Racist murders in the USA

This 19 January 2018 video about the USA is called Since Trump, white supremacists are on a killing spree.


Jordanian journalists arrested for exposing tax dodging

This video from Britain says about itself:

Censorship & torturePrince Charles visits Jordan amid questions over human rights

9 February 2015

Prince Charles visits Kuwait today as part of his tour of the Middle East. On Saturday he visited Jordan, with the world rightly outraged that one of their pilots was burned to death by ISIS. Obama was angered by that, but seemed to forget the 2,500 people that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism report have been killed by drone strikes in countries we’re not actually at war with. Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, warn that Jordan is stepping up attacks and censorship on independent media, criminalising speech critical of the King, and claims torture enjoys near-total impunity. According to the recent unauthorised biography of Prince Charles, he doesn’t like peddling arms to Arab countries, so what is he up to in the region?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday, January 19, 2018

Press Freedom: Jordanians demand release of journalists who exposed minister’s tax-dodging

PRESS freedom advocates are calling for the release of two Jordanian journalists who were arrested after they accused the country’s finance minister of tax evasion.

Shadi al-Zinati and Omar al-Mahrama, of the Jfranews website, were nabbed by police on Tuesday after Finance Minister Omar Malhas claimed the allegations against him were false.

They face charges under Jordan’s press and cybercrime laws, which contain sections that make it easy for authorities to arrest journalists.

The Middle East Eye reported that dozens of media workers rallied outside the Jordan Press Association (JPA) yesterday, holding a banner bearing a quote from King Abdullah promising that journalists would not be prosecuted for doing their jobs.

JPA freedoms committee chair Khaled Qudah said the body was working to free the pair.

He told the Alghad newspaper that “these arrests strike at the heart of freedom of expression in Jordan.”

MP Saddah Alhabashneh accused the government of trying to “muffle” dissent after recent decisions that impoverish ordinary Jordanians.

Most United States murderous terrorism is nazi terrorism

Members of the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis) during a 2010 march to the Phoenix Federal building (John Kittelsrud/Flickr)

From the Raw Story in the USA:

White supremacist terrorists killed more people in the US last year than any other extremist group: report

Noor Al-Sibai

17 Jan 2018 at 18:50 ET

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League shows that murders by white supremacists doubled in 2017 — and that they killed more people than Muslim extremists.

As the Huffington Post reported Wednesday, the ADL’s Center on Extremism found that 34 people were killed by extremists last year. Of those, 20 people (or 59 percent) “were killed by right-wing extremists, a designation that includes white supremacists, members of the so-called ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt-lite’, and members of the anti-government militia movement.”

Of those 34 people, 18 were killed by white supremacists, which marks a 157 percent rise from the seven people
killed by white supremacists in 2016.

The ADL’s study was published the same day as a report released by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security that appeared to intentionally skew data to overstate the number of people killed in the United States by “foreign-born” Muslim terrorists.

Dutch extreme right death threat

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Decapitated doll found at Amsterdam mosque

A decapitated doll was laid down at a mosque in Amsterdam last night. The head of the doll was hanged and a note was written on the doll, saying that “Islamization must stop“.

According to the police, the doll was deposited between 23.00 and 08.00 tonight. “The doll was confiscated and is examined extensively on traces”, says a spokesperson. The police are also looking at camera images and are busy with a neighbourhood survey.

On Twitter, the action is claimed by a group that calls itself Right-wing Resistance. The police say they will also investigate the tweet and the sender.

Jewish and Dutch solidarity with this mosque: here.

Racists break London Asian teenage girl’s arm

This video from Britain says about itself:

Solicitor launches racist attack on woman in front of 4-yr-old son

Video taken on December 29, 2016, shows Alexander MacKinnon calling out racist abuse directed at Sanaa Shahid and her four-year-old son on a train from London to Glasgow.

In the footage, filmed by Shahid, who works as a legal counsel in Glasgow, MacKinnon can be heard saying “that stupid cow doesn’t belong in this country”, into his phone.

The incident allegedly started with MacKinnon shouting at Shahid’s son, telling him to be quiet, and when asked to lower his voice he began asking where Shahid came from, why she did not go back there and telling her she did not belong in first class.

Later in the video, a train official can be seen approaching MacKinnon telling him that he needs to “get off the train”.

MacKinnon, a 47-year-old solicitor from Glasgow, was fined £1,154 at Carlisle Magistrates Court on February 2 [2017].

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Women break Asian teenage girl’s arm in racist attack at London KFC

Lizzie Dearden, Home Affairs Correspondent

Police are hunting for two women who broke a teenage girl’s arm in a racist attack in London.

The 15-year-old victim, of Asian appearance, was eating with friends in a branch of KFC in Waltham Forest when the pair threw food at her.

When the girl turned around to speak to them, they began hurling racial abuse, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said.

“The older of the two women then pulled the victim’s hair causing her to fall to the floor. Both suspects kicked the victim whilst she was on the ground”, the spokesperson said.

“As the victim stood up, a hot drink was thrown at her face.”

Police were called at around 8.30pm on 6 November and paramedics took the victim to hospital to treat her for a broken arm suffered in the assault.

Investigators have released CCTV images of two women they want to speak in relation to the assault.

They believe one suspect [is] in her 50s and the other is in her early to mid-20s, and that they could be mother and daughter.

Detective Constable Rosie Doyle said: “This was an unprovoked and vicious attack which has left the victim very shaken and with a serious injury. If you recognise the women in these pictures, we would urge you to get in touch.

The attack came amid a rise in hate crime recorded by police

Data from police forces across England and Wales showed there were almost 80,400 hate crimes recorded in the 2016/17 financial year – a 29 per cent rise from the previous year and the largest annual increase since records began.

The largest type of offences recorded were aggravated by race or religion, with others targeting victims because of their nationality, sexuality, disability or other factors.