Greenfinch sings, video

This 19 May 2017 video shows a greenfinch singing in the orchard of Doorwerth castle in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Marijke Kemps made this video.

Pied flycatcher sings, video

This 9 May 2017 video shows a pied flycatcher singing.

Michael de Vries from Gelderland province in the Netherlands made this video.

Brook lamprey, Hieronymus Bosch, De Stijl art

This March 2014 Dutch video is about brook lamprey mating season in a stream not far from Apeldoorn city in Gelderland province.

There is a stream in the Apeldoorn city center as well: the Grift.

This January 2013 video is about how the Grift was reconstructed a few years ago, back from underground to above ground, in Apeldoorn.

Brook lampreys now mate in the center of Apeldoorn. This species is a sign of good water quality. Northern pikes now live in the center of Apeldoorn as well.

On 2 April 2017, we went to Apeldoorn. In the Grift stream, we saw many water plants, and a brook lamprey.

We continued to the CODA museum. There was an exhibition of modern jewelry by twelve artists, inspired by paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

Sylvia Blickman, fantastic animals, 2 April 2017

Eg, there were these fantastic animals, inspired by Bosch, made in aluminium (and gold) in 2016 by Sylvia Blickman from Haarlem. All photos in this blog post are cellphone photos.

Sylvia Blickman, fantastic animals detail, 2 April 2017

Sylvia Blickman, fantastic animals, on 2 April 2017

Also by Sylvia Blickman, also from 2016 and in aluminium, these other Hieronymus Bosch-inspired fantastic animals.

There were other exhibitions in the museum as well.

Eg, an exhibition on De Stijl, the well-known abstract art movement founded in 1917, a century ago.

One artist who joined the De Stijl movement, in 1924, was César Domela (1902-1992). He was a son of the first Dutch socialist MP, later anarchist, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis.

César Domela, Neoplasticist composition, 1928

However, already in 1925 Domela clashed with prominent De Stijl member Piet Mondriaan. According to Mondriaan, a true De Stijl artist should only depict horizontal and vertical lines. While Domela started to use diagonal lines as well. De Stijl founder Theo van Doesburg, likewise, started to use diagonal lines, contrary to Mondriaan‘s rules.

César Domela, 1948 work

De Stijl influenced not only painting, but also, eg, furniture design; and toy design.

ADO toy cars, 2 April 2017

These are toy cars, made in the 1925-1955 period in Apeldoorn and elsewhere, designed by Koo Verzuu, inspired by the simple geometric De Stijl forms. They were called Ado toys (nothing to do with The Hague football club ADO).

ADO toy van, 2 April 2017

Bullfinch eats maple fruits, video

In this 7 March 2017 video from the Netherlands, a male bullfinch eats helicopter-shaped maple fruits.

Michael de Vries from Dutch Gelderland province made this video.

Except more blog posts soon, now that I am back!

Kingfisher in the wind, video

This 2 March 2017 video shows a kingfisher in the wind, near Gendringen village in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Hans Vermeer made this video.

Black woodpecker on video

This 21 February 2017 video shows a black woodpecker preparing its nest for the new season.

Luuk Punt made this video in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Dutch birds in winter video

This January 2017 video is about black-headed gulls, a grey heron, a great cormorant and other birds at the Proosdijvijver pond in Ede in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.