Donald Trump Christmas Lego satiric video

This video from the USA says about itself:

How The Donald Stole Christmas

2 December 2016

Alisha & Scott’s 4th Annual Holiday Animation

Ever wonder what would happen if Trump took over the North Pole? What a disaster! Sad!

Wishing you a lovely holiday season and an even better new year. (Plus, we wanted to get this out to you while we still have our first amendment rights.)

Donald Trump — Mike O’Gorman
Melania Trump — Meiyee Apple Tam
Santa Claus — Zachary Gonzalez-Landis
Vladimir Putin — Matt Kawczynski
Mary — Jen Bailey

Totentanz – Composed by Franz Liszt – Performed by Neal O’Doan – Used under Creative Commons License

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Composed by P. I. Tchaikovsky – Performed by Kevin MacLeod – Used under Creative Commons License.

By Lee Moran in the USA:

Lego Donald Trump Makes Christmas Anything But Great Again

“I’m calling for a total ban on Gingerbread men.”

12/03/2016 04:07 am ET

This Lego Donald Trump will be on the naughty list ad infinitum.

The plastic version of the president-elect seizes control of the North Pole just two days after his inauguration, in the latest stop-motion animated video by Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles.

And as Santa Claus, he immediately sets to work in reshaping the holidays to be exactly how he wants them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a brief appearance, and there are references to Trump’s spat with the cast of the “Hamilton” musical and his ejection of a baby from a campaign rally.

There’s even a mention of his disgusting comments about women.

“When you’re Santa, you can do whatever. Grab ‘em by the antlers”, Trump as Santa says, before calling “for a total ban on Gingerbread men,” in reference to his campaign vow to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

President-elect Donald Trump announced Friday that he was setting up a panel of top bankers, hedge fund bosses and corporate CEOs to advise him on economic policy once he takes office in January. He named Stephen A. Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone Group, as the chairman of the panel: here.

British Christmas birds video

This video from Britain says about itself:

30 November 2016

Movies for Cats to Watch at Christmas 🎄 Xmas Carols, Songs and Bird Song

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Deck The Halls, O Holy Night, Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Angels We Have Heard on High, Jingle Bells, Winter Chimes, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Kevin MacLeod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Including great tit, robin, goldfinch

Dutch butterflies flying at Christmas

Large tortoiseshell

Kars Veling, of the Dutch Vlinderstichting entomologists, reports today (translated):

Dec 27, 2015 – People hoped and speculated that this year butterflies would be seen at Christmas. On Christmas Day the weather was not good enough, but on [sunnier] Boxing Day dozens of active butterflies were seen. The red admiral was the most numerous, but the observation of the large tortoiseshell was probably the most spectacular. …

The most commonly reported butterfly on and Telmee was the red admiral. 16 individuals were seen. In second place came the brimstone with seven animals and there were six peacock butterflies. Two cabbage white butterflies were seen flying and observers could not determine what species they were. Probably small whites, who also last week had been seen a number of times. Really spectacular was the observation by Marcel Prick and Anton Cox in South Limburg, where they discovered a large tortoiseshell. This is a very rare butterfly in the Netherlands. It remains warm [for December] and who knows how many more butterflies will be seen in this tail end of 2015.

Dutch asparagus growing at Christmas: here.

Merry Christmas, birds say

Christmas birds

In this BirdLife card, birds, from the dove of peace on top to others like a puffin and a northern cardinal at the bottom, wish you a Merry Christmas.

I wish all readers of my blog happy holidays as well!

Archbishop bans ’pagan’ Christmas trees from Catholic churches in Sri Lanka: ‘These do not belong’: here.

British Daily Mail anti-refugee witch-hunt and Christmas, satire

Daily Mail on refugees, satire

This picture is a parody of a front page of right-wing British daily The Daily Mail. The picture is from the Twitter account of British poet Attila the Stockbroker.

The Daily Mail often has xenophobic witch-hunts against refugees.

The parody page is about how the Daily Mail about 2,000 years ago would have described Saint Joseph, Mary and the birth of baby Jesus in Bethlehem, named in the Christian New Testament; the origin of Christmas.