Dutch choreographer refuses Turkish governmental honour

This 2015 video says about itself:

Hans van Manen: Without Words – Het Nationale Ballet | Dutch National Ballet

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Choreographer Hans van Manen refuses Turkish award

Today, 15:30

The Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen refuses a honourary award from the Turkish state. Turkey wanted to honor him as “Choreographer of the Century”, but Van Manen does not accept the title.

To NPO Radio 1 Van Manen said he refuses the prize “for the simple reason that newspapers and journalists who are just doing their jobs are muzzled and end up in prison.” …

Hans van Manen (83) is one of the most prominent Dutch choreographers. Internationally he enjoys great fame. He worked for the past sixty years in the Dutch Dance Theatre and the National Ballet. …

Press freedom

Press freedom in Turkey has been under pressure for a long time. A month ago Can Dündar, editor of the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, was sentenced for disclosing state secrets … Dündar received a prison sentence of five years and ten months.

Swans dancing in slow motion, video

After the video about swans dancing in fast motion, this video from Britain says about itself:

[Mute] Swans Dancing Rotation Display – Filmed in Slow Motion at Tehidy Swan Lake

Filmed on May 11th 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Mute swans dance in fast motion, video

This video from Britain says about itself:

11 May 2016

Amazing Mute Swans Dancing – The swans are actually performing a Rotation Display. Rotation displays are a non-violent territorial display. The video has been sped up to best show off the dance.

Filmed on May 11th 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Manakin mating season in Panama

This video from Panama says about itself:

Morning Courtship Session, May 4, 2016

The Lance-tailed Manakin Cam is a collaboration between Florida State University researcher Dr. Emily DuVal and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology‘s Bird Cams project.

Learn more about manakins and watch live here.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA writes about this:

This year we’ve been working behind-the-scenes with collaborators from Florida State University to bring you a view of a phenomenon that can be difficult to see: the dance of the Lance-tailed Manakin. Dr. Emily DuVal and her group have been studying a population of manakins in Panama for many years, chipping away at the mysteries behind the interesting social structure of Lance-tailed Manakins.

Thanks to her hard work, we’ve been able to get a “beta” cam system up and running this year as a proof-of-concept that we hope to improve upon for next season. The cam shows a single display perch that is used by a pair of male manakins to court females. The dances themselves are a low-frequency event, with only a handful to a dozen happening within any given day; however, they are complex and beautiful, with the males vocalizing and dancing in a highly coordinated way. The background audio often contains howler monkeys, cicadas, and the vocalizations of other birds, and is a beautiful backdrop to any scene.

Adders’ mating season dance, video

This video shows male adders ‘dancing’ during the mating season.

The snake able to continue dancing for the longest time will mate with the female.

Tonny Groenhof-de Jager from the Netherlands made this 2 May 2016 video.