Bewick’s swans wake up

This January 2015 video is about Bewick’s swans, waking up early in the morning in De Wilck nature reserve in the Netherlands. They start to whistle softly and shake their heads. Signs that they are about to fly away to the fields to feed.

Recently, Bewick’s swans have come again to De Wilck. If the winter weather will not become harsher, then they will stay there. As long as the swans are there, De Wilck is closed to the public, in order not to disturb the birds.

Bewick’s swans news

This 25 November 2016 video from Britain is called Flight of the Swans – [Bewick’s swan] Maisie arrives at WWT Slimbridge.

This 14 November video is called Flight of the Swans – Thank you for signing the petition. It is about British woman Sacha Dench who flies along with the migrating Bewick’s swans in her paraglider, all the way from northern Russia to Britain.

Flying along with Bewick’s swans

This 25 November 2016 video is about the autumn migration of Bewick’s swans.

British woman Sacha Dench flies along with the swans in her paraglider, all the way from northern Russia to Britain.

This week, Ms Dench arrived in the Netherlands, a bit later than the first Bewick’s swans.

Migrating Bewick’s swan discovered in Lithuania

This 1 November 2016 video is called Flight of the Swans – Ground crew find Daisy Clark.

The Flight of the Swans blog writes about this today:

Sacha [woman following migrating Bewick’s swans on a paraglider] ‘s in Lithuania and has found tagged swan Daisy Clarke!

Bewick’s swans’ migration followed on paraglider

This video says about itself:

27 September 2016

British conservationist Sacha Dench: a woman flying 4,500 miles paramotor flight.

British conservationist Sacha Dench is on the first leg of an epic 4,500 mile paramotor flight following migrating [Bewick’s] swans.

About 15 November 2016, Ms Dench will be in Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands.

This video about Ms Dench says about itself:

25 February 2016

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Every year, hundreds of Bewick’s swans fail to survive their epic migration from the Russian Tundra. Flight of the Swans will take the sky and fly this route with them to find out why.

Calf drives away swan, photo

Calf drives away swan

This photo shows a calf driving away a mute swan near Haarlem city in the Netherlands.

Kerstin made this photo on 1 September 2016.