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Coots and ice video

This 22 January 2017 video is about coots gathering near holes in the ice on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Anti-Trump demonstrations reports

This 21 January 2017 video from Japan is called Women’s March in Tokyo in response to Trump’s Inauguration.

Millions of people participated in demonstrations throughout the United States and the world Saturday in a powerful and unprecedented show of opposition to the administration of US President Donald Trump. The protests were the biggest demonstrations coordinated on a global scale since the 2003 protests in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, with some estimates calling it the largest one-day protest in US history: here. And here.

Thousands of people took part in protests across Australia on Saturday opposing the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Rallies were held in most capital cities, and were attended by students, young people, professionals and workers: here.

Thousands of people joined anti-Trump protests in New Zealand on Saturday. About 1,000 protested in Auckland, 600 in Wellington and hundreds more in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. Those in attendance included students, workers and retired people, among whom were immigrants from the US: here.

A strange and disturbing sequence took place behind President Donald Trump as he delivered his inaugural address Friday, which has gone virtually without comment in the news media. Early in his address, ten military officers walked up and stood behind the president so they would prominently appear with Trump in the camera shots beamed across the US and the world. After 45 seconds, a Marine officer prompts the sailors and soldiers to leave, and they walk away: here.

Trump delivers diatribe against press at CIA headquarters: here.

Cetti’s warbler video

This is a Cetti’s warbler video from the Netherlands.

Yellow-browed warbler video

This is a yellow-browed warbler video from the Netherlands.