Neonazi scandal in German army update

This video from the Voice of America in the USA says about itself:

Evidence of Pro-Nazi Extremists in German Military Deepens

19 May 2017

Evidence of far-right extremism within the German armed forces is growing following the arrest Friday of four students at a military university in Munich. Police are trying to establish whether they have links to another soldier accused of plotting to frame refugees in a terror attack. As Henry Ridgwell reports, the allegations remain sensitive in a country where the 20th century Nazi history casts a long shadow.

By Christoph Vandreier in Germany:

Links established between neo-Nazi network and “Identity Movement” in the German army

23 May 2017

It is becoming increasingly clear that the far-right terrorist cell around First Lieutenant Franco A is part of a broad neo-Nazi network in the German army. This network is evidently linked to the “Identity Movement.”

Last Thursday, the media outlet NDR (Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland) reported on an aspiring officer who admitted to having telephone communications with Franco A. The officer candidate is suspected of breaking into a tank at an army training ground in Munster in February of this year and stealing two machine guns and a pistol. It has been determined that he was at the location when the incident occurred.

NDR based its report on information from the parliamentary Defence Committee, which met behind closed doors last Wednesday. The suspect is reportedly a student at the Bundeswehr University in Munich who allegedly had contact with the right-wing extremist “Identity Movement.” The stolen weapons are compatible with the arms found in the possession of Franco A’s suspected accomplice, the student Matthias F.

NDR reported that the aspiring officer exchanged Facebook messages with a second accomplice, Maximilian T, shortly before the theft in Munster. The stolen weapons have not been located.

Army officers Franco A and Maximilian T, as well as the student Matthias F, have been arrested. They are accused of preparing a serious criminal act endangering the state. They allegedly procured weapons and identified potential targets for a terror attack, including former President Joachim Gauck and Justice Minister Heiko Maas. Franco A created a second identity as a Syrian refugee in order to blame such an attack on asylum seekers.

The latest reports confirm that the suspected terrorist cell is part of much more widespread right-wing extremist networks in the army. In addition to the aspiring officer, investigations are ongoing into three other students at the Bundeswehr University in Munich. Soldiers in Bremerhaven, Torgelow (Mecklenburg-Pomerania), Bischofswiesen (Bavaria) and Munster (Lower Saxony) are also being targeted. Some of the suspects are associated with the Identity Movement.

This is a far-right group that espouses cultural racism and has some 400 members in Germany. “Their leading members come from the NPD (National Democratic Party) youth, radical student groups, and even the banned Nazi organisation Loyal Youth for the German Homeland (HDJ),” wrote Die Zeit.

No concrete proof of ties between the group and the neo-Nazi network has yet been published. But the group is reportedly extremely active at the Bundeswehr University in Munich where Maximilian T studied. Already in 2011, several media outlets reported that three writers for the new right-wing newspaper Sezession had jointly initiated the takeover of the student newspaper Campus by the Identity Movement. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, university staff feared “that attempts were being made to saturate the newspaper of the student body with the political agenda of the new right.”

But the three students remained largely untouched and expanded their network in the course of their officer careers. In 2013, they jointly published the book Soldiery—Searching for the Bundeswehr’s Identity and Vocation Today, which was celebrated by right-wing extremist newspapers and presented by the authors at the Library of Conservatism in Berlin.

One of the three writers, Lieutenant Felix S, is now one of the leading figures in the Identity Movement. He appears in campaign videos, marches in xenophobic demonstrations and publishes on new right web sites. He makes no secret of this.

The soldiery volume was funded by the Foundation of the German Army Association. Neither the Bundeswehr University nor the military Surveillance Service (MAD) responded to requests from the Süddeutsche Zeitung for comment on the matter, pointing to an official cover-up of neo-Nazi forces.

A glance at the list of authors in the book published by the Identity Movement group in Munich demonstrates how far these right-wing networks reach. One author is Marcel Bohnert, a major in the army and a participant in the training programme for the general staff at the Leadership Academy in Hamburg. He has published two militarist books that made headlines because of their anti-democratic tendencies and historical revisionism.

In the 2014 book Army in Turmoil, 16 officers wrote about their conception of the army. These officers depict themselves as an elite that stands in contrast to a “hedonist and individualist” society that concentrates on “self-realisation, driven by consumerism, pacifism and egoism.” According to the authors, this society has no understanding of “the striving for honour through a great readiness to sacrifice” for a “patriotic ideal of the people and fatherland,” and for “courage, loyalty and honour.”

Similar theses, together with the explicit covering up of Nazi crimes, were advanced in the 2016 book The Invisible Veterans. The book states that the Nazi Blitzkrieg and the “military triumphs” associated with it resulted from the “decisiveness” of the officers involved, whereas in today’s Bundeswehr, “the leader who enjoys taking decisions is no longer desired.” Instead, “the functioning bureaucrat” is the ideal.

The book continues: “A clientele [is] being targeted for recruitment that is more focused on the blessings of public service than the concept of sacrificing to serve,” including a readiness to “lay down one’s life.” It states further: “The ‘warrior instinct’ is tossed aside. All that is left is the soul of bureaucrats.”

The book advances in opposition to this the ideal of a “spirit” of “readiness to sacrifice, courage and comradeship,” which “was to be found in the army until the retirement of those generals forged in the Second World War.”

The right-wing cliques reach well beyond the officer corps. The editor of these two volumes was given space for a guest commentary by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung just three days after Franco A’s arrest. In it, he warned that one should not demonise “military rigour.” “Giving [it] sufficient emphasis in the training of soldiers is an essential precondition for ensuring that they will be able to cope under the hardships of operational reality.”

A day after the parliamentary Defence Committee was informed of the possible ties between the terrorist cell and the Identity Movement, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article by Gerald Wagner explicitly defending Major Bohnert’s views. He declared that he understood the “military capacity to fight” not in the sense of technology and weaponry, but “rather as the mental superiority of an elite formed for this purpose.”

He also explicitly defended Bohnert’s two books and the militarist volume published by the right-wing clique from Munich. The officers wanted to “build bridges, without concealing the essence of a special type of soldiery,” according to Wagner. The authors considered “the capacity of military force experts to use force responsibly” as the “best means to guard against the excesses in question.” That the public was now refusing to “recognise their ability to lead” was a “particularly humiliating disappointment.”

The only problem seen by Wagner was that some of these declarations were “accompanied by the unpleasant smell of superiority.” He added, regretfully, “The damage is that it makes it much easier for society to avoid the challenge and instead regard terms like nation, honour, loyalty, obedience, valour, elite and fighting spirit as the internal enemy speaking.”

Criminal bloodbath at Ariana Grande concert in England

This 29 August 2016 music video from the USA says about itself:

Ariana Grande – Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Explosion kills, wounds dozens at pop concert in Manchester

By our reporters

23 May 2017

An explosion just after 10.33 p.m. outside the foyer of the Manchester Arena concert hall, in northern England, has killed at least 19 people

22, according to a later report

and wounded 59. According to witnesses, the blast occurred just minutes after American pop singer Ariana Grande had finished performing and thousands of concert-goers were making their way toward the exits. Most of those attending the event were young people in their 20s and teenagers, with some as young as 12.

Emergency wards throughout the city were placed on standby, while nearby Victoria Station was evacuated and train and light rail services were suspended. Six hospitals are reportedly treating the injured.

In an outpouring of solidarity, Manchester residents rallied to assist the thousands of young people stranded in the city due to the closure of public transport. Locals in the area invited people to wait in their homes and assisted in contacting their families. Nearby hotels and clubs took in dozens of youth. Taxi drivers rushed into the area to offer free rides home.

Heavily-armed police have taken up positions surrounding the arena and across central Manchester. Stepped-up police operations are expected at landmarks throughout the United Kingdom over the coming days.

While authorities have not—as of the time of writing—released information on the nature of the blast, they have announced it is being treated as an act of terrorism. British Prime Minister Teresa May, in her first statement, said the explosion was “being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.”

The official statement of the Greater Manchester Police declared it was “working closely with the national counter-terrorism policing network and UK intelligence partners”—a reference to American agencies in particular.

To this point, no terrorist organisation, including Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Al Qaeda, has claimed responsibility.

Witnesses spoke of panic and terror inside Manchester Arena, which is among the largest indoor concert facilities in Europe, capable of holding some 21,000 patrons.

One man, Andy, told BBC5 that he was waiting for his wife and daughter in the foyer when he was hurled to the ground by the impact of the explosion. “When I get up and look round,” he recounted, “there’s just bodies everywhere. I reckon 20–30 bodies. I can’t say if some of them were dead but they looked dead. They were covered in blood and were really seriously hurt.

“The first thing I did was I ran into the arena trying to find my family. I couldn’t find them, so I pulled back to where everyone was injured, to physically look at people to see if it was my family. At the same time, I started helping the emergency services as best I could, while I was trying to get hold of my family.”

A woman, Emma, told Manchester Radio that she and her husband were waiting for their 17-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter when the blast took place. “It was definitely a bomb. It was definitely in the foyer—about 15 feet away,” she said. “We stood at the top of the stairs and the glass exploded… The whole building shook. There was a blast and then a flash of fire afterwards.

“We obviously then ran to try and find our children and fortunately for us we were all safe to tell the story.”

David, who chaperoned his 13-year-old daughter to the concert, told Manchester News: “The lights came on after the gig and people were starting to leave. As I turned to the left there was an explosion. It was about 40 feet behind us, near one of the exits. We thought it was just people messing about then it happened again. Another explosion…

“Then we saw smoke. Everyone just fled. Some people were injured. We saw blood on people when we got outside.”

At 1.30 a.m., a police bomb squad carried out what they described as a “controlled explosion” of a suspected bomb in Cathedral Gardens, a parkland and meeting place to the south of the arena. Shortly after, the suspected device was confirmed to have been a pile of abandoned clothing.

CNN subsequently reported that it had already been informed, by an unnamed “law enforcement” source, that the explosion was detonated by a male “suicide bomber.” …

The carnage and terror in Manchester has taken place barely 17 days before Britain votes in the snap June 8 national election. It will be exploited by large sections of the political establishment and the media to elevate terrorism and national security to the centre of the campaign, as took place in France, after an extremist, who was known to the authorities, shot police in Paris on the eve of the first round of that country’s presidential election in April.

I wish strength to all relatives and friends of the killed people, and recovery to all injured persons.

English violent Islamophobe sentenced

This video from England says about itself:

Pregnant Woman Kicked

7 February 2017

A man who attacked a 34-year-old pregnant [Somali] Muslim woman, who went on to lose her unborn twins, has been charged.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Racist thug jailed for kicking pregnant Muslim in stomach

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

A VIOLENT racist was sentenced yesterday to 47 months in jail for repeatedly kicking a pregnant Muslim woman in the stomach, after which she had a miscarriage.

David Gallacher’s attack on Samsam Haji-Ali and her husband Abdullah Sulamain on August 6 last year began with verbal abuse in the Co-op store in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.

Mr Gallacher, 37, then physically attacked Ms Haji-Ali in the store’s car park, repeatedly kicking her in the stomach, and ignoring her cries of: “I’m pregnant.” He also attacked Mr Sulamain.

Prosecutor Christopher Wing said Mr Gallacher told the pregnant woman: “You come here with your clown outfit on, you fucking people, you are the fucking problem in this place.”

Ms Haji-Ali miscarried on August 24. Judge Francis Sheridan branded Mr Gallacher “a thug and a racist” whose “vile conduct and abhorrent views are a thing of the past.”

Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan’s vice presidential torture, sexual abuse scandal

This video says about itself:

The Shady Afghan Warlords Whom the US Pays to Fight the Taliban

Afghan Warlords (2009): Despite shady pasts, powerful warlords are given recognition from Washington in return for their support fighting drug traffickers and the Taliban. We take a look at America’s new pragmatic approach.

One such character is Gul Agha Sherzai, aka The Bulldozer and Governor of Nangarhar for the last five years. After striking a political deal with President Karzai, he became a power broker to be reckoned with.

Ruling from his Jalalabad palace, Sherzai shows off his power: The Taliban is no danger. I have defeated them. By Afghan standards, security in his region has drastically improved along with an impressive fall in drugs production. Its hard to argue that he’s been anything but a success to enthuse US counter-narcotics officials. However, his past is less than pristine.

An expert on the region says: To be an effective leader there, at some point you had to have been involved in the commission of atrocities, together with the accumulation of enormous wealth and that means opium.’ Sherzai allegedly got wealthy during his time as governor of Kandahar taking a cut from the opium profits from the area. While his former associate has been serving a life sentence in the US, he’s been enjoying a high-profile collaboration with Washington. Why? Theres a perception [in] the West that he’s somebody who can be rehabilitated. He was simply deemed more useful.

From the BBC:

Afghan Vice-President Dostum flies to Turkey amid torture claims

Afghanistan’s Vice-President, Abdul Rashid Dostum, has left the country amid claims that he ordered his men to kidnap, beat and rape a political rival last year.

Afghan officials confirmed he had left Kabul for Turkey on Friday night.

General Dostum has not been charged with any offence, and the incident is under government investigation. …

The vice-president is a former [?] warlord with decades of experience in Afghanistan’s turbulent political arena.

He is blamed for some of the worst atrocities in the country’s long-running civil war, but joined its national unity government in 2014.

The allegations against him come from Ahmad Eshchi, a former ally, who says he suffered days of severe beatings and sexual abuse at Gen Dostum’s command.

He said the vice-president and 10 other men assaulted him while he was forcibly kept at Gen Dostum’s residence in November 2016.

The ex-warlord denies the claims and has said that Mr Eshchi was detained by the country’s intelligence service. …

In 2008 Gen Dostum went to Turkey amid similar allegations that his personal militia had abducted, beaten and sexually assaulted a political rival in Kabul, then fired on police who responded to the incident.

The U.S. will never win the war in Afghanistan: here.

NATO’s ‘new’ Libya bloodbath of civilians, militia men

This 28 September 2012 video says about itself:

It describes the events that caused the Libyan civil war and the NATO attack on Libya. It tells in an unknown richness of details the progression of the events that caused the war. Additionally it questions the UN resolution. The original documentary was made by citizens of Tripoli.

From the BBC today:

Libya death toll ‘rises to 140’ at Brak El-Shati airbase

Reports suggest as many as 140 people, including civilians, may have died in an attack on an airbase in Libya.

It was originally thought 60 people died when a government-allied militia tried to take over the Brak al-Shati base on Thursday.

The [Tripoli] government

one of at least three governments killing each other’s fighters and civilians in the ‘new’ Libya which resulted from the NATO 2011 ‘humanitarian’ war. The European Union wants to make a deal about forcibly returning refugees with one of these governments.

‘s defence minister and the commander of the militia have both been suspended pending an investigation.

The prime minister’s office has denied ordering the attack.

A militia spokesman said they had “liberated the base and destroyed all the forces inside”.

The town’s mayor said some aircraft had been set ablaze.

Most of the dead were soldiers of the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army (LNA), an alliance in the east of the country which does not recognise the government in the capital, Tripoli. That force has been in control of the airbase since December.

Its spokesman gave the new death toll of 140.

“The soldiers were returning from a military parade. They weren’t armed. Most of them were executed,” he said.

The UN’s envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said he was “outraged” by reports of summary executions. …

The attack breached an informal truce between the rival forces that was reached earlier this month when the LNA’s commander, General Khalifa Haftar, met the [Tripoli] Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.