London Natural History Museum

On 10 November, the Natural History Museum in London.

In the entrance hall, a big diplodocus skeleton. Other dinosaurs in the exhibition mentioned in the video.

There was a lecture by botanist Alex Monro on tropical rainforests.

Dr Monro specializes in nettle plants, and studied them, eg, in China, where he discovered new species. Also in Central America; like in an expedition from ocean coast to coast in Costa Rica. Also, eg, amphibians were studied during that 2007 expedition.

There was also a satellite link with David Mayer de Rothschild, from Brazil, where he tried to raise awareness about ecological consequences of dam plans.

Much of the wildlife in the dam area (including birds, spider monkeys, etc.), De Rothschild said, had not been properly investigated yet.


11 thoughts on “London Natural History Museum

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