London mosque murderer’s Tommy Robinson, Britain First contacts

This June 19 2017 video from outside Finsbury Park mosque in London, England is called Imam saves terror suspect from being beaten after he ploughed a van into worshippers.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Tommy Robinson sent messages to Finsbury Park terror suspect days before attack, court hears

Prosecutors say Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen also sent message to Darren Osborne

Lizzie Dearden, Home Affairs Correspondent

Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen sent messages to the alleged Finsbury Park terror attacker just days before the atrocity, a court has heard.

Prosecutors told Woolwich Crown Court that Darren Osborne was overheard telling drinkers at a pub in Cardiff that he was a “soldier” and claiming “all Muslims are terrorists” the night before the attack … on June 19 last year, killing 51-year-old Makram Ali and injuring nine other victims.

Mr Osborne joined Twitter on 3 June and started following far-right accounts including some linked the far-right extremist group Britain First.

The Britain First paramilitary neonazis became infamous because of providing inspiration for the murder of anti-Islamophobic Labour MP Ms Jo Cox; and later because United States President Trump retweeted their lies.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC said he received a “direct message” from Ms Fransen, the group’s deputy leader, on the same day but did not detail its contents. …

The following week, he received a communication from Mr Robinson, the former English Defence League leader whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the court heard. …

The second message from Tommy Robinson to Mr Osborne came on 14 June and detailed the campaign for a woman whose rapists were not prosecuted, jurors were told.

“Dear Darren, we know about the terrible crimes committed against [name redacted] of Sunderland…police let the suspects go and why? It is because the suspects are refugees from Syria and Iraq, it’s a national outrage…I know you will be there for her and we will get her the justice she deserves”, it said.

The court heard Mr Osborne also conducted numerous searches around grooming gangs, the murder of Lee Rigby, terror attacks,Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, Jeremy Corbyn, bringing back death penalty and debunked footage that claimed to show Muslims celebrating terror attacks in London. …

But drinkers who met Mr Osborne at The Hollybush pub in Cardiff on the evening of 17 June – little over 24 hours before the attack – described him as “mentally agitated and disturbed”. …

Mr Lamberti later overheard a conversation between Mr Osborne and a British Army soldier.

The barman said the defendant claimed he was also a soldier but when asked what regiment he was in, replied: “You’ll find out tomorrow.”

He said he “immediately recognised” Mr Osborne in coverage of the Finsbury Park attack, adding: “I wish I had done more that the time… I wish I had called the police.”

Callum Spencer, a Royal Engineers soldier, said he had overheard Mr Osborne mention the word “terrorists” as he went to the bar to get a drink and challenged his claim of being a fellow soldier.

“He was mumbling but I heard him say ‘I’m going to kill Muslims, your family are going to be Muslims, they’re all terrorists and I’m going to take it into my own hands’”. Mr Spencer told the jury.

Witnesses described Mr Osborne “getting aggressive” after he was challenged to recite the phonetic alphabet to prove he was a soldier, incorrectly claiming the letter B was “bacon”, A was “Andy” and H was “house”.

Meanwhile, another man having a meal with his family told the court Mr Osborne claimed he was writing a letter to Theresa May and then claimed “all Muslims are terrorists”.

Phil Harris said he told the defendant not to air his views in front of his step-children.

Andrew Parker, the pub landlord who later asked Mr Osborne to leave the pub, told the court he also overheard him insulting Jeremy Corbyn and “making comments like ‘no one is doing anything about it’ and complaining that ‘his brothers and sisters are dying, they’re dying abroad and they’re getting away with it’.”

The trial continues.

27 thoughts on “London mosque murderer’s Tommy Robinson, Britain First contacts

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  7. FAR-RIGHT self-promoter Tommy Robinson was arrested today for “breach of the peace” after chasing down alleged child abusers outside a court.

    The ex-EDL leader was detained outside Leeds Crown Court after confronting two defendants on their way in to face trial.

    Police later released him from custody.

    Along with his team of duds, Mr Robinson was filming for a live social media video.

    The self-proclaimed defender of “free speech” was put in a police van and officers said he was being arrested for “incitement” and “breach of the peace.”

    Video footage of the scene was posted online, in which he says to viewers: “I’m being arrested? I am being arrested. I’m ‘causing a breach of peace.’ I’m being arrested for breaching the peace.

    “You’ve all watched this. Can someone get me a solicitor?”

    Clips have also been shared showing Mr Robinson walking near the alleged perpetrators and pushing for comment while filming them.

    The defendants react by shouting aggressively before walking into the court.

    Mr Robinson was arrested for contempt of court while filming outside Canterbury Crown Court last year, for which he received a suspended sentence, and for “incitement” after a protest in 2013.

    He was also jailed for 18 months for mortgage fraud in 2014.


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