Bewick’s swans in Dutch Biesbosch

This 14 December 2017 video is about Bewick’s swans, which have arrived for wintering in the Dutch Biesbosch national park.

Luuk Punt made this video.


Swan family try breaking ice

This 12 December 2017 video shows a mute swan family, parents and youngsters, trying to break the ice in a pond in Hardenberg town in the Netherlands.

Jan Kuipers made this video.

Mute swans in Sweden, video

This video shows mute swans in Sweden.

Young swans exercise their wings

This 26 September 2017 video is about a mute swan couple and their two four-month-old youngsters which are exercising their wings.

This video is by Claudia Wiendels from Arnhem in the Netherlands. More of her videos about this mute swan family are here.

Mute swans in Sweden

This video is about young and adult mute swans in Sweden.

Sleepy young swans, video

This 8 June 2017 video is about sleepy young mute swans.

Joop Krassenburg made this video in Wassenaar in the Netherlands.

Black swan video

This is a black swan video.

These originally Australian birds now also live in the Netherlands and other European countries.