Kingfisher diving, photo

Kingfisher diving

This 28 June 2019 photo is by Cornelis de Bruijn.

It shows a kingfisher diving in the Lepelaarsplassen nature reserve in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.

Birds of Oostvaardersveld nature reserve

Oostvaardersveld, 6 April 2019

This photo is from Oostvaardersveld nature reserve in Flevoland province in the Netherlands. Like the other photos in this blog post, it was taken, as an experiment, with a ‘lensbaby‘: a kind of camera lens enabling to make photos in which some parts are focused while other parts are not. Also, as it was a bit of a foggy day, the photos are not as focused as some others.

We went to Oostvaardersveld on 6 April 2019.

First, we went to the Grote Praambult viewpoint. There was a flock of still wintering barnacle geese there. A running red deer.

An Egyptian goose flying. Herring gulls near the barnacle geese flock. A great egret.

A white wagtail in a tree, calling.

A peregrine falcon nest in an electricity pylon. Three falcons flying around it. Is this an intruder trying to dislodge the nesting couple? Or just a curiosity visit? We don’t know.

We go on to another viewpoint, Kleine Praambult.

A song thrush sings. Chiffchaff sound.

Oostvaardersveld, on 6 April 2019

As we start our foggy Oostvaardersveld walk, a blackcap sings.

So does the first one of many willow warblers, just back from Africa.

A coot swims on a lake. Two goldfinches just off the footpath.

In the next lake, mallards and tufted ducks. Common pochards and mute swans.

A Cetti’s warbler sings. A common linnet on the top of the bush.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

Oostvaardersveld, tree on 6 April 2019

We enter a wooded area.

Oostvaardersveld, dead tree on 6 April 2019

Some trees are dead.

Oostvaardersveld, spring tree on 6 April 2019

For some trees, the spring is just beginning.

Common field-speedwell flowers.

Nuthatch sound.

We arrive at the hide ‘De Krakeend’, meaning the gadwall duck.

Indeed, two gadwalls swim here. And a little grebe.

Grey herons.

Many barn swallows, recently back from spring migration, flying low above the water. There is a barn swallow nest inside the hide, but its inhabitants do not seem to have arrived yet.

As we walk further, a flock of barn swallows sitting on dead branches of a tree.

In another tree, a willow tit.

Oostvaardersveld, lake on 6 April 2019

We continue to another lake.

A reedy area. A male stonechat on a reed stem.

And a bluethroat.

Still further, beavers prove that they live here: quite some trees gnawed through.

Coltsfoot flowers.

This 2012 video is about the Oostvaardersveld.

We arrive at the visitors’ center. A wooden sea eagle sculpture.

Then, something special: a real live sea eagle sits in a tree top.

If you walk towards the Zeearend hide, then many big carp swim near the second bridge.

Along path to Grauwe Gans hide, 6 April 2019

We continue to another footpath, leading to the Oostvaardersplassen hide near the Knardijk dike. The hide is called De Grauwe Gans.

Along footpath to Grauwe Gans hide, 6 April 2019

Flowering shrubs, 6 April 2019

Flowering blackthorn shrubs along the footpath.

Pollard willows, 6 April 2019

And pollard willows.

Trees, 6 April 2019

And other trees.

From the hide: Shelducks. Avocets.

Common horsetail growing.

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Ladybug larva becomes adult

This 6 June 2018 video shows a ladybug larva becoming an adult.

Jonathan van Deelen made this video in the Stille Kern nature reserve near Zeewolde town in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.

Massive ladybug swarm is so big it appears on weather radar.

White storks foraging, video

This 17 March 2018 video shows two white storks resting and foraging for food near Lelystad in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.

Maybe they were just back from spring migration from Africa?

Violent racists injure 14-year-old girl

This 2011 video says about itself:

«The headscarf girl» – «Das Kopftuchmädchen» is a Swiss filmlet about a Muslim girl facing negative social repercussions for wearing the headscarf. Its aim is to deliver a condensed picture how especially young, smart Muslim girls suffer from the ever growing wave of Islamophobia in Switzerland since the adoption of the minaret ban in 2009.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Girl (14) maltreated in Emmeloord after refusing to take off headscarf

A 14-year-old girl was wounded by two boys in Emmeloord last Wednesday after she refused to take off her headscarf. The victim was injured. That’s what the police announced today.

When the girl came home from school last week, two boys demanded her headscarf to be removed. When she did not do that and said that the boys had to keep their mouths shut, the two jumped off their bikes.

The girl was pushed from her bicycle and kicked against her head and back. Then the perpetrators went off, writes Omroep Flevoland.


The victim went home first after the abuse and then went to the hospital. She turned out to have multiple bruises and a concussion.

The police are looking for the boys. They are about 18 years old. People who know more can contact the police.