Nazi London bookshop attackers scot-free

This 11 August 2018 video from London, England says about itself:

Bookmarks Solidarity – opening speeches

DR LOUISE RAW, [historian] Author of ‘Striking a Light: The Bryant and May Matchwomen and Their Place in History

– PAUL HOLBOROW, one of the founders of the Anti Nazi League

– WEYMAN BENNETT, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism

After the London Grenfell Tower fire disaster, police should be prosecuting the responsible local and national government Conservative politicians and flammable cladding-selling corporate fat cats. Instead, they are scapegoating firefighters.

And that is not the only strange thing about London police.

By Paul Mitchell in England:

UK: Police take no action over far-right attack on Bookmarks bookstore

15 August 2018

Last Saturday, August 11, in central London, a small group of far-right thugs returned to the Bookmarks bookstore, intent on entering and disrupting a meeting held to protest the attack on the store by members of “Make Britain Great Again” (MBGA) just one week earlier.

Several hundred people turned up to show their support for Bookmarks, which is run by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and is the official bookseller of the Trades Union Congress. They listened to authors, poets and other speakers in the shop and at an overflow meeting in nearby Bloomsbury Baptist Church.

Bookmarks manager Dave Gilchrist told the crowd, “The number of messages we’ve received has been absolutely immense.

“You recognise that what happened, an attack on a bookshop, was not merely an attack on us but a whole movement—the Labour, the trade union movement, the radical movement and the left entirely.

“Whatever the intentions were of these fascists breaking into our shop, destroying books, harassing staff, the opposite has been the case because in fact we’ve emerged from this much, much stronger”, he added.

David Rosenberg, author of Battle for the East End, read out a statement from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that said, “Bookshops being attacked shows how frightened they are of ideas of a different world of social justice and equality. … There is only one eternal answer: solidarity.”

However, despite the large crowd, the sensitive nature of the event and the high probability of a far-right provocation, there was no police presence.

It was left to a couple of stewards and some of those milling around outside the meeting to prevent the handful of thugs gaining entry to the event and to then chase them off.

The police response to calls for help was to send one officer (and a junior in support) who proceeded to tell a steward to phone again if there was further trouble. He made no attempt to summon support to apprehend the suspects, whose yells could still be heard in the background.

This follows a pattern.

The Metropolitan Police Service has repeatedly treated such aggressive displays by fascists in central London over the last weeks with kid gloves, including a rally on the day of one of the main events of the Royal Family calendar, Trooping the Colour, with the Royal Family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace just hours before.

Despite London being the CCTV capital of the world and the perpetrators gleefully posting videos of their activities on social media, there have been no reports to date of their detention, arrest or charging.

When Steve Hedley, assistant general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, was subjected to a bloody assault last month—following his speech at a Stand Up To Racism counter-protest of a far-right demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson—it was he and his companions who were arrested and detained for several hours. The real culprits were able to vanish into thin air despite a massive police presence on the day.

The same held true on August 4 at Bookmarks, when it was invaded by a dozen far-right, anti-Muslim and pro-Trump MBGA supporters who intimidated staff and customers, tore up posters and overturned displays.

The action was organised by the People’s Charter Foundation/MBGA, whose patrons include Robert Oulds, chair of the right-wing, anti-European Union Bruges Group, and Elizabeth Jones, a member of the National Executive Committee of the United Kingdom Independence party (UKIP).

UKIP, for damage limitation purposes, was forced to suspend Jones along with the protest organisers, her brother Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello, only to later reinstate Jones, who was not present at the provocation.

Even so, there are no reports of the police questioning any of the three, or any one of those taking part who are clearly identifiable from the 12 and a half minutes of film footage they made and which has been posted on YouTube. One of the participants declares, “We’re going to do an ambush. … Let’s get the bastards.” Luke Nash-Jones is seen clearly organising the group, fraternising with an individual in a Trump mask and telling them to wait for three minutes until he has entered Bookmarks acting “normally” and put on his red MBGA hat. The group then pour in chanting “Tommy Robinson”, “F***ing paedophile nutters”, “Scum,” and “Trump, Trump, Trump”, intimidating the staff and customers, tearing up posters and knocking over displays.

That Nash-Jones is concerned about prosecution over the storming of Bookmarks is evident in a subsequent video published on the Red Pill Factory website. He is obviously afraid, blatantly lies about what happened and attempts to shift the blame onto the Trump character for initiating a “prank” that went wrong. Nash-Jones declares that MBGA opposed the criminal damage inflicted on the bookshop by “third parties” and that all he wanted was a “political debate” with the Bookmarks staff “in the spirit of John Stuart Mill.” An earlier posting of a video, now taken down, makes clear that Nash-Jones knows the identity of the man in the Trump mask and the individual filming events who tore up placards.

Despite Nash-Jones’s admission that criminal damage took place and the obvious public order offence, which covers “affray…using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour causing fear of or provoking violence”, the Metropolitan Police downplayed the incident. They merely recorded, “Police were called at approximately 18:35hrs on Saturday, 4 August to reports of a protest inside a shop on Bloomsbury Street, WC1.

“No other offences were disclosed at the time. Police received a second call a short time later stating that the group had left the premises after causing some damage inside the shop. There were no injuries. An appointment has been made for officers to speak with the complainant. No arrests have been made.”

The Bookmarks attacks are part of a resurgence of far-right, often violent, activity in Britain and internationally. These are minuscule groups with little or no public support, but they are being orchestrated and financially backed by extremely wealthy and influential figures in the US and British elite and act under the protection of the state.

They have been encouraged by the Brexit referendum result, media coverage of US President Donald Trump and the Tommy Robinson campaign.

Robinson was jailed on May 25 for contempt of court after live-streaming a fascistic rant against “Muslim paedophiles” and “Muslim rapists” during the concluding stage of a child-grooming trial in Leeds. His promotion as a “free speech” martyr is a calculated attempt by sections of the political elite to cultivate a far-right movement along the lines of Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) and France’s Rassemblement National (the renamed National Front.)

A key player has been former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs banker and self-professed admirer of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Bannon has echoed Trump’s barely disguised call for Boris Johnson to replace Theresa May as prime minister.

What is also revealed by the attack on Bookmarks and Steve Hedley is that fascistic layers feel able to attack the left because they enjoy virtual impunity from prosecution by the police.


British Conservatives knew about fire hazards years before Grenfell, did nothing

This 2 August 2018 video from Britain is called Government told in 2014 that Grenfell-style cladding was highly dangerous.

By Tom Pearce in Britain:

UK government warned of dangers of flammable cladding three years before Grenfell fire

14 August 2018

As [early] as 2014, the UK government was warned of the risks of using combustible aluminum composite material (ACM) cladding on buildings and did nothing to stop its use or warn the population.

The details emerged just as the Grenfell fire inquiry broke for its summer recess. It was because Grenfell Tower was surrounded by highly flammable cladding that a small fire on the fourth floor rapidly became an inferno that consumed the entire block on June 14 last year, claiming 72 lives.

Inside Housing, the weekly trade publication, revealed minutes of a meeting of the fire group of the Center for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) on July 2, 2014. Inside Housing was able to access the minutes through a Freedom of Information request.

The meeting, held two years before Grenfell tower was covered in flammable ACM, was called after the CWCT received inquiries about the fire safety and performance of facades (cladding) due to the fact that there had been “a number of issues recently.” It was attended by officials from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

On the combustibility of insulation, the minutes state, “Limited combustibility insulation should be used above 18 metres when following the prescriptive requirements of Approved Document B (ADB) Cl[ause] 12.7 but other materials, principally foil faced phenolic foam are often used in rainscreen walls.”

This was not the case at Grenfell, with its cladding being compared to “solid petrol” by some experts.

The minutes show the building regulations to be deliberately ambiguous, providing grey areas where building control officers have allowed the use of combustible material that does not comply to the standards in ADB clause 12.7.

Regarding the use of ACM, the CWCT findings showed that, “This material generally achieves a reaction to fire classification of class 0 or class B s1 d0.” In the minutes, CWCT recommends that there are safer and less combustible options available. “There are versions available with a mineral core which can achieve A2 s1 d0. There are also similar materials available with other metals such as copper used for the facing.”

The minutes give a stark warning of the dangers associated with the use of ACM: “There have been major fires in buildings in various parts of the world including the Middle East and France where ACM materials have been used for the cladding with the ACM responsible for external fire spread.”

It is stated that “clause 12.7 of ADB is intended to prohibit the use of polyethylene cored ACM in buildings over 18m as they are not classed as limited combustibility. …

“In a building with a storey 18m or more above ground level any insulation product, filler material (not including gaskets, sealants and similar) etc. used in the external wall construction should be of limited combustibility.”

While it was made clear to the Department for Communities and Local Government that cladding was directly responsible for the spread of external fires in tower blocks, the government was doing nothing with this information.

These official guidelines were ignored by the government, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council (RBKC) and the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO)—that carried out Grenfell’s “refurbishment” on behalf of the council.

The minutes also point to the dangers in the use of cladding that has not been properly fitted and buildings that have not been designed to take the new forms of cladding:

“Cavities/openings may be formed in a fire due to melting or deformation of materials. The cavities/openings may lead to unexpected routes for fire spread. In ADB [Approved Document B] the requirement for insulation of limited combustibility applies to all insulation so includes insulation within a rainscreen cavity or within a curtain wall spandrel panel.”

This adds to the evidence pointing to the vast criminality committed at Grenfell by the political and corporate elite, who are doing everything possible to conceal their crimes.

In the Grenfell Inquiry’s last session, Michael Mansfield QC, representing some Grenfell families, interrupted inquiry chair, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, to insist there was a “sense of urgency” to act and help families still living in tower blocks with similar cladding. He said, “There is no need to wait another nine months to make recommendations that could—and possibly should—be made now.”

The same call was made in June by Pete Weatherby, QC, who demanded “a moratorium on the use of any insulation or rainscreen products that are below A1 (non-combustible) standard, at least until [the inquiry chair’s] final report.”

In response, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) claimed, “We are acting quickly” and are “consulting on banning the use of combustible materials on high-rise residential buildings. We are also restructuring building regulations fire safety guidance to ensure it is clear.”

The truth is that the government is “consulting” on the banning of ACM only in order to ensure that any such measure, if legislated at all, will result in the least impact on the profits of big business. A full ban is opposed by Sir Ken Knight, the chair of the government’s independent fire safety panel, who wrote to the MHCLG on July 2 calling only for a limited ban on combustible materials used on buildings.

Virtually nothing has been done to make thousands of people safe in their homes 14 months after the Grenfell fire.

In total, 470 public and private buildings in the UK are known to have Grenfell-type cladding. A year after the Grenfell fire, the government’s own building safety programme had identified 297 private high-rise blocks with ACM cladding. However, only 21 had begun the process to remove cladding and only four buildings have had their cladding completely removed. It is estimated by other sources that there are many more buildings clad in ACM, which are not being listed by their owners, who fear a collapse in the value of their property.

Recently residents at the New Capital Quay block in Greenwich, London had to prepare a class action suit against developers and insurers over building safety to force the company to agree to remove the cladding from their homes.

Those guilty of social murder at Grenfell Tower must be arrested and charged, including former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Prime Minister Theresa May and her predecessors, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Those instrumental in the decision to add the cladding to Grenfell must also be arrested and charged, including former RBKC council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown; his then-deputy, Rock Feilding-Mellen; former housing director Laura Johnson; former head of the KCTMO, Robert Black; the CEO of Rydon, Robert Bond; the managing director of Harley Facades, Ray Bailey; the CEO of Arconic, which manufactured the cladding panels used; and the chief executive officers of Celotex, which manufactured the flammable insulation.

  • For an emergency multibillion-pound programme of public works to build schools, hospitals, public housing and all the infrastructure required in the 21st century!

The Grenfell Fire Forum, initiated by the Socialist Equality Party, will be discussing these issues at its next meeting on Saturday, September 1, at the Maxilla Social Club in North Kensington, London. All are welcome to attend.

Grenfell Fire Forum meeting

Saturday, September 1, 4 p.m.
Maxilla Social Club, 2 Maxilla Walk
London, W10 6SW (nearest tube: Latimer Road)

For further details visit

London anti-fascists against neonazi bookshop attackers

Bookmarks bookshop manager Dave Gilchrist shakes hands with London Assembly member Ushmen Desai at the protest against the neofascist attack

By Ben Chacko in London, England:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Huge Bookmarks solidarity demo sees fascists chased away

A STRONG showing of solidarity with socialist booksellers Bookmarks easily saw off a handful of disruptive fascists at the weekend.

Hundreds of socialists, feminists and anti-racists thronged the central London bookshop and adjacent Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon, listening to speakers call for a new mobilisation against the far right in the wake of a fascist attack on the shop a week before.

The crowd heard from Stand Up to Racism co-convener Weyman Bennett, Jewish Socialists’ Group’s David Rosenberg and former National Union of Teachers president Louise Regan — as well as dozens of messages of solidarity received from those who couldn’t be there, including 103-year-old Cable Street veteran and communist Max Levitas and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“Half a dozen” far-right agitators, quickly identified by organisers as belonging to the so-called Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance, tried to film and provoke some of the attendees outside the church but were rapidly chased off by activists, including historian and author Louise Raw, who had earlier addressed the event.

Unite Against Fascism’s Paul Sillett told the Morning Star the fascists had “turned up and tried to intimidate people” and were a group who had “on occasion provided security for far-right outfit Generation Identity.

“They try to film people and then share their faces and names”, Mr Sillett said, pointing to Vinnie Sullivan’s Reality Report which targets left-wing events and shares camera footage “to set people up for assault.”

The group were quickly dealt with as Bookmarks had arranged a “proper stewarding operation” following Saturday August 4’s attack.

Ms Raw said “when the DFLA declined to leave, several of us chased them across the road and away.

“I was particularly impressed with the anti-fascist sisters — particularly those who chased them off in summer frocks and flip flops!”

She stressed: “What’s important is the tremendous success of the day, hundreds upon hundreds of people coming together to stand up to fascism.”

Ms Raw was one of several speakers to summon up the spirit of Cable Street in her address to the event, which heard Ruth Levitas read out a message on behalf of her uncle Max, who was arrested in 1934 for whitewashing No To Fascism on a plinth at Trafalgar Square and fought two years later at Cable Street, where communists and Jews of the East End defeated the British Union of Fascists led by Oswald Mosley.

“The struggle continues”, Mr Levitas had told her. “We fight on. It’s a long struggle.”

Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights author Judith Orr said that while the election of Donald Trump had emboldened fascists, the outlook in Britain was hopeful “because of Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning victory.

“People want something different. That’s only going to be won by the collective struggle of our class”, she said.

A giant We Are Corbyn banner adorned one wall of the church hall and each mention of the Labour leader’s name drew applause from the audience, with Mr Bennett and Mr Rosenberg among those pointing to his unparalleled record of standing up to fascism and racism.

Mr Rosenberg read out a message in which Mr Corbyn said the attack on Bookmarks showed how frightened fascists are “by ideas for a different world of social justice and equality.”

The day “went fantastically well,” Bookmarks manager David Gilchrist told the Morning Star. “Turnout was huge. It’s like what we’ve experienced all week, solidarity visits, people buying books.

“It’s a reflection of how seriously people are taking the situation.

“There were old friends and lots of new faces — this is the beginning of the unity we need to fight the fascists.”

THE spirit of Cable Street was evoked in Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church at the weekend as the left came together to vow a fightback against the growing threat of the far right. The solidarity event with Bookmarks, the socialist bookshop attacked by far-right activists a week earlier, attracted hundreds upon hundreds of people across the afternoon, with speaker after speaker pointing to the need to unite and fight against fascism: here.

British Conservatives not learning Grenfell disaster lessons

London burnt-out Grenfell Tower

By Alan Jones in Britain:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Government ‘ignoring Grenfell warning signs

Firefighters attending more incidents than ever – but cuts to the service continue

FIREFIGHTERS‘ leaders accused the government of ignoring the warning signs of Grenfell today, as new figures showed a rise in incidents amid continued fire service cuts.

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said that, despite mounting difficulties over the last year, the government continued to “starve” fire authorities of funding.

There were 564,827 incidents in England in the past year, an increase of more than 4,000.

Firefighters attended more than 167,000 fires, the most since 2011-12, said the FBU, adding that the long period of improvements in public safety has plateaued, with cuts the “most likely explanation” for the rise.

The union said that, since 2010, one in five firefighting jobs have been cut, including around 10,000 in England.

FBU national officer Dave Green said: “These dreadful new figures confirm firefighters‘ worst fears. Austerity cuts are now damaging public safety.

“For years, politicians have slashed our service and excused their actions because long-term improvements were still being made.

“Now their figures show the public is at greater risk. The Grenfell Tower fire should have been a wake-up call.

“The Westminster government should have reacted by investing in the fire and rescue service, but instead they just keep on cutting.

“Firefighters have lost complete confidence in this Tory government. They are putting the public at risk, while wrecking a well-respected, professional public service.”

Labour’s shadow fire and emergencies minister Karen Lee added: “With fire and rescue services attending thousands more incidents in the last year it’s clear we need investment not cuts to our services.

“Swingeing cuts to staffing and funding capacities means that our hard-working fire service is once again expected to do more with less.”

She said a Labour government would recruit 3,000 more firefighters and ensure that the fire service is properly supported to keep our communities safe.

THE FBU has revealed that firefighters dealt with more incidents, more fires and saw more fire deaths last year than for most of the last decade in England, yet the Westminster government continues to starve fire authorities of the central funding necessary to keep the public safe: here.

Donald Trump’s bookshop-attacking British fascist fans

Trump supporters' nazi salutes in Berkeley, USA

These photos show Donald Trump supporters in Berkeley, California, USA, bringing the nazi salute on 15 April 2017.

Pro-Trump nazi salute in Berkeley, USA

Not only in the USA does much of the hard core of Donald Trump supporters consist of open or half-open neofascists. Trump has neonazi supporters in Britain, whose racist lies he retweets.

Make Britain Great Again, Trump's far-right British fans

The ‘lion’ logo in this Twitter profile of Make Britain Great Again, Trump’s far-right British fans, is derived from the logo of the ‘Lion Guard’; a paramilitary gang of extreme right Trump supporters in the USA. According to Wikipedia:

Lion Guard’s name came from a tweet in which Trump quoted [Italian fascist dictator] Benito Mussolini.

Lion Guard emblem

This is the United States Lion Guard emblem.

What will the next step of the Make Britain Great Again Lion Guard franchise be, when they will again attack a bookshop, or a trade union meeting, etc.? Next, with ‘concealed’ or ‘open carry’ firearms, just like the United States Trump-supporting fascists in Charlottesville, Virginia; or the neonazi murderer at the Florida high school?

By Ben Cowles in London, England:

Monday, August 6, 2018

Meet the far-right conspiracy idiots who stormed Bookmarks
THE halfwits who went berserk in the central London socialist bookshop Bookmarks on Saturday afternoon are supporters of a oddball far-right group called Make Britain Great Again (MBGA), which is also inconsistently called the People’s Charter Foundation.

After the attack we could only suspect that it was MBGA, who were earlier that day goose-stepping their way from Facebook’s London office to BBC Broadcasting House in protest against the social media giant’s temporary banning of US right-wing conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones.

Thankfully one of their number had the absolute genius idea to film themselves planning and carrying out their anti-social and borderline criminal antics.

In the video, which MBGA wisely deleted on Sunday morning but not before Facebook group Red London got hold of it, we see the cameraman enter the shop with around 12 others and begin chanting: “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

After verbally abusing and threatening the sole member of staff, who bravely stood up to them, and ripping up Stand Up to Racism placards, the cameraman proceeds to pick up books at random and derive paedophiliac meaning from their titles.

Posh Boys”, the phone-wielding plonker exclaims picking up Robert Verkaik’s savage indictment of the public school system. “What the fuck is that about? Boys?” he shouts at the shop assistant, failing to read the blurb on the back cover.

MBGA appears to be the brainchild of Luke Nash-Jones, a Trump-loving, Thatcherite, self-obsessed loser. The MBGA campaign website seems to be as much about promoting Nash-Jones’s unsightly mug as it is about ludicrous far-right conspiracy theories.

MBGA says its purpose is to “oppose the collapse of the British culture and nation” and to “resist the cultural terrorism of postmodernism …” which it believes was “envisioned by [Marxist philosophers Antonio] Gramsci, [Gyorgy] Lukacs, and [Herbert] Marcuse.”

“Fervent national pride”, “very low migration” — presumably immigration into Britain rather than the movement of people or animals in general — “strong national defences and border enforcement”, “Christian family values”, “limited government” and “economic nationalism” are some of the things MBGA believes in.

Why did this ragtag bunch of madcap fascists single out Bookmarks rather than, say, a Waterstones, a WH Smith, a Foyles, a The Works or any other purveyor of books?

Well, this is where things get weird.

MBGA is not only obsessed with keeping Britain British, it also makes frequent reference to the Frankfurt School and “cultural Marxism.”

There is no unified explanation of what cultural Marxism actually is, but alt-right YouTubers, Breitbart cranks like Raheem Kassam and Milo Yiannopoulos and even right-wing public pseudo-intellectuals like Jordan Peterson enjoy bandying the term around.

Adherents of the “theory” tend to believe that cultural Marxists are gender and/or identity-obsessed intellectuals and society elites intent on the destruction of Western (white) civilisation and paving the way for the communists/Jews/Muslims/bankers/paedophiles/lizards/the bogeyman to take control.

They believe cultural Marxists, whoever they are, seek to weaken the West from the inside by infecting it with feminism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, globalism, socialism, anarchism, and any other “ism” that doesn’t rationalise or idolise Western capitalism or imperialism.

For some reason many of them blame this on a group of Marxist German and Jewish academics primarily based in Frankfurt who fled nazi Germany in the 1930s, resettled in the United States and were largely responsible for the critical theory school of thought.

In a nutshell, critical theory is the study of the relationship between ideology and mass culture (TV, radio, news, art etc).

One of the reasons why the working class in advanced capitalist countries didn’t rise up in revolt, critical theory postulates, is because mass culture imbued the masses with a false consciousness that prevented them from seeing their own oppression.

Critical theorists hoped that, by making people aware of this, then society would begin to change for the better.

Quite how the ideas of this small group of intellectuals managed to infiltrate the upper echelons of the government, academia, the legal system, the media, and cultural industries is never fully explained.

This is why one of the MBGA goons in the video thought it was funny to ask if Bookmarks had any books on Gramsci. Not because a socialist bookshop obviously would have books on the Italian Marxist but because these conspiracy theorists believe he was an evil genius plotting the eventual overthrow of Western society by turning everyone feminist, LGBT, environmentalist, Islamist etc.

The left was horrified this weekend to see this fascist mob attack such a beloved bookshop in broad daylight in central London. And quite rightly.

With US President Donald Trump’s former racist-in-chief Steve Bannon holding secret meetings with Boris Johnson, with Theresa May’s “hostile environment” policies depriving migrants of their human rights and deporting black British citizens overseas, with Tommy Robinson put back on the streets and with a rabidly anti-Corbyn press engaging in constant smears, the present looks ever more like some bizarro-repeat of the 1930s.

Fascism is back. And though the MBGA idiots probably have no idea of the significance of what they’ve done, their attack sets a dangerous precedent.

Luke Nash-Jones, a regular contributor to UKIP daily, together the party’s Swindon candidate Martin Costello, and Elizabeth Jones were found to be among the fascists who attacked a central London socialist bookshop on Saturday. According to a UKIP statement: “It is understood that the three members were involved in an incident at the Bookmarks bookshop in London on Saturday”: here.

ALEX JONES BEGS TRUMP TO INTERVENE Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who claimed the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors, has begged Trump to intervene after his content was removed from YouTube, Facebook and iTunes. Blaming “globalists” and “the Chinese” — and skipping over his violation of policies on graphic violence and hate speech — Jones urged Trump to make his content ban a campaign issue ahead of the 2018 midterms because it’s “the right thing to do.” [HuffPost]