Nuthatch collects mud for its nest, video

This video shows a nuthatch collecting mud. The bird will use the mud to make the entrance to its nest smaller, so that animals bigger than itself won’t be able to enter.

Richard Polderman made this video on 23 March 2015, at nature reserve Gorselse Heide in the Netherlands.

Long-eared owl cleansing its feathers, video

This video is about a long-eared owl in Zetten village in the Netherlands, cleansing its feathers.

Annemarie Vreugdenhil made this video on 17 November 2014.

Dutch reptiles use life-saving tunnel

This video is about reptiles in France and Tunisia.

In 2009, herpetologists designed a special wildlife corridor for reptiles and amphibians, a ‘herpetoduct‘ for nature reserve Elspeetsche Heide in the Netherlands.

It is a tunnel under the N310 motorway and a bicycle track, preventing crossing animals from being killed by traffic.

Research at various times in 2012-2014 proves much wildlife, especially lizards, use the tunnel. 16 viviparous lizards used the tunnel. Once, even at least five young viviparous lizards were born in the tunnel. Other species: four sand lizards; one slow worm; two adders; one moor frog; one European toad; one Alpine newt. Also, one smooth snake was seen.

Results of the research were published in the Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie.

Pine marten mother and youngsters, video

This is a video about a pine marten mother, trying to get her three youngsters higher up a tree.

Johannes van der Laan made this video in the Bennekomsebos woodland in the Netherlands in June 2014.