This video is called What Gives the Morpho Butterfly Its Magnificent Blue?

Blogging on animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts, and much more.

When I started blogging at ModBlog in January 2005, I wrote (and I will repeat it here, to prevent it from going down with, now in 2011, Blogsome):

Dear Kitty,

Welcome, to read the diary as I write.

Like Anne Frank 63 years ago, I am starting something while unable to predict how the world around me will evolve.

I hope this will be a many-sided diary. I hope I will be able to write much on new discoveries on ancient cultures; new poems; new paintings; new scientific discoveries in medicine, the lives of birds, and much more.

However, political and economic power being in the hands where they are now, I fear that I will have to write much on “four more years” of war in Iraq and elsewhere; rich getting richer and poor getting poorer; torture in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere; environmental destruction by corporations and governments.

Still, I hope that I will also be able to report on people fighting against these phenomena; for a better, more peaceful and just world.

In chaos theory, there is the “butterfly effect“: a butterfly in the Amazon rain forest, flapping its wings, usually does not cause a storm far away, felling mighty trees.

However, in some unusual circumstances, it does.

May there be favourable circumstances for bloggers and others speaking truth to power! “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, as Muhammad Ali used to say.

So, dear Kitty, see you again!

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  2. A much belated thank you for following my blog – I’m just catching up with new (this year) followers. What a gorgeous morpho – I have one preserved on my bookshelf. I had a wonderful time in Brazil at an entomologists conference, where I sat near Iguassu Falls one day and had a friend identify all the butterflies we could see!

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  6. You seem to have lots of visitors of the country we are based in and which was shaken badly, recently. We had expected such thing to happen in Belgium though you write nobody knows to predict how the world around you will evolve. If we are not careful it shall continue to materialise and capitalise, putting human values aside and using human beings as machines and treating them as waste-ables.(Perhaps giving some drug to the elderly to get rid of them.) For sure we do know what the Bible predicts for the Last Days, of which we see the signs very clearly. Therefore we should be warned and be alert, knowing what is getting closer.

    Seeing your internet ID we notice you subscribed to one of our sites, for which thanks.

    You also made us curious wanting us to know where you are living.

    We wish you some nice time with blogging and encountering different people with a very wide scope of interests.

    Good luck.

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  18. What a wonderful way to use the butterfly to describe your blog. You have a good way with words and selecting, cross referencing ideas. Look forward to more and helping share your concerns for a more peaceful and environmentally just world.

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