Anaconda, world’s biggest snake

This 24 May 2016 video is about anacondas; world’s biggest snake species.

I had the privilege of seeing an anaconda, resting on a river bank in Suriname. It was a young snake, not as big as the ones in this video.

David Attenborough on catching a python

This video from Britain says about itself:

Young Attenborough Catches A Python#Attenborough90BBC

18 May 2016

Sir David remembers how nervous he was when catching a python.

Black mamba snake mating season video

This 10 May 2016 video from the Kruger National Park in South Africa says about itself:

10 May 2016

Amazing and extremely rare video of fighting black mambas right in the middle of the road!

Video by: Kirstie

These are two male black mambas in the mating season, engaging in what some calling ‘fighting’, others ‘dancing‘ for the opportunity to mate with a female.

Adders’ mating season dance, video

This video shows male adders ‘dancing’ during the mating season.

The snake able to continue dancing for the longest time will mate with the female.

Tonny Groenhof-de Jager from the Netherlands made this 2 May 2016 video.

Adders wake up from hibernation, video

This 18 April 2016 video shows male adders waking up from hibernation. They had kept close together to stay warm.

Joke Stomps made this video in Haaksbergerveen nature reserve in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.

Snake eagle versus cobra in Africa

This video from South Africa says about itself:

5 April 2016

Amazing video of a brown snake eagle sitting on a Mozambique spitting cobra. But when the eagle decides to reposition, the snake has its chance to fight back.

Taken on the H7 near Satara in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Video by: Catherine.

New snake species discovery in India

This video says about itself:

The Incredible Indian Snake Girl

Deadly cobra snakes are the best pals of this eight-year-old Indian girl even after being bitten by them a couple of times. Kajol Khan who wants to become a snake catcher like her father eats, sleeps and plays with six cobras all day long. She has even stopped going to school out of her love for the snakes. Kajol said: “I didn’t like the company of humans in the school so stopped going there five years ago.” See how little girl Kajol plays with the deadly cobra snakes, trains the snakes and handles the snakes.

Now, from venomous to non-venomous snakes.

Wallaceophis gujaratenesis. Photo by Zeeshan Mirza


A New Miocene-Divergent Lineage of Old World Racer Snake from India

March 2, 2016


A distinctive early Miocene-divergent lineage of Old world racer snakes is described as a new genus and species based on three specimens collected from the western Indian state of Gujarat. Wallaceophis gen. et. gujaratenesis sp. nov. is a member of a clade of old world racers.

The monotypic genus represents a distinct lineage among old world racers is recovered as a sister taxa to Lytorhynchus based on ~3047bp of combined nuclear (cmos) and mitochondrial molecular data (cytb, ND4, 12s, 16s). The snake is distinct morphologically in having a unique dorsal scale reduction formula not reported from any known colubrid snake genus. Uncorrected pairwise sequence divergence for nuclear gene cmos between Wallaceophis gen. et. gujaratenesis sp. nov. other members of the clade containing old world racers and whip snakes is 21–36%.

From IANS news in India:

Mumbai, March 3: A team of young Indian researchers and naturalists have recently discovered a new snake genus and species in Gujarat, it was announced here on Thursday.

The snake genus has been named Wallaceophis in honour of the legendary 19th century British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), considered the father of biogeography, while the snake species has been named gujaratenisis to commemorate the western Indian state where it was discovered.