his way to mosque.

“Britain First said they were going to have 1,500 in the town, but we had spotters counting them and there were 127. There were at least 500 anti-fascist protesters,” said UAF.

“One of the most pleasing aspects was the number of Asian people who turned up. Part of it was to show respect for Mushim Ahmed.

“The day was very positive. Everybody was buoyant. There was a lot of interaction. There were black, white, Asian, gay and disabled people. Some of the victims of abuse actually took part.”

The mood only turned ­violent when police directed anti-racists past a pub packed with drunken Britain First supporters, some of whom came out and threw bottles at two children.

Four anti-racist protesters were arrested.

Miniskirt witch hunt at English school

This video says about itself:

26 October 2010

Miniskirt Ban? Make this jumpsuit so that the next time you’re strolling through Castellammare di Stabia [Italian town where mayor banned miniskirts, football and lots of other things], you’ll have something to wear.

After banning women for not wearing high heels … after banning women from wearing miniskirts, and banning women from wearing maxiskirts, and banning women from wearing any type of skirts, and banning women from wearing shorts, now this.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

150 schoolgirls sent home for wearing skirts that are ‘too short’

Girls with hemlines above their knees were reportedly placed in exclusion or picked up by parents

Siobhan Fenton

Saturday 05 September 2015

Up to 150 girls have been sent home from a school for wearing skirts that were deemed “too short”, it has been reported.

The students were returning to Tring School in Hertfordshire for their first day back since the summer holidays.

ITV reports that girls whose skirts did not reach their knees were pulled aside by teachers and then placed in exclusion or picked up by parents.

The news has sparked backlash on social media, with one Twitter user asking: “Why can women still not wear what they want when they want?!”

Another called on the school to “free the knee.”

The mother of a 13-year-old girl whose skirt was deemed inappropriate told ITV: “I think the school have been very heavy-handed. My daughter was wearing the same skirt as she wore last year. I sent her to school believing she was in the correct uniform.

“I find it ridiculous that girls have been excluded from education today because of what they are wearing.”

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Which schools have the  most expensive uniforms?

Staffordshire school bans short skirts because they’re ‘distracting’ to male teachers and pupils

[Head teacher] Ms Collings said: “If a student or parent is unhappy with the policy in respect of the school skirt then they have the choice to wear tailored trousers.”

Unfortunately, in Britain there are rich sponsors of politicians who want to ban trousers for women as well.