Brazilians protest against far-right Bolsonaro

This 8 September 2019 video says about itself:

Brazil: Cry of the Excluded March

Social organizations and student unions in Brazil hold the annual “cry of the excluded” across the country on Saturday, to commemorate independence day. This year, the marches took a special meaning as demonstrators condemned the policies of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.


Brazilian Bolsonaro destroys Amazon, cartoon

Brazilian Bolsonaro destroys Amazon, cartoon

This cartoon by Argus in the Netherlands is about Brazilian right-wing president Bolsonaro destroying the Amazon rainforest. The caption says Logging of Amazon stimulated by Bolsonaro.

Report Shows Corporations and Bolsonaro Teaming Up to Destroy the Amazon. By Joe Catron.

This 23 August 2019 video is called The Amazon isn’t “Burning” – It’s Being Burned.

Amazon fires in Brazil

This 24 August 2019 Science Insider video says about itself:

Why The Amazon Fires Are Such A Big Deal

As of August 20, more than 74,000 fires have been recorded across the Brazilian Amazon. That’s nearly double the total number of fires in 2018. So, what happened? Environmental groups blame Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has indicated that protecting the rainforest is not a priority. They say Bolsonaro has emboldened ranchers … to set fire to forests to acquire more land, now with impunity. Scientists warn that the results may be devastating. They say the Amazon is near a tipping point, beyond which the forest could turn into a dry savannah.

This 23 August 2019 video is called Amazon fires: the tribes fighting to save their dying rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is being ravaged by fire. More than 74,000 fires have burned in the country since January, according to the country’s National Institute for Space Research — with 9,500 new forest fires igniting since just last week, the result of the natural dry season and fires intentionally ignited to clear forest. Black smoke billows from treetops, spreading across parts of South America and even shrouding the coastal city of São Paulo in near darkness. The fires, along with concerns about biodiversity and climate change, have triggered global alarm: here.

NASA Pictures Capture Amazon Fires All the Way from Space. The images are a shocking representation of a dire situation: here.