Dog saves duckling from magpie attack, video

This video from Ireland says about itself:

11 August 2016

A dog saves a [mallard] duckling from an attacking bird and it did not realize that it was saving the duckling’s life. The dog saw the duckling being chased by the bird through a public park and it ran over to investigate what was going on. The dog frightened the attacking bird away and the duckling ran and jumped into the park pond.

The duckling found itself alone when the mother duck took all her ducklings out of the pond to forage in the grass that surrounds the pond. Her ducklings hatched from their eggs a few days ago and were still very small and vulnerable to attacks from the predatory birds that lived in the park, ducklings are prey animals that many predators will attack and eat.

The ducklings had learned how to swim on the water and they were now learning how to walk on the land by following the mother duck as she foraged and encouraged her baby ducks to forage too.

But a predatory bird was watching the mother duck and her babies as they walked around the park searching for food and when one of the ducklings stopped following the mother duck the bird got ready to catch and eat the duckling. The duckling could not keep up with the mother duck and its siblings and had fallen too far behind its mother and the other ducklings and was now alone and unprotected by the mother duck, the mother duck was not aware that one of her babies had become separated from her.

The bird began its attack by running after the duckling through the grass and when it caught up with the duckling it attacked it by pecking at it with its sharp beak, the bird had become aware of the dog that was a short distance away and became more cautious as it attacked the duckling.

… The duckling ran too and jumped back into the pond and swam away to a safe place, it would later rejoin its mother and all the other baby ducks on the pond. The dog had saved the duckling’s life but the dog did not know that its actions were saving the duckling from being caught and eaten by the hungry predatory bird. The duckling never knew that its life had been saved by a dog.

This video from Ireland says about itself:

18 August 2016

A duckling falls asleep on a windy day on top of the mother duck’s back, but then the wind blows and the duckling is blown off its mother’s back and it rolls down a rocky hill. The baby ducks hatched out of their eggs less than a week ago and were still very small and light and were easily blown over by the wind. Every day the ducklings would follow the mother duck around searching for food by walking on the land or swimming in the water. Several times a day the mother duck and the ducklings would take a rest from foraging and fall asleep if they could not stay awake. The ducklings would fall asleep next to and on top of their mother’s back. But sometimes the wind would blow and a duckling would be blown off its mother’s back by the wind.

Garganey duck video

This May 2016 video shows a garganey duck in Belarus.

Rooks, ducks and squirrels

This video from Britain says about itself:

Videos for Cats and Dogs – Rooks Ducks and Squirrels

Filmed in July 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Female British ducks, which species?

This video from Britain says about itself:

14 July 2016

Ducks are usually easy to identify, but the females can be more challenging. Many of our familiar dabbling ducks have subtly-plumaged brown females which, on first glance, appear similar. This workshop will help you tell them apart with confidence.

Female smew cleans her feathers

This 20 June 2016 video shows a female smew cleaning her feathers.

Because of an injured wing, this duck was unable to fly with the others on spring migration to her northern or eastern European nesting ground. Now, she is staying this summer in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

White-headed ducks in Spain, Algeria

This 21 June 2016 video shows white-headed ducks in Spain.

Status of the White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala in Northeast Algeria: here.

Shelduck drives away brent geese, video

This 4 June 2016 video is from the Karrevelden nature reserve in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

It features an avocet and a northern lapwing. And two brent geese. Until a shelduck arrives, driving the geese away.

Maybe the shelduck thought: ‘By now, you should have gone back to your Arctic brent geese nesting grounds!’