New Zealand nazis’ anti-Chinese racism

This 18 June 2019 video says about itself:

New Zealand Neo-Nazi Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison

Gizmodo reports Philip Arps was sentenced in a New Zealand court today for sharing video of the Christchurch massacre, a terrorist attack on two mosques that killed 51 people on March 15. Arps, who has compared himself favorably to Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, pleaded guilty to two counts of sharing the video and received a sentence of 21 months in prison for sending it to roughly 30 people.

By Tom Peters in New Zealand:

New Zealand fascist group targets Chinese-born MP

16 January 2020

On January 10, the fascist group Action Zealandia (AZ)

Zealandia is the name of a wildlife sanctuary in New Zealand. So, an area where only non-human animals are supposed to live.

The wildlife sanctuary is named after the ancient continent Zealandia, which formed in the age of dinosaurs, and where hardly any mammals, let alone humans, used to live.

Fascists usually want to violently turn the clock back to earlier times, to when they falsely claim everything was better. By the choice of their name, the ‘Zealandia’ fascists give the impression of not only wanting to kill all non-white people but also all white people.

posted pictures on Facebook of posters it stuck outside the office of Jian Yang, a Chinese-born member of parliament in the opposition National Party, in Auckland. One poster declared, “Don’t let them steal our country”, with a picture of the Chinese flag being painted over New Zealand’s flag. Another bore the slogan “honour your heritage”.

AZ said it had “sent a message directly to the traitors in parliament. The office of National MP and known Chinese Communist Spy, Jian Yang, was postered by our Auckland Members.”

AZ was founded in mid-2019. Its website echoes the white supremacist manifesto of Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 people at two mosques on March 15, 2019, and injured 49. Like Tarrant, AZ rails against corporations “importing cheap foreign labour… at the expense of the European community” and calls on “NZ Europeans” to “halt this ongoing replacement”.

The group received widespread media attention last October after placing posters around the University of Auckland, prompting anti-racist protests. The attack on Yang’s office, however, was reported only by Newshub in a brief article.

The incident reveals how the extreme right in New Zealand has been emboldened by the anti-Chinese campaign of the Labour Party-NZ First-Greens government, along with much of the corporate media and academia. Labour and NZ First attacked the 2008–2017 National Party government for its links with Chinese businesses, while scapegoating Chinese people for the lack of affordable housing and other problems caused by capitalism.

Denunciations of Chinese “interference” escalated as the United States, New Zealand’s main ally, ramped up its economic war and military build-up against China, which threatens to unleash a war involving nuclear-armed powers.

A key turning point was the 2017 election, which resulted in the right-wing nationalist NZ First Party, which has repeatedly demonised Muslim and Asian immigrants, forming a coalition government with the Labour Party in exchange for key ministerial posts. NZ First leader Winston Peters became deputy prime minister and foreign minister, while NZ First’s Ron Mark was made defence minister.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government has strengthened the alliance with the US and labelled Russia and China the main “threats” to the global order. It has also restricted the rights of immigrants to live and work in New Zealand. The coalition … helped create the atmosphere of racism and xenophobia in which the Christchurch massacre took place and fascist groups have become emboldened.

Claims that Yang is a “spy” were first made by academic Anne-Marie Brady just before the 2017 election and repeated by NZ First and much of the media. There is no evidence for the claim, which is based on the fact that, decades ago before immigrating, Yang taught English to Chinese military and intelligence cadets.

Brady’s so-called research, which echoes US propaganda against Beijing, is funded by the NATO military alliance and has been praised by members of the Trump administration and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On January 5, former Labour Party Prime Minister Helen Clark joined the chorus against Yang. On Twitter, she said she was “surprised” by Yang’s involvement in organising an official visit to Beijing by National Party leader Simon Bridges last year. Bridges was denounced by Brady and numerous media commentators for advocating closer ties with China, highlighting divisions within New Zealand’s ruling elite. …

The Financial Times noted that “China is New Zealand’s biggest export destination” and suggested this was why Ardern’s government had so far avoided acting against Yang. In contrast, the newspaper praised Australia’s spy agency ASIO, which has made lurid claims that Chinese agents are seeking to infiltrate its parliament. Australia has introduced draconian legislation against “foreign interference” which can be used against organisations with international connections and presages major attacks on the democratic rights of the working class. …

Amid the most severe crisis of capitalism since the Great Depression, the ruling class and its political parties are reviving this chauvinist filth in an attempt to derail the growing struggles by workers against social inequality and to justify preparations for war against China.

The promotion of nationalism is directed against a resurgence of working-class struggle around the world. Increasingly, workers recognise that they are part of an international class that confronts the same enemies and has the same fundamental interests.

As in the 1930s, the ruling elites are fostering extreme right-wing and fascist tendencies to be used as a weapon against the efforts to unite working people based on an international, socialist program.

United States Army whitewashes SS nazi criminal

SS war criminal Peiper, on U.S. Department of Defense Facebook page

By Kevin Reed in the USA:

US Army XVIII Airborne Corp posts sympathetic portrayal of Nazi war criminal on Facebook

18 December 2019

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge—the final German military offensive on the Western Front of World War II—the US Army’s XVIII Airborne Corp posted a tribute to a notorious Nazi war criminal on its Facebook page.

The original post, which first appeared on Monday, gave a sympathetic portrayal of the Panzer tank commander and Waffen-SS officer Joachim Peiper who led the surprise attack on Allied forces beginning December 16, 1944 and was responsible for the mass execution of 84 American soldiers the next day, among other war crimes.

The post included a glamorized photo of Peiper and contained the following description: “He paused at his desk. He hated to be alone with his thoughts, with the feeling of uncertainty he’d been trying to avoid for weeks.” The post was also shared without comment on the Facebook pages of both the Department of Defense and the Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

Although the photo of Peiper and the Facebook shares have since been deleted and text edits have been made, such as the insertion of the phrase “an evil war commander” into the first sentence, the main body of the original post on the XVIII Airborne Corp Facebook page remains. This includes the following passage: “Five years after Germany began a war in Europe by invading Poland, this surprise western counteroffensive Peiper was set to launch was the only hope for the survival of Nazi Germany.

“The mission was called ‘Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein’ (‘Operation Watch on the Rhine’), and Joachim would lead it. The fate of his beloved nation rested on his ability to lead his men through the American lines.”

According to a report in the Washington Post, the colorized photo of Peiper contained a watermark that reads, “Colored by Tobias Kurtz”, and is the work of an artist with a fascination with Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

The Post report says, “Kurtz’s Deviant Art and Flickr accounts say he is a Slovakia-based gamer who likes photography and graphic design. He has also shared an image of Hitler laughing as a group of German soldiers prepare to execute a kneeling man and ‘favorited’ an illustration of Hitler punching an American soldier while Nazis cheer. ‘This photo have my [thumbs up emoji]’, Kurtz wrote in the comments of the drawing.”

The glorification of Peiper on Facebook by the XVIII Airborne Corp excluded any mention of his role as a favorite personal adjutant to the Reichsfürher-SS Heinrich Himmler who directed the Nazi concentration camps where an estimated 11 million to 14 million people were murdered, including 6 million Jews. There is also no mention of Peiper joining the Hitler Youth in 1933 as an 18-year-old and how he worked his way, after being trained at the Dachau concentration camp, into Hitler’s personal security staff by 1936.

On December 17, 1944, Peiper led a group of 84 American prisoners of war, who had surrendered during the Battle of the Bulge, into a snow-covered field near Malmedy, Belgium and ordered them shot down by machine guns.

After the war, Peiper was arrested and tried in 1946 at Dachau under the rules of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal. He was convicted together with 42 other defendants and sentenced to death by hanging. Peiper’s death sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment by the commander of the US Army in Germany.

In 1950, through the intervention of the US Senate, including the anti-Communist Joseph McCarthy, it was determined that Peiper was not given a fair trial. He was eventually released in 1956 after serving less than 12 years in prison. In the 1960s, Peiper worked at the auto company Porsche in Stuttgart and then moved to France in the 1970s. In 1976, his house in Traves was firebombed and Peiper was killed at the age of 61.

The XVIII Airborne Corp refused to make any changes to its Facebook post even after numerous outraged comments from readers. Among these were, “Tremendous work on glorifying a man who slaughtered almost a hundred American prisoners of war. The rot is evident.” And, “Really? You had to post a picture of a Nazi SS officer to commemorate the battle of the bulge? I guess that would represent the views of our current administration.”

According to the Post, the XVIII Airborne Corp responded to the criticisms on Facebook in since deleted responses that Peiper was a “terrible person” but an “effective combat leader” who “rocketed through the ranks during the war, racking up medals, & promotions.”

Apparently, the changes were only made when an Army public affairs officer criticized the post on Twitter, saying, “I am dumbfounded by the decision to prominently display a Nazi on military social media on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.”

In its own Twitter reply on Tuesday morning, the XVIII Airborne Corps wrote, “We regret the use of the photograph of Joachim Peiper. The intent was to tell the full story of the Battle of the Bulge, which will continue here, by explaining the incredible odds that were stacked up against the American Soldier by the time the reserve was called in on 18 Dec.”

The publication of a glorified portrayal of a Nazi on Facebook by a US Army corps comes just two days after West Point cadets and Annapolis midshipmen were seen on national television flashing a known “white power” hand gesture during the annual Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia.

The sympathetic portrayal of the well-known Nazi war criminal by a section of the US Army is further exposure of a base of extreme right-wing and fascistic elements within the American armed forces. Furthermore, it demonstrates that efforts are underway at the highest levels of the state to rehabilitate Nazism and build support within the military and society in general for a fascist movement in the United States.

The author also recommends:

Neo-Nazi networks exposed across US military
[4 May 2019]

Army Unit Posts Photo Of Nazi War Criminal That Was Colorized By Hitler Fanboy.

Ukrainian neo-nazis murder three-year-old child

Three-year-old Oleksandr Sobolev, son of politician Vyacheslav Sobolev, shot to death in Kyiv on December 1, 2019 [Source: Facebook, Inna Soboleva]

This photo shows three-year-old Ukrainian boy Oleksandr Sobolev, murdered by ‘Right Sector’ neo-nazis in Kyiv on December 1, 2019.

By Jason Melanovski:

Ukraine: Three-year-old boy killed in attempted political assassination by the far right

6 December 2019

A botched assassination attempt against Ukrainian politician and businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev has resulted in the death of his three-year-old son, Alexander.

While Sobolev and his wife were leaving his high-end restaurant “Mario” in Kiev this past Sunday, right-wing thugs opened fire on Sobolev’s Range Rover, missing him but hitting his son who was seated in the back of the vehicle. The three-year-old died on the way to the hospital.

Police later apprehended two men who had fled the scene in a black Lexus sedan, Oleksiy Semenov, 19, and Andrei Lavrega, 20. Both are veterans of the war in Donbass in eastern Ukraine where they served as members of the fascist Right Sector’s paramilitary formation until June of this year.

The Right Sector was instrumental in the US- and EU-backed, fascist-led coup in February 2014 that toppled the Yanukovitch government and replaced it with a pro-Western and anti-Russian regime. Since then, the Right Sector has been among the far-right forces that have been heavily involved in the war against Russian-backed separatists in East Ukraine.

As is usual when members of neo-Nazi groups carry out political attacks, the Right Sector and their former battalion commander fraudulently attempted to distance themselves from Lavrega and Semenov, claiming they had lost contact with them since they left Ukraine’s armed forces in June. These claims are not credible.

Lavrega, who has been identified as the principal shooter in the killing, has been a member of the Right Sector for at least half a decade. He had participated in the Maidan movement of 2014 as a member of the Right Sector and perfected his shooting skills as a sniper killing separatist soldiers in eastern Ukraine. According to his Right Sector battalion commander, Andrei Herhert, Lavrega—also known as “Quiet”—was “one of the best snipers in the war” and “very ideological”.

As a thanks for his service to the right-wing Kiev government, Lavrega received a military decoration from former President Petro Poroshenko for “courage” just last year, in October of 2018.

It is yet unclear exactly why Sobolev—who currently serves as a deputy in Kiev’s Regional Council as a member of Poroshenko’s political party—was targeted for assassination by these fascist thugs, but Sobolev’s business ties to separatist-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine may have run afoul of right-wing forces within the Ukrainian state.

In 1997, Sobolev founded a popular supermarket called “Obzhora” in Donetsk, now the capital of the separatist-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic, and subsequently became wealthy. From 2010 to 2011, Sobolev served as an executive of Ukraine’s state energy company Naftogaz, which is rife with corruption and currently embroiled in the Trump impeachment scandal in Washington.

When the war broke out between the US-installed Kiev government and regions of eastern Ukraine in 2014, several of Sobolev’s supermarket stores found themselves operating under separatist control. In 2016, Ukrainian prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into ties between Sobolev’s supermarket chain and separatist forces. Sobolev maintained that he had sold his share in 2007 and no longer owned stake in the company.

Other reports have suggested that the assassination attempt on Sobolev may have come from rival Donetsk businessman and a former judge of the Ukrainian Economic Supreme Court Arthur Emelyanov. Following the death of his son, Sobolev called for both Emelyanov and another oligarch and associate of former President Poroshenko, Alexander Granovsky, to take lie detector tests along with six other individuals.

Whoever is ultimately responsible for ordering this political assassination and the murder of the three-year-old boy, it is clear that the same far-right forces that were instrumental in the coup in February 2014 and the civil war are now being employed to carry out political assassinations by the Ukrainian oligarchy.

Since the 2014 coup, the number of targeted political assassinations by right-wing neo-Nazi groups like C14 and the Right Sector has skyrocketed. At least 15 people have been murdered in such hit jobs by the far right since 2014. Among them was the well-known Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet and the politician Kateryna Handziuk, who was killed in a horrific acid attack by right-wing thugs last year.

In virtually all these cases, the perpetrators have been protected from serious legal prosecution. One of the murderers of Handziuk received a barely three-year prison sentence. A critical role in shielding the neo-Nazis is played by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Arsen Avakov, who controls the country’s police force and possesses well-known ties to Ukraine’s most notorious fascist militia, the Azov Battalion.

Avakov is one of the few members of the previous Poroshenko government that have remained in the current Cabinet of Ministers under President Volodmyr Zelensky. He was recently praised by former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch while testifying before the House of Representatives regarding the Trump impeachment investigation (see also: “The impeachment crisis and American imperialism”).

President Zelensky, who was elected in April this year on the basis of promises that he would bring an end to the widely despised civil war in eastern Ukraine that has claimed the lives of over 13,000 people, has maintained a conspicuous silence on this latest political assassination attempt by the far right. Instead, the day after the murder, he posted a message on Facebook to honor two Ukrainian soldiers who were killed while fighting in eastern Ukraine this past weekend.

German military nazi network investigation

This 20 August 2017 video says about itself:

Another branch of the German military is being investigated over far-right activities – this time, an elite unit’s accused of giving Nazi salutes and playing neo-Nazi rock music at a party. There’s been a series of similar scandals stretching back months. Miguel Francis Santiago reports.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

German Defence Minister announces investigation into nazis in the military

GERMAN Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has announced an investigation into “whether there is a network” of far-right extremists in the army’s KSK special forces wing.

The Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday that a KSK sergeant would be discharged this week and two colleagues investigated over reports they had given nazi salutes at a bash the sergeant hosted.

Concern at neonazis active in the military has been growing, with another newspaper revealing an internal letter in September that showed top brass considered the KSK the main problem in the army’s “fight against extremism.”

The Morning Star’s German sister paper Junge Welt said that extremists belonging to the Nordkreuz and Uniter associations had completed paratrooper training courses in Bavaria, and that the “entanglement” of security forces and fascists was further illustrated by the trial of a Special Task Force policeman who turned out to be a Nordkreuz administrator with guns, explosives and 20,000 rounds of ammo hidden in his house.

USA: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES SUSPENDED OVER NAZI SALUTE  A photo shows roughly 30 employees of West Virginia’s Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety making the racist gesture, which was used to hail German dictator Adolf Hitler while he oversaw the slaughter of millions of Jews during World War II. [HuffPost]

German neo-nazi military officer charged with terorism

This 10 October 2019 video is called Right-wing terrorism In Germany.

By Dietmar Gaisenkersting in Germany:

Right-wing German Army officer Franco A. to be charged for terrorism

2 December 2019

Following an announcement last week, German ex-Army officer Franco A. is to appear in court on the charge of preparing an act of sedition. The information was contained in a recently published ruling by the German Constitutional Court dating from August 22.

The Frankfurt/Main Court of Appeals previously rejected a charge on this issue. However, the details now made public strongly suggest that the 30-year-old ex-Army officer is a neo-Nazi terrorist.

A. was arrested at Vienna’s airport in February 2017 as he sought to recover a weapon he had previously hidden in a toilet. Subsequent investigations revealed that he planned attacks with two accomplices, Maximilian T., and Matthias F., on high-ranking politicians and other public personalities. All three accused were found to possess large quantities of arms and ammunition.

Franco A. also registered as a Syrian refugee in Bavaria, with the apparent intention of blaming future attacks on refugees so as to stoke right-wing and xenophobic sentiment in Germany.

Alongside politicians, the death list included the name of Anetta Kahane, the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a target of hatred for the far-right. Nonetheless, Franco A. was released from prison in November 2017 on grounds of insufficient suspicion that he had committed a crime.

Just over six months later, in June 2018, the Frankfurt Court of Appeals dismissed the charge against Franco A. of preparing an act of sedition. The court claimed that although the preparations for the crime were far advanced, Franco A. had not carried them out, even though he allegedly had several opportunities to do so.

On this basis, the court reached the conclusion that there was a lack of suspicion that he had committed a crime. Additional charges, including violations of the firearms law and fraud, were to be dealt with in a trial at the Darmstadt District Court.

In response to this decision, the federal state prosecutor’s office appealed to the Constitutional Court, which has now ruled in favour of the appeal. The Court of Appeals must now hear the state prosecutor’s terrorism case.

The Constitutional Court gave little credibility to Franco A.’s defence. A. claimed that his statements and actions had been misinterpreted and misunderstood by the authorities. He was, in fact, always concerned about “peace, but never violence”.

In a lengthy three-part article in April 2019, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung followed this line in an attempt to rehabilitate Franco A. “The Berlin office of the NZZ has possession of hundreds of pages of files, audio recordings, and mobile phone videos related to the Franco A. case,” wrote the author, Benedict Neff. Neff added that he had repeatedly met with Franco A., his partner, and family members.

Neff could hardly contain his enthusiasm. “One notices that this is a soldier’s home,” he enthused, “due to its cleanliness. The apartment is spotlessly clean.” Franco A. is “still very fit, but his hair is bound in a short ponytail with strands falling over his brow. Nobody would consider him to be an officer any more. Rather, he looks more like an artist or a philosophy student. His beard remains.”

Franco A.’s partner, who was also interviewed in detail by the NZZ, was introduced as Sophia T. … She is the sister of A.’s accomplice, Maximilian T., who served alongside A. as a soldier in Illkirch, France, was briefly arrested, and now works as a personal adviser to Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary deputy Jan Nolte.

The father of Sophia and Maximilian, Thomas Tischer, is a well-known neo-Nazi, who was active in the right-wing extremist Reichsbürger movement and the fascist National Democratic Party (NPD). The author Tobias Ginsburg, who conducted undercover research on the Reichsbürger movement, cited him as saying, “The world can be saved only with radical measures—by biologically exterminating billions and obliterating the Middle East with nuclear weapons.”

While the NZZ portrayed Franco A. as “misunderstood”, the Constitutional Court’s published ruling underscores his right-wing extremist, neo-Nazi outlook.

The defendant has a particular aversion to Jewish people, noted the ruling. “Zionism is conducting a systematic race war by sending millions of migrants to Germany, which will lead to a mixing of the races and the extermination of the German race,” states the ruling in summing up A.’s views. “He compared immigration to genocide and the social welfare state to automatised genocide,” continued the ruling. “Zionism is the root of all evil and the United States serves as a power to impose devilish interests.”

The ruling cited statements and writings, including, “My beliefs are my Germanness, that Israel governs the United States, and that Hitler stands above everyone else.”

Franco A. owned books such as Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the 1940 work The Wehrmacht—the Liberation Struggle of the Great German People. CDs with Nazi songs were also found in his possession.

According to Franco A.’s outlook, a terrorist is “a freedom fighter for the establishment of a just world,” wrote the Constitutional Court. “In an audio recording from February 2016, A. described his political opponents as ‘swines’ who he and his fellow believers would kill if they got in their way.” Franco A. stated in the recording, “I know you want to murder me, so I’ll murder you first.” Anyone not prepared to do this “may as well give up the struggle from the start.”

To contribute to “the retention of the German nation”, Franco A. planned to “use the fictive identity of a Syrian refugee” to launch attacks on “refugee-friendly” people, including current foreign minister Heiko Maas, Green Party politician Claudia Roth, and Anetta Kahane.

The planned attack on the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation was far advanced. It was already known that Franco A. carried out surveillance on a parking garage belonging to the organisation in Berlin and noted down car registration plates.

The Constitutional Court has connected this information with other events. In April 2016, he purchased a mounting bar for his long-sight Heckler & Koch G3 gun. Four days after carrying out surveillance on the garage, he performed firing practice with the gun, “suggesting that he was seeking to achieve improved accuracy with the weapon.” It is likely that soon afterwards, probably on July 28, the defendant acquired the pistol in Paris that he later concealed at the Vienna airport.

The claim that Franco A. merely wanted to meet Kahane for a discussion was deemed by the court to lack credibility.

All of this information paints a clear picture of the activities of Franco A. and his accomplices. It is all the more remarkable that the Frankfurt/Main Court of Appeals came to the conclusion in 2018 that it could not sufficiently justify suspicion of the commission of a seditious crime.

This underscores what the>World Socialist Web Site wrote following the dropping of charges in June 2018: “All of the evidence in the case suggests that Franco A. and his accomplices are merely a small portion of a much broader neo-Nazi network within the Army and the German state.”

We now know that Franco A. had contact with a large number of right-wing extremists, including figures with ties to the terrorist organisation National Socialist Underground. The extent of the right-wing extremist network in the state apparatus is also becoming ever clearer.

A prominent role in this is played by the state authorities in Hesse, not merely due to the Court of Appeals decision in the Franco A. case. When Halit Yozgat was murdered by the NSU in Kassel in 2006, Andreas Temme, an employee of the Hesse state intelligence agency, was at the crime scene. The state government led by Volker Bouffier (Christian Democrats, CDU) ensured that relevant files were suppressed for decades. Moreover, evidence shows that death threats sent to a lawyer representing NSU victims, which were signed “NSU 2.0,” were sent by people with connections to the Frankfurt police.

The AfD, which trivialises the Nazis’ crimes, glorifies the [Adolf Hitler] Wehrmacht and rails against refugees and protesting students, enjoys close ties to this right-wing network within the state. Fifteen percent of the AfD’s deputies in the federal parliament and 10 percent in state parliaments are former career soldiers, and 8 percent are former or fired police officers.

History is returning with full force. The political and corporate elites, as they did during the Weimar Republic, are once again turning to authoritarian and fascist forms of rule. The return of Germany to imperialist policies and militarism can be carried through only by suppressing all opposition and encouraging, building up and supporting the most right-wing forces.

While state agencies focus on covering up, financing and organising the right-wing extremist and terrorist activities of soldiers, police officers and intelligence service agents, protests against the AfD are criminalised and declared to be anti-constitutional. For example, the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party) is described by the Secret Service in its Verfassungsschutz Report as left-wing extremist and anti-constitutional because it firmly opposes nationalism, militarism and the AfD, while advocating a socialist society.

A Jewish mother in Germany is taking her son out of a public high school because of frequent anti-Semitic comments in the classroom: here.

German ‘center-right’ CDU collaborating with neo-fascist AfD?

This 23 February 2018 video says about itself:

AfD again questions German memorials to Nazi era | DW English

Remembrance is not something the German AfD is keen on. At least not as long as it means remembering Germany’s difficult past. It has already objected to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. This time it’s the “Stumbling Stones” commemorating Nazi victims.

By Marianne Arens in Germany:

German Christian Democrats call for collaboration with the far-right AfD

9 November 2019

Following the recent election in the state of Thuringia, there is a growing chorus of voices within Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) calling for collaboration with the extreme-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). …

Shortly after the election, the deputy chair of the CDU parliamentary group in Thuringia, Michael Heym, demanded that a three-party coalition of the AfD, CDU and neo-liberal Free Democratic Party, be considered as a feasible alternative government for the state. Such a coalition would in practice have enough seats to govern. In an interview with journalist Gabor Steingart, Heym said that, in his opinion, the AfD was “a conservative party” and were “not all Nazis.”

So, Mr Heym claims that ‘only’ some AfD politicians are nazis. Let us suppose that ‘only’ 95% of AfD politicians are nazis and the other 5% are non-nazis who do not mind that their fellow party members are nazis: that, for Mr Heym, seemingly would be good enough for the CDU to collaborate with the AfD.

He could well imagine a situation in the state parliament where the AfD would “tolerate” a CDU premier.

Meanwhile, 17 other CDU politicians have issued an “Appeal” demanding their party “actively participate in discussions with ALL democratically elected parties in the Thuringia state parliament.” This includes, of course, discussions with the AfD.

In the state election, the CDU lost a total of 36,000 votes to the far-right AfD, which gained 23.4 percent of the vote and came second behind the Left Party. Now 17 leading CDU politicians are demanding “open-ended” talks with the AfD. According to the appeal, “a liberal society could not afford to ignore almost a quarter of the votes in these discussions.”

The CDU functionaries issued a pro forma acknowledgement that their party should not form a coalition with either the Left Party or the AfD, but at the same time criticised the “haste to exclude”, which “led to a very difficult constellation for forming a government in Thuringia.” Heym had “analysed the situation very correctly. We therefore expect the state executive to stand by him.”

The Thuringia AfD is headed by Björn Höcke, the main spokesperson for the party’s openly neo-fascist grouping, “The Wing” (“Der Flügel”). On Wednesday, Höcke responded to the offer from the CDU ranks and offered to support a CDU-led minority government.

In a letter to the state leaders of the CDU and FDP, Höcke proposed “talking together about new forms of cooperation.” “An expert government sponsored by our parties, or a minority government supported by my party, would be a viable alternative to “a continuation of the status quo,” i.e., the state’s former Left Party-Social Democratic Party (SDP)-Green (so-called Red-Red-Green) administration, the letter read.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak called the proposal by the 17 politicians “crazy” and rejected any cooperation with the AfD as a “betrayal of our Christian Democratic values.” This talk, however, is mainly directed at an upcoming CDU party congress, where intense conflicts are expected to dominate. In fact, the CDU has been preparing to cooperate with the AfD for some time and has contributed significantly to boosting the far-right party’s prospects.

In particular, the ultra-conservative “Union of Values” faction inside the CDU favours political rapprochement with the AfD. Its most prominent member is the former head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who personally intervened in the state elections in both Saxony and Thuringia to the applause of enthusiastic AfD supporters.

Friedrich Merz, the candidate of the Union of Values in the current struggle for the CDU leadership, has also called upon the party to open itself up to the far right. Merz blamed the “grotesquely bad” policies of the federal government for the CDU defeat in Thuringia. “We are losing sections of the German army (Bundeswehr) and the federal police to the AfD,” he told the Bild newspaper. Merz is a lobbyist for one of the world’s largest asset managers, BlackRock, and heads the company’s German subsidiary.

It is not only the right wing in the CDU that promotes the AfD. The German federal government—a coalition of the CDU and SPD—has largely taken over the far-right AfD program with regard to immigration policy and military rearmament, entrusting the AfD in turn with the leadership of the German parliament’s committees for budget, law and tourism.

The AfD is also intertwined with the state apparatus. There are proportionally more civil servants, police and soldiers in AfD factions in state governments than in any other party. At the same time, the AfD is publicly demonstrating its fascist character in Thuringia.

According to a court ruling, AfD state spokesman Höcke can be described as a “fascist”. In September 2018 he marched together with Brandenburg neo-Nazi and AfD member Andreas Kalbitz at the head of a far-right mob in the city of Chemnitz. The mob harassed foreigners along the way and a Jewish restaurant was attacked.

Following the election in Thuringia, Höcke announced his “Deportation Initiative 2020” after being asked what he would do first in the event of entering the state government. He had previously demanded a “large-scale emigration project” to “forestall the impending death of our people [Volk] due to population exchange.” The measure would “involve a policy of tempered cruelty.” For his part Alexander Gauland, the leader of the AfD, described the period of Nazi rule in Germany as just a “speck of bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history.”

Research has shown that the AfD was not, as many claim, voted for by the “unemployed, the poor and the hungry.” Taking into account abstentions, only about 10 percent of voters in the prefabricated housing districts of Erfurt, where voter turnout was extremely low, voted for the far-right party, compared to a national average of 15.5 percent.