Anhinga, osprey in Georgia, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Anhinga Dries Off In Sunny Savannah, Georgia – Jan 15, 2019

The Savannah cam caught this Anhinga, a distinctive waterbird, hanging out to dry below the cam’s vacant nest. When Anhingas aren’t slyly swimming through shallow waters with only their head sticking out, they are easy to spot drying out their waterlogged feathers in sunny areas. Look around the borders of lakes and ponds with forested edges for a sunning bird.

This 15 January 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

First Osprey Visit of the Year to the Savannah Nest! | Skidaway Audubon | Cornell Lab

An Osprey visited the Savannah nest twice this morning, even bringing some nesting material on the second visit. It’s still unknown whether a pair will take to the new nest site, but we’re all excited at the potential!

Racist plot to murder African Americans uncovered

This 20 October 2019 video from the USA is called Teenage girl arrested after plot to attack metro Atlanta church.

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in England, 19 November 2018:

White girl, 16, arrested after authorities discover notebook detailing her plans to ‘kill worshipers at a predominately black church in Georgia’

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested after it was revealed she planned to attack Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Georgia

Authorities say the teenager, who is white, planned the attack on the predominately black congregation because of their race

Officers learned of the plan after students notified school officials that the suspect kept details of the plan in a notebook

She is charged with criminal attempt to commit murder.

Nuthatch, bluebirds at Georgia, USA osprey nest

This video from the USA says about itself:

White-breasted Nuthatch Perches For A Close Up – Aug. 20, 2019

This White-breasted Nuthatch stays perched in the tangled branches of the Osprey nest in Savannah, Georgia. These compact passerines get their common name from their habit of jamming large nuts and acorns into tree bark, then whacking them with their sharp bill to “hatch” out the seed from the inside.

Two camera views are available—one PTZ camera and a fixed cam. Mouse over the playhead and click on the little camera with the arrows inside it, then select the camera you’d like to view.

Watch live at

This video from the USA says about itself:

Eastern Bluebirds Scale Branch Near Savannah Nest – Aug. 20, 2019

Two juvenile male Eastern Bluebirds investigate the broken branch next to the Savannah Osprey nest. Notice the spotting on the backs and chests of these blue-backed explorers? It’s a sure-fire clue that you’ve found yourself a young bluebird!

Great blue heron in Georgia, USA

This video from Georgia in the USA says about itself:

Great Blue Heron Perches In Saltmarshes Of Savannah – Aug. 14, 2019

The Savannah Osprey cam spotted this long-necked heron perched in the salty marshlands surrounding the nest. Great Blue Herons are tall, patient birds that hunt in both fresh and saltwater habitats, where they stalk fish, small mammals, and just about anything else that might fit down their gullet.

Brown-headed nuthatches at United States osprey nest

This 8 August 2019 video from Georgia in the USA says about itself:

Brown-headed Nuthatches Make Noisy Appearance In Savannah – Aug. 8, 2019

Turn up your volume and listen to these rubber ducky soundalikes at the Savannah Osprey nest. Brown-headed Nuthatches are social birds that travel in noisy family groups. They can be found year-round in southeastern pine forests, where they scour tree trunks, branches, twigs, and pine needle clusters for tasty spiders and insects.