Squirrels in chicken coop, video

This 1 December 2016 video is about three red squirrels in a chicken coop in the Netherlands.

W. van der Kleut made the video.

Grey squirrels and robins in Cornwall

This video from Britain says about itself:

Video for Cats – [Grey] Squirrel and Robin Fun

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on November 24th 2016

Young gray squirrels playing

This video from the USA says about itself:

14 November 2016

Mother Gray Squirrel is introducing her two young boys to Backyard society. Born in July they are now (early November) being weaned off their mother’s milk but they still try and drink constantly, but mom is having nothing to do with it now. They stick together as a family unit for perhaps a few more weeks as she shows them the Backyard ropes and she is constantly wagging her tail and trying to discipline them. Play fighting and chasing are very important to their physical development and survival on their own.

Vole eats nut, video

In this 15 November 2016 video, a bank vole eats a nut.

Monique Loman from the Netherlands made this video.

Baby American red squirrel seeks shelter

This video from the USA says about itself:

10 October 2016

Adorable baby Red Squirrel “kitten” stopped by the porch steps looking for some shelter from all the rain in North Carolina. Early October is one of the best times for squirrels when all the kittens are out of the nests and out foraging on their own. This little one can take care of itself, but it’s not unusual for habituated ones to seek out people.

Red squirrel feeding, video

This 8 November 2016 video from the Netherlands is about a red squirrel feeding at a special squirrel feeder.

Bert Bakker made this video.

Buzzard, otter, beaver at camera trap

This 2016 camera trap video from Friesland province in the Netherlands shows a buzzard which has caught a water vole; a beaver and an otter.