Whooper swans feeding, video

This 2 January 2019 video is about wintering whooper swans feeding on a meadow. Both adult and young birds, with geese in the background.

Luuk Punt in the Netherlands made this video.


Canada geese drive away swans

This 17 May 2018 is about a Canada goose couple driving away a mute swan couple on the Vecht river near Dalfsen in Overijssel province in the Netherlands. The geese considered that the swans were too close to their nest.

Martin Meuleman made this video.

Bewick’s swans in winter, video

This March 2018 video is about Bewick’s swans in icy circumstances in the Lauwersmeer national park in the Netherlands.

Wim Bender made the video.

Whooper swans and Bewick’s swans

This 15 February 2018 Dutch video is about whooper swans and Bewick’s swans (adults and juveniles of both species).