British paramilitary nazis threaten journalists

This video from Britain is called ‘Britain First‘ launch ‘Patrol’ to terrorise local community.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

NUJ condemns Britain First gangs for threatening reporters

Saturday 21st June 2014

JOURNALISTS condemned the Britain First fascist street gang yesterday for threatening reporters.

National Union of Journalists general secretary Michelle Stanistreet said that the union was “not prepared to have its members threatened or deterred from their work by thugs and bullies who would like to see press freedom undermined in order that their behaviour goes below the radar.”

It follows Britain First chairman Paul Golding’s threat on Thursday to “find out where you live” if journalists publish “nonsense” about the group.

Britain First also published a statement claiming that “direct action operations will be personal not online.”

NUJ members have been attacked by fascists in the past.

“We will take this matter up with the Home Office and police and robustly support any journalist targeted in this way,” said Ms Stanistreet.

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