Beavers in the Netherlands, video

This 3 February 2017 video is about beavers in the Netherlands.

Red squirrel eats fungi

This 3 February 2017 shows a red squirrel eating fungi growing on a tree. Red squirrels may also hoard fungi for food during winter.

Jangb from the Netherlands made this video.

Vojvodina blind mole rats, threatened by Hungarian Berlin wall

This video says about itself:

This cute mole rat may go extinct beneath Hungary’s refugee fence

30 September 2016

Only 400 blind mole rats are left in the world, and a major population that burrows beneath the Hungarian-Serbian border may be endangered by border patrols. Now, conservationists are trying to find them and relocate them to a safer home.

Vojvodina Blind Mole Rat may go extinct due to construction of a fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia: here.

Red squirrel in autumn video

This video is about red squirrels in the Netherlands in autumn. That is a busy time for squirrels, as they hoard food for winter.

Red squirrel in Sweden

This 2012 video from the Västmanland region in Sweden shows a red squirrel feeding.

Clever animals video

This 13 January 2017 video shows various clever animals in the Netherlands.

A rook lifts a trash bag to get at the food under it.

A magpie makes a piece of bread more tasty by dipping it into water.

A red squirrel finds a way to get at bird feed.

A jackdaw finds another way to get at bird feed.

A jay finds a way to catch ants to feed on.

A carrion crow drops a vessel on stone to get at the food inside.

Coypu under water video

This 17 January 2017 shows a coypu near its den near Zevenaar town in the Netherlands.

Jos van Zijl made this video.