Eurasian teal videos

This is an Eurasian teal video from Sweden.

This is another Eurasian teal video from Sweden.

King eider video

This is a king eider video. It features some common eider ducks as well.

I was privileged to see these beautiful ducks in Svalbard.

Blue-winged teal video

This is a blue-winged teal video.

These ducks nest in North America; and winter in Central America; where I saw them in Costa Rica.

Goosander, red-breasted merganser and smew

This video shows male birds of goosander, red-breasted merganser and smew.

Ring-necked duck video

This is a ring-necked duck video. These birds live in North America.

Hooded merganser video

This is a hooded merganser video; made in the Netherlands, where this North American species occurs very rarely.

Rare ring-necked duck in the Netherlands

Ring-necked ducks are North American birds. Rarely, eg, if there is a strong west wind, one lands in Europe. Like the male in this 12 February 2017 video. In a pond in Appingedam in Groningen province in the Netherlands, he cleans his feathers, between coots and black-headed gulls in winter plumage.

At least yesterday, 14 February, he was still in Appingedam.