German racist army officer prepared terrorism to blame Syrian refugees

This video says about itself:

15 September 2016

An orchestra made up of Syrian musicians who fled their homeland is selling out venues across Germany. The Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra was founded a year ago and performs a mixture of classical and Arabic folk music.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German soldier pretends to be asylum seeker ‘to do an attack

Today, 15:06

A 28-year-old German military officer has been arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. At the same time he is accused of fraud: he registered as a Syrian asylum seeker by the end of 2015. The German public prosecution service calls the case “more than curious”.

The reason for this double life is not yet clear, but the public prosecution service suspects that with this trick he would try to make a refugee the suspect of the crime.

The 28-year-old lieutenant from the German city of Offenbach got into the sight of the justice department three months ago when he hid a gun at the Vienna airport in the shower bowl of a toilet. He was arrested, but there was not enough evidence to hold him. However, his fingerprints were recognized, strangely enough as those of a Syrian refugee in the German city of Giessen. Yesterday the German was arrested.

Many questions

In Germany, there is an outrage on the case. How does a German man, who does not speak Arabic and has no Arabic background, register as a Syrian and apparently is believed to be so? The man was assigned a shelter and also the corresponding allowances for his costs of living.

“I have no answer now,” said the spokesman for the public prosecutor today. The soldier himself picked up the money, but he did not show himself much in the shelter.

The motive for the planned terror attack is said to be xenophobia. That would be apparent from voice messages between the military and a suspected accomplice. That man, a 24-year-old student and fellow city denizen of the suspect soldier, has also been arrested. In his house weapons and explosives have been found. He is said to have been aware of the plans.

London demonstration against French Marine Le Pen

This video says about itself:

13 November 2016

Dozens of activists gathered together in front of the BBC Headquarters in Central London, Sunday, to protest against an interview being broadcast with the French far-right politician Marine Le Pen on the Andrew Marr show.

Joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism Abby Dhalu stated that the BBC shouldn’t be “giving a platform to people like Marine Le Pen and that the public broadcasting company should “issue an apology for interviewing her today.”

The demonstration, which was organised by the group ‘United Against Fascism’, targeted the BBC as it is publicly owned and funded by tax payers’ money.

By Felicity Collier in England:

Activists protest at French embassy against Le Pen

Tuesday 25th April 2017

ANTI-FASCIST campaigners protested outside the French embassy in London last night against the “sickening” second-place result for Marine Le Pen in the first round of France’s presidential elections.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) accused the National Front (FN) leader of “rebranding” fascism and the threat it poses to Muslims, Jews and trade unionists.

“Giving a platform to Marine Le Pen and the FN has enabled the worst racism and anti-semitism to grow again in France,” said UAF joint secretary Sabby Dhalu.

The group pointed to recent insulting and racist comments by Ms Le Pen, including her claim that the wartime Vichy government was not involved in the infamous Vel d’Hiv round-up of Jews, who were then … sent to death camps, saying it was not France’s responsibility.

Jewish groups have called it an “insult to France.”

Le Pen has also attacked Muslims, by comparing Muslims praying in the streets to the nazi occupation, and has called for surveillance of mosques in France.

“It is sickening that a known fascist may now become president of France,” said UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett.

He called on anti-fascists around Europe to combat the rise of the far-right who UAF says will feel “emboldened” by Ms Le Pen’s win.

The FN leader will now face independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron on May 7.

UAF is holding a rally at Conway Hall in London on May 2 at 7pm, where speakers will include MEP Claude Moraes, Azad Ali from Muslim community organisation Mend, and French anti-fascist activist Denis Godard.

By James Tweedie:

Tuesday 25th April 2017

by James Tweedie

Macron beats Le Pen in tight first round of presidential race

FRANCE’S communists called on the country yesterday to “block Marine Le Pen’s road to the presidency” as first round results put centrist Emmanuel Macron in the lead.

Former finance minister Mr Macron had won around 24 per cent of the vote to far-right Ms Le Pen’s 21.5 per cent, setting them up for the May 7 run-off.

Paris Grand Mosque rector Dalil Boubakeur urged Muslims to vote “massively” for Mr Macron, warning of the “threat embodied by xenophobic ideas dangerous to our cohesion.”

But three-quarters of voters picked candidates who opposed either the El Khomri antiworker law, membership of the euro currency or EU, sanctions on Russia and the war on Syria.

Mr Macron backed the EU dictated labour law, which was enacted by decree of President Francois Hollande after parliament twice rejected it and sparked a year of general strikes and fierce protests.

Conservative Republicans candidate Francois Fillion and Left Party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon — standing for the Unsubmissive France movement — were close behind on 20 and 19.5 per cent respectively.

Mr Fillon said he would vote for Mr Macron as Ms Le Pen’s programme of leaving the euro currency, a referendum on EU membership and restricting immigration “would bankrupt France” and throw the EU into chaos.

The Socialist Party also called unanimously for a vote for Mr Macron.

Its candidate Benoit Hamon garnered just 6 per cent of the vote after the right wing of his party switched support to Mr Macron.

EU leaders also lined up to back the neoliberal Mr Macron, with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warning that Ms Le Pen “seeks its destruction.”

Leftwinger Mr Melenchon has refused to endorse either candidate.

And on Holocaust Remembrance day, European Jewish congress president Moshe Kantor said the National Front leader was “no less dangerous than her Holocaust-denying father who she has tried to hide” — expelled party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

This 2013 video is called Le Pen racism accusations: French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen stripped of MEP immunity.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Better a neoliberal than a fascist

Tuesday 25th April 2017

THE first round of the French presidential election represents a missed opportunity, not only for the people of France but for the working class of Europe.

Jean-Luc Melenchon came within a whisker of going into the run-off against either Emmanuel Macron or National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

Just one-quarter of the votes wasted on the Socialist Party and far-left candidates would have clinched that possibility.

Had he faced Le Pen on May 7, he would have won and become the most left-wing president in French history.

As it is, Melenchon and his French Communist Party allies won almost 20 per cent of the poll for policies that challenge the pro-EU, pro-Nato political and big business Establishment.

They now have little option but to call for a vote for Macron in the second round.

Although third-place candidate Francois Fillon has urged his right-wing supporters to plump for Macron, that would not guarantee the latter’s victory alone, even if they all obey.

Not surprisingly, then, Macron’s aides have begun to play up his allegedly radical and anti-Establishment credentials in an effort to entice left-wing electors.

They have a rather steep hill to climb, if not a Pyrenean mountain.

Former investment banker Macron enthusiastically supported the austerity policies of president Francois Hollande’s discredited Socialist Party government in which he served as business minister, before leaving the sinking ship to form his own party.

He now wants to add up to 120,000 Civil Service jobs to the French unemployment rate of 10 per cent, as part of his five-year plan to stay within EU budget deficit rules.

Macron also backed last year’s “labour flexibility” law imposed by Hollande, while calling for further restrictions on employment and collective bargaining rights, not only in France but as part of a programme to “relaunch” his beloved EU.

Predictably, the only cuts he proposes for business are in the fields of regulation and taxation.

This approach will not inspire genuinely left-wing and anti-Establishment electors.

Indeed, it echoes that of the French Socialist Party, which was eclipsed with little over 6 per cent of the vote last Sunday.

The lesson for Britain’s Labour Party is that the centre ground is a marsh, especially when many working class people are losing at least some of their illusions in the political and corporate Establishment.

That is why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is right to take a clear stance in favour of economic and social justice while maintaining his scepticism about the EU and Nato.

Jumping into the marsh as part of some kind of “progressive alliance” with the uncritically pro-EU freemarket Lib Dems, Greens and Scottish and Welsh nationalists would have ensured disaster on June 8.

There is too much at stake on this occasion to muddy the waters, with Labour’s left-wing leadership facing unprecedented hostility not only from the ruling class but also from within the ranks of the labour movement itself.

In France on May 7, the choice is less palatable but equally clear.

When president Jacques Chirac faced Jean-Marie Le Pen in the final round in 2002, the slogan for many on the left was “better a crook than a fascist.”

This time around, as Macron faces Le Pen’s daughter, it’s a case of “better the neoliberal than a fascist” — although Macron’s policies are likely to increase the populist appeal of the far right as well as of the real left.

Marine Le Pen Is a Fascist, Not a ‘Right-Wing Populist,’ Which Is a Contradiction in Terms. Apr 25, 2017. By Harvey Wasserman: here.

Trump supports French fascist Marine Le Pen

This satiric video by Mark Fiore from the USA says about itself:

Thank You. Love, ISIS

12 April 2016

If we carry out police crackdowns just because people are Muslim and ratchet up the torturing in response to ISIS attacks, the terrorists have won. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true. These religious nutballs want nothing more than for the West to pour gasoline on the fire and drive more recruits to their apocalyptic mission.

Dutch NOS TV headlined on 21 April 2017 (translated):

Trump positive about [French extreme right presidential candidate Marine] Le Pen: most strongly against terrorism

See also here.

‘Most strongly against terrorism‘? Then, how about the satiric Mark Fiore video, and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, stating that Trump (and similar politicians like US Republican Ted Cruz, and Marine Le Pen) are recruiting sergeants for ISIS?

How about the report that Trump’s business and political cronies in Indonesia are working on a coup d’état jointly with ISIS supporters?

The NOS report says that it is very unusual for a United States President to say something positive on a candidate in an election in a European country.

The NOS also mentions that ex-president of the USA Obama on Thursday called French presidential candidate Macron to wish him success. The militarist and pro-austerity Macron, who wants to start an anti-environment gold mine in French Guiana, is not a good alternative to racist Marine Le Pen. That would rather be left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon; the only candidate with the courage to call Ms Le Pen a fascist; instead of incorrect euphemisms like ‘populist’.

The first round of the elections in France is being held against the backdrop of an attempt by the state and the media to use the violent incident on the Champs Elysées, involving a gunman who is alleged to have been acting on behalf of ISIS, to create an atmosphere of political hysteria. With over 50,000 soldiers and policemen set to deploy to polling stations tomorrow, the elections are to be held at gunpoint: here.

Frenchman murders policeman, Le Pen wants to punish refugees for it

Marine Le Pen's Islamophobia, cartoon

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

French [extreme right] presidential candidate Marine Le Pen demands that the government of President Hollande immediately reinstates border controls. “The government needs to restore our national borders,” she said in a reaction to the Paris attack last night. That was committed by a French-born man who had previously been convicted of murder attempts on policemen.

The culprit was born in a Paris suburb. After killing a policeman, he was himself shot dead by police.

The leader of the right-populist

racist, not ‘populist’.

So Ms Le Pen wants to punish refugees and other people outside France, for a crime inside France with which they have nothing to do, committed by a Frenchman.

Front National also wants to expel all foreigners who are monitored by the security services from the country.

Both measures are also included in her electoral program, but Le Pen wants Hollande to take action now. She also wants the police force to be expanded immediately with 15,000 officers.

Conservative François Fillon also wants more security forces.

French racist Le Pen scared of leftist Mélenchon

Holocaust survivor Cleo Yvel protests against French neo-fascist Marine Le Pen, photo by Weyman Bennett

This photo shows Holocaust survivor Cleo Yvel protesting against French neo-fascist leader Marine Le Pen.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Le Pen ramps up hateful anti-immigration rhetoric

Wednesday 19th April 2017

FRENCH far-right presidential challenger Marine Le Pen reacted yesterday to increasing pressure from left hopeful Jean-Luc Mélenchon by cranking up her anti-immigration rhetoric.

The National Front (FN) leader told a rally that she would suspend all legal immigration into France because she wanted to stop “a mad, uncontrolled situation.”

She and the bankers’ candidate Emmanuel Macron had previously seemed like the contenders in a two-horse race.

But Mr Mélenchon and conservative hopeful Francois Fillon, who is embroiled in corruption allegations, have both made progress in recent weeks.

Mr Macron sneered yesterday that choosing the left candidate would be like “Cuba without the sun.”

Mr Mélenchon criss-crossed Paris by barge on Monday to address supporters and set up holograms of himself yesterday to appear at several events simultaneously.

About a third of French voters are still undecided, opinion polls suggest, making this Sunday’s first round unpredictable.

See also here. And here.

Leftist French presidential candidate Mélenchon, a threat to fascist Le Pen, Big Business Macron

This 14 March 2017 video, in English, is called French Presidential Election, Stick or Twist?

It is about how leftist French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a threat to fascist and racist Marine Le Pen, and to pro-Big Business, pro-militarist and anti-environment Emmanuel Macron.