Swimming fox disturbs waterfowl

This 2 August 2017 video shows a red fox swimming among a mute swan, coots and many geese and ducks.

Allan M. Loisi made this video near Almere in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.


Many birds nest on new artificial islands

This 2014 video says about itself:

Courtship and mating of Little Tern (Sterna albifrons). Filmed in the Netherlands.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that over 2000 bird couples nest this summer on the Marker Wadden new artificial islands.

1700 of them are common tern nests. Also rare birds like little tern and Kentish plover nest there.

Easter bonfire postponed because of great tit nest

This 11 April 2017 Dutch video from Dronten town in Flevoland province is about plans for an Easter bonfire, which were postponed because a great tit started nesting there.

Translated from Omroep Flevoland TV in the Netherlands:

Easter bonfire canceled due to bird’s nest in woodpile

Dronten April 11, 2017

It should become an annual tradition, the Easter fire at the Roggebotstaete estate in Dronten. But a little bird threw a spanner in the works. A great tit built a nest in the woodpile.

Lennard Duijvestijn has to laugh, but is secretly also disappointed a little: “We have made a large woodpile six meters high and wanted to invite everyone; then along comes this bird.”.

At Roggebotstaete estate nature is a high priority. “That the great tit precisely chose this stake among all the trees to nest is also very funny,” says Duivesteijn. He lets the bird nest quietly. “We just postpone the Easter fire, and when all eggs will have hatched and the young birds will have fledged then we we will set it on fire.”

Incidentally, the great tit is not the only bird seeking refuge at the woodpile. Employees also saw a wagtail fly in and back again.

White fallow deer video

This 6 December 2016 video shows a white fallow deer in the Horsterwold nature reserve in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.

Polecats on camera traps in gardens

This June 2016 camera trap video from Lelystad city in Flevoland province in the Netherlands shows polecats in the garden of Ms Mieke Roth.

During 56 hours, the camera trap had recorded a hedgehog three times, a mouse eight times, house sparrows, blackbirds and three times a polecat.

From March to December 2016 there were camera traps in 60 Lelystad gardens It turned that in 15-20% of those gardens there were red foxes or polecats; more than expected.

Ivy bees expanding north

This November 2014 video from Britain is called Ivy Bee (Colletes hederae) nest site.

Ivy bees are a species which used to live in the Netherlands only in the southern provinces.

However, in September and October 2016 they have been seen in Lelystad city in Flevoland province.

In England, this species had been seen for the first time in 2001.