Follow tiger shark Quinty’s migration on the Internet

This video says about itself:

8 May 2012

On an expedition to the Bahamas, Jonathan encounters dozens of Lemon sharks while trying to film a Tiger shark. But finally a Tiger shark arrives and you won’t believe the incredible encounter Jonathan has with this enormous, hungry animal.

Translated from The Save Our Sharks site, 29 March 2017:

For the first time people can follow a Caribbean shark via satellite

Shark “Quinty” swims 1,200 kilometers from Saba to Trinidad in four weeks

Today shark conservation campaign Save Our Sharks has launched a website where live sharks can be tracked. Last October a number of tiger sharks around the Dutch Caribbean islands were equipped with satellite transmitters to study how they use the area and where they go swimming. …

The first shark which got a transmitter this way has got the name Quinty, after [TV presenter] Quinty Trustfull … The shark can be followed at this site

The female tiger shark Quinty is 3.43 meters long, which makes her an adult lady of about 15 years. Since she was equipped on the Saba Bank with the satellite transmitter Quinty swam over 1200 kilometers south within a month. Thus she reached in early December 2016 Trinidad and Tobago, where she stayed for three months, before traveling to her current location near Barbados. During this trip she swam through the waters of 13 different countries.

Saving young Atlantic tropical fish

This video from the USA says about itself:

17 February 2017

Every summer, thousands of baby tropical fish are taken from the Caribbean up the east coast of the USA by the Gulf stream. Some make it all the way to New England, where they will die in the fall when water temperatures drop. Jonathan joins the New England Aquarium Dive Club on a rescue mission to save these baby fish before winter.

JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure program that airs on public television in the United States.

Caribbean sharks research and conservation

This Dutch language video says about itself:

19 December 2016

The project Save Our Sharks is about the protection of Caribbean sharks; they do research and provide information and education to raise awareness among the islanders of the importance of sharks.

Marine animals helping each other, video

This video says about itself:

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Cleaning Stations (HD)

22 April 2016

Jonathan explores cleaning stations on the reef, where animals get cleaned of parasites and infection by other animals. Some examples shown are anemones and anemonefish (clownfish), wrasses, shrimp, manta rays, moray eels, Goliath groupers, sea turtles and barracuda. This episode was filmed in many locations such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Yap, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean.

Curaçao author and pro-independence fighter Frank Martinus Arion, RIP

Frank Martinus Arion

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Writer Frank Martinus Arion dies

Today, 16:09

The Dutch Antillean writer Frank Martinus Arion (78) has died. He died last night after a brief illness at the hospital in Willemstad.

Arion wrote in Dutch and Papiamento. His most famous book is Dubbelspel (Double Play), his first novel from 1973. …

Arion was the doyen of literature in Curaçao, says correspondent Dick Drayer. He was politically active and supported the independence struggle. He was also an advocate of Papiamento. On the origins of this language, he wrote a thesis on which he graduated at the University of Amsterdam.

In 2008 he gave his royal medal back in protest against the “recolonization process” by the Netherlands. He felt that the Dutch government interfered too much in Curaçao.