Bewick’s swans take off

This 17 January 2017 video shows Bewick’s swans wintering on a meadow in the Alblasserwaard region in the Netherlands. They take off because a group of joggers approaches. Mute swans would not be scared so soon.

Mute swans in winter

This 8 January 2017 video shows a flock of adult and young mute swans near the Broekmolen windmill near Streefkerk village in the Netherlands.

Whooper swans video

This is a whooper swans video from the Netherlands.

Young crane between swans

This video shows a young crane between Bewick’s swans and whooper swans.

It was recorded on 26 December 2016 near Anerveen in Overijssel province in the Netherlands by Gerrit Kleefman.

Bewick’s swan between mute swans

This 29 December 2016 video shows a Bewick’s swan between mute swans in the Alblasserwaard region in the Netherlands.

Young Bewick’s swan feeding

This 22 December 2016 video is about a young Bewick’s swan feeding near Leiderdorp village in the Netherlands. This bird was part of a flock of fourteen adult and four juvenile Bewick’s swans.

Luuk Punt made the video.

Mute swans in love, photo

Mute swans in love

This photo shows two mute swans in love, forming a heart-like shape with their necks.

The title of the photo is ‘Love is’.

The photo, made near Wijhe in the Netherlands, is by Gerd.