Anti-Latin American racist massacre in Texas, USA

This 4 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

El Paso Shooting by Racist Incel

At the making of this video, it was confirmed 15 dead. During the upload the number changed to 20. The police said that one suspect, a white male in his 20s from Allen, Texas, was in custody, and that the gunman had fired an A.K.-47-style rifle into a crowded Walmart store, sending panicked shoppers fleeing for their lives. Officials said the gunman had surrendered to the police.

So, just after United States President Donald Trump has said that anti-fascism is terrrorism, the umpteenth terrorist fascist massacre in the USA

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

20 dead at Walmart Texas attack, gunman arrested

20 people were killed in an attack in El Paso in the US state of Texas. At least 26 people were injured, including two children aged 2 and 9 years. Governor Greg Abbott announced this at a press conference. According to Mexican President Lopez Obrador, three Mexican civilians died and six were injured.

A shooter opened fire in the parking lot of a Walmart branch around 10.30 am local time, after which he entered the building. According to the police, this is a 21-year-old white man from Allen, Texas, about 1,000 kilometers east of El Paso.

He dropped his gun, a kind of A.K. 47, and surrendered himself when police officers arrived.

Somehow, I have the idea that if this mass murderer would not have been a white man, more precisely: a white supremacist, but black and/or Muslim, that then police might not have arrested him, but might have shot him dead on the spot.

Nothing was said about the motive of the shooter at the press conference. US American media report that the man has put a manifesto online in which he expresses sympathy for the shooter of the attack on two mosques in Christchurch [in New Zealand] in March. The manifest also states that the attack on the Walmart is a reaction to the “invasion of Hispanics in Texas“.

According to The New York Times, the manifesto, entitled The Inconvenient Truth, was posted on the online forum 8chan almost twenty minutes before the first emergency call. “Hispanics take control of the local government and the state in my beloved Texas”, the manifesto says. The document also states that “race mixing” is destroying the country and that the US should be split into territorial enclaves based on the race of people.

The manifesto also states that the writer fears that Texas and the White House will be in the hands of the Democrats in the next elections.

On this video, one can hear the gunfire of the El Paso racist attack.

BOSTON MOM, DAUGHTER, ‘ATTACKED FOR SPEAKING SPANISH’  A woman says she and her 15-year-old daughter were physically assaulted for speaking Spanish on a street in Boston earlier this month by two white women who reportedly told them, “This is America” and ordered them to leave the country. The mother said the two women savagely punched and bit her and her daughter on Feb. 15 in Maverick Square, East Boston. [HuffPost]

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