Dipper cleans its feathers, video

This video shows a European dipper cleaning its feathers on the bank of the river Berkel near Warnsveld town, Gelderland province, the Netherlands.

Gerjan Petter made this video.

Dunnock in bush, video

This video is about a dunnock in a bush.

Bastiaan Willemsen in Doesburg in Gelderland province in the Netherlands made this video.

Wintering bats counted

This video from the USA says about itself:

7 April 2012

I talk about where bats go in the winter. Some hibernate, some migrate, some hang around and hide in anything from attics to farm equipment. I also briefly touch on White Nose Syndrome.

Warden Thijmen van Heerde reports today about a ‘bat hotel’ in the Ooijpolder nature reserve near Nijmegen city in Gelderland province in the Netherlands. The ‘hotel’ is an old oven, reconstructed to accommodate wintering bats.

This year, 41 Daubenton’s bats, six whiskered bats and six brown long-eared bats winter there.

Dutch bats flying in January 2016: here.

Blue tit video from peanut pot camera

This video shows a blue tit, seen by a camera hidden in a pot with bird friendly peanut butter.

S. Pol made this video in Ellecom, Gelderland province in the Netherlands, on 8 January 2016.

Stickleback searches place for wintering, video

Jos van Zijl made this video in early January 2016 near Zevenaar in the Netherlands.

It shows a stickleback, looking for a place to winter.

Fifteen-spined sticklebacks: here.

Refugees welcome at skating in Dutch Ede

Learning to skate is not easy in the beginning, photo: ANP

The skating club in Ede, Gelderland province, in the Netherlands announced today that refugees are welcome at the local skating rink IJsbaan Centrum.

In the afternoons, they can get skating lessons from the honorary chairman of the club, Theo van de Rijt. He expects people to learn skating within three days.

Yesterday, refugees in Ede had been invited to swimming in the local pool. However, this was cancelled at the last minute. It seems because of fears about safety after a racist had threatened in a letter to local paper De Edese Post with anti-refugee violence like in Geldermalsen town.

Let us hope that all refugees wanting to skate will be able to without racist threats. And that all refugees wanting to swim will be able to as well.

Racist tide in the Netherlands encounters opposition: here.

Syrian refugee singer sings Dutch songs

This 25 October 2015 music video is about Syrian singer Shaza Hayek. Ms Hayek arrived as a refugee in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in early 2015.

In the video, she sings the Dutch song ‘Mag ik dan bij jou’ by Claudia de Breij.

The song is about war. It moved Shaza Hayek, as she fled war in Syria.

Nijmegen daily De Gelderlander reports today that she has recorded Arabic translations of this song, and of another Dutch song, by Frank Boeijen.

You can hear Shaza Hayek’s version of ‘Mag ik dan bij jou’ on Soundcloud.

In this live music video, Ms Hayek sings the Arabic song Ya Salama.