Pheasant cleans his feathers

This 12 December 2018 video shows a male pheasant cleansing his feathers.

Joost Kersten made this video in his backyard on Texel island in the Netherlands.


Seals freed after reconvalescence

This video, recorded on 19 November 2018 on Texel island in the Netherlands, shows four common seals freed after reconvalescence at Ecomare museum.

They are Dick, Free, Lucky and Semmy.

Read more here.

American vireo on Dutch Texel island

This Dutch tweet is about a red-eyed vireo from North America, very rare in Europe, but now present on Texel island in the Netherlands for the first time.

This May 2016 video from North America is called Red-Eyed Vireo Song.

Special beetle discovered on Texel island

This 2009 video from Slovakia is called Buprestis (Ancylocheira) novemmaculata novemmaculata, Linnaeus, 1767.

Warden Erik van der Spek on Texel island in the Netherlands reports today:

At the work shed of Staatsbosbeheer on Texel the jewel beetle Buprestis novemmaculata was found. Until now, this beetle was only known in the Netherlands from the Bergen and Schoorl dune forest, the first sighting there was in 1997. …

Presumably the closest natural population can be found in Alsace

in France.

Grey seals freed after reconvalescence

This 30 May 2018 video from Texel island in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Five seals from our [Ecomare museum] shelter were able to return to the sea today! Among them were the two seals that had ended up in the shelter because they had become entangled in pieces of fishing nets. Co and Lenja, and the other three gray seals Monster, Brechje and Funny are now strong and healthy enough to be able to continue independently. The seals almost went into the water at the same time … a new future. Read more about it here.

If discovered as fossils, grey and ringed seals are so different that they could be classified as belonging to different families. Yet, a seal pup born in 1929 was found to be an almost perfect intermediate between the species. Compared to Neanderthals and modern humans, grey and ringed seals are genetically and dentally at least twice as different, suggesting that there may be more fossil human hybrids to be discovered: here.

King eider visits Texel island

This picture shows a king eider duck at Texel island in the Netherlands. It is the sixth time ever that this mostly Arctic species visits Texel.

See also here.

Texel wildlife in spring 2018: here.