Goosander, red-breasted merganser and smew

This video shows male birds of goosander, red-breasted merganser and smew.

Ring-necked duck video

This is a ring-necked duck video. These birds live in North America.

Hooded merganser video

This is a hooded merganser video; made in the Netherlands, where this North American species occurs very rarely.

Rare ring-necked duck in the Netherlands

Ring-necked ducks are North American birds. Rarely, eg, if there is a strong west wind, one lands in Europe. Like the male in this 12 February 2017 video. In a pond in Appingedam in Groningen province in the Netherlands, he cleans his feathers, between coots and black-headed gulls in winter plumage.

At least yesterday, 14 February, he was still in Appingedam.

Ruddy shelduck video

This is a ruddy shelduck video; from the Netherlands, where this originally South European and North African species is increasing.

How shoveler ducks feed, videos

This 7 February 2017 video shows a big flock of shoveler ducks. Together, they turn around in the water to drive small water animals which they feed on to the surface.

Edith Kwaaitaal from the Netherlands made this video.

This 7 February 2017 video shows a smaller group of shoveler ducks, one female and two males, trying the same tactic.

Harry Brummelhuis from the Netherlands made this video.