Mute swans in Sweden

This video is about young and adult mute swans in Sweden.

Sleepy young swans, video

This 8 June 2017 video is about sleepy young mute swans.

Joop Krassenburg made this video in Wassenaar in the Netherlands.

Black swan video

This is a black swan video.

These originally Australian birds now also live in the Netherlands and other European countries.

Whooper swans in Sweden

This video shows whooper swans, both adult and young birds, in Sweden in March 2011.

Night heron uses bread for fishing

This video says about itself:

Smart Heron Used Bread To Fish – Super Smart Animals – BBC Earth

26 May 2017

Hungry Hank is one cool feathery customer. Outmuscled by the resort [Black] Swans, this plucky Night Heron has got his eyes on a much bigger prize, but it might involve the waiting game.

This blog has blogged about other heron species, eg, green herons, doing similar things.

Mute swans in love, video

This 13 April 2017 video shows two mute swans in love.

Tonny Vermeulen made this video in Genk, Belgium.

Black swan mating season

This 4 April 2017 video shows a black swan in mating season mood.

These birds are originally from Australia; but feral black swans live now in, eg, Europe.

Everdien van de Bijl in the Netherlands made this video.