Sunfish beached in Dutch Zeeland

Ocean sunfish, beached at Nieuwvliet

Translated from the Reddingsteam Zeezoogdieren Zuidwest in Zeeland province in the Netherlands:

Nieuwvliet, 25 December 2017 – this afternoon RTZ-Zuidwest received another report of a stranded ocean sunfish. This time between beach pavilion De Boekanier and Nieuwvliet.

RTZ-southwest has gone that way but due to the falling darkness and the rising water, the sunfish was no longer found. It is possible that it will be found tomorrow morning so that it can still be recovered.

UPDATE December 26, 2017

The cadaver of the sunfish was recovered on Tuesday at Nieuwvliet-Bad. The sunfish measured 1m10 x 0m80.


Buzzard saves tree’s life

This video is called Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo).

The Dutch war … sorry … ‘defence’ department plans to move the navy barracks from Doorn in Utrecht province to Vlissingen in Zeeland province.

To help that move, many trees in Vlissingen have been cut down. However, one tree still stands. As there is a buzzard nest in it. Buzzards are a protected species, and it is illegal to destroy their nests.

Authorities are now putting artificial nests in the area. They hope that the buzzard couple will move to one of these in the new nesting season, enabling them to cut down the present nesting tree.

Sperm whale beached in Dutch Zeeland

This 1 December 2017 video is about the dead sperm whale beached in Domburg in the Netherlands.

Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Zeeland reports today that a whale has stranded at Domburg beach.

It is a 13.5 meter long young male sperm whale. He was already dead when he beached.

Scientists will examine what caused his death. See here.

Crow harasses great black-backed gull

This 24 October 2017 video shows a great black-backed gull eating a fish at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland province in the Netherlands. However, a carrion crow harasses it.

Rick ‘t Hart made this video.

Thornback ray reintroduction in Dutch Zeeland

This video is called Thornback ray or thornback skate (Raja clavata).

Dutch daily Trouw reports today about thornback ray reintroduction in Dutch Zeeland province.

On Saturday 14 October 2017, five young thornback rays, raised in aquariums, will be brought to an oyster farm in Yerseke town. There, they will get used to the Oosterschelde estuary water. In a few weeks’ time, they will be freed. Later, more, up to 1000, young thornback rays will be freed. It is hoped that they will be a sustainable thornback ray population in the Oosterschelde; where they had become extinct. This species is sexually mature after eight years. Will they survive now? We don’t know yet.

Rare snakelocks anemone in Dutch Zeeland

This video shows a snakelocks anemone off Sicily island in Italy.

This summer, a snakelocks anemone was spotted in the North Sea, close to the Brouwersdam dike in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

Snakelocks anemone is a southern European marine species. They had been seen before in the Netherlands only once: in 1988, in the Grevelingen estuary.