Nazi infiltration of British army, trial

This video says about itself:

British Soldiers Arrested On Suspicion Of Right-Wing Terrorism

5 September 2017

CNN has reported that four British soldiers alleged to be members of banned UK neo-Nazi group National Action have been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terror. The men were detained as part of a “pre-planned and intelligence led” operation, according to West Midlands Police … All four suspects are being held by police. A spokesman for the British Army confirmed the arrests. The men, aged 22, 24, 24 and 32, are from England and Wales.

By Ceren Sagir in Britain:

Saturday, March 24, 2018

National Action: Soldier tells trial he knew little about banned nazi sect

A SOLDIER accused of membership of a proscribed neonazi terrorist group claimed yesterday that a more senior colleague handed him propaganda leaflets at an army base.

Private Mark Barrett said that Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen gave him two National Action flyers and had made racist “jokes”.

The serviceman also alleged that he was asked to draw pictures of a swastika and a World War II German tank, which were found in his accommodation.

After he was arrested on suspicion of a terrorism offence at Alexander Barracks, Cyprus, he told authorities that he found Cpl Vehvilainen “intimidating” and that he “scared the crap” out of him.

Pte Barrett, Cpl Vehvilainen and a 23-year-old man who cannot be named in the press are on trial at Birmingham Crown Court accused of National Action membership.

Pte Barrett claimed that he put the leaflets he had been given in his wallet and did not look at them again until they were found after his arrest.

He said the extent of his knowledge of National Action was “they’re a bunch of racist guys”.

National Action were banned in December 2016 after a series of events including posting on Twitter in support of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Asked about drawings in his sketchbook, Pte Barrett said: “Yeah I’ve got a book, a drawings book, but basically there’s pictures that Vehvilainen asked me to do.

“I like to draw and always have done, so I drew a couple of pictures for him and that was it.”

He added: “I don’t think the pictures themselves were specifically racist. I just think it had, excuse me, the swastika on them.”

Cpl Vehvilainen is charged with possession of a terrorist document — a manifesto written by Norwegian nazi Anders Breivik — and two counts of stirring up racial hatred relating to two online forum posts.

The trial continues on Monday.


Somali-Dutch woman’s election victory after racist abuse

An Emmen voter welcomes election candidate Ugbaad Kilincci

This photo shows an Emmen (Drenthe province in the Netherlands) voter welcoming local election candidate Ugbaad Kilincci.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Emmen welcomed this member of the ‘center left’ PvdA party.

Ms Kilincci, while she was campaigning, was called a “black monkey” and “headscarf [‘kopvod’, literally ‘animal head rag’] mongoloid“. She was also told that she had to “fuck off to Africa“.

NOS TV reports today:

Kilincci said afterwards: “I want to dedicate myself to the people of Emmen, but I am being rejected as if I do not belong to it.” While this is really my town, I grew up here in the Emmerhout district, and Emmen is mine as well.”

When her parents fled from the war in Somalia, Ugbaad Kilincci came along to the Netherlands as a one-year-old girl.

On local election day, 21 March, Ms Kilincci was on the 12th spot of the PvdA list. Normally, that would have meant no local council seat for her. However, preferential votes for Ugbaad Kilincci made her ‘jump’ over candidates higher on the list. So, now she is a council member.

The PvdA in Emmen won one extra council seat. That was exceptional. Nearly in all other local authorities, the PvdA vote went down sharply, leaving only 50% or less from the previous election’s votes. That is because until recently, the PvdA were junior partners in a coalition national government with the right-wing VVD party, helping it with its pro-Big Business and anti-poor people policies.

Dutch neo-nazis support Russia-bashing, oppose Wilders

This cartoon from Britain jokes about the present British Conservative government blaming Russia for all which they themselves ruin. Leading, eg, to a BBC Photoshop job on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn‘s hat, adding Kremlin buildings, to make him look ‘Russian’ to help the Conservative government‘s anti-Russia hysteria.

Boris Johnson and Russia, cartoon

This is cartoon by Mike Bryson from Britain about Conservative Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Russia.

European Union joins UK in ratcheting up anti-Russia campaign: here.

Labour is right to focus on dodgy oligarch property rather than bang the war drums: here.

Jeremy Corbyn is hardly the only person smeared as a ‘tool of Russia’. Whether one is Green party leader Jill Stein in the USA; former United States Democratic party chair Donna Brazile; a Black Lives Matter protester against a police killing in Wisconsin, USA; or a Canadian First Nations person and/or Canadian environmentalist; the political establishment claims they don’t have actions and ideas of their own, but only move if Putin in the Kremlin pushes buttons to make them move.

Part of the establishment propaganda says that supposedly the whole political extreme right is pro-Russia. That propaganda aims at forcing people who for extremely valid reasons dislike the extreme right to become uncritical of the hysteria about Russia.

However, is the whole political extreme right really pro-Russia?

Let us look for an answer to that question at the Dutch neo-nazi party Nederlandse Volks-Unie (NVU; Dutch Peoples-Union). Founded in 1971, with as key purpose to rehabilitate convicted World War II war criminals, Dutchmen who had joined Adolf Hitler’s SS.

Soon, the then NVU leader, NATO bookkeeper Joop Glimmerveen, emphasized another main NVU point: opposition to immigrant workers. Dutch extreme right parties founded later copied that policy. Most of these other parties have disappeared by now. At the moment, Thierry Baudet’s FvD party and Geert Wilders’ PVV party exist.

What is the relationship between the NVU and the PVV?

The NVU fuehrer Constant Kusters has repeatedly advocated voting PVV in elections without NVU participation.

The NVU agrees with Wilders’ bashing of Polish, Romanian and other East European workers.

When Wilders organises demonstrations against Moroccan Dutch people and other Muslims, whether in Arnhem or in Rotterdam, the Nederlandse Volks-Unie sends friendly delegations to participate.

When Wilders organises a demonstration in The Hague, the NVU neo-nazis with their orange-white-blue flags (which used to be the flags of the Dutch nazis when they collaborated with Hitler’s 1940-1945 occupation of the Netherlands) and their nazi salutes are prominently present.

When the NVU and other far rightists organised a march to a part of The Hague where many immigrants live, hoping to provoke fights, Geert Wilders said he wanted to join that march.

To some extent, this is surprising. When Wilders broke with his old party (the pro-Big Business governing VVD party for which he used to be an MP), and founded the PVV, he claimed that the new party wanted to have nothing to do with racist parties like the Vlaams Belang in Belgium and the National Front in France. As Wilders was supposedly just critical of the Islamic religion.

However, when Wilders needed voters’ signatures to participate in elections, a Wilders aide asked for signatures on an Internet site of Dutch Holocaust deniers.

And a few years later, Wilders invited French National Front fuehrerin Marine Le Pen to The Hague as a political ally (the NVU welcomed that). This year, Wilders invited the Vlaams Belang to participate in his Rotterdam Islamophobic demonstration.

So, is all well between the NVU and the PVV? Not completely. Wilders, like some other European rightists, supports the political right in Israel. While the NVU wants to kill all Jews, outside or inside Israel; right-wing or left-wing. (In this, the NVU also differs from Norwegian neo-fascist mass murderer Breivik. Breivik wrote that Hitler was wrong killing all Jews, as he should supposedly only have killed left-wing Jews). The NVU used to emphasize that this, Israel, was the only point in which they strongly differed from Wilders.

However, then came a 4 March 2018 NVU propaganda video (no, I don’t link to nazi propaganda). NVU fuehrer Constant Kusters said he had found a second disagreement with Wilders. Wilders had gone to Russia to meet local MPs. Kusters reacted that was wrong; and that the NVU supports NATO governments’ sanctions against Russia. He said Wilders was already wrong to obey Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as his master, but that now he wrongly also obeyed a second master, Russian President Putin.

A background to this is the NVU view on the Ukraine war. Like neo-fascists in Sweden, Italy and elsewhere, some of whom joined Ukrainian extreme right paramilitaries to fight in the war in eastern Ukraine, the NVU has links with the Ukrainian anti-Semitic and anti-Russian extreme right. A local NVU leader went to Kyiv to strengthen the friendship of the NVU with Ukrainian neo-nazi paramilitary organisations. Wilders going to Moscow does not square with these NVU policies.

Dutch nazis vandalize non-white candidate’s posters

Today, there are local elections in the Netherlands. The photo shows how Dutch nazis have vandalized the posters of the only candidate of colour in Goeree-Overflakkee local authority, Ms Hanna Ijzerman, with swastikas.

According to Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad today (translated):

“This hurts me in my very soul, this is racist and I especially hate it because my children aged 11 and 9 also see this”, says IJzerman.

Ms IJzerman suspects that the racist attacks on her are by supporters of Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party.

United States FBI spying on Black Lives Matter

This 20 March 2018 video about the USA is called FBI Spied On Black Activists.

An Intercept report about that is here.