Roman graves discovery in the Netherlands

This video from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Unique find: complete Roman grave field discovered

8 March 2018

In preparation for the extension of the A15 motorway from Ressen junction to the A12, the Dutch public works authority conducted archaeological research. During this research, they found in Bemmel a complete Roman grave field from the second and third centuries AD. It was excavated.

In total, the archaeologists have discovered 48 graves. There also found many luxurious grave gifts in the graveyard, such as crockery, tableware and personal belongings like mirrors, hair needles and a perfume bottle.

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Dipper cleaning feathers, video

This January 2018 video is about a dipper cleaning its feathers in the Ooijpolder nature reserve near Nijmegen in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

José Schamp made this video.

2017 wildlife photos

This video shows 2017 wildlife photos by Michael de Vries in Ede in Gelderland province in the Netherlands. Kingfisher, redwing and many others.

Honey buzzard eating wasp larvae

This 7 September 2017 video shows a female honey buzzard called Walien at a common wasp nest in a hollow pollard willow tree in the Zutphense IJsseluiterwaard in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Walien eats the wasp larvae to get strong enough for her autumn migration flight to Africa.

Stef van Rijn made this video.

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