British Christmas turkeys’ inflation

Wild turkey

From The Daily Mirror in Britain:

Credit crunch: Christmas turkey set to hit £70 as bird prices soar

Exclusive by Stephen Hayward, Consumer Correspondent 15/11/2008

Christmas turkeys will cost an astonishing £70 for a 22lb bird this year.

Hard-up families already suffering after record rises in household bills will have to pay up to 75 per cent more than last year for a supermarket turkey.

Higher energy bills and the rocketing price of animal feed, coupled with increased labour and packaging costs, have been blamed.

The cost of a standard own-brand turkey has risen from £4 to £6.98 a kilo (£3.17/lb) at Asda.

With an average family-sized bird weighing 10kg (22lb), that works out at £69.80, compared with £40 last year, up 75 per cent. …

Stores are also charging seven per cent more for 25 Christmas staples compared with a year ago.

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