Tyrannosaurus rex welcomed in Leiden

This 2 June 2016 video is about a Camarasaurus and other dinosaurs at Naturalis museum in Leiden in the Netherlands.

This morning, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, excavated in Montana in the USA, arrived at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands.

From Schiphol, it continued to Naturalis museum, preceded by paleontologists/biologists Anne Schulp and Freek Vonk, cheerleaders, a brass band, police and a flowery Tyrannosaurus on a float.

Tyrannosaurus rex float, 26 August 2016

This photo of the float is a cell phone picture, like the others in this blog post.

Tyrannosaurus rex float, Beestenmarkt, 26 August 2016

They proceeded to a welcome party at Beestenmarkt square in Leiden, where hundreds of school children and others were expecting the tyrannosaur, named Trix.

Tyrannosaurus rex truck, 26 August 2016

People had to move back, as a fence had to be moved, as there was not enough space for the float to pass between the fence and a lamppost.

Tyrannosaurus rex truck, on 26 August 2016

Behind the float was the truck with the fossil Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

North American bird photo contest winners

This video from the USA says about itself:

29 July 2010

Home Tweet Home: Schoolyard Nest Box Trail Competition

WSKG is proud to offer the Home Tweet Home competition. This contest is offered to area elementary and middle school students and calls for the application of science and technology skills.

Special thanks to our partner, Cornell Lab of Ornithology for their many contributions to the Home Tweet Home project.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology‘s NestWatch eNewsletter, August 2016, in the USA:

Home Tweet Home Winners

Betty Smith (via Facebook) said it best: “I wish I could vote for each of the photos, knowing behind each one are people who love and care about birds!” That was exactly our sentiment as we combed through 670 submissions, reading your stories and sharing in your discoveries. You all deserve a prize and a resounding, “thank you!”

But, a contest has to have winners, and the votes are in. Here are your 2016 Home Tweet Home official winners:

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you so much for participating. See all award winners and honorable mentions in our gallery of honorees.

Buzzard family, butterflies and flowers

Painted lady, 30 July 2016

On 30 July 2016, to Gooilust nature reserve again. Where we saw this painted lady butterfly on a butterfly-bush flower in the garden.

Before the garden, near the Gooilust entrance, we heard a young buzzard, presumably still a nestling, call.

A male buzzard, presumably its father, flying, then sitting down on a tree. Then, that buzzard flew to the ground, catching, probably, a rodent. While in flight, he transferred his prey to his female mate. Who then flew to the nest. The youngster’s calls turned to silence, presumably because it was feeding.

Then, we continued to the Gooilust garden. Many butterflies: small whites; map butterflies. Red admirals. Peacock butterflies.

Also, various bumblebee species.

Dahlia, 30 July 2016

Many beautiful dahlia flowers.

Dahlia, on 30 July 2016

Of various colours, including white.

Dahlias, 30 July 2016

Nuthatch sound.

Corversbos, 30 July 2016

We left Gooilust, passing the Corversbos fields.

Highland cattle and stonechat

Highland cattle, 10 July 2016

After 9 July 2016 at the nature reserve Huis ter Heide in the Netherlands, we went there again on 10 July. We saw, eg, these highland cattle.

Before that, we had seen a hare. At lakelets, an Egyptian goose among scores of gray lag geese.

At the Leikeven lake boardwalk, about ten white wagtails, both adults and juveniles.

A skylark sings.

A grey heron flies.

In the grass, a cinnabar moth caterpillar called ‘zebra caterpillar’ because of its yellow and black stripes, crawls.

We arrive at the Vossenbergvennen lakes.

A lesser black-backed gull swims there. Unfortunately, beautiful Huis ter Heide is close to a landfill; which attracts gulls.

A male stonechat sits on a bush.

A white stork.

Huis ter Heide, 10 July 2016

We continue through this beautiful scenery.

And meet highland cattle (see photo at the top of this blog post).

Finally, a meadow brown butterfly.

Butterflies, damselflies, birds and flowers

Map butterfly, 9 July 2016

After we had arrived at Huis ter Heide near Tilburg in the Netherlands on 8 July 2016, on 9 July we went to that nature reserve again. First, we saw this map butterfly, on a very young oak tree.

Sounds of a green woodpecker and a chiffchaff.

In a Rauwe Vennen lakelet, a flock of gray lag geese and two grey herons.

We arrive at a bigger lake, the Leikeven. On and around the sandy footpath near this lake, thousands of Crabronidae wasps have their nests.

Leikeven, 9 July 2016

People can walk across the Leikeven on a boardwalk.

Coots swim. A young black-headed gull.

Marsh St John's-wort, 9 July 2016

In the shallow water grow plants; like marsh St John’s-wort.

Marsh St John's-wort, Leikeven, 9 July 2016

Also spoonleaf sundew and shoreweed.

Many common blue damselflies. Sometimes sitting on shoreweed, sometimes on other plants, sometimes flying.

White wagtails on the boardwalk.

Not far away, two adult great crested grebes and their four chicks swim.

Mating common blue damselflies, 9 July 2016

On the boardwalk, this ‘tandem‘ of mating common blue damselflies.

We see many more common blue damselfly tandems. Though, at first sight, there are more males than (less conspicuous) females. Along a common blue, a smaller, reddish damselfly flies. Maybe a small red damselfly.

Common blue damselflies, 9 June 2016

Near the end of the boardwalk, hundreds of common blue damselflies, sitting on plants and flying.

The next lake is Plakkeven. From a birding hide, we see a moorhen.

On the footpath, a male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly.

In the Bodemven lake swim little grebes and mallards.

Finally, three parasol mushrooms.

Stay tuned, as on 10 July we went to Huis ter Heide again.

Butterfly and flowers

Green-veined white butterfly, 8 July 2016

This photo shows a green-veined white butterfly. It is from 8 July 2016, in nature reserve Huis ter Heide near Tilburg in the Netherlands. That day, after the Hieronymus Bosch exhibition, we had arrived there.

Green-veined white butterfly, on 8 July 2016

Green-veined white butterfly, Huis ter Heide, 8 July 2016

Flower, 8 July 2016

Not far from the butterfly, this flower grew.

Flowers, 8 July 2016

Many more flowers than just one.

Next day, we went to Huis ter Heide again. So, stay tuned!

Purple heron, whiskered tern fly together

Whiskered tern and purple heron

This 5 August 2016 photo is by brenneberry from the Netherlands.

It shows a purple heron and a whiskered tern flying together.

Purple herons are fairly rare in the Netherlands; a few hundred nesting couples. While whiskered terns are very rare.