Ukip and ‘Britain First’ nazis

Pictures from Japanese neo-Nazi Kazunari Yamada’s website show him posing with Shinzo Abe’s internal affairs minister, Sanae Takaichi, and his party’s policy chief, Tomomi Inada. Photograph: Guardian

Recently, ministers of the Rightist government in Japan posed for photos with the fuehrer of Japan’s nazi party, everyone smiling.

Still more recently, something similar happened in England, with the violent ‘Britain First’ nazis.


From daily The Independent in Britain:

Ukip campaigners posed for picture with Britain First by mistake in Rochester,’ party HQ claims

Britain First said it had support from Ukip activists over ‘similar policies’

Ukip has said its campaigners posed for a picture with Britain First activists by “mistake” and did not understand “the nature of the group”.

Britain First had posted the picture, taken on Saturday in Rochester where both groups are campaigning for the upcoming by-election, on its website.

It showed three Ukip campaigners, wearing party T-shirts and rosettes, smiling with their arms around Britain First’s Parliamentary candidate Jayda Fransen.

“The day was marked by the great and friendly reception we received from the Ukip activists,” Britain First’s report of the day said.

Ms Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First known for her role in its so-called “mosque invasions”, said Nigel Farage’s followers had “expressed support” and asked for the picture.

“We were just having a chat about how our policies are very similar to Ukip’s, in fact they almost mirror them,” she told Buzzfeed.

But Ukip rejected any similarities with the far-right group and claimed its campaigners had been duped. …

Comments on Britain First’s Facebook page showed how close the group’s followers consider their values and Ukip’s.

One supporter wrote: “Both parties have the same goals and at times like this you need unity not division.”

“Oh a coalition maybe? I’ll vote for that,” another added.

On the day the photo was taken, a video of Britain First’s activities in Rotherham showed candidate Ms Fransen being escorted out of the Conservative campaigning office and confronting a group of worshippers outside a mosque.

Claiming she “spoke for the British people”, she said the town would “suffer” if a proposed new mosque was built. …

The Gillingham Mosque, in Canterbury Street, is run by the Kent Muslim Welfare Association, which is a registered charity listing aims including “serving the wider host community and strengthening community cohesion”.

It also has a youth wing called KMWA Youth, which works to “create a healthy, well-balanced community” and promote religious tolerance.

Ex-Britain First member visits mosque to apologise: here.

Why the Queen’s policemen are investigating Britain First: here.

With Ukip fuelling xenophobia in Britain we’d do well to remember that it was not just British servicemen and women who died fighting the nation’s wars, writes JOHN WIGH: here.

Britain First, the far-right political party responsible for vigilante “invasions” of mosques and a campaign against the “Islamification” of Britain, has told its supporters to help deliver “major Ukip gains” at the general election. Letters and leaflets currently being distributed by Britain First, a group formed by former British National Party members, effectively endorse Nigel Farage’s party: here.

Britain First use picture of Lee Rigby against the family’s wishes. The Electoral Commission apologised in 2014 after Britain First used images of Fusilier Rigby on their voting slips: here.

27 thoughts on “Ukip and ‘Britain First’ nazis

  1. We have had quasi Nazis parties trying to get a foot hold in British politics for the past 50 years (and more) but no one is buying it. The UK Idiots Party is an odious force in British politics, but as soon as they reveal any Nazis leanings the British voters will send them packing. They may well get some parliamentary seats at next May’s election, but their only chance of having any power would be in a coalition with one of the mainstream parties which could only happen if they fully distanced themselves from any far right groups.

    There’s going to be no fourth Reich here.


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  17. Thursday 17th November 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    Defendants celebrate after taking on Britain First racists ‘in self-defence’

    JUBILANT anti-fascists celebrated outside Sheffield Crown Court yesterday after a jury threw out charges of violent disorder against 10 Asian men from Rotherham.

    The convictions of two other Asian men who pleaded guilty may now be re-examined as well.

    The men are known as the Rotherham 12.

    The court heard how the town has been repeatedly targeted by far-right organisations staging provocative demonstrations.

    Racists have attempted to sow hatred in Rotherham by exploiting the grooming of local girls for sex by some Asian men.

    The demonstrations prompted counterprotests.

    The court heard how tensions were high in the town when Britain First held a demonstration shortly after the racist murder there of 81-year-old Mushin Ahmed, who was attacked on his way to a mosque on August 10 last year.

    White and Asian men clashed outside a pub in the town before police arrived to separate them.

    The Asian men were acquitted after arguing that they acted in self-defence.

    Outside court and surrounded by the acquitted men, campaigner and Rotherham 12 spokesman Suresh Grover said: “The jury, as representatives of the local population, have understood the impact of race and religious hatred fuelled by the far right on the Asian Muslim population in Rotherham.

    “They’ve also understood the need for communities under siege to defend themselves when faced with intolerable levels of racist threats and violence.”

    He described Mr Ahmed’s murder as “a death one too many.”

    The verdicts once again put the spotlight on South Yorkshire Police and its role in the arrests and prosecutions.

    Mr Grover said: “Apart from the actions of the far-right groups, our anger is reserved for South Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

    “It beggars belief, knowing what the police knew, that the defendants were ever arrested, never mind charged and put on trial.

    “Public confidence in South Yorkshire Police is at an all-time low. It can only be regained if there is a rigorous independent inquiry into their conduct and behaviour.

    “The verdicts are a game-changer and will have an immediate and long-term impact on race relations in the region and nationally in post-Brexit Britain.”


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  21. Thursday 21st September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE leader and deputy leader of far-right group Britain First were charged yesterday with causing religiously aggravated harassment.

    Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested in May over the distribution of leaflets in Thanet and Canterbury and the posting of online videos during a trial at Canterbury crown court that month involving three Muslim men and a teenager.

    In a video made during the court hearing, Ms Fransen calls on one of the accused to come out and face her. She also delivered leaflets to neighbours containing allegations about him.

    Mr Golding has been charged with three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment and Ms Fransen has been charged with four, Kent Police said yesterday.

    Both have been bailed to appear before Medway magistrates’ court on October 17.

    The pair announced to supporters that they had been banned from five addresses in Kent as part of the conditions following their arrest in May.

    Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson received a suspended jail sentence in May for filming outside the same court hearing.


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  23. Tuesday 7th November 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    FAR-RIGHT group Britain First was humiliated at a demonstration in south London on Saturday as its members were repelled by hundreds of counter-protesters.

    A pitiful 12 fascists turned up in Bromley where they were protesting over BF leaders Paul Golding and Jeyda Fransen having to sign on at the local police station as part of bail conditions after they were charged with religious harassment.

    Mr Golding and Ms Fransen deny the charges and claim that they are “martyrs” for free speech.

    But UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett said Britain First gained notoriety through sending “squads of its so-called defence force of activists, kitted out paramilitary-style, to stage “invasions” of local mosques.”

    The protest was drowned out by trade unionists and anti-fascists who massively outnumbered the far-right thugs.

    Mr Bennett praised those who turned out to oppose Britain First’s “poison.”


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