Flying birds, slow motion video

This 15 April 2019 video from Belarus says about itself:

Birds in flight in slow motion

0:00 Common Merganser 0:25 Mute Swan 0:40 Common Goldeneye 1:01 Whooper Swan 1:11 Mute swan 1:25 Stock Dove 1:34 Common Goldeneye 1:43 Greylag Goose 1:59 Whooper Swan 2:14 Mallard 2:52 Whooper Swan 3:01 Common Starling 3:19 Common Goldeneye 3:36 Common Merganser 3:42 Common Starling 3:56 Common Merganser 4:13 Common Starling 4:30 Mallard 4:40 Stock Dove 4:59 Common Starling 5:05 Montagu’s Harrier (juv) 5:16 Common Raven 5:30 Marsh Harrier 5:44 Common Starling 5:53 Common Merganser 6:02 Common Raven 6:12 Common Buzzard 6:25 Common Starling 6:39 Common Raven 6:56 Mallard 7:00 Marsh Harrier 7:12 Common Crane 7:21 Montagu’s Harrier (fem) 7:36 Stock Dove 7:44 Montagu’s Harrier (fem) 8:00 Common Merganser 8:07 Montagu’s Harrier (male) 8:22 Common Raven 8:31 Mute Swan 8:37 Marsh Harrier 8:53 Stock Dove 8:59 Marsh Tit


First Iceland gull ever in Belarus

This 2012 video from Britain says about itself:

March is a great time to catch up with Gulls, as the birds that have been spending the winter months here begin to head back to their breeding areas. This winter saw a huge influx of Iceland and Glaucous Gulls into the UK. This video hope to help with the ID of these two often confused species.

I saw many glaucous gulls in Svalbard, where they nest.