Shoveler ducks in love, video

This 29 January 2019 video shows two shoveler duck couples in love in the pond of the Haagse Bos woodland in The Hague in the Netherlands.

In the background, tufted ducks.


White-faced whistling ducks in Brazil

This 11 January 2019 video shows white-faced whistling ducks in Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil.

This species lives not only in South America but also in Africa. I saw them in the Gambia.

Mandarin duck, wood ducks in California, USA

This 2015 video from California in the USA says about itself:

Mandarin Duck & Wood Ducks in the Wild

Beautiful male Mandarin duck in breeding plumage and pretty Wood ducks up close at a lake in the Santa Monica Mountains enjoying the morning sunshine. Original music by Tommy Moreno.

This video is the sequel.

World’s loneliest duck killed by dogs

Trevor the mallard duck, Facebook photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The duck Trevor who lived on a remote island in the Pacific lives no more. The animal was a local celebrity because he was the only duck on the island. He has been bitten to death by dogs.

In 2018 the duck suddenly appeared on the island far beyond Australia and New Zealand, during a storm. He might have been blown to Niue by the strong wind.

There are hardly any animals on that island, there are no rivers, streams or ponds. The duck was therefore directly a local celebrity.

The duck was soon named Trevor after the parliamentary chairman of New Zealand, Trevor Mallard … He has condoled the island with the loss.

Trevor lived at a small pool along the side of the road. When it threatened to dry up, the fire department sprayed water to fill it again. The creature even got his own Facebook page. As a result, he was also known outside of Niue.

Some islanders wanted another duck to be taken to the island, so that Trevor would not be alone. But according to others, the habitat was too small for two mallards.

And that loneliness did not seem to be too bad. Trevor flew regularly to the gardens of inhabitants, where he was fed. Islanders also regularly stopped at Trevor’s pool to feed him.