Common eider video

This video shows a common eider male, in April 2016, in Belarus.

Mother duck with ducklings, video

This video shows a mother mallard duck with ducklings.

Remco Klein from the Netherlands made the video.

Birds, badger and otter, video

This camera trap video by Harrie Bosma is from Fochteloërveen nature reserve in the Netherlands. It shows a great egret, a badger, a teal couple and an otter.

Ducklings jump from balcony, video

This 30 March 2016 video is about mallard ducklings. Mallards sometimes nest in unexpected places; like on a balcony of a house in this case.

The house owner did not mind, and had even provided a mattress for a soft landing for the ducklings. However, they did not use the mattress. The ducklings jumped a few meters down to a pebbly surface to follow their mother. All ducklings reached the water safely.

Miranda Langeslag from the Netherlands made this video.

This reminds me a bit of mandarin ducks, which often nest in trees. Mandarin ducklings then have to jump from the nest in the tree.

Barrow’s goldeneye dives, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 January 2016

A Barrow’s Goldeneye dives in Oregon. These are diving ducks and primarily found in the western mountains of North America. They dive to forage, and eat aquatic invertebrates and fish eggs, and occasionally small fish and vegetation.

Eider duck cleans feathers, video

This video shows a male eider duck cleaning his feathers, at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

Laura Knol made this video on 21 March 2016.

Ruddy duck dives, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 January 2016

A male Ruddy Duck in nonbreeding plumage dives for food and comes back up again. Ruddy Ducks forage mostly by diving to the bottom of shallow ponds, straining mouthfuls of mud through thin plates on their bills and swallowing the prey items that are left behind. They eat aquatic insects, crustaceans, zooplankton, and other invertebrates, along with small amounts of aquatic plants and seeds. At the end of the film, a Gadwall swims by. Video recorded by Jay McGowan in New York.