Racist thugs injure Chinese-Dutch woman

This 7 February 2020 video says about itself:

Xenophobia more harmful than coronavirus

The total number of confirmed cases in China is now 31,211, with 637 deaths as of February 6. And there are more than 24,000 suspected cases. As the numbers swell, the coronavirus has brought with it reports of racial slurs against Chinese, even [other] Asian communities in some places abroad. Reports say some Chinese students were branded as “virus”. Why is there an epidemic of irrational fear in a time of crisis?

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Chinese-Dutch woman reports abuse in Tilburg

A 24-year-old Dutch woman with a Chinese background reports having been abused by a group of four to five men. According to her, they sang the discriminating Coronavirus song from Radio 10 on Saturday

Radio 10 is a commercial Dutch radio station. The racist song blames ‘stinking Chinese’ for all evil in the world.

when she stood with them in the elevator of a flat in Tilburg. When she spoke to the men about that, an argument ensued and she was abused. The men, she said, also got out a knife.

The woman called the police, who found her with a swelling on her head and two cuts in her neck. She also had a concussion.

The woman, Cindy, also reports being stabbed with the knife.


Radio 10 recently became discredited because of the controversial song about the virus, in which a discriminatory text can be heard. 57 Chinese-Dutch organizations filed reports against the song. Thousands of complaints arrived at the national reporting point on discrimination.

The US media has exploited the outbreak of the Covid-19 to ramp up the campaign to vilify China as Washington mounts an across-the-board confrontation with Beijing: here.

In the face of anti-Chinese attacks, now is the time to stand up to racism. It is vital to mark the UN’s international anti-racism day and step up anti-racist campaigning, says DIANE ABBOTT.

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