Spoonbill and parasol mushrooms of Vlieland island

Spoonbill, 28 September 2015

After 27 September came 28 September 2015 on Vlieland. This photo shows a spoonbill we saw that day, feeding in shallow Wadden Sea water just south of the island.

Before we saw that spoonbill, as we woke up, a robin sang.

In the Wadden Sea shallow water: curlew, oystercatcher, redshank.

Spoonbill in Wadden Sea, 28 September 2015

And then, the already mentioned spoonbill. That bird was late for the time of the year; many spoonbills having already gone to Africa on their autumn migration.

We went north, to the North Sea.

Parasol mushroom, 28 September 2015

In the sand dunes, a parasol mushroom.

On jetties protruding from the beach: many herring gulls. And oystercatchers, ruddy turnstones, carrion crows, and great cormorants.

Dead great cormorant, 28 September 2015

On the beach, a dead great cormorant. A young bird, as its white breast feathers showed. Its neck buried in the sand.

Parasol mushrooms, 28 September 2015

As we went back, more parasol mushrooms, of various sizes and ages.

Supermoon lunar eclipse, September 27th-28th, photos

Moon, 28 September 2015

The supermoon lunar eclipse of September 27th-September 28th, 2015 was visible in many parts of the world. Including Vlieland island in the Netherlands. After 27 September on Vlieland, this telephoto lens picture of the moon was taken there at 2 a.m. on 28 September.

Blood moon, 28 September 2015

And this photo is from Vlieland as well: three hours later, when the moon had become a reddish ‘blood moon’.

Amethyst deceivers, fly agarics and woodpecker of Vlieland

Amethyst deceiver fungus, Vlieland, 27 September 2015

After the birds of the morning of 27 September on Vlieland island, in the afternoon we went again to the forest north of the village. Where these young amethyst deceiver fungi grew.

Amethyst deceiver fungi, Vlieland, 27 September 2015

Russula sp., 27 September 2015

As we continued, a beautiful red mushroom. Probably one of many Russula species.

Fly agarics, 27 September 2015

A bit further, more red mushrooms, easier to recognize: fly agarics.

Torenvijver, Vlieland, 27 September 2015

Next, the Torenvijver pond. Pictured on this photo; the only one on this blog post not made with a macro lens, but with a wide-angle lens.

This is video about the Torenvijver in May 2012, with much sound by many edible frogs.

When we were there, the pond was much more silent. Just three mallards, two males and one female, swimming.

Yellow stagshorn, 27 September 2015

As we continued, there was this yellow stagshorn fungus along the footpath.

A great spotted woodpecker calls.

Bolete, 27 September 2015

A big bolete fungus, looking like a slug has already eaten part of it.

Shaggy ink cap, 27 September 2015

Shaggy ink cap.

Sulphur tufts, Vlieland, 27 September 2015

Sulphur tufts on an old tree stump.

Sulphur tufts, on Vlieland, 27 September 2015

A dead wood mouse on the footpath.

Meadow pipits and brent geese on Vlieland

Meadow pipit, 27 September 2015

After 26 September, 27 September was our third day on Vlieland island. Meadow pipit autumn migration was in full swing; you could hear them everywhere. This photo shows one, close to the village and to the Wadden sea.

As we woke up, a blackbird and a jackdaw together on the roof.

As we went to the Wadden sea dike, four meadow pipits together, including the one on the photo.

Ruddy turnstones, 27 September 2015

On the dike were these ruddy turnstones. And herring gulls. And great cormorants.

Two northern wheatears as well.

Horses, 27 September 2015

Behind the dike was a meadow with horses.

Brent geese, 27 September 2015

Not only horses. Also nine brent geese, five of whom are on this photo.

There were starlings as well.

Gulls, 27 September 2015

And many gulls: mainly black-headed gulls in winter plumage. Also some common gulls and herring gulls.

Gulls flying, 27 September 2015

Sometimes, many gulls took off for brief flights, for no apparent reason.

Eider duck male depicted on sign, 27 September 2015

As we continued on the dike, we saw this sign. It says, translated: ‘Don’t walk along the dike at high tide. Then, eider ducks rest here. Let them sleep’.

As it was high tide, we returned.

Meadow pipit, on fence, 27 September 2015

Of course, meadow pipits were still there.

Stay tuned, as there will be much more on Vlieland on this blog!

Vlieland fungi and birds

This video is about Vlieland.

After 25 September, 26 September 2015 was our second day on Vlieland island. We did not only see Slauerhoff’s poetry then.

Early in the morning, a robin singing.

Curlew and redshank sounds from the Wadden Sea not far away.

In the afternoon, we went to the forested area north of the village.

Many fungi, including shaggy ink cap.

White saddle fungi, 26 September 2015

And these white saddle fungi. Like the other photos on this blog post, this is a macro lens photo.

Mycena species, 26 September 2015

And these fungi: about same colour, but different species, much smaller.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

In the sand dunes close to the North Sea beach, big parasol mushrooms.

On the North sea jetties: herring gulls, ruddy turnstones, oystercatchers, a red knot.

European searocket flowers on the beach.

Common puffballs, 26 September 2015

Back to the forest. These common puffballs grew there.

Fungus, 26 September 2015

And this mushroom.

Bolete, 26 September 2015

And this young bolete.

Sulphur tufts, 26 September 2015

Finally, these young sulphur tufts.

Back in the village. A male chaffinch.

Poetry on Vlieland island

Slauerhoff Vlieland

This photo shows parts of a poem about a town hall near the town hall of Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

The poem is by well-known Dutch poet Jan Jacob Slauerhoff. Vlieland, he said, was one of few places where he felt at home.

On fourteen glass plates like on the photo there are poetry lines by Slauerhoff.

If you want to see all fourteen of them, then you have to go all the way north from the village on the Wadden Sea coast to the dunes near the North Sea beach.

After we arrived on Vlieland on 25 September, we saw two glass plates with Slauerhoff poetry on 26 September.

Slauerhoff Vlieland in forest

This photo was taken in the forest not far from the North Sea coast.

Slauerhoff Vlieland on dune

And this photo is from a sand dune summit still closer to the North Sea coast.

Slauerhoff Vlieland poems

This photo, from Vlieland village shows maybe Slauerhoff’s most famous lines, including the first line in which he writes he can only really live inside his poems.

Beautiful yellow wagtails photo

Yellow wagtails

This is a photo of yellow wagtails, by Gerhard Kornelis from the Netherlands.