British paramilitary nazis threaten mosque

This video from London, England says about itself:

19 May 2014

Sloppy Britain First members not only trampled all over our mosque’s prayer areas without removing their shoes, they also jumped a red light and parked illegally (before scarpering when a traffic officer arrived). Well, given the number of arrests Paul Golding is wracking up recently, perhaps no surprise there …

By Luke James in Britain:

Britain First fascist mob menaces London mosque

Saturday 24th May 2014

A MOB of more than 20 Britain First fascists marched on an east London mosque on the eve [of the] local and European elections.

Britain First leader Paul Golding led his party’s “south-east brigade” in a provocative military style march past a mosque on Brick Lane on Thursday evening.

Waving Union Jacks, the party’s foot soldiers conducted what Mr Golding called a “Christian patrol” with an armoured Land Rover and a convey of four other cars.

Dozens of police officers swooped on the street gang to prevent the situation turning violent.

Natasha Daniels wrote on Twitter that she was enjoying a curry on the street when “some morons with Union Jacks and a tank/car thing came down followed by loads of police.”

She added that most of the Britain First members “hid in the car.”

In a press release boasting of their latest racist action, Britain First moaned that police had “held our activists captive for an inordinate amount of time.”

Unite Against Fascism spokesman Weyman Bennett said the thugs’ actions were symptoms of a dangerous racist atmosphere being created by the likes of Nigel Farage.

He said: “With Ukip’s shameless attempt to whip up racism against immigrants, then fascist movements try to distinguish themselves by acting in a military way.

“They’re former BNP members and they’ve made a harder turn to a military element on the streets.”

Thursday’s march on Brick Lane, near the historic Cable Street, was the latest in a string of marches on and invasions of mosques around England by Britain First.

They stormed into the East London Mosque twice last week, trying to intimidate worshipers by handing them anti-Islamic propaganda.

Mr Bennett said the increasingly violent actions are the result of frustration with the group’s lack of success.

“We consider them a small fascist group trying to make it into the big time by organising stunts like this.

“But they still face formidable obstacles in trying to do this. As long as we remain unified we can stop them.”

Eighty years ago Mosley’s fascists were rallying the faithful at London’s Olympia. JOHN ELLISON sees disturbing parallels with the rise of Britain First today: here.

MUSLIM leaders urged the police to take action yesterday amid a rising tide of fascist “mosque invasions”: here.

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