Ku Klux Klan celebrates Trump victory

This video from the USA says about itself:

4 December 2016

A convoy of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members drove through Roxboro, North Carolina on Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Donald Trump in the US elections.

By Mary Papenfuss in the USA:

Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail Trump Victory

The president-elect is going to “turn this country around,” spokeswoman says.

12/05/2016 07:42 am ET | Updated 1 hour ago

Police in Roxboro, North Carolina, will hold a press conference Monday to address community concerns after a band of KKK members drove through the small town Saturday celebrating President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in the recent election.

The parade was originally going to take place in Pelham, 40 minutes away from Roxboro. But organizers moved the event after protesters gathered in Pelham Saturday morning to confront the Klansmen, according to The News & Observer. …

Local police and state troopers blocked several intersections in a bid to keep the peace as the parade of vehicles waving American, Confederate and KKK flags zipped through the town of some 8,000 people. Men and women shouted “White power!” and “Hail victory!” Only a handful of bystanders watched. The parade was over in minutes, officials said.  …

Amanda Barker, an “imperial kommander” of the Loyal White Knights who is married to the founder of the group, told the Times-News that the car parade was a celebration of Trump’s victory.

“Actually we have the same views,” she said, referring to the president-elect. “A lot of white Americans felt the same way, especially about the wall, immigration and the terrorism coming here. I think Donald Trump is going to do some really good things and turn this country around.”

Walter Scott murdered, killer cop scot-free in the USA?

This video from the USA says about itself:

The following contains unedited, graphic footage of the April 4, 2015, shooting of Walter Scott by North Charleston Patrolman 1st Class Michael Thomas Slager taken by an anonymous bystander.

By Adam Hamze, Politics Intern, The Huffington Post in the USA:

Only One Juror Stands Between Michael Slager And A Conviction For Walter Scott’s Death

“I cannot and will not change my mind,” the juror said.

12/02/2016 06:57 pm ET

One juror is standing between former North Charleston police Officer Michael Slager becoming one of the first, and few, police officers in the last decade to be charged with murder.

Deliberations began on Thursday in the case, and 11 of the 12 members of the jury ― which consists of five white men, four white women and one black man, despite Charleston county being 28 percent black ― have come to the conclusion that Slager should be found guilty on murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting of Walter Scott in April.

If the final juror cannot reach an agreement with his counterparts, the case will be declared a mistrial — and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to change his mind.

“I cannot in good conscious consider a guilty verdict,” the juror, who is a white man, wrote in a note provided to the judge by the jury foreman. “I cannot and will not change my mind.”

While the judge has ordered the jury to continue deliberating until a decision is reached, the other jurors wrote in two separate letters that the lone juror who is supporting a non-guilty verdict “needs to leave” and is “having issues.”

Deliberations are scheduled to resume Monday.

Refusing to view Slager as guilty has baffled many pundits and writers who have been following the case throughout the year.

Slager, who pulled Scott over for a broken taillight on April 4, 2015, claims to have been in “total fear” before he pulled the trigger eight times.

But a video taken by bystander Feindin Santana shows that Scott, who was unarmed, was shot in the back from 17 feet away as he ran away from Slager. The video also shows Slager dropping what seems to be a taser next to Scott’s unmoving body — a weapon he says Scott took from him during a scuffle — before handcuffing the victim rather than administering first aid.

Scott, who formerly served in the Coast Guard, was the father of four children.

“He was outgoing ― loved everybody, (was) very known in the community and got along with everybody,” his brother Anthony Scott told CNN in April. “All the family loves him, and his kids loved him.”

In this case, a video recorded the killing by police officer Slager. If there would not have been that video, then I am afraid that not just one, but more people in the jury might have thought: ‘Slager is a police officer, we gotta support the police all the time, etc’. This shows how dangerous police policies against recording police are.

American artist’s post-Trump mural

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and her mural

By Priscilla Frank, Arts Writer, The Huffington Post in the USA:

Street Artist Delivers Powerful Message To White America

“America is black. It is Native. It wears a hijab … “

11/29/2016 08:39 am ET | Updated 9 hours ago

Oklahoma has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1968, and this year’s result was no different. Donald Trump won 65.3 percent of the state’s vote.

A powerful work of public art mounted in Oklahoma City on Sunday addresses those who gave credence to the racist, xenophobic and misogynistic language that dominated the president-elect’s campaign.

The piece, by street artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, pays homage to black Americans, Muslim Americans, American women, Latino Americans, and American immigrants ― all the populations deemed “other” and so loudly forsaken by the dangerous rhetoric of Trump’s camp.

“After the election, I immediately knew I wanted to make some public art during my trip to Oklahoma in a few weeks for Thanksgiving,” the artist wrote in a comment in Instagram. “I wanted to make something in a very Republican state that was a challenge to whiteness. So, I used a couple of recent drawings, one old drawing, and a drawing I did the day before installing this of my mother, to put together a diverse group of folks.”

The piece reads: “America is black. It is Native. It wears a hijab. It is a Spanish speaking tongue. It is migrant. It is a woman. It is here. Has been here. And it’s not going anywhere.”

“This piece was done specifically to challenge whiteness and the accepted idea of who an American is,” Fazlalizadeh wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “This work is located in Oklahoma, a very red, Republican state. The site of this piece is just as important to its intent. This work is declaring that people who are non-white and male are a part of this country, are integral to this country, and are not going anywhere.”

The election of Donald Trump has ignited incensed artists and writers around the country, turning creatives into activists. Fazlalizadeh, however, used her artistic prowess to fight social injustice long before Trump was announced president elect.

Fazlalizadeh is best known for her project “Stop Telling Women to Smile”, which highlighted and combated the gender-based street harassment endured by so many around the world. The public artworks juxtapose images of women with the words they wish they could lodge at those who catcalled them, including “My name is not Baby” and “Women are not outside for your entertainment.”

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and wish to see Fazlalizadeh’s work in person, don’t hesitate; the piece, installed using wheatpaste, is meant to be ephemeral. Given its public setting, it could also be subjected to vandalism or other visual reactions.

As many around the country fear for their futures under a leader whose definition of an American fails to include them, we look to artists like Fazlalizadeh to depict in simple and striking terms what it has always and will always mean to be an American.

United States children hurt by post-Trump election racism

This 14 November 2016 video from the USA is called SPLC‘s Richard Cohen condemns Steve Bannon as Trump’s top adviser.

By Theresa Albano in the USA:

Kids are worst affected by the barrage of hate

Friday 2nd December 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has so far failed to take seriously the surge in hate crimes his campaign inspired, writes THERESA ALBANO

ALARMED by the spike in hate-related incidents in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral college victory on November 8, a coalition of civil rights groups and educators called on the president-elect to clearly and publicly denounce racism and all forms of bigotry and hate.

At a November 29 media conference, the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) said it documented 867 bias-related incidents in the 10 days following election day.

Anti-immigrant bias topped the SPLC list of hate-related harassment. Latinos, Asians and Africans made up the largest number of targets, regardless of immigration status or citizenship. Anti-Black and anti-semitic incidents ranked numbers two and three. There were also many anti-Muslim incidents.

“Mr Trump claims he’s surprised his election has unleashed a barrage of hate across the country,” said SPLC president Richard Cohen. “But he shouldn’t be. It’s the predictable result of the campaign he waged. Rather than feign surprise, Mr Trump should take responsibility for what’s occurring.”

The SPLC released two reports, one on the 867 bias-related incidents and the other detailing the findings of a survey of 10,000 teachers since the election. According to SPLC, 90 per cent reported that the school climate has been negatively affected, and 80 per cent described heightened anxiety and concern among minority students worried about the impact of the election on their families.

Cohen said teachers described an increase in the use of slurs and derogatory language, along with disturbing incidents involving swastikas, nazi salutes and Confederate flags.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), told the media conference: “A president-elect has to create a climate that keeps all Americans safe.” Schools and universities were the most common places for incidents to happen. Most often the incidents were through graffiti and verbal harassment, according to SPLC’s information.

At an AFT-sponsored town hall phone conference on November 22, Weingarten told participants the union would “do everything in our power to stop any kind of action against our immigrant families, our Muslim families, our Latino families and especially our undocumented students.”

In addition to resources already developed for teachers, professors and educational staff, the AFT released a six-point action plan for support of children and their families.

Among the 867 incidents in the report, “Ten Days After,” were multiple reports of black children being told to ride in the back of school buses; the words “Trump Nation” and “Whites Only” being painted on a church with a large immigrant population and a gay man being pulled from his car and beaten by an assailant who said the “president says we can kill all you faggots now.”

In the teacher survey report, “After the Election, the Trump Effect,” more than 2,500 respondents said they knew of fights, threats, assaults and other incidents that could be traced directly to election rhetoric.

Since the election, approximately 675,000 people have signed SPLC petitions calling on Trump to distance himself from white nationalists and other extremists and to dump Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist and counsellor.

In an interview on “60 Minutes,” Trump — when told about some of the harassment — said if it was his supporters for them to “stop it.”

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump denounced the white supremacist movement. But he needs to do more, the groups said.

“This polarised and divisive election has left its mark on all of us, but most tragically on our children,” said Janet Murguia, president of the Latino advocacy group National Council of La Raza, to the media conference.

“We have heard countless stories of harassment, intimidation and bullying of Latino and other students in schools around this country. This cannot stand.”

Trump outlines right-wing program of extreme nationalism at Cincinnati rally: here.

Austrian Auschwitz survivor says don’t vote racist

This video from Austria says about itself:

My last vote – about the Austrian Presidential elections December 2016 Hofer / Van der Bellen

27 November 2016

“This is probably the last election for me.“ Gertrude, 89, pensioner from Vienna asked us to publish this video statement.

In this video Gertrude, a 89 year old pensioner, talks about her fear of the future. Her daughter tells the ‘Kurier‘ that it is her desire to speak up before her last election: “In the last weeks and months she kept telling us that it feels like back in the 1930s“. Gertrude is 16 years old when she, along with her parents and two younger brothers, is being deported to Auschwitz. Her whole family is being killed – she is the sole survivor.

Translation: Jörg Walther.

From CNN:

Holocaust survivor pleads with Austrian voters: Don’t let far right win

By Elizabeth Roberts

December 1, 2016

An 89-year-old woman who was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust sent a heartfelt plea to young people not to let the far-right candidate win Austria’s presidential election.

A video of Gertrude — she didn’t give her last name — has gone viral with more than 3 million views since it was posted online last Friday, a little more than a week ahead of the December 4 re-run vote.

“It’s probably my last election,” said the retiree from Vienna.

“There’s not much future for me. But the young have all their lives ahead of them and it’s up to them to see that they continue to do well. They can only do that if they vote wisely.”

The left-leaning Alexander Van der Bellen,

rather: centrist

an independent candidate backed by the Green Party, posted the video on Facebook at Gertrude’s request. He is challenging Norbert Hofer of the far-right Freedom Party in the election. …

‘Shiver ran down my spine’

Gertrude says she is disturbed by the anti-migrant sentiment — “the insult towards others. The denigration. The badmouthing” — that she has heard during the campaign by the Freedom Party.

She reminds viewers of a comment made in October by the leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, who warned of possible civil war if the influx of migrants to the EU is not stopped.

“When Strache used the word ‘civil war,’ a cold shiver ran down my spine and I thought that shouldn’t even be mentioned, not even be thought of,” she says.

“I experienced a civil war as a seven-year-old and I’ve never forgotten it. It was the first time I saw dead bodies. Regrettably not the last.

“I’ve never forgotten it. It buried itself so deep in me that I’m still aware of it.”

She did not specify what happened when she was seven, but the four-day February uprising in Austria in 1934, also known as the Austrian civil war, marked the first mass European working class resistance to fascism. Clashes between socialists and fascists left hundreds dead.

Gertrude also recalled how the Nazis forced Jews to clean the streets of Vienna while people stood there and laughed. She says that today, there is again an impulse to “bring out the lowest in people” in Austria.

Van der Bellen was elected the nation’s first left-wing president since World War II in a vote in May, winning 50.3% of the vote. Hofer took 49.7%.

But the Freedom Party successfully challenged the outcome in Austria’s high court, which found there had been irregularities in postal voting, and the election is being re-run on Sunday.

If Hofer wins, he will be the European Union’s first far-right head of state. …

In a message posted by Van der Bellen on Facebook two days after the video, Gertrude said: “I am pleasantly surprised that the words of an old woman are being taken seriously.

“I want to thank Austrians for that. I am overwhelmed by this feedback.”

CNN requested an interview with Gertrude, but a spokeswoman for Van der Bellen said she did not wish to speak further “due to security reasons.”

British Blairite dog-whistle xenophobia

This video says about itself:

Why did Tony Blair close down asylum processing in Calais?

3 August 2015

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the migrant crisis in Calais. As the UN calls the UK xenophobic over the Calais crisis, yet another man seeking asylum dies trying to find a new home in Britain. And what is going on with the migrant ‘ghost flights’ that are separating families and destroying lives. Plus why did Labour [Tony Blair] shut down the asylum seeker centre in Calais that could be helping the thousands of people with nowhere to go.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Kinnock Jnr: Labour must force foreign to assimilate

1 December 2016

LABOUR MP Stephen Kinnock called for the party to “move away from multiculturalism” and “stand for one group, the British people” at a meeting on immigration in Parliament.

The controversial comments were made at an event on Tuesday night held by Labour pro-business lobby group Progress as attendees discussed responses to the election of Donald Trump as US president and the result of the EU referendum.

Mr Kinnock told the gathering that Labour had spent too long talking about differences and diversity.

The MP for Aberavon said: “We must move away from multiculturalism and towards assimilation. We must stand for one group, the British people.”

Stand Up to Racism co-convenor Weyman Bennett slammed the comments, saying: “We have to defend multiculturalism because the likes of Trump are attacking that saying that we must have a monocultural society.

“This does not exist anywhere in the world.”

Blairite Stephen Kinnock is the son of ex-right-wing Labour party leader Lord Kinnock. He has a history in the bureaucracies of the European Union and the Big Business World Economic Forum. He played an important role in the failed Blairite coup against elected Labour leader Corbyn.

Jewish girl’s birthday ruined by nazi cupcakes

This video from the USA says about itself:

Teens bring cupcakes with SWASTIKAS to Jewish girl’s birthday

30 November 2016

►Facebook post showing cupcake swastika goes viral
►Arizona woman’s friend posted the image on her Facebook page
►The girls who brought the cupcakes knew of the symbol’s meaning
►Anti-Defamation League asks parents to educate kids about Holocaust

By David Moye in the USA:

Jewish Teen’s Birthday Ruined As Friends Make Swastika Cupcakes

The girls who frosted the cupcakes said they were trying to be funny.

11/29/2016 06:34 pm ET

An Arizona mother said she hopes cruel birthday cupcakes given to her teenage daughter will become a “teachable moment” about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Deborah Muller, of Paradise Valley, said her daughter’s 14th birthday party this month included cupcakes that guests were allowed to frost. Two girls, who Muller said are friends of her daughter, decorated cupcakes with chocolate swastikas, even though the birthday girl is Jewish, according to KPNX-TV.

Muller said in a now-deleted Facebook post that the girls told her they did it to “be funny.” She said the teens all recently learned about the Holocaust in school, and were aware of the symbol’s meaning.

The girls uploaded photos of the swastika cupcake to Snapchat, according to Phoenix New Times. …

Phoenix New Times reports Muller contacted parents of the teens responsible for the tasteless frosting, then shared a photo of the cupcakes on Facebook with this comment:

I thought long and hard about writing this, but you know, it’s better to lose some aquaintences than remain silent. This is not a political post, but I believe this has EVERYTHING to do with the political environment we’re now living in. I think everyone who knows me knows i don’t “have an agenda”.

… I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that our prez elect can bring this cracked country together. Incidents of awful racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic, etc. behavior are skyrocketing — you see it in posts that have been forwarded or news stories, but it always happens “somewhere else” or “not in my backyard”.

Well how about it happening right in YOUR OWN HOUSE? By your 14 year old daughter’s “friends”. At her own birthday party last night? At what should’ve been a really happy occassion, there were charades, name that tune games, a viewing of the Princess Bride, pizza, Polaroiding, gift opening and cupcake decorating. I was upstairs hiding with the dogs b/c I believe 14 year olds don’t need to be babysat while putting sprinkles on cupcakes.

Well, this apparently happened (I only found out about it this morning). Let me tell you that I am Jewish, my daughter is Jewish, there was another Jewish girl at the party as well as many other girls of different religions who don’t have a negative bone in their bodies. But then there were the two girls who created this. Why? Is this funny? Is this right? Is this nice to do at another person’s party in another person’s house? Are the lids to human kindness and decency ripped off so permanently that this can happen to YOUR kid in YOUR house? Just something to think about and maybe have a discussion with your children about certain actions.

Sightings of swastikas and other symbols of hate have surged since Donald Trump’s election victory. On Nov. 12, someone drew a swastika on four dormitory doors at New York City’s New School. Six days later, a Brooklyn park named in honor of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch was desecrated with swastikas and pro-Trump graffiti.

The day after the election, two swastikas were spray-painted on a building in Philadelphia, according to Mic.com.

Donald Trump Is Already Having A Horrible Impact On America’s Schools, According To New Report. Educators around the country have reported extensive bullying, fear among their students and offensive graffiti: here.

An image from the new Southern Poverty Law Center report, which details school bullying after the election