Mallards on video

This is video about mallards from the Netherlands.

Goosanders in Sweden video

This video is about goosanders, among mallards, in February 2011 in Sweden.

Tufted ducks in Sweden

This video is about tufted ducks in Sweden.

Shoveler duck couple video

This May 2014 video from Sweden shows a shoveler duck couple.

Ducks in Sweden, videos

This video shows common goldeneye ducks in Sweden.

This video shows a male garganey duck in Sweden.

This video shows shoveler ducks (and garganey ducks) in Sweden.

This video shows gadwall ducks in Sweden.

Bluethroats, godwits, ducks

This video shows a bluethroat singing.

On 11 May 2017, I went again to the nature reserve where I had seen Baillon’s crakes years ago. And where I heard and saw a bluethroat sing weeks ago, near the entrance.

Now, near the entrance, I don’t see the bluethroat. Is it hiding in the reedbed? A great cormorant on top of the windmill.

Canada geese swimming.

On a bank, grey lag geese with goslings. Some Canada geese have goslings as well, but smaller ones than their grey lag relatives. Canada geese here nest later than grey lag geese. Because they are used to the colder climate of their country of origin Canada, where spring starts later?

A sedge warbler sings.

Many black-headed gulls.

A reed bunting sings.

Jackdaws. Magpies.

A northern lapwing flies.

Mallard and gadwall ducks swimming.


On islets in the northern lake, herring and lesser black-backed gulls.

Shoveler ducks; tufted ducks; shelducks.

This is a video from Estonia on shelducks, including ducklings.

On a muddy islet, an oystercatcher. On another islet, an Egyptian geese couple.

A redshank lands.

Two sleepy black-tailed godwits stand in shallow water.

A moorhen couple.

I hear from another birdwatcher that today he saw a bluethroat quite far from where I saw that species weeks ago. A bit later, a couple with binoculars sit on a bench, at a different spot again. Why do they sit here? ‘We have heard and seen a bluethroat!’ So, maybe three or even more bluethroat nests in this reserve this spring.

As I walk back along the southern lake, big splashes: it is carp spawning time.