Mandarin duck in Swedish winter

This 21 March 2018 video shows a male mandarin duck among mallards on the frozen port of Västerås city in Sweden.


Teal mating season

This 14 March 2018 video is about the teal mating season at the Tongplaat in the Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

Various males try to impress a lone female teal.

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Shelduck couple and kestrel

This video is called Common Shelduck looking for water plants and then preening (featuring a northern lapwing).

Today, the train passing through the Haarlemmermeer region.

Mallards swimming in a ditch. On the bank, a shelduck couple asleep.

A few metres further, a kestrel flying not far above the ground. Not a danger for the ducks.

Pintail, other ducks on ice

This 3 March 2018 video shows a male pintail and other ducks (mallards, female tufted ducks and a shelduck) on and near ice in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

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Goosanders between ice and snow

This 3 March 2018 video is about female goosanders (and some mallards) between ice and snow on Goeree-Overflakkee island in the Netherlands.

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Gadwall ducks couple video

This 20 February 2018 video from the Netherlands shows a gadwall duck couple.

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The video features a coot and a great crested grebe as well.

Mandarin ducks in old harbour

This video from California in the USA says about itself:

21 September 2015

Beautiful male Mandarin duck in breeding plumage and pretty Wood ducks up close at a lake in the Santa Monica Mountains enjoying the morning sunshine. Original music by Tommy Moreno.

This video is the sequel.

Today, I went to the old harbour. It was years ago that I had seen mandarin ducks there. Then, it was a cold winter and much of the harbour was frozen.

It was not a cold winter today. A male and a female mandarin duck swam in the water. later, they rested on the opposite bank.

Other birds in the harbour: mallards, moorhens and coots. In trees near the water a great tit and wood pigeons.